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									Atlanta Century
       Atlanta Century
                   - 1909-1930 Years on
   ?★ November 8, 1908 (the Qing dynasty 30 years on October 15)
Law and Politics Center in Gansu, Gansu Province was clear to Gansu Museum will
be the Administrative Law School Law and Politics, played consultative filing,
petition awarded
Hair off defense, development of charter schools, faculty reported the Qing
government (equivalent to the current Ministry of Education) for the record. Secretary
to the Department of Small Towns Peng Ying
A, the Secretary mentioned learning process handed over to Chan Yau procedures, the
transfer of goods Hosei main hall on the customs, the Executive labor list, map
Books, equipment and so on.
★ 1909 (Xuantong first year) Upon an order to change to the Administrative Law
School Library Law and Politics, assigned to provide school to the Secretary of Gansu
Competent. Mentioned study by the Administrative Law School moved to Wang
Xinzhen located in Lanzhou City West Avenue (formerly Buddha Chiu House Hotel,
this blue
City Chamber of Commerce behind), appoint a long hall, Tim vocational school staff,
recruiting a group of workshops Division, students rated
100. In addition to the original law and politics into the church attended by the
museum staff who would like more than a decade of people, ordered by the
government send in Lanzhou has lived in the province
Health (member), Supervisor (Health), Paul donated prospects were 20 people, other
government, state, county walks Places, tribute
, Students, supervisors are eligible to 60 people, who were rounding up hundreds of
places, the winter was officially opened. Therefore, one among
Have official class (alternate), the gentry class (the Taiwanese move, Gong, Health,
surveillance), customer classes (foreigners have fame future
Officers) do not. Age, there are more than sixty years of age for the elderly, also
12,-year-old children (Gaolan know
County, the son of Wen Yuan Tao, when he was only 12 years old, also in the
customer class school). Classes each month to the allowance for 42 officers, customer
Class 32, the gentry class 22. According to regulations, Chuguan classes, the gentry,
customer classes must live together. But those who actually live together,
Multi-line home of the gentry in the provincial capital without class, customer class
children more bureaucratic system, both at the provincial mansion, do not live
★ February 5, 1909
Faculty agreed to the Qing government to Gansu Museum of Law and Politics,
"the Administrative Law School in Gansu government" by some
education to the Division in charge
, Presented "the Administrative Law School in Gansu off
against" the nature of high school. School Address moved to the city West
Avenue, compiled
Developed for the supervision, deputy mention stressed general affairs chief,
instrument management of all files and related anti-1, 4 superintendent, Accounting 1
★ July 1909
Completion of the Administrative Law School moved again, moved to West Street in
the city, for the Lanzhou University in the history of the fourth school site
Post the new list of the Administrative Law School, admitted students. Members of
the Administrative Law School enrolled 86 scientific lectures were
In more than 20 people walked from the living in the province of Lanzhou
government has the students (members of), Supervisor (Health), Paul donated
prospects who, more than 60 people
Is the other government, state, county, with walks held, tribute, students, supervisors
eligible. School official will alternate staffing
Classes will be held in this provincial, tribute, health, monitoring code for the gentry
class, the foreigners have fame future staffing for the customer classes. The
Open courses are legal, political, economic, administrative and other 30 courses.
Official monthly allowance of two classes each silver and 4, off course
3 2, the gentry class 2 2.
★ September 17, 1909
August 1909 issue of "Gansu Education Officer reported that"
contains: Gansu government set up the Administrative Law School. Official press
release l
Allow binding "quasi-Industrial School Faculty of Law and Politics
Advisory Where are owned by some education to the Division management
★ October 1909
Museum officials in the original law and politics class graduated 14 students.
★ November 1909
At the end of Statistics: Staff Chan Yau, etc. 8, teacher Wang Xueyan, etc. 5, the
teachers for the commencement of the situation: the Royal
Yan: Law, constitution; process cases in Iraq: civil law, administrative; Principle to:
civil law, economics, law,
Political Science; Zhao Yuyue: international law, criminal law, prison law. All together
the total number of 135 students, including 36 official classes,
Gentry class 46, class of 20 officers at their own expense. 8 staff members, teachers 4.
Courses during the first half to open the economy, law,
Politics 11. Has 66 houses, school start-up of two silver 56,974, expenditures 5427
two funds each year
Silver 12,200 2.
★ 1910 年 8 月
Law and Politics group of other subjects enrolled, apply for that: the age of 50 years
of age who alternate in the province, joined the Junior Complex
Flow over a future staff: give this province, tribute, students, supervisors and more
than three years living in the province have career staff. Test
Result, total enrollment 130, in the fall school in August. Graduated deadlines, of two
years (not workshops Division
Fixed length), continue to be based workshops Division were divided government
class, the gentry class, customer class, and were in a monthly bonus (subsidy
). Other subjects the students live together, there are still many systems gentry class in
the provincial capital for the Homeless.
★ 1910 年 10 月
Other subjects into the school teaching 130 students. Old cases are classified
according to officials, the gentry, three shifts off. Academic years (actual in 1913
When professionals in law school), course 30.
★ 1910 年 11 月
Members of the workshop by science graduate in three semesters of study, namely,
official guest classes and 43 classes (86 hours into the school), the gentry
Class 45 (when 68 people entered the school).
★ 1912 年 2 月 24 (to pin 24 February)
Because of the revolutionary army uprising in Shaanxi, Gansu, sent troops to crush
pro-government forces, Gansu consumed inventory, provide school
Secretary Wang Xinzhen to Sapporo to schools such as law and politics, reporting to
the Secretary of Gansu Science Education Association raised and the speaker of the
gentry discuss the proposed decision
Deposit in Gansu Province this year to do only old school a school, a temporary
suspension of excellent Normal School, High School Culture, Law
School governance, and agricultural and mining schools 4 schools. School system
because the original books, machines, wooden things and the value of such property
High need in the administration, Wang Xinzhen Notes on the Administrative Law
School, the Administrative Law School superintendent still retained the king ×, month
of half-pay
Silver 15 2, copy Xie ×, Silver 13 months half pay support for two accounting Sun ×,
Silver 12 months half pay support for two academic
Sun ×, salary to be the date of opening of the branch secretary of a monthly support I
eat silver 42, husband of a door, month of mouth
Food Bank of 32, listening to things × 1, month of oral food bank 32, a pen and paper
omnivorous fees, month of silver 42, silver four rent
22 money altogether month of silver 五十 228 money, academic hall from the
accounting department on a monthly basis leading hair and still act according to
withhold 6
Points, by level, so transferred.
★ 1912 年 2 月 26 日
DENG Zong, Wang Zuo, Qi-screen life, water Tsu and 28 people meeting in the
Administrative Law School in Gansu, made three resolutions:
1, 4 representative to meet with Venus to declare republic; Second, stop attacking
Shan; III reign by the Republic of China, West
Calendrical; Venus saw the hopeless situation, Gansu finally on March 19 announced
★ 1912 winter
Ma Wing office adjacent Hunan province of Gansu Education Director, Academic
Affairs for the large increase in Gansu rectification. On the 1st horse parent to study
law and politics
Church inspection, officials note that the so-called class passengers receive subsidies
on those classes, not even one person in the Church, the gentry class only four
students living together,
50 people, no one teacher, staff will rise not working. Ma, after inspection, that the
appointment of Chengdu, Sichuan Province to Cai Dayu
The Administrative Law School dean, and then appointed as the president, responsible
to rectify it. Cai VFT man boldness to
Office after careful planning, excluding long-standing abuses, professors,
examinations things learned by Decree regulations, and education
Students observe the rules of the road handling homework, so strict teaching for half a
year to the end of the A

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