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									Arabic translator Arabic translation company 〖Last】
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Software Language: English
Software Category: Green Software - Applications Software - Conversion Translation
Operating Environment: Win9X/Win2000/WinXP/Win2003
Software licensing: Free Software
Update Time :2006-2-14 11:08:03
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Software Description
Translation software is a popular fast. Convenient. Efficient. Accurate mini instant
translation tools, procedures using fast dynamic translation technology that can help
you essay translated into Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, etc.
12 kinds of language translation. She has a small size, powerful functions, allowing
you to use the process more efficient, more proficient, than you can imagine!
Translation of short articles is also the best choice.
Massive online dictionary contains words of Words
Friends of the word love PowerWord build millions of "love PowerWord
Encyclopedia Dictionary" and the mass of the "Google Web
Dictionary", cover all the new words, popular words, the contents of the
Full-text, multilingual website translation easy to get
Using the leading network engine, based on the combination of the rich corpus
powerful translation technology, making the full text translation and web translation
results for accuracy.
800 000 quality of life scenarios listen
800 000 scenarios listen, direct input sentence or keyword to find all the associated
patterns and usage, giving top priority to enable you to learn more.
Chat, mail, PDF i.e. the translation
Words to take a leading screen technology, the new translation in the translation
function, the optional arbitrary word or phrase to support WindowsVista operating
system, and supports PDF document format to take the word.
300,000 pure live voice
300 000 pure human voice, with English 50,000 words long, difficult words and
phrases to help you correct pronunciation of English words.
Happy with the words on the back of this word
Search word or words subsumed when learning new words in this, the window in the
form of suspension at any time convenient for you to back word. Daily fresh-learning
content for you and love PowerWord million members to share together!


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