Beast beast a Yanzhao another resurrection

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					Beast beast a Yanzhao another resurrection
Beast beast bursts of incoming network Yanzhao
Beast beast, this famous football baby, the first car models models lingerie model
contest in China in 2006, the final runner-up, and the 2006 Silk Road International
Model Contest Finals Runner-up in China, in 2008 suddenly popular in the network,
particularly in her blog tens of thousands of daily visits. Broke the news of the men
said that he was holding out everything, even the blog are all written by him to help
It is understood that broke the news is not the video actor, video, actor, and
dissemination of video beast animal cross the former boyfriend in 2007 years.
The man said he was a photographer. 3 years ago, the supermodel inexperienced,
experienced ex-boyfriend shot to force a lot of indecent photographs, and the big
spread on the Internet, the relationship between the photographer to use their home to
settle the matter, but also the alarm using remote control to online photos completely
removed, and poor use of their personal relations effort to push red beast beast, this
time they became boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.
The man said, "I help a person within three days to deal with all crazy
ex-boyfriend to the blog in the nude spread, and the Trustee for remote alarm
monitoring, it is not a person over a period of time, possibly because of handling too
prompt, Therefore, a person's soul does not leave any mark and shadow,
only hatred for the ex-boyfriend, nothing more. "
The man said, "when she first came to Beijing is a small black Girl I
created her now." Men also released pictures of a young girl, the
supermodel is said to be an early private photos, pictures, Little girl with her totally
different person now, which also have friends broke the news with her before plastic
surgery, breast augmentation rumors coincide.
Man said he spent all can use the relationship, let her red. Man said he kept a beast
animals 3 years, the family treats her like a daughter. With the growing reputation
beast beast, took him dumped. However, poor beast beast on his home, his mother
returned to the animal beast knees.
Then the man said, "I wish you happiness, I will not blame you, because I
take you to the material world, this is the reward I get. Tired, so tired, can finally stop
living for yourself the ... ... "
Subsequently, the indecent video began circulating in the network.
Video scaling bold friends speechless
Spread the video from the network can be seen, the video should be a function of the
two private mobile phone video shot. Three sections of the video images are relatively
fixed, there is not much switching and camera angle change. Not too long each piece
of video content, including a video, from start to finish is a shot in the end, in which
both men and women also spoke to the man for woman hair gracefully and so on, the
woman in accordance with the man asked to do, and can see the video shot is
knowledge of both sides carried out, it seems I can not see forcing elements.
Some saw the video of friends that started out thinking that someone spoof video PS,
seen after the surprise, really out of this indecent video. Some netizens message said,
read the video, I doubt she really is. Users are also suspected, which is Western model
offered a means of self-hype, deliberately out of place sex video Bo.
Some netizens described the hot video release staggering scale, fully as much as
Edison Pornographic.
Actress suicide broke the men pass the video blog and then exposing the ugly
People have speculated on whether such person video actress, 23, morning newspaper
revelations beast beast unbearable Pornographic two days ago, taking sleeping pills to
combat incidents of suicide, being hospital. Others in the media beast under the
February 20 animals in the micro-Bo ( Update on the
"Start a fever," then guess the pressure this has seriously
affected by her mental state.
Events at this time has not stopped the same day, suspected actor's blog,
the following reply: blog where the beast beast is a female deity, the reality of what
beast beast, only she knows. First, the beast beast to break off the two days after I
have been malicious slander and my family and I have been to retain.
One thing to throw in your face in front of your face call you mother and father, and
in this man home to the man from her eyes boiling woman, how to treat? I was really
impulsive, and I hugged his father could not move, my mother no stopping fever beast
beast, she was rushing me three or four big mouth fan. My parents were all crying
beast beast holding the less two, my mother begged to kneel when the beast beast
beast beast I'm still madly cursed beast family, we are animals, and could
hear the neighbors upstairs, downstairs clear. If you press your savior old mother
kneel, you be so heartless ... ... is not she give up his old head to find × × × (relevant)
control that humiliating photo scandal that hurt you, you can manage to stay alive?
Text herein generally can be seen male and female psychological changes are:
Beast beast silly naive → pain, love-hate (is the first boyfriend torture, psychological
started to change) → helpless, heartbroken (commit suicide), character greatly
changed → renewed hope (to be broke the men to rescue) → suddenly felt Well,
aloof, arrogant (by revelations that men favor) → willful eccentric, attention and
fame (fame increases, two intense conflict) → heartless (eventually parted ways) →
Men's Heart revenge (the beast beast with ex-boyfriend of indecent video
transmission on the network).
Beast beast appeared acknowledge the fact that the video did not commit suicide is
still strong
"Beast beast door" meteoric rise, so that the network had only
popular car models Zhai Ling (animal animals), a real life celebrity. Suicide in the
storm passed, the beast beast first post said "Thank you, friends, care about
me, I will be strong to face everything. I will update the blog," after the
February 25 statement in his blog and denies suicide rumors. The beast beast himself
told the media, brokerage firms now do not want her to accept any interview, at the
appropriate time would stand up to respond.
However, it is clear that the negative effects of this incident is clear. As the public
brand, "Queen model," she will appear in the upcoming Beijing
auto show it? "Zhai Ling is not the image of our company spokesperson,
just a car model, something she has nothing to do with us. And in April a list of
Beijing auto show models already released, had no Zhai Ling." VW
relevant person in charge has been so openly.
Recently, the spread is known as a "first car models in China"
online crazy video transmission, the contents of the female models intimate scene
with her boyfriend, bold scale, from the screen to see, should be self-timer. Users to
describe, this is the first entertainment in 2010 "Pornographic"
incident, directed the video Western model offered users list as a "beast
beast", real name Zhai Ling, the video content of its former boyfriend
suspected of being abandoned after the retaliation. Users to describe the content as
much as Edison Yanzhao ... ...
Actress Archives
Chinese name: Ling Zhai
Synonyms: Beast Beast (network name)
Nationality: China
Birthplace: Shandong
Date of birth: August 18, 1987
Occupation: Model
School: Dalian Institute of Light Industry
User questions, all Ku Rouji
With the "beast beast door" escalation of the incident, a man
claiming to be a common beast beast and broke the news to friends who have said that
"the beast beast door" to another version, "said the
man broke the extremely selfish. Beast beast to participate in any event, he would ask
the organizers have to give him room and board and travel package ticket, he must
follow. Moreover, the animals and some animal friends, met a few times, he would
say the other side of the animal home animal ill so I'll see another man
beast beast should take him. They broke up, he told all he knew of the media began to
cry, fabricated all the poor beast beast, and then blocked her request all media!
There to provide information on users, said the boyfriend had animal animal-related
activities involved in planning of Beijing TV Station, who declined to name the staff
directly, said: "This man is not our station in preparing the staff, he was
only involved in the planning of some sections only Now he has gone. This thing is
hype, the company behind the special things in the planning of this. "hype
for details, knowledge of the staff member said.
Cat Fight in the forum, Voices of the Forum and other online communities, posting a
large number of users express their views on the matter, four percent of those
surveyed said it was speculation.

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