Anger_ by fdjerue7eeu


Little angry, in fact, this is also very angry and Mody, be submissive character of it,
but still want to scold: SJTU you too let me down, and a banner to be rushed to be
first-rate university a good school, never the interests of our students first, a student of
the school does not love, I do not think how far he can go. MBA, EMBA, nothing to
do with them and SJTU, they are a group of stakeholders, however, desirable that you
need fills but Jiaotong University, your undergraduate and your graduate students,
your teacher, this is your pillar of them, What are you as a first-class universities,
training first-class undergraduate students not to rely on a number of already
successful people to stay wherever he goes for you, you What kind of first-class
Besides moving, high gold decoration, you have not thought about the students in a
dorm, every day spent in the noisy days of physical and mental health are destroyed,
you could have already completed, perhaps some inside I do not know But at least do
not need to leave lying is not working, so we have to start school again now! Night
rush job, you do not let you sleep! Finally finished, the next semester, and research on
the first floor have to repair! ! !
Shanghai, If you can not hack it, do not open the Expo, Han says this sentence is
actually very fair, bette city, worse life! For a World Expo, many people follow suffers
with it! National Chiao Tung University, if you can not hack it in Xujiahui, the
downtown school, Minhang to go back to complete, do not torment a group after
group of students, anxious to move, said the bottom are for the convenience of your
own, your own The face, the students leave, you leave the construction also, ah, ah
can not stagger the work! !
High King, you are a bastard, protectionism, and a not bringing in all the colleges,
would not have made any contribution, even if you ask the Chinese are world-class
field of economic and financial scholars, but to tell you, they are not your unless you
have a skill so that they really in the students, or your future, but is only a framework,
students with a group of outstanding quality for your own build your so-called utopia!
For those who could have been more proud of them, because you and dim, but also
want to thank you and tell you, that is their own good and to, and you do not have any
relationship! ! !
National Chiao Tung University, Aetna, have a skill you want to learn about science
and engineering National Chiao Tung University, that kind of rigorous practical,
rather than dazzling ring all day long, even his own job is not to know what is! What
qualifications are quality teachers peace of mind to ask someone to take root Aetna, in
addition to money, you can be proud of what the capital, said Aetna's
teachers, with areas of outstanding talent, willing to willing to like Aetna, because
they have to make a career here Education and a group of talent! Aetna did not you
even this ability, then what let you down in a so-called dignified business school, you
train undergraduates, can not be proud of you, can not agree with your mode of
education, your education. Aetna, you should wake up, Wang Fanghua halo would
recede, you have to depend on who? ? ? You were able to stand universities, colleges,
does not depend on which people, but by his own mode of operation, and so he can
never change, sustained progress! ! Aetna, this management of the basic you can not,
how can you call myself a world-class business school? ? ?
Moving on moving, anyway I have nothing but mantis trying to obstruct vehicles,
scolded enough, learning review, financial engineering damn tomorrow! TMD, called
row and what lessons, hodgepodge, that's not on the cart before the horse,
dead now! ! ! !

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