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Bayer Corporation is the world's most well-known Fortune 500 companies.
The company's headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany, in 200 locations on
six continents built 750 production plants; has 120,000 employees and 350 branches,
almost all over the world. Polymer, health care, chemical, and agriculture is the
company's four pillar industries. The company's product range
of over 10,000, is Germany's largest industrial group. Known as the
"century medicine." Bayer chemist same name (1835 ~ 1917)
the study of organic dyes and hydrogenated aromatic compounds have been Nobel
Prize in Chemistry contributions.

Basic Introduction
Bayer in 1863 by Friedrich - Bayer in Germany to create. March 6, 1899 received
aspirin, Bayer registered trademark, the trademark became the world's
most widely used, the best known brands of medicines, and to bring unimaginable
Bayer huge profits. 1925, the company merged with several other chemical
companies established law of the chemical industry company, was dismantled after
the war. Act 1951, the succession became an independent company, said the paint
company Bayer in 1972, named "Bayer Corporation."
Companies listed in China's main products include: Adalat, Sipp music, the
United States grams, Acarbose, Nimotop, excellent properly, excellent step, Waters
music, Bai Siming -25 so. Bayer is divided into three sub-Group, are: Bayer
MaterialScience, Bayer Crop Science, Bayer. The enterprises in the 2009
"Fortune" ranking the world's largest 500 companies
ranked 154th. [1]
Bayer History
Dye salesman Friedrich Bayer and Johann Friedrich Weskott members of the main
dyeing co-founded the "Friedr. Bayer et comp.", To the
production and sale of synthetic dyes. Although the use of coal tar derivatives, only a
few years of production history of dyes, but the chemical industry for the young to
create a new business. The company set up in Wuppertal-Elberfeld Science
Laboratory (from 1878 to 1912 between the company headquarters), set new
standards for industry research. Through unremitting efforts and diligently explore,
Bayer developed a number of intermediate products, dyes and pharmaceuticals,
including "Century Medicine" - aspirin. Aspirin, developed by
the Felix Hoffmann, in 1899 the market. During this period, Bayer has a place in the
international export much to China and Russia, France, Belgium, Britain and the
United States set up a branch. Over time, the fact that Elberfeld has been unable to
meet the needs continue to expand. Therefore, the first in 1891 Bayer acquired Dr.
Carl Leverkus & Sons North of Cologne factory, then bought some other
land along the Rhine. In 1912, the company headquarters moved to Bayer Leverkusen.
After World War II, Bayer join again to focus on research and development, business
operations for the re-establishment of the foundation. The further development of
polyurethane chemicals, new crop protection products, such as fiber polyacrylonitrile
fiber Dralon, Makrolon thermoplastic material, the new invention of synthetic dyes
and many others are in the process of the company's expansion has played
a pivotal role. Cardiovascular medicine, skin antifungal drugs, broad-spectrum
antibiotics and other new products one after another from the birth of
Bayer's pharmaceutical laboratories. In 1988, Bayer celebrated its 125th
anniversary. In the same year, Bayer became the first German company listed on
Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 1994, Bayer acquired Sterling Winthrop's North
American Self-medication companies - the company's history, a major
milestone, as the acquisition of the company to re-use in the United States,
"Bayer" as the company name. This is the first time in 75 years,
Bayer own name and to the Bayer cross logo as a corporate logo to carry out
operations in the United States. In 1995, the United States, Miles Inc. Was renamed
Bayer. In 2002, Bayer stock ticker symbol BAY as the most important stock market in
the world - the New York Stock Exchange. In the same year on July 1, Bayer Group,
the largest in corporate history began a reorganization to form the
company's current organizational structure.
Organization of Bayer Greater China Group, the company mainly for Hong Kong,
Taiwan and mainland China market to carry out operations. Bayer Greater China
Group, led by the management holding company, set up under sub-Group and joint
venture enterprises under the guidance of its strategy to carry out independent
operations. Bayer Greater China Group Greater China Group President - Dr. Dai Mu
leadership. Greater China Group team employs various functional departments of
about 2,800 people. Bayer Corporation and the site currently has 18 companies in
Greater China, of which 8 has been put into the company's production
facilities, the company involved in providing support to all business areas.
Localization of production in the growing proportion of sales. China: Bayer (China)
Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou) Bayer (Sichuan) Animal Health Co., Ltd.
(Chengdu) Bayer Coatings Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) Bayer Guangyi
Panel Co., Ltd. (Beijing) Bayer Healthcare Co., Ltd. (Beijing), Bayer Jinling
Polyurethane Co., Ltd. (Nanjing) Bayer (Shanghai) Polymer Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)
Bayer Polyurethanes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) Bayer Technology Services
(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) Bayer CropScience Hangzhou Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou)
Co., Ltd Bayer Crop Science, Tianjin (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Bayer
MaterialScience Bayer HealthCare Bayer Taiwan Taiwan (Taipei) Taiwan Bayer Poly
excellent stock limited Inc. (Taipei former gold district) Taiwan Bayer CropScience
(Taipei) significant potential market: Asia-Pacific region has enormous growth
potential, is Bayer's most important potential markets. In 2004,
Bayer's 13,849 employees in the region to create sales of 49 billion euros,
accounting for 16% of total sales around. The company's medium-term
objective is to substantially increase the share of Asia-Pacific region sales. Since 1990,
Bayer Group has invested in the region of about 27 billion euros for capital
expenditures, acquisitions and research and development, which fully proved that a
continuous growth of the market, the importance of the Asia-Pacific region is growing
Bayer. [1]
Bayer Cross
Bayer, Bayer Cross is a symbol in use since 1904. Bayer Cross, and the firm by the
horizontal row of the "Bayer" (BAYER) English words
composed of two words share a "Y" letter, the most out of a
circle. Bayer headquarters in Leverkusen has a big neon sign. The installation of the
Bayer Cross in 1958, is the world's largest neon.
Bayer chemist
Bayer (1835 ~ 1917) Baeyer, Adolf von, German chemist. October 31, 1835 Born in
Berlin, August 20, 1917 and died in Winchester Castle. Studying chemistry in the
University of Heidelberg, is RW Bunsen and FA Kekule students. 1858 Ph.D. at the
University of Berlin, any university chemistry lecturer in 1860. Ren Bolin Industrial
Research Institute after several years of Chemical Research Office. 1872 appointed
Professor of Chemistry, University of Strasbourg. University of Munich in 1875. His
first achievement was the 1863 one found Bobby acid soil - the parent barbiturate
sleeping pills. In 1865, he began research on indigo dyes, indigo was synthesized in
1880, 1883, to determine its structure. Bayer 1885 under the carbon atoms are
tetrahedral model of the strain theory. 1881 The Royal Society awarded him David
Medal, in recognition of his achievements in indigo. 1905 He was of the organic dyes
and hydrogenated aromatic compounds have been Nobel Prize in Chemistry
contributions. In the same year, he published scientific papers.

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