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B2B (Business To Business)

1 What is B2B
2 B2B significance
3 B2B's two modes
4 B2B's Status
5 B2B trends
6 B2B's main marketing strategy
7 B2B Website Optimization four major problems
What is B2B
B2B (Business To Business, in the English pronunciation of the same to the same 2.)
Is a business to business via the Internet products, services, and information exchange.
Internet-based B2B current pace of development is very rapid, according to the latest
statistics, in this year's transactions on the Internet B2B B2C transactions
have been far more than the amount in the next 5 years, B2B will reach an annual
average growth rate of 41% By 2004, worldwide B2B transactions expected to reach
7.29 trillion U.S. dollars.
The significance of B2B
Tradition of the enterprises of business transactions often have to spend the
substantial resources and time, the sales and distribution of Wu Lun Hai Shi
Caigoudouyao occupied Chanpinchengben. B2B transactions by way of online buyers
and sellers can complete the entire business process, from establishing the initial
impression to shop around, to bargain, signing and delivery, and finally to customer
service. B2B transactions between the enterprise reduce the number of transactional
workflow and management costs, reduce business costs. Network facilities and the
extension of application of the enterprise has expanded its activities, the development
of regional cross-border business more convenient and cheaper.
B2B online trading is not just a group who, it is also the strategic cooperation between
the enterprises to provide a foundation. Any enterprise, whether it has a lot of
powerful technical strength or good business strategy, in order to achieve B2B alone
is completely impossible. Go it alone has passed, the establishment of alliances
between enterprises become trends. Unimpeded access network allows information
between enterprises via the Web in the market, product or business in such areas as
complementary and mutually beneficial cooperation, and horizontal or vertical form
of business integration, on a larger scale, more strength, more economical operation
truly global logistics management model.
Two models B2B
1. For manufacturing or business-oriented vertical B2B. Vertical B2B can be divided
into two directions, upstream and downstream. Manufacturer or commercial retailers
and suppliers the upper reaches of the formation of supplier relations, such as Dell
Computer Corporation and the upstream chip and motherboard manufacturers are
cooperating in this way. Manufacturers and downstream distributors could form sales
relationships, such as Cisco and its transactions between distributors. Vertical B2B
generally requires one understand the upstream and downstream sectors, we can enter.
Vertical B2B cost relatively low since the vertical B2B is one faced by many
practitioners within the industry, so their customers are relatively concentrated and
2. For the middle market for B2B. This transaction model is the level of B2B, it is
similar to various industries in the transaction process into one place, for the business
side and supply-side procurement provide a trading opportunity, like Alibaba,
China-made network, global resource net.
Status B2B
B2B e-commerce not only in changing Wall Street, changing the whole world
economy works. Involves the application of the current way of conducting B2B
operations include 25 manufacturing industries, like computer and electronics
industries, e-commerce solutions industry, financial industry, telecommunications
industries. The investigation, which according to Forrester Research, 2003, the
computer industry B2B e-business will account for 30% of B2B transactions. Which
includes IBM and Nortel Networks and other eight companies have combined to open website, computer, electronic and telecommunications companies to pass
on; Cisco and Dell are also seize the initiative, Cisco more than 70% of orders
through the network, Dell to sell through the network per day up to more than 14
million U.S. dollars of equipment.
B2B Index observed over the past year the trend, in addition to April 10, 2000 to July
31 period lower than the rate of increase than the Nasdaq composite index, the trend
in other various periods are better than the KLCI. From 1999 to July 2000 in the year,
B2B Index rose 71.9%, 31.7 percentage points higher than the KLCI in the March 10
to April 14 crash in the NASDAQ index, B2B Index decrease of 21.7%, lower than
the 12 percent decline in the KLCI, which big companies use B2B model smaller
price declines, and those who provide a platform for the B2B transaction services to
the site shares fall but had about 70%, that arise in the market sell-off The reason is
that the site is the future profitability and cash flow shortage concerns, not the whole
concept of the market for B2B negative. Market adjustment and in the subsequent
rebound, the site has most of these companies rose more than big business corporation
and the Composite Index, which rose as high as 86.25% Ariba's because
the market for B2B prospects of such companies optimistic about future earnings,
reflecting the market for B2C and B2B companies two very different attitude.
Currently, 71% of U.S. companies ready to open up the Internet market, e-commerce
volume in 2004 is expected to reach 2.7 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 53% of
online trade. Now, the competition heated up in the United States is, to integrate the
online trading business, expanding product range, with the cooperation and other
forms of traditional vendors to expand living space. However, the U.S. market
research firm AMR expects the United States the number of the various online trading
sites from more than 600 now dropped dramatically to less than 100 next year. AMR
expects, due to fierce competition, B2B commerce sites for each industry, there can be
only 2 to 3 survival, 90% of the online trading site face to close down.
As the market that the B2B B2C model with more realistic than the earnings outlook,
leading B2C to B2B commerce site by the transformation is a global trend. The
reasons for this phenomenon is that B2C companies to build brand and consumer
loyalty is very difficult and very expensive process, many companies reach the scale
needed to make a high-risk investment B2C area. Although they will be profitable if
successful, but only 5% or 10% of these companies can succeed. As the Internet
shake-up has occurred, with B2C companies to set up venture capital funds are
gradually drying up of capital markets has begun to reject such enterprises to make it
more difficult to survive. The B2B business website with the customer loyalty are
generally higher than the B2C site, and because the object of its services for the
enterprise, making the process of charge in the circulation become more likely, a more
stable source of revenue, we believe, B2B business model will represent in the recent
period, the focus and direction of development of electronic commerce.
B2B trends
Despite the good momentum of development of B2B market, but the B2B market,
there is still immature side. This immaturity B2B transactions in a number of inherent
trade advantages, such as online price negotiations and online collaboration have not
yet full.
Reported that in 2004, although the percentage of the whole online trading market
share of 40%, but maybe 11% of B2B transactions related to online price negotiation
function, the vast majority of online transactions simply order execution. But in fact,
for many companies, online price online buyers and sellers to carry out consultation is
the depth and breadth of cooperation indispensable part.
Boston Consulting Group's survey is in the 260 parties to make online
transactions on the basis of depth interviews obtained. Boston Consulting Group, Jim
Andrew, vice president of the view that in the near future, B2B transactions such
shallow model also can not completely simulate the traditional trading patterns,
almost half of the participants of the online trading needs of the traditional offline
communication with, to complete the entire transaction.
The report also noted that with the B2B transactions and price comparison mature
perfect the mechanism of a seller's market pressure will increase. Survey
found that 25% of the price the seller has already felt the heavy pressure brought by
contrast, the other 50 of the respondents claimed that such a price comparison of the
stress will be pressure on them in the near future.
The report proposed a valuable analysis of the evolution of the B2B market trends.
Report, B2B transactions are expected both the field of B2B transactions in each
market simplistic, do not want a situation diversified trading platform. As a trading
platform is also looking to integrate their own and do not want too many competitors.
1 to 2 years on the future development and evolution of B2B, appeared the following
eight kinds of prediction:
(1) B2B website will show a giant dominating the world's
"one-sided" pattern. Earnings growth exponentially determined
by characteristics of the first to achieve sufficient size and liquidity of the scale of the
site will be even more than B2C consumer portal or retail giant; the later ones, even to
the column, the second largest effect in this respect also be compromised.
(2) industry-based B2B Web site is difficult to turn away from the industry
diversification. Such sites can only be in a particular industry or field of competition,
it may be very close with the trades made some progress in areas, but involved in
other industries is hard to be difficult.
(3) industry and functional website will be a focus on the strengths of the joint.
Although the industry advantage of web industry, but the lack of functional expertise,
and functional Web site is the lack of experience in the industry and customer
relations, the two can be combined and functionality across the industry, the gulf
between sites, complementary advantages, in such joint, the industry-site will be
mainly to customer relation management.
(4) software platform vendor to break the boundaries. The current software vendors to
provide platform according to the different software vendors into transactions (such as
Ariba and CommerceOne), auction software providers (such as the Moai and
OpenSite) and trading platform providers (such as Broadvison) in three different
camps This splintering of the pattern will be with the joint between software vendors
and the emergence of M & A boom was broken.
(5) transaction model will increase the derived service. The current transaction-based
models are limited to the spot market, with the increase in number of customers and
the increasing familiarity of the market and the software platform to enhance the
functionality of such trading center is expected to provide derivative services, such as
futures and freight yard.
(6) In addition to large enterprises, the company centralized model will be abandoned.
Early in the B2B business software catalogs, auction and trading company focused on
independent, such as the center of the company affect the liquidity of the model will
allow the focus on the B2B website in the model.
(7) to provide infrastructure and services to share the new super site (ASP) will appear.
While industry-based site insurmountable industry pass, but that does not mean that
they can only use a separate infrastructure and service support, to provide shared
back-office systems and to hire a new form of web services in different sectors of the
site functional website (ASP ) is expected to be popular about 1 ~ 2 years.
(8) Traditional commodity exchanges will be swallowed. Mercantile Exchange, the
lack of consistency not only difficult to integrate powerful features and B2B trade
website match, and the lack of business process integration capabilities, the end of
traditional commodity trading will be new territory engulf the B2B website.
"E era dinosaur" will be the best interpretation of the traditional
commodity exchanges.
The main marketing strategy B2B
(1) a strong promotion: through the traditional media and the exhibition floor
publicity (China Chemical Industry News, polyurethane magazines, exhibitions and
various related industry conference)
(2) User training: to guide and educate the user tries to use traditional
(3) User self-service: a free publishing platform and a series of user self-service tools
(4) D2D services: understanding the traditional business needs - to help its associated
supply or distribution channels - the information into the network - will inform the
user feedback in a timely manner
(5) mailing list: to collect the user's e-mail within the industry and relevant
information regularly sent b2b
B2B Website Optimization four major problems
Website optimization has become a basic network of B2B e-commerce web site
marketing strategy. As B2B e-commerce site has obvious characteristics of B2B
industry, B2B B2B Web site optimization is facing unique problems.
(1) website section and product categories set unreasonable synthesis. B2B website
structure looks simple, is that the supply of information, buy information, portfolio,
corporate libraries and other major sections, and each part under the different
industries and product category, and will publish the corresponding information to the
appropriate category. But in fact, B2B website classification status for the
site's overall optimization is critical, because the user categories will result
in unreasonable difficult to obtain site information, search engines ignore the second
part and the second part of the information, and website PR low value synthesis.
Under the new competitive on the B2B website optimization experience, B2B website
sections and Category Directory settings is quite conspicuous.
(2) The significant new release of the information can not be indexed by search
engines. With the increase in the amount of supply and demand information release, a
lot of new information published in the rolling update, but a lot of new information
also had to wait until your search engine, scroll to the multi-level directory under the
site structure and level design as unreasonable because Even if all the pages are
converted to static pages, there may result in information that can not be indexed by
search engines.
(3) dynamic web page constraints. The site has long been a leading website
optimization to achieve a total transformation of the static information processing, but
the development of B2B web site today, there are still a large number of web pages
with full-motion techniques, and even the main part and the two columns is dynamic
生成, this dynamic website has no natural search results in search engines to get any
advantage, even if your website is search engine is also difficult to obtain than in
other similar elements of the static pages have any advantage, the result is that natural
search through search engine traffic to bring increasingly less.
(4) The title of the page design and web content related issues. Maintenance personnel
from the site in the general content of the site editor, web page design and title page
titles and content of the relevant issues can be better controlled, but the release of
information in the user-B2B industry websites, web page design is not professional
and the title associated with the content more prominent issue is not high, the
consequence of supply and demand information not only on content pages in the
search engines have no competitive advantage and may even affect the performance
of the entire site. In the "search engine search results pages and causes of
low quality" is described in this.
B2B e-commerce sites there are many kinds of optimization problems, in addition to
site optimization does not take into account the basic elements of the website, there is
the B2B web site technicians to conduct themselves in exploring the site search
engine optimization because of improper operation of the problems caused by many
of the problems accumulate and has become a difficult and complicated cases, not
only failed to achieve the purpose of web site optimization, but make your site more
problems arise.

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