Autobiography by fdjerue7eeu


I Liu economic, gender, male, Han nationality, on January 12, 1985 Born in Suzhou
City Daying of a peasant family. 广 西 Beijing University of Aeronautics and
Astronautics Department of Beihai College of Software and Information Engineering,
07 software engineering students in three classes, This class is the group as a
My grandfather Communist, served as mayor for the government when a number of
people seeking profit, well respected people, died in May 2006. Grandpa always
taught me a child, now a happy life for us to play down the Communist Party, we
must not forget to party loyalty, loyalty to the country. My grandmother is out and out
farmers, but Grandpa under the influence of the Communist Party has deep feelings,
since Grandpa left me, my grandmother's place on the place of the
grandfather, taught me, encouraged me to become a party member as soon as possible.
September 1993 I entered the town of Suzhou, Liu Wei Qi County school started my
journey to knowledge. Clinical study have taught me the whole family, the bright red
scarf is dyed the blood of our ancestors, is the vanguard of a small sign of the first and
only like the People's Liberation Army soldiers did not afraid of hardship,
the most courageous people wear on it. I remember their words, the elementary school,
learning, work hard and strive to become advanced, and in first grade, second grade
class president re-elected; labor, not Pazang not afraid tired. Finally, the third grade
honor to join the vanguard of China's youth team, I am rubbing the chest
scarf he was determined, must be more progress, the organization should move closer
to the group. So I continue to serve as squad leader positions and has been to primary
school, in elementary school in second grade, I won the third place, three good
students and the honorary title, the fifth grade classes have been outstanding cadres of
school. In September 1999 with outstanding results I entered the town of Suzhou city
Qixian kuai South Middle School to enhance classes and my scarf so I decided to
become the toughest small bravest soldiers, without parents, I should be more strict
demands on themselves, so I used to run other students time to play bookstore, do
exercises, make up school work ... ... in December 1999 on behalf of the school
attended high school mathematics competition our town, and have achieved excellent
results, that is, at this time, the school began to develop a number of Youth League,
due to limited places, I lost in this competition, but I did not give, but harder, more
progressive, and finally succeeded in May 2000 to become a Communist Youth
League, when the time in the group's oath I heart blood of emotion and
excitement. When grandparents and parents know all this in recognition of good news
after the party I was a good boy, is their pride, arrogance, and urged me to continue
efforts in the future closer to the party. Chinese Communist Youth League is in
learning the majority of young communist school, where my initial understanding of
the party have a point. Entering the second year, we began to learn modern Chinese
history. When I know that China's Qing government so corrupt and
incompetent, so that four hundred million compatriots living in the abuse at the
expense of foreign powers, I atmosphere; when I know that Sun Yat-sen launched a
revolution overthrew the Qing government into the 200-year rule ended in China into
feudal rule in 2000, when I am happy; when I know that after the birth of the Chinese
Communist Party in 1927, I was so excited; when I know the first KMT-CPC
cooperation to launch the first national revolution, counter-revolutionary movement
initiated by the KMT has dropped, wantonly killing the Communist Party, I sad; when
I know that was launched on August 1 Nanchang Uprising led by Zhou Enlai, the first
shot fired by armed counter-revolutionary time, I was excited; when I seriously
thought that the Chinese revolution, Mao Zedong and China's specific
national conditions and the form and lead the armed forces to set up Jinggangshan the
first one revolutionary base, the strength of the Chinese revolution has grown in
strength, I was excited; when I know that the ancient WANG Ming-bo deprived of
Mao Zedong's military command, to the red zone is shrinking, when the
Chinese revolution at stake, I atmosphere; when I know that the Red Army break
through three lines of defense Siduchishui plan to break the enemy encirclement,
strength Dadu, jumped out of the enemy encirclement, I was delighted; when I know
the Japanese invaders into the Northeast, but to order the exclusion against Chiang
Kai-shek, the northeast provinces hand over in Japan, after the crisis caused by North
China, Chiang Kai-shek is still the implementation of his "stabbing outside
Home Safe" policy of the time, I was anxious; when I know launch in Xian
Yang and Zhang common Japanese soldier admonished requirements, consistent with
the KMT-CPC cooperation again When outside, I was delighted; when I know the
Japanese invaders took over the Nanjing massacre of defenseless people and my
soldiers to lay down their weapons and 30 million people, I resent; when I know that
the Communist Party of Great Victory in Pingxingguan blow broke the Japanese
Japanese troops when the myth of invincibility, I am proud; when I know that
China's land has been gradually eroded the Japanese, the Chinese
anti-Japanese Chinese soldiers quite confused what course to follow the critical
moment, I made the party leader Mao Zedong, "On Protracted
War" strengthened the determination of the Chinese resistance to Japan, I
once again excited; when I know that China has finally gone through hardships in the
August 15, 1945 ushered in the unconditional surrender of Japan made the final
victory against Japan, but also washed up in China since the Opium War hundred
years since the national humiliation, I cheer; when I know that people across the
country are eager for peace when they launched a civil war, the Kuomintang
reactionaries, I sigh; when I know that under the leadership of the Communist Party
of Mao Zedong on in just three years to less is better than ending the war in China, so
that people lead a stable life of the time, I again applaud; 当 I Zhidao China 顺利
entrance to socialism, while stability, Guo Min Shengchanzongzhi increase with 大幅
peaceful liberation of Tibet the war is victory, I am pleased; when I know that the
Chinese reform and opening up, vigorously develop the productive forces, the smooth
return of Hong Kong and Macao, I have once again feel the pride as a Chinese. After
entering the temple, I continue to serve as squad leader, but in the examination due to
illness and focus on high school drop-list, but I did not give up, I want to study the
Communist Party, not afraid of failure, as long as there is belief, as long as the efforts
of certain success. So I chose to repeat in 2002, hard work pays off, in September
2003 entry score higher than my pay would result into the province, 10 key places to
learn City. In that unfamiliar with the place of high school, my grades began to slip
down. Teacher, middle school students, roommate's encouragement, I sleep
every 0:00, 6 am to get up and vigorously struggle, threw himself into learning, the
last one in the final exam in high-won gains, obtain the name of the class 10th good
results. Division of Arts and sophomore, I Total 700 results ranked 20th class, I
realized that he still insufficient, so a more progressive, but the body and the family
cause of the accident, so far has been no progress, this time I started at a loss, started
inferior, remained silent on this situation until college entrance examination, but the
class teacher told me that my last two are no problem, but the day I started college
entrance examination diarrhea, fever, culminating in two pass, and my disease has
evolved enteritis, I'm still not fully recovered. If this is life, launched
another challenge to me, I will not regret the choice I made. So I once again choose
repeat, repeat period, I understand the importance of strength training, I also adjust the
learning method, and get a rich harvest, in 2007, Anhui entrance exam, I made 79 of
more than 3,000 school name good results. May twist of fate, I was again enteritis
entrance effects play a disorder, and finally to sophomore success of this line of 32
points Beihai Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics School of Software
and Information Engineering, accepted. Middle School and the repetition of two years,
I enrolled one of our places in the city's Party School, and received
graduate certificates. The development of party members from the sophomore from
our school, I began to want to join the Communist Party, want to be an outstanding
party member, to serve the people, for the people to make money and contribute for
the country, but had failed. September 2007 I entered the city of Beihai in Guangxi
Beihai Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics University, started a new
life. In this family, I felt warm all over the world, I and roommate - hole sized, Jiang
Zhongwei, Guo non-work together to learn, with joy, living together, fighting together,
we have a brotherhood. September 2007 go to college before I took part in military
training activities will be done, half a month, I feel so bitter soldiers, tired, sweet
music. I had a bit to do military withdrawal, are also considered to fulfill the
aspirations of my soldiers can not. October Three of the group I was elected secretary
software, successfully organized a welcome refueling mission for the Beijing
Olympic Games Day, participated in the Olympic long-distance race Beihai activities,
participated in the Olympic marathon Software College activities, participated in the
Beijing Olympics Volunteers for the Beijing refueling signature. After military
training, in order to further improve their quality and training, better to accept the
party's education, I first joined the party submitted an application to the
branch, 10 in 2008 to re-enter party school, to graduate in March 2009. September
2008 I re-Software Three groups secretary, welcome volunteers to participate in the
activities of the software, in November and successfully organized advocacy group
Students Day of civilization into the sun while Park Studios, a member of a site group,
in December, and room Friends of the common access of the North Sea Guo
colleagues in non-web site design and production, in March 2009 I signed the North
Sea alone Mr. Yu Wang Zijia You web site design and production of the contract, the
interview software college student advocacy center first became Secretary of the
Department which 1, Ching Ming attended the Evergreen Park martyrs cemetery Jisao
activities. For my future, I never give up hope, but more efforts into learning and
work. In learning, in December 2008 by School Excellent Students Award; work,
attentive, responsible, won praise teachers and students.
My father Chao-oriented, Suzhou City Daying Ishibashi Zhuang Liu Chang Village
farmers, aged 55, the masses, middle school, he was helpful, upright man, he often
said to me many friends over the road, less enemies were less crime, learn to respect
other people is the most important, but not low self-esteem and confidence to be a
man of indomitable spirit. 2009 Chinese New Year back to school before winter
vacation, my father told me that I seek to join the party, they should be on the people
and the state useful people. My mother Zhao Wenlan, Suzhou City Daying Ishibashi
Zhuang Liu Chang Village farmers, aged 50, the people, from middle school. Mother
is a kind of the industrious, hard life, but when we come across positive and helpful,
she and her father is a pillar of our family. My brother Liu Jingli, Suzhou City Daying
Ishibashi Zhuang Liu Chang Village farmers, aged 27 years old, people, school
graduates, now working in Yuyao, Zhejiang. Wife Wang Li, Suzhou City Daying
regular Village Ishibashi Liu Chuang peasants, the masses, middle school, along with
my brother working in Zhejiang. My uncle Chao-winning single, Suzhou City Daying
Ishibashi Zhuang Liu Chang Village farmers, aged 50, the masses of primary school.
My grandmother, Jiang Chaoying, Suzhou City Daying Ishibashi Zhuang Liu Chang
Village farmers, aged 83 years, the people, not educated. Chia, sex male, aged 21
years, the school, Northwestern Polytechnical University junior party members. I
Chia is junior students, junior high school I was class president, he is studying
members, we have been helping each other, each with very understanding. Wang Bin,
sex male, aged 21, a Navy military personnel, members. I am also a junior high
school students, and Wang Bin, junior members of his discipline, we work together
well students praise.
From 1921 to 1949, the CPC led the Chinese people made strenuous struggle to
overthrow imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism, the establishment of the
PRC. After the founding of the CPC as the ruling party, led all ethnic groups to
maintain the national independence and security, has successfully achieved the
transition from New Democracy to socialism, planned and carried out large-scale
socialist construction, so China economic and cultural history of the project has never
been a huge development. September 1997, the Chinese Communist Party held its
historic significance of the Fifteenth National Congress. Fifteenth National Congress
of the Deng Xiaoping Theory as a national guiding ideology, the party put forward the
basic program of the early stages of socialism, the development of economic, political,
and cultural development of the basic objectives and basic policies, clearly pointed
out: from now on into the next century the first decade of the modernization drive in
China a critical period should actively promote the economic system and the
fundamental transformation of economic growth, establish a more comprehensive
socialist market economic system, and maintain sustained, rapid and healthy
development, basically realize modernization by mid-century to lay a solid foundation.
Now, the Chinese Communist Party is leading the Chinese people in building
socialism with Chinese characteristics and achieve their ultimate goal - communism
and work hard. Countries all over the world by the financial crisis, countries are
actively stimulate the economy, the economic crisis reduced to a minimum.
Communist Party of China has invested four trillion, involving the housing,
transportation, education, medical care, reconstruction of Wenchuan, ecological
environment building, with four trillion yuan investment, not only to China Jing Ji
add the unlimited confidence and motivation, also brought the world economy of
hope and vitality, China moves to stimulate the economy in this series have been
highly concerned about domestic and foreign experts and appreciation. In the long
term, to ensure sustained and healthy economic growth is the key to stimulating
domestic demand will be met, but the key is to expand domestic demand to stimulate
domestic consumer demand, the need for effective measures through the
implementation of the new "tax cuts" to change
China's current distribution and redistribution of national income to the
government tilted more to the national wealth transfer and concentration trends, the
accumulation rate is far higher than the consumption rate of the reality, truly
"giving benefits to the people", "possession of
wealth among the people", in the rapid economic development, rich
countries, while gradually, so that all citizens should enjoy the well-being, and that to
eliminate the bottleneck restricting China's economic development issues.
At the same time transformation of the government as soon as possible, gradually
reduce government investment, further 促进 private investment, improve the social
security system to speed up 建设, increase in public social services, products and the
supply, Rang people Zhenzhengzuodao "home worry-free, Bing Youyi, a
sense of support "to ease people's worries about the future, to
increase immediate consumption and stimulate domestic demand. The past two years,
many natural disasters, it is difficult, but also because they make us feel more deeply
the people of our concern for the party, which has never been the lea der of the party
leaders such as our party for the people that worked tirelessly . Earthquake in Sichuan
this year, Premier Wen Jiabao made commander pro, this is no leader of any country
to achieve the point, how many days, Premier Wen has always insisted on the front
line of command in person. Is a party to the affected people hope of survival. They
have been convinced that the party would not abandon the people, the party will send
the first rescue team rushed to the time of the first line, because the Chinese
Communist Party is the people's party, she did everything for the people of
the most fundamental interests. Our party of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong
Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents"
and the important thinking of the scientific development concept as the guiding
ideology. "Communist Manifesto" 100 years of history has
proven, scientific socialist theory is correct, the socialist with strong vitality. The
essence of socialism is liberation and development of productive forces, eliminate
exploitation and polarization, and ultimately achieve common prosperity. Mao
Zedong Thought, Comrade Mao Zedong as the main representative of the Chinese
communists, the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism with the concrete practice of
the Chinese revolution created together. Mao Zedong Thought is Marxism-Leninism
in China, the use and development is proved by practice of the Chinese revolution and
construction on the correct theoretical principles and lessons learned, is the collective
wisdom of the Chinese Communist Party. Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping
Theory is the new historical conditions in the inheritance and development of
Marxism in contemporary China, is guiding the Chinese people's victory in
the reform and opening up the correct theory of socialist modernization. In the
socialist reform, opening up and modernization drive in the new period, in the
cross-century new journey, we must hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping
Theory, with Deng Xiaoping Theory to guide our work throughout the business and.
"Three Represents" and the important thinking of the scientific
development concept and so much more we set the course.
The party is the core of leadership of China's socialist cause.
China's revolution, proved not the Chinese Communist Party there would
be no new China without the Chinese Communist Party's leadership, the
Chinese people can not escape the fate of slavery and become masters of the country.
In the new democratic revolution, the Party led the people of all nationalities, under
the guidance of Mao Zedong Thought, after a long struggle against imperialism,
feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism, the revolutionary struggle to victory, established
the people's democratic dictatorship of the People's Republic of .
China's construction proved that China only under the leadership of the
Chinese Communist Party can towards prosperity. After the founding of our cou ntry
in carrying out socialist transformation successfully, completing the transition from
New Democracy to socialism, establishing the socialist system, socialist economic,
political and cultural development has been greatly. Although the road ahead twists
and turns encountered, but the party with the power to correct her own mistakes, so
that our country into a greater historical period. Since the Third Plenary Session,
under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Chinese Communist
Party's leadership, China has achieved remarkable development,
productivity rapid development of the comprehensive national strength significantly
increased, people's living standards greatly improved. "Three
Represents" and the important thinking of the scientific development
concept under the guidance of China's path to power.
Communist China is the Chinese working class with communist consciousness of the
vanguard fighters, must serve the people wholeheartedly, all at the expense of
personal, life-long struggle for the realization of communism. Chinese Communist
Party will always be an ordinary member of the working people, shall not seek any
personal gain and privilege. In the new historical conditions, the Party members
should reflect the requirements of the times, the lofty ideal of communism in mind,
take the lead at this stage the Party and State policies, the courage to open up,
aggressive, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of setbacks; to sincerely work for the
the people's interests suffer and enjoy, the austerity and personal, to make
more contributions; to diligently study Marxism-Leninism theory, enhance the ability
to distinguish right from wrong, do our own work to master the knowledge and skills,
and strive to create first-rate achievements; to in times of crisis rose to defend the
country and the people's interests, and resolutely against people, against the
community, acts against the state to fight.
I want to become a glorious Chinese Communist Party members, it is not for the
family name, not by virtue of the ruling party, in order for their own interest, I deeply
understand the Communists meant hard work, struggle and even mean sacrifice, I
joined the party only In order to more directly accepted leadership of the party
struggle for the communist cause life! In today's and future competition in
the world, fundamentally talent competition, talent competition that is comprehensive,
all-round, as the Communist Party of China, to more than 1.3 billion in a country with
a population of power in complex domestic and international situation, and lead all
people to carry out the socialist modernization drive, ability and integrity need to add
more fresh blood, only so that our cause will be carried forward, the only way our
party, our states can always be invincible. As the younger generation we have to
shoulder the historic mission entrusted to us by the times the one hand, to strengthen
patriotism, collectivism, and socialist ideological education, establish a correct world
outlook, the other to study hard science and culture, master modern science and
technology, today to be a good round physical and moral development of students,
and tomorrow as a reward builders and successors!

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