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									Balfour Act
Nie head Wang Cháo Yīn original order
Nie write this book can be said to be well; to their life can observe, the integration of
the lessons of history, compiled this shocking people's good books, remind
people of the world "how to keep the real wealth" ; avoid
repeating the mistakes of those greedy for money. As the saying goes:
"man-made financial death, dead birds for food." Guren Jiang:
"Rich, Three"; now three generations of people who could not
be said that, two generations, have been unable to generation, father and his sons
against each other for money, news, countless move; also do not know how many
people ruin for the money, or brought to justice, it is ignorant poor ah! So you want to
keep long-term wealth, friends, hope you will carefully according the book said to do
it, it certainly has amazing efficacy.
    Balfour Beatty Law articles
    As the saying goes: get rich easily, the most difficult financial security. I live in
Shanghai 50 years and saw many people getting rich; fortune later, there are less than
five years, ten years on the failure, there are two or three years that is lost, there are
four or five years of complete failure of the. I remember most of my late father
between the rich, some of an official, some from business, both short-hyun He now
has the majority of dying out, the decline of the family. Some descendants of
prostitution because of gambling much work, but squandered; some are even children
are without a trace. About to count them, four, 50 years ago, the rich, not all home
now lost, the children can read, service is the industry, progressive, 100 This is really
a rare one, the two had.
    This is not only Shanghai, in my hometown in Hunan, as well. Qing wen, Hsu, ZTE
era rich people, knighthoods are six, seven, the governor of the Governor to do two,
30, to deal with the town of five adults, 60, now has a majority of depression ; which
civil people, more modest property, descendants better. I am familiar with it on, like
once, left, Peng, Li which several, is the money the least, future generations can read
more to academic service to the community: Cengwenzhenggong's
grandchildren, in the domestic and foreign university graduates six, seven, as
university professors, three; left text Xianggong several great-grandchildren, also
known scientific expertise; Li Yongyi public's grandchildren, has served as
university professors, and great-grandchildren also many university graduates; Peng
Gang Straight descendants of the public ten years ago, an official in
Shanghai's. At that time about the money, more of the way, no savings of
money to the descendants of the heart to stay, relatively elite talented children. The Yu
Wenguan more money for ten more homes, mostly descendants now shuttered.
Dozens of military attache, was better than civil rich, there are thousands, twenty
million versus a; (mostly put down after the war, soldiers continue to President, you
can gap can make a fortune; As has five, from 600 thousand to 1 million, three silver
properties , 4, such as Kuo, I home, Yang, are later from Shaanxi, Gansu, Yunnan,
Guizhou command of military affairs who returned. Jinling recover when the fan
because of the low morale of Hunan, so all of the severance, destroy Nianfei of course
to the Huai Army, so Xiang Army veteran, full of very little.) various descendants, but
also most of the decline; can read progressive, seldom heard.
   ZTE times my family and various family, or Gordon or the Huai River, most of
them the relationship between the generation of the intersection, so the rise and fall of
various circumstances, have little knowledge. As for the civil and military of various
people in Anhui, rich are richer, far better than the Hunan Morohito, but today have
been zero, a bitterly painful; before and after a few years, however, was passed down
to the third generation, has had as a cloud cleared up. However, refused to make a
fortune, not for money several product generations, their descendants but has many
good. The most obvious is Zengwenzhenggong, his highest position, the most
important power, the reign of two decades, died when only 22 000 silver; In addition
to the old country house, in the provinces did not build a house, not buy over an acre
of land. He personally founded Salt Salt tickets, pricing is very cheap, and interest is
very high; each salt fares 220 votes, and later sold for 22,000, the annual interest
alone has three, 4200; at home as long as there is a saline vote was called wealthy.
Cengwenzhenggong special decree Tseng family, contractors are not allowed to
receive; text is the public for many years, and future generations without a vote of salt.
If it was of some nickname, leading one, 200 the ticket, is extremely easy; but act
according to collar votes, the surface is not illegal; but by power, status, tricks feather
one's nest, villain that is not affect , while the gentleman is not ah! This
was my mother knew very detailed, very few people out there know.
"Mean" mentioned above: 'a man of integrity and
who are not, the person is not seen but almost. '(This is known as what they
seem, that is sincere, not self-deception, this is the fundamental political science; If
not fundamental, all the way politics are not feasible.) Text is the public has on
Liaozhu oath:' Do not take a one of the military money, return home
', but for decades on end; and three times the same style of Zhuge public.
Therefore, when the generals Liao Shu, most are very clean; and civil in the
intangibles, the beneficiary is not small. So practice is essential integrity is secretly to
benefit the people; if they ask for money, then general officials, everyone wants to
make a fortune; people will suffer no smaller
   Please take a look at the past few decades the political, the pain suffered by the
people probably know that man is not honest with the Executive's clean,
really a very big influence ah! Therefore, the "University", said:
'benevolent money to fat body, but cruel to themselves rich.
'"Mencius" wrote:' as heartless as the
kernel is not rich. 'Because the love of money and not money, and
relationships with other people's interests, a great happiness; it can create
wealth offense, not love of money can only benefit. Most people think that more
money to buy some land plot real estate, so that future generations will be able to
have food to eat; so desperate to get rich. Today, dozens of look at the fact that
product more money, and instead makes the descendants of starvation, and even
children are extinct; refused tricks to get rich, but children can have food to eat, but
also thriving in the weather. They think that ordinary people do not plot some money,
I am afraid that future generations will immediately poor; but from historical fact, in
the community view, if true Liren, in total disregard of himself and those who do not
leave a penny, children and grandchildren will certainly developed. Now for me to
give a few examples:
   Song Fanwenzhenggong (Fan Chung-yen), when he made the poor scholar,
obsessed with the relief on the hearts of all men; was made prime minister, he gave
the official's salary to buy them all justice field, a family of poor
maintenance. First bought the South Park, Suzhou, as his residence; later heard feng
shui house said: 'This house excellent feng shui, future generations will be
out or poor. 'He thought, since the house will Hing Fat distinguished than
as a school, so that the children of Suzhou, in the herein education, so most people
Hing Fat dignitaries, the better; so immediately donate the house, as the school palace.
He was obsessed with the interests of the masses, do not want to own an exclusive
right of the benefits. A result, his four sons, made a prime minister or poor assistant
minister, and all are moral high. His sons had asked him to buy Garden in Beijing in
the first house to the time of retirement pension and entertainment, he said:
'Beijing in the garden in many major local administrative officials, and
park owners can not always own the garden, then the Who it will not let me swim!
Why have their own garden, it can be pleasure? 'Fan of several son, family
life, are dressed in fabric clothing elements. Fan Gong Chu will enter phase for
several decades, from the pension money, and also made a donation of relief purposes;
so very frugal home, died, even funeral expenses are not. According to ordinary
people's psychological, that this is the way for future generations do not
intend to, and who knows this is the best recourse for the children intended. Four sons
have not only made or poor, but also inherited his father's meaning, homes
financial relief to everyone. Therefore, the Fan family had grandchildren also very
well developed, spread to dozens of generations of descendants, until now, has for
eight centuries, Suzhou Fan tomb area, there are still many descendants of Fan and
also often the best elements . If people want to make children like to, want to stay to
eat food to children, please act in accordance with Fanwenzhenggong's
intention is the best way.
   Furthermore Yuan Yelv text is the public (Chucai), he is Yuantaizu, it became
(Genghis Khan) and Yuanshizhu Emperor's army, division, most military
decision-making by him, he is to take this and help all the numerous people. Because
Yuantaizu, it became a good kill, He was good at talking to remonstrate Taejo not
massacre. He, as prime minister, but it is commoner Shushi, your life very hard. He is
a Buddha scientist, acquisitiveness very indifferent: In the break time of Yanjing, the
treasuries of you generals have to collect treasure, and he only gave orders to stock
dozens of worried rhubarb, sent to his camp; soon plague broke out, he rhubarb
diseases, access to great effect. He is also no savings, but his descendants for
generations as prime minister, and there are as many as 13. It is also a product of
money would not, but children and grandchildren instead, developed evidence.
Furthermore Qing Lin Wenzhong public (Lin), he is opposed to the UK, so that
caused a great man Opium War. To make a fortune if he was made a few million, is
very easy. He believes that opium and harming the people, very serious, so not afraid
to use violent means, burnt twenty thousand boxes of opium. Later, the British attack
in Guangdong, one year into the attack is not, after the fall of Ningbo, Zhenjiang.
Forced the Qing Dynasty, the public will be Lin Wenzhong dismissed exile, to discuss
and British apology. After the death of public forest is no savings, but several
generations of his descendants are scholarly constantly, Sun still has peers Scholars,
Exams, and today there are still a few years ago, the Supreme Court Xiang Lin pass
away, but also one of them, but also very noble and moral. This is another refused to
make a fortune, but instead, developed evidence of children.
   Look at the same time forest companies to make big money, I can cite a few
examples: that of Guangdong and the Pan Ng, his charm, all the opium in fortunes to
hundreds of millions of silver. Painter most know, all at home and well-known ancient
calligraphy rubbings, mostly covered with Wu's, she was, his charm of the
seal, that is, that this matter has been in three collections, showing their rich and
powerful too. But decades later, these precious items, and they have flow other home.
Nanmu their houses had been demolished, go to a different make ornaments, wood
has. Their descendants, and no one heard over the. The three owners, after all is the
smart and capable, it may issue such a big profit; Lin Wenzhong at the time the parent
has refused to send money, but got himself dismissed punish, finally too stupid to it!
However, several years later to see their children, they know the public story of Lin
Wenzhong most intelligent people, Wu's, she was, his charm, but it is the
most stupid people.
   Shanghai big Kuolao lot, I know, you can also give a few examples: one week
Jiangxi Weng, 50 years ago, I despise Yue xiaojia in Yangzhou, on the understanding
of the rich man. (Then the two leaders of the same merchants.) One day, week to
xiaojia Weng, anger and vitality, the original is that managers received a letter from
the semicolon Xiangtan, Hunan, said the famine took place, official subscriptions to
them He pledged on behalf of the owner of a silver 520 weeks Weng, Weng complain
that he is good at the week for ideas, too much tax, it was angry. At that time he has
the wealth of millions of silver out of a 520 relief, is not willing. Later, living in
Shanghai, one day, Mr. Tan Zuan with him I asked him how to be so great that the rich
send? He said that no other method, only the product but do not. He lived to more
than 80 years before death, Heritage has 30 million yuan, children 10 minutes a
family room, but 10 years already empty. Which includes a house Sun, slightly to
make some good, the room would be better, but it is also encountered many
unexpected attenuation, the remaining money is not much. If common sense is in any
case, Sun has 3 million per house, not together so quickly defeated; but in fact it is so.
If asked how he defeated France? Readers can try to turn a blind eye I thought,
Shanghai rich young man with money the way they can understand, rest is history.
The man is a legitimate business, not take non-fiscal quarters; but heart greed, seeing
the famine, but unwilling to pay for relief; that the product not the money is smart.
Such your mind and do not know exactly the kind of equality with breach of good
ways, if I keep the heart of a rich alone, without considering his family's
life and death, is not kind, unequal to the uttermost. In addition to being my own
karma, but also dominated by the more than reported, or "Book of
Changes," the so-called Yuqing, the aftermath of the dominant; to the home
of the rich alone failure was particularly fast, so that the public witnessed retribution
connotations, to wake up. (And I suffer retribution, if not secular newspaper, then
others can not see.)
   Besides family, more than ten years ago, land in Shanghai King Chen, house
property has 40 million silver dollars, two brothers room, each of 20 million. In 1925,
I went to his house for dinner once, he lived in the houses is the luxurious, in front of
a pair of stone lions, are rare in Shanghai. His room, all walls of glass frame installed
to display the bronze tripod, all three thousand years of Antiquities. One of the guests,
pointing to me said: 'This is a house of bronze, silver dollars to the value of
1.5 million; China's famous ancient bronzes, half of this. 'These
words, it is most pleased to hear the master. The original general of the rich
psychological, is to boast, I and some things are better than all of the people. The only
moral reputation of that money can not be done, these rich people have no alternative
but to clothing, treasures, housing, equipment, the war Hao wins fight and win the
general benefit of the guests want to Christine but flattering. (Jiaoshe word is linked,
pride is put on airs, extravagance is the width of trouble. Shanghai often see is a big a
funeral, one day, spend one or two million silver dollars, that is the glory; but to ask
them out a few thousand dollars to help disaster relief, it becomes easy. This is more
than ordinary people, some despicable selfishness is not one that a 1. This one owner,
of course, you can not escape.) I see him, but only seven years, the Shanghai land
prices drop suddenly tragic, the losses to be speculative, so that bankruptcy.
Chen's bronze treasures, housing estate, all in all, all will be forfeited and
sold, the owner has moved home to the mainland.
   Furthermore an example is the haiha with garden owners, often satirical newspaper
recently commented: that they are life to philanthropy, refused to lots of help, and said
he had eight hundred million silver dollars heritage. A vision test, eight hundred
million of property income, according to Erli on the interest rate, every year there
should be 16 million, if they are willing to this ending of the 6 million yuan for poor
relief purposes, then all the refugees in Shanghai , can be saved. Three years ago, the
refugees in Shanghai, there are thousands of people, each person's food, to
two dollars per month basis, year round, but only two hundred million. M expensive
last year, when the refugees in the refugees was only several thousand people, the
monthly cost of 30 yuan per year, a total of five million, there still is only one-third of
their income per annum 1 Bale. Besides Shanghai's poor die in the road,
nearly 20,000 people last year, but 10,000 more than the previous year, and then two
years ago but thousands of people, on the one that last year of a price, the dead up to
the time to do some shelter if the cold The soup kitchens and factories, to feed two to
three million people a year, but also spent five or six million yuan is enough. This is
in them, but nine cattle, one hair, the hair, however, is reluctant to pull out. If you can
turn a few million dollars, to save tens of thousands of poor people; its own home, if
no special extravagance, generosity is in any case, bring the remaining interest one
year to several million for savings. Thus, on the one hand by the U.S. reputation, on
the one hand made a big saving merit, and then on the other hand is still several
million per year savings. Such calculations, it is through great. However, they do not
have such wisdom, vision, as one would like the 16 million yuan, a drop does not leak,
all received their own bank account, the return to yourself, any of extravagance.
Actually did not think this body will die, its neither of their children, all property
owned by another person. Hundreds of millions of property, once into an empty
flower, but in vain was a sin with industry, to Xianyan Wang, and has left behind a
beautiful word of mouth does not stay in the community.
   They also hung signs of Buddhist devotees, but all do not know "by
pharmacists," the outset, the detailed description of the sins of greed
dismay. It is said: 'there all sentient beings, not knowing good and evil, but
pregnant with corruption mean, I do not know alms, and effect of retribution; stupid
lack of wisdom, lack of roots in the letter, poly treasure for the upcoming guard. See
Qizhe to their hearts do not like; established line of last resort facilities, such as when
cutting meat body, heart health deplored. So people, this Ming Zhong, students
hungry world, or beasts. 'Because the big wealth of the people, more than
money, and he is useless, knowing that most people will starve to death, but refused to
financial relief facilities. If from moral blame them, this is simply an indirect murder.
Plot the most money, the greatest strength, not Ken Bu Shi, and his negative murder
was even heavier. For example, to see a small child, standing by the well, about to fall
into a well of; a man standing at the side, it does not open, do not pull the child, and
let him fall into a dead. We will say that the child be killed by him as. The rich do not
see the disaster rescue, it is the same. Not to mention the rich, even the interest of a
small part of the house refused, then the road thousands of tens of thousands of
hungry dead, are we going to count him as you killed! Killed thousands of tens of
thousands of sins, is it with Jiaoman heart, to a Buddhist as a cover, reluctantly of
points squandered countless little money for points monopoly face of the good things,
they think they already made a virtue, it can remove Why all the sins? I'm
afraid heaven and earth spirits, and never will forgive him so vague. So I say a fact is
that everyone were authenticity, broken heart greed, must not be Tao-Save money in
the road that are not implemented!
   Russian literary giant Leo Tolstoy once said: 'Now the community of
people, left hand into a million dollars, giving a right hand, binary, known as a great
philanthropist. 'It can be seen this behavior is a common problem in the
   All in all, Balfour Beatty's approach, must have the wisdom of vision,
that is to have distant vision, and great heart volume; Fanwenzhenggong and several
mentioned above, is in this category. The rest are not good at preserving the rich
people, surging this world are all ah! They can not bring children to maintain its thick
and rich, only because their wisdom is not enough; to see, but she missed the joy and
pain; only see the surface, but not the content; Simply put, they look at the calendar,
just to see who started this, but also do not know the first two days tomorrow, but will
not know at the end of a New Year's Eve, but such a stupid person like this,
though many, the community is endowed with wisdom of many people, upon one
point pulling, can consciousness, wisdom, vision suddenly on will be a cheerful.
   Then talked about how the practice of wisdom, please thin pondering I
"the moral" The two sentences are as follows: 'not
only that people have the more; already and people have more. 'This paper
described a few examples of Pham Van are gentlemen, is the two words in the
footnotes. Notice I is the highest in the world as a philosophy, ("the
moral" Taoism and Taoist no interference, I can not mistake that is Taoism.)
He political, economic, and military science are also very clever, and his philosophy
of life, can not shake for the era's. I doctrine of essence, saying is:
'anti-person, way of moving. 'The effect is to invert it is to turn
natural consciousness of the motive; his book, all mostly explain this truth. Then cited
the following two sentences: 'Zhi Xiong, keep the ER, as Brooks. Zhi Bai,
keep the black for the world style. 'Male person, for example, is rich and
powerful, can be proud of, is all the covet; only wisdom, in turn, is to avoid such
arrogance Hyun He, strongly of the plain, humble side to go free recruit others hate.
'As Brooks' this is what everyone but hath he meant.
'White' person means, such as a high official, made famous, a
decent glory, others envy, and this is everyone wanted to do. But the wise person, in
turn, have to avoid the dignity and honor strong-quo concessions modest,
"Mean", said: 'Yi Jin Shang Hui Hsia, evil, the text
of the book also. 'Such as wearing beautiful clothes, have to add blouses,
silk clothing and do not want to reveal to the outside. This is the meaning that the
gentleman really rehabilitated, not retreat name, to avoid negative effects, such people
more respect in the community. These views are the opposite opinion with the secular.
In other words, contrary to the emotional desires, in order to meet the intellectual,
such things, most people are not harsh, or that it is about astronomy, can not
understand. However, there are many in society who have the insight, of course, will
be commended.
   Heaven what is it? "I Ching", said: 'yin and yang
is that the Road. 'The yin and yang, is not an abstruse, and 11 have the facts
as the basis: for example, there must be a date night, there must be a cold summer,
autumn and winter there are spring and summer, there are tide ebb tide. By these
natural phenomena to observe, 11 are a surplus of a virtual, eliminating a long one.
From this reason, and to promote personnel, is also true: for example, that one
containing a decline of personnel, a bitter one music, one-time items, a rule that
happens so. But the days of yin and yang, there is a certain standard, is eternal and
unchanging; and personnel of the rise and fall, it is with people's
movements, volatility. This change of impermanence, but according to the Heaven of
a yin and yang have a certain standard, launched out. Let us say the following:
   For example, if a person like pride, suddenly back on the shelf there will be time to
come; a man, if he likes lazy ease, there will be very difficult on the day of arrival; a
man, if he likes stingy greedy for money, there will be wonders for gambling on sons
for him to waste the dilapidated; a man, if like ingenious calculation, we will certainly
be confused stupid children and grandchildren be deceived. These changes in
personnel and intelligent people will naturally look to see, know and the sun and the
moon landing, cold and heat exchanges is the same reason. Heaven is a Tai Chi, half
are black, half white, the middle of a line; After this limit, lost an average of yin and
yang, it is necessary from the change, it is shade called anode and cathode the sun; for
words, is the Extreme will decline, the negative will be long.
   Since ancient great sages, can insight to understand this truth, so teaching people
often have of themselves in the position of disadvantage, is to humble retreat, homes
financial greed, self-denial instead of themselves. Profane among those who did not
experience, is reluctant to do such things suffer. In terms of new scientists, but also
ridiculed, this is a negative moral. To know the cause of all the great positive, are
from this negative moral person to the: This is the only negative self-denial, can a
positive instead of themselves; only care money does not corrupt, can set up the
public interest; only modest yield, can be extremely respectable admiration, always at
his work are particularly smooth, easy success. Start seems to suffer, then still get a
great deal of.
   Opinion ignorant people only can see the surface of all things, can not see things
the opposite. For example, like chess, only see a significant, can not see the second
and third with. Do not know the world is playing chess, if I move one forward, the
person would be me with, and soon was followed by second and third years there.
Buddhism shows a result of a fruit, sensing the truth, it is the highest in the world of
science with philosophy. I brought the game of chess as an analogy: we say the word,
for one thing, people are moved on a move to; we made do whatever the time of the
heart made up the idea that God moved on a move to ; all people, all things are we
playing chess opponent.
   We have a dog, that good intentions, the dog wagged his tail that will be
affectionate to us; if evil sound to him, he would drag away under the tail. On others
not to mention it! If I treat others modest, generous, people will thank; if treat pride
mean, people will vindictive; this is a small rivals. If we are bullying the people can
not afford, or deliberately harming people, or people with a clever means of
accounting for cheap, they do not feel affected by the damage. Or by a special status,
such as an official for the company's manager duties, secretly obtain
personal interests; or their riches is come, and for disaster relief would not, enjoy your
own home is comfortable. These things, everyone of course is no alternative, the law
can not handle him, and he regarded chess won, he lost all the other chess. But
Heaven is not allowing him to win, will for everyone to make his big rival, God
gently moving as long as one was, told him to have spent the whole game pieces, in
the end made him a total failure; this is called 'people have thousands of
operators , days only one operator. 'We are in the people playing chess
every day, in fact, is in the chess world; if the greater human to win, they will lose
even more severe on the day. Conversely, if people are willing to let loose some, also
helped jump on one with everything to lose so that others, but my chess, but also not
great to lose, but on the day to win a lot of chess too!
   Fanwenzhenggong mentioned above, is the most obvious example, he was poor,
made a will with a few years to when he died, still no private garden house their land.
If the eyes look from the laity, he regarded as naught the I, but his day is win a big
move, his children and grandchildren, mostly containing more capable you ah! The
rest of the text is public as Jellinek, Lin Wenzhong public Cengwenzhenggong few
are willing to Shu Qi, and to subsequently won a game of God. Those who will win at
the many people and made hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions,
hundreds of millions of wealth, it was later moved one day forward, they have lost
finished. The ancients said: 'man can conquer nature, will also win one day.
'Day is set a certain justice. The law of yin and yang is to the average,
people make things in excess, is lost on average. Because of our hearts, first in
violation of the law of yin and yang and, therefore reacted by yin and yang of
sanctions laws to return to the state average. God playing chess, is not tempted, not
hands-on, and people naturally lose. For example, throwing the ball against the wall,
the ball will naturally come back to throw, throw the power of the greater force the
ball back more, but the wall itself, and it is not hands-on effort. Therefore,
"The Book", said: 'days of sin, still can be violated;
regret, can not live. '"Mencius", said:'
Contrary to Seoul who are also against almost Seoul. 'Meaning is
self-operating, self-reported by; it with the scriptures say:' self-made
because, from the results. 'It is the same reason.
   The so-called man can conquer nature, not really win the day, it is said that one day
according to the theorem, deliberately and worked would receive in the subsequent
victory. Originally poor, and later prosper a; had hardship, and was later well-being.
This victory is the victory of justice. Although the good man of the day I won the
chess, actually won the day; notes Heaven will never lose. Heaven yin and yang of the
average,     is     the    Golden     Mean,       also    known      as    neutralization;
"Mean", said; 'cause and in, day position Yan,
Yu-Yan things. 'If the world lost their peace of personnel will lead to
changes in the way of heaven; like, such as war and famine, etc. The great doom, are
due to personnel not fair, not in the heart and caused. The struggle between people,
the struggle between nations, no matter how temporary victory, the outcome is still a
lose-lose, is a temporary victory, after all, the failure will be. Please turn over the
pages of the history of the world, we know that win at, and in the end are also lost,
which can know justice will end in a fair. People's grievances are not, and
whether sanctions will be justice system.
   The human world, the number of men and women will always be average. A
mother surnamed Zhang has 10 male students, but also a mother surnamed Lee 10
female students, so taken together the world's count, the number of men
and women, not by very much. This proves that the Heaven's fair, and the
yin and yang and in which there are incredible natural ability to adjust. If we want to
Zhang Shi our ability to justice and in violation of the capacity, and finally, after all,
to their peril. If yin and yang, if justice is not tailored to adjust the power, then the
number of men and women who will not always be the average, of all things world
will permanently lose the fair, and strong, the coincidence is always rich, good man
and never will emerge.
   Europe and the United States were used to observe the short-eye justice, that the
world only the strong, the victory will be Coincidentally, law-abiding weakness, and
should be uniform, so called 'survival of the fittest'. This is not
what the doctrine, caused the world of arrogance over evil: pride is somewhat rely
without fear, I have power, not afraid of you, put on airs, Xian Weifeng; Man is a
potential to use up, blessed to enjoy the full, post- to your own interests, not for others
ideas, simply present Willful not worry about the future. Germany, Japan and other
countries, the ambitions of aggression, such doctrine is to be wrong ah!

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