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Bearing in mind that Jay

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					Bearing in mind that Jay
? Bearing in mind my idol Jay Chou
? Rumors 1: Jay Chou song insults the mainland ...
? rumor 2: Jay said: "No, I ...
? rumor 3: Jay Ma days because of jealousy ...
? rumors Four: Jay on Wenchuan donation ...
? rumor 5: Jay seduce girls
? rumors 6: Jay Chou says not recognize the external ...
? rumors 7: Jay downhill

Bearing in mind my idol Jay Chou
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I am beginning to end with the idol worship Jay Chou (read out of a girl writing
college entrance essay about Jay, and moved a lot)
 ?Some say he is not handsome look, but love Shuashuai, very contrived. Some say
he slurred speech, do not know what to sing. Yes, Jay did not handsome, but we like is
his only. He has openly admitted: "I'm not handsome, but can
rely on Shuashuai to add more points."
 ?Jay is very true, he allows us to see, success can be obtained through our own
efforts, he did not send all the other idols of all the conditions, humble, but he is
through his efforts to make your life a different kind of beauty is acquired
hard-working, successful only to the Jay.
 ?Jay sang unclear why the pronunciation? When he removed the singing
pronunciation of Chinese characters in the tonal pattern, so that makes up more rap
lyrics to sing R & B flavor, so others will think sounds do not know what he
sang. You can not find Jay debut before a lot of music people have tried R &
B, Harlem Yu, Coco Lee, Wang Lee Hom and they are in the 90's to try to
sing R & B, but has not been successful, they chose to give up, Tao does not
allow R & B pop up. That is because the pronunciation of Chinese
characters it unsuitable as a decision of R & B lyrics, Jay removed tonal
pattern of the way, is now recognized to solve Chinese Rap music singing the best
way, so as JJ, TANK, Anson Hu and other rap songs that have sought to to sing.
 ?Jay is not handsome, but we like his talent, his love for and devotion to the
self-style. His melody is always fatal nice song is always full of imagery, always
grasp the depths of our hearts the memory of each fleeting, that from the soul the most
authentic music always struck me heart. Debut, he has consistently stuck to their style,
he created each song marked a unique "brand" can not be
labeled "Copy" label. Someone advised him to change musical
styles, or the listener will be bored, so forget him, the judges will not favor him, but
he said: "I only sing my own songs." Proved his dedication, to
He created one after another of his own myth that he become the dominant Chinese
music, music emperor. He avoided Europe and the United States Japan and South
Korea, China, the wind had built our own music brand of Chinese, is a milestone in
music, and expand the influence of our music and living space. When Cui Jian, Luo
Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Jonathan Lee Gi Danchugetan Beyond, the Chinese flag
has been handed to Jay in the hands. Jay since 2004 after winning the prize he should
thank the Lord every way and all the support his fans, which fans of the fine, we were
impressed, he also wrote a number of Chinese musicians called together to make good
music Do not let foreigners look down, there are other singers that you like it so
 ?Jay He made a song that we have not to buy a record of the reasons, because of his
every song sound good. Listening to Jay's song reminds us of the total have
been watching a lot of their memories and feelings, their inability to grab that part of
the beautiful and watched it go away, but can not forget and fade away.
 ?In my time of life into the lowest valley, Jay's music into my ears, help
me through these six years, setbacks, not. Jay let me see the positive in life. There are
always a lot of false rumors circulating on the network, there are always many people
are willing to believe that a malicious lie, they may be biased against Jay, but also
may have other reasons, they hate, despise Jay, they are collective attack us, make us
more sad is that some outstanding treasure, this left our team, our website, our forums,
often malicious script or virus invasion, our pain, our anger. Rumors began fool,
rumors would stop the wise, quarrels between fans to maintain their idol normal, but
why use such a vicious rumor to attack our outstanding fans, with malicious words
slander us, you are happy? This is our compatriots it? You'll never find us
Jie Jay fans in order to maintain the reputation, reputation, the cost of bitterness, we
can never perceive the pain of others, we can only cling to each other, we are
together. . .

A rumor: Jay Chou fans do not abuse the quality of the mainland.
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  ?The rumors from the January 2006, reads: Jay in early 2006, two concerts in Japan
after receiving an exclusive interview with Phoenix TV, said he did not like to come
to the mainland, the mainland's fans did not quality.
  ?After two days, many newspapers reported the matter of inland, including our
Jiangsu "Yangzi Evening News," I remember the day I was not
feeling well, my mother came back from school I know I like Jay, the story, the
newspaper for I see, I do not believe, because Jay is not that way, he would not
mentally retarded to say such a thing to ruin their careers, because Jay even the king
of your very few in Asia, but his roots are in the mainland, he sold 65% of the album
comes from inland. . . Rumors wrote: Jay, said, "He did not want the
mainland to mainland China because the company arrangement, no way."
In 2007 from the Alpha Jay, founder of JVR Music, since it is his own company, his
boss, he Why come to the mainland? A media that "Jason left fans turned
against him, shows how naive Jay fans" from the phrase has proved
extremely false the rumors.
   Proved, I trust Jay is right, things in the past few days, Phoenix television station
that night without an exclusive interview in person claimed that Jay, because Jay came
out from the concert venue site, only accept a number of media groups to visit, after
left on the car, but Alfa has to appeal to who is to blame, us the "Yangtze
Evening News" also published an apology to the readers column reported
false information, this way, everyone knows that readers of these print media in order
to earn the eye, for certain economic benefits, published false information to the
reader, but Jay's damage has been done, from that rumor, the various false
rumors about Jay more and more people who denigrate Jay, if you see this log, do not
know that you are not also think of the rumors you see is only in recent years to arise.
After the rumors of Jay in the Chinese created a very bad influence, but also since
then, Japan and South Korea from the Korean Wave was wantonly in China, Japan
and flow, various types of domestic draft, idol sent back some market share.

Rumor 2: Jay said: "No, I'm not Chinese, I am
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    This is followed by another rumor rumors of a version of Jay talking about is
acceptance of a Japanese media said the remark, I do not know that to produce such
low-level residual brain rumors, the country still so many believe that brain residues
followed I simply silent on them, they is not never mind, that is a personal bias
against Jay.
    People who create this rumor is a lack of common sense people, it is a dirty scum,
of course, he wanted to use our Chinese people's patriotic feelings, he is a
little more straightforward use of many of us mind a kind of hatred of Japan
    He thought it was a simple problem involving patriotism, to arouse
people's resentment against Jay, in fact, he did not know that this is a
political issue, he is a little common sense people do not realize that anything
associated with the politicized certainly extremely complex.
    First of all, the wide spread rumors, not even a video. Second, we know that time is
a precious interview, limited, at which time the media will ask this question without
any value? Third, even if they asked, do you think Jay would say so, destroying their
own utilities? Fourth, as far as saying that the rumor on the other side is the question
in English, Jay answered in English, see this, each outstanding fans may all laugh at
the lies fabricated by the low level, as Jay will not English.
    Most importantly, Jay, if said, has long been clamp, and how could a continuous
concert in mainland China, advocacy advertising, to participate in Spring Festival
Gala Evening?
    This video, Jay 9 minutes and 11 seconds, said: "Because I am
Chinese..." Http://
   These rumors are those so-called paparazzi no opportunity to interview, so just
create some news, the rumors are all started from some unknown tabloid, and for the
first two rumors, I am very sad because a lot of Jason fans turned against him, because,
Chinese people once again destroy the idols of their own nation, hero. History shows
that many Chinese national hero is destroyed in their own hands, as Yue Fei, as
Yuanchonghuan, as Liu Xiang, as Yi Jianlian, there Jay. I despise you and the
vilification of these people acting in the people, you name of the so-called patriotic
banner, unknown truth of the situation, everywhere assault, saying that you Fanjian
not been, lips say that they love the country, who know you national crisis will be a
Chinese person what to do should be done, Chiang also said that he loves his country,
then scolded Wang Jingwei sold out glory, but the Japanese really came after he sold
out the country were behind the stab knife. You now have to do is such a thing.
     Have the ability to find a Jay says he's not a video to the Chinese, send
to the central television station. You do not know Jay on May 1 last year in Beijing
Olympic song sung "thousands of miles", the saying is the
Chinese people themselves, after independence in Taiwan is facing the danger of
     ?Jay 50 times a year to the mainland last year, also told the media that he very
much hope that the direct three links, with the video as evidence. Jay accepted the
rumor said that Japanese-style education, pro-Japanese do not like the mainland. Jay
was a child his mother forced to practicing, playing the cello, not to participate in the
joint entrance exam, is a Japanese education? You are not sick mind? Jay If you like
the Japanese, he would like Japan, on behalf of the Palace Hill, and no paparazzi shot
him in Japan, in Japan and Patty Hou's wandering, he may get to know
Japanese in Chinese characters. When the Olympic torch relay because there is, and in
the official website told fans he was very disappointed Kit. . . Jay spare no effort to
promote Chinese culture, in turn, by some people that fall into a traitor, I am sad for
these people.

Rumors 3: Jay because of jealousy WMA, WMA to use triads do
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   Abuse, abuse through, and WMA What kind of things? Jay why because as you
say jealousy WMA "Demo version" and find someone to do
       ?WMA, but in the "Curse of the Golden Flower" eunuchs
who played a role, then the first "Demo version" not worth
mentioning, to and from the "blue and white" than it? Jay song
sung at least 20 degrees beyond "damn soft."
   ?WMA is just a draft pick out of garbage, now? Even the third-not.

Rumors 4: Jay on Wenchuan contributions
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     ?Jay was constantly in the online dissemination of contributions related to
earthquake rarely, they are not ulterior motives, is mentally disabled and brain, most
of them people only see the stars of the early earthquake contributions reported above
are contained Jay contributions 500 000 recorded, there are reports of 100 000 Andy
contributions. Why only one level of contributions Jay is friends criticized? Andy Jay
because there is no good, and Andy later donated 10 million yuan.
     ?Actor singer paid more than the top lot. Jet Li, Andy Lau and Zhao Benshan
under the annual income of 100 million yuan is not Jackie Chan is 1 billion dollars in
revenue, and the Chinese singer, only Jay revenue reached 160 million last year, Jay
and Andy can not be owned by assets compared to Andy, 30-year career, Jay, who just
turned 9 years, and Andy have their own factories in Guangdong, in revenue, Jay can
not and Andy and on.
      500,000 yuan was donated after the earthquake in Sichuan Jay heard the first
paragraph, which is directly called Liangping primary school in Sichuan's
reconstruction. You can search engine marked "Chou Liang Ping Primary
School," an official information can be confirmed, and there Liangping
primary school pupils to thank Jay's contributions played a banner image.
This Houjie Lun Chongqing, in his May concert will be the spot to donate concert
revenues, the amount of more than 10 million, and the presence of 60,000 people
called     fund-raising,    some       1.3      million,
html/guanzhujielun/200805/24-127.html Jay 3 months thereafter to run around
everywhere, raising money for the people of disaster areas, and my dig back a total of
4 million donation, the amount of Jay's contributions are 32.5 million units
currency, the exchange rate last year, that is 11.5 million yuan. You do not know the
truth of these people can search for Chongqing and Hong Kong, two foundations,
which are recorded.
      Through "D gorgeous tune," We know that Jay's
money is kept by his mother, Mdm Yeh Hui Mei. Him only change, in 2007 to do
company spent a lot of Jay in the eyes of those who must contribute to and Jet Li,
Jackie Chan the same level, you Are never learned economy? From a
company's current assets to mobilize tens of millions, even multinational
companies have to carefully, not to mention JVR less than a year the newly
established music companies, music companies want to know is difficult to make
money, so money Jay Eye where is not important since he have to do this company,
only that he wanted to achieve more people's dreams. Some people say that
Jet Li's donation of 5 million, you know, "one dollar
fund" donation of 5 million the number of outstanding fans and Jay it? Jay
Jay is the official website open their website, if you click to buy
jay2u the Member Services page, you will find all of our money to buy Jay site
donated items "one dollar fund." Earthquake, the number of our
outstanding fans are the biggest group of fans to donate.
     For those who say that Jay just donated 50 thousand people, I send you one: your
mother really should not come at you in this world, a waste of food, much of the
national land, pollution of air, you live is the scourge of corrupt countries.
     Sending those dogs sentence: "honest man, do not let people think
you are crazy."

Rumor 5: Jay seduce girls
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      ?Last year in November, while the other line began to spread rumors, says:
Taiwan into a hospital in a media interview with an adopted child named high school
girls. The girl claimed to be Jay Chou fan, met in a chat room a Jay, Jay said he likes
her, she wants Jay to take her into the entertainment world, They then opened the
room, adopt children told reporters that Jay lied to her body, She's the first
time. . . . . Jay and no further contact after her. . . . . . . ! ! ! ! !
      ?I am very angry, compiled this lie, is Fanjian. Jay look bad again, not a fancy
name you adopted this child of the woman. And Jay has sex scandal of all is the star,
stronger than you know how much the. You still blame others sold themselves, their is
not a good thing. BS you. With Jay's ability, you want him cheating on me,
I do not know how many years waiting in line
Rumors six: do not know Jay, said Foreign Beyond
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       ?I have been searching than Jay did not know that Beyond the official record, but
also, or video. I've been to a lot of fans Beyond space, with each space are
all denouncing Jay's log, the cause is because Jay said he does not know
Beyond, they think it an insult Beyond.
       ?Let us say that Jay is the case, what is strange? Jay listened to Yo-Yo Ma and
the like, or have been won Grammy nominated music song, Jay Chou Lei Feng did
not even know, let alone Beyond? Beyond that you horse lovers say Lei Feng in China
than the famous? From 40 years ago, Chairman Mao issued "Learn from
Comrade Lei Feng", after the call, Lei Feng is the term education of
children on every continent will reach the word eye.
       ?Of course, you horse fans that Jay is a singer, not the live entertainment
business do not know the Beyond, well, if the Chinese entertainment circle as a year
than to the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and abroad as the four classes this year.
Each Stars as a member of the class, Beyond the best music scene in Hong Kong,
called the best Chinese, operator classes the best students in Hong Kong. Does
schooling horse a few fans who remember when their school's top student
names next class? What do they know? Besides Jay and Beyond is not the same term.
       ?Now the media, in entertainment magazines rarely seen on the Beyond the
reports, I believe Jay has never said he did not know Beyond. First, there is no
association between him and Beyond, even if there is speculation among fans out.
Second, Jay said he did not know do not need to take to Beyond the hype, because Jay
does not need in the Chinese circle known as the speculation by others, where there
are Chinese, some people know Jay. Beyond Chinese history is indeed the best band,
but they sang in Cantonese, it is destined to have their limitations, not to mention 90
years of information media, far less so now developed a draft is now out lightly, and
the red The surprising, when the player is not popular in China, MP3, MP4, cargo
network is rare. Even if Hong Kong is the lack of the four emperors in China known.
Beyond can be made famous in Southeast Asia has proven his excellence. Third, Jay
and Beyond different style, different times, no two topics, which the media will have
silly question: "Jay, you know Beyond it?"
       ?To see that many fans do not really comment on Beyond the words, I am very
angry, presumably, Beyond a few fans with twenty or more people who volunteer
work, and to speak extremely irresponsible, irrational, or even naive. Jay ye all day
long you muttered, and how you will find him a man? Like you and the group of
people that we are naive, starstruck fans Jie, and holding their own, and could be from
that you can see that your age than long, but in case of problems, the lack of
consideration, reimbursing the subjective. Jay did not say that influence is eternal
Beyond big joke, I can give a very simple example, QQ QQ group Jay fans group, 20
million, the other whether it is sports and entertainment stars, no second to more than
80,000 people.
     ?I do not know why fans Beyond the current popular music is decadent and
superficial. Beyond the eyes of those in your inspirational songs that every singer
should emulate. According to you so that human beings should not be recited, writing
love. I would like to know you are in the back of the computer screen Beyond fans, it
really is not worldly air, cut off emotions of the immortal.
     ?We originally Jie fans just like you, my idol was an inexplicable attack, one is
forgotten. Eh should be united together to protect them, and I really look down on you
Beyond these fans, your idol was very successful, but accident. You do not remember
him, but no inflow of people and the gang with falsehood, and even curse all who
curse to Mdm Yeh Hui Mei, your qualities, I am flattered, really lost Beyond the face.
Jay has been very much on their music predecessors in great respect, more than hat.
His songs suddenly have "a black sweater," "White
Windmill," "The Secret" These Britpop genre, the
media asked the time, he said: "I would like to pay tribute to their
predecessors." In Chinese, rock can be called master, senior level, only Cui
Jian and Beyond, Jay had made it, and you also say that what you character?

Rumors 7: Jay downhill
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     Many media and fans, said Jay downhill, in that his music style has not changed.
     Indeed, the 4 years, Jay's genre has been changed, the first four
albums Jay amazing the whole of Asia, and the subversion of an era of the auditory
nerve, a pop music leader, head of. Since 2004, Jay had already set his goal, he figures
to be the Luo-style, that is a sign of the times.
     From      the     "Qi         Li    Xiang"    in    the      song
"Grandma": "I told Grandma, I did not lose, I do not
need to change the 。。  。。" we hear the voice of Jay. Jay he would like to
have their own brand of music, to be unique, let others know that he heard only the
same style, to the case, Jay's music derived range is the richest in the
history of music, Jay's sold so well , 9 30 million results, which in piracy,
Internet downloading in its heyday, almost not copy, 8 years more than 300
professional awards and various awards no less than 1000, this is a miracle in the
history of Chinese music. Jay Chou's music veteran, said it was too
commercial, I really think you are retarded, if not please do not fart.
Today's society is not something commercial? Do not you want to find
commercial songs and ah. You do not find the money to those street performers
wandering singers, or make their own music does not sell.
     ?Bug said, Jay is a combination of Luo and Jonathan Lee and Jacky Cheung are
better than popular combination. Just look at these foreigners to review, Jay.

He definitely is a outstanding young man who will change the appearance of the flow
of Chinese hip-hop music, he's rap China listless injected a shot in the arm,
he is the real godfather of hip-hop music, he simply read Chinese lyrics with the
music genre has been appropriate to give people a new sense of ....... No wonder his
fans overseas, more than 5 million.

-----------<< Too          nothing      reported.     Saturday,     the

It is an inspiration to young people inspired, you can imagine, China has more than
800 million people have heard of <"What I site>>
That is what kind of sales, only <<Hi ^ _ ^ Selection>
> can achieve this volume, nearly 700 million people used the M-Zone, of
which 400 million people are loyal users, I can tell you that the myth has only just
begun week .....

------------<< Washington Post>>

In fact the family's hereditary disease and did not take away his will to the
contrary, his skills have greatly improved, according to reports, the Los Angeles
Lakers scout investigated in depth, height 1.75 of him, bouncing up to 1. 5, empty
stretch of time, brought him a large number of advertising orders del benefits, the
Lakers intend to introduce the players exactly like Iverson, and hope that next season
to form his kebi k - j combination This will become the yao, the first two to the
United States to play the Pepsi nba players, more importantly, the Lakers saw in him
the sense of his music with the Health and Ju to sing for inspiration and talent, which
is a professional very close to the requirements of the players.

--------<< TNT>>

His amazing magic skills, I spent 6 years to learn the magic, he will look, and

-------- Greatly. Kobol non-Seoul

I have heard his music, almost flawless, perfect, although I do not know the meaning
of the lyrics, but I know that he is bringing to the world of pop music rebirth.

-------- Backstreet Boys

Combination of so many talents, he is moving higher goal, <<Initial
d>> success brought him more opportunities, said that Zhang
Yimou's new film will be an olive branch to shake him ...

--------<< Le Figaro>>

He is a wonderful person, from obscurity to be sought after, his every step is of
particular, he carries the expectations of fans, on the contrary, his music resources had
never dried up, we can wait and see, he will create more miracle

--------<< Daily News>>

In Japan, you do not know <<Naruto>> Who wrote it,
but if you do not know Jay, it can only point you out of touch with the times, he is
following the Jackie Chan, the second popular in Fuso Chinese.

---------<< Yomiuri Shimbun>>

And the other young men, eager to join the army week, in TW, men aged 18 years, we
must serve, but Zhou did not, the harsh physical conditions often make with the
uniform he had to bid farewell to regret this in the individual In
"" The Last campaign>> in a deep mark, these
facts indicate that, for the week to escape military service in the brutal attack are

---------<< Pravda>>

Compared to more artists, he is more charitable, and sometimes, you do not see that
he is a class with kids 27-year-old soul man, a sense of responsibility. Young
people's sense of responsibility.
---------<< London Morning Post>>

        Now, shut your mouth, do not lose the face of Chinese

     The spread of these rumors, I tell you, Jay staying behind the scenes, ten, twenty
years from now, you will find Jay to be the only way to leave this time the name of
the singer, he is bound to become like Jacky Cheung sign, and was the younger
generation as they worship the same God, when your sons and daughters of these
people ask you, how Jay is an outstanding year. You wield their false lies to tell your
offspring, you do not distort history and small Japanese band of the animals have a
rubbish it?
     I played so many words, is that all of the outstanding fans, in being, to see
Jay's post and those who insult the message, they all stand up, do not say
we do not hear the dogs barking, indifferent. The more you kind of society, the more
arrogant bad guys, and we must tell them that we bad bully, determined to prevent
damage to the rumors of Jay's career, we must maintain Jay, like Jay care
as we do with music. Jay has an incurable disease: ankylosing spondylitis. To old age
will be paralyzed, he can not travel in a cloudy day, can not be overworked, which
will cause the onset of his illness, just like the previous few days in the making
"stab Ling," as when. Conditions in the body, work hard to
make this achievement, you can not help but admire Jay, you have to respect him,
respect Jay's hard work.
     Music is everywhere, Jay irreplaceable, Jie countless fans, never stops.
     This is what I want to say to each outstanding fan, fans can also hope that the
outstanding circulation of each other I say, let more people know the facts.


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