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									    Volume 7 Issue 6
                          The Pipeline     Jennifer F. Mize, Co-Editor                February 2001
              Local section website:

                     AIChE February Meeting
             Overview of Eastman's Waterborne Program
T   he guest speaker for the February AIChE Program will be Dr. Glenn Shoaf. Glenn is
    currently a Research Associate and Lab Head of the Waterborne Technology Engineering
Laboratory. He has worked at Eastman for 10 years and has focused mainly in the areas of
Polyester process research and development and Waterborne process research and develop-

Eastman launched into a small, but concerted effort to pursue the waterborne polymer market
in the early 1990’s. The effort began as a branch of the former Eastek Inks business, and then
expanded its focus to include general waterborne coatings. Through a series of acquisitions
and novel research and development efforts, the program now includes products for the
general and specialty coatings, graphic arts, and textile markets. Multiple global
manufacturing sites along with existing businesses have been purchased both for manufacturing capabilities near
the customers as well as for market connect. A state-of-the-art research and development facility (Valleybrook
Center) has also been developed in parallel to feed new technologies into the program. This presentation will
provide a general overview of Eastman’s history and future direction in the waterborne polymer arena.

                                      Date:       February 14, 2001
                                      Time:       11:30 am - 12:30 pm
                                      Location:   Research Multimedia Lecture Room 201C; B- 150C
                                      Topic:      Overview of Eastman's Waterborne Program
                                      Speaker:    Dr. Glenn Shoaf

           2001 National Engineers Week, February 18-24

N    ational Engineers Week will be celebrated February 18-24, 2001. The
     purpose of National Engineers Week is to increase the public's awareness
and interest in the engineering profession.
    Discover "E" visits: During the Upper East Tennessee National Engineers
     Week celebration, 175 volunteers from 7 separate companies will visit 44
     middle and high schools. Volunteers will visit classrooms to talk with
     students about what engineers do and show practical applications of math,
     science, and engineering. Volunteers from the following companies will be
     visiting schools:
            o   Bechtel Corporation
2                                                                                                     The Pipeline
            o    Eastman Chemical Company
            o    Northeast State Technical Community College
            o    Nuclear Fuel Services
            o    TRW
            o    TVA
            o    Valley Equipment Company
   Student Internet Site: is the Internet site developed by Eastman Chemical
    Company, the American Ceramics Society, educators, and students for students in 6th-9th grades for National
    Engineers Week 1999. The site highlights the contributions of engineers and provides information, activities,
    and links to other resources to encourage young people to discover more about engineering.
   Upper East Tennessee National Engineers Week Banquet: The banquet will be held on February 22 at the
    Eastman Lodge at Bays Mountain. See information below.
Volunteers are still needed for area Discover "E" visits. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Brian
Eiselstein at 423-229-5915. For more information regarding National Engineers Week and how to get involved
access the website or contact Jennifer Mize at 423-224-7018.

                  2001 Upper East Tennessee Engiineers Week Banquet
                  2001 Upper East Tennessee Eng neers Week Banquet
                     Date:      Thursday, February 22, 2001

                     Location: Eastman Lodge, Bays Mountain

                     Time:     5:30   –   6:00 pm    Registration/Reception
                               6:00   –   7:00 pm   Dinner
                               7:00   –   7:30 pm   Program
                               7:30   –   8:00 pm    Awards

                     Speaker: Janet Herrin, Senior Vice President of River Operations at the
                     Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
                     Dress: Business casual
                     Menu: Fresh green salad               Fresh vegetable medley
                             Sliced roast pork loin        Fresh baked dinner rolls
                             Herb roasted chicken breast Strawberry cheesecake
                             Red potatoes with chives      Iced tea and coffee

                       Reservations are required for the banquet and are due by February 9.
                                See reservation form mailed with this newsletter.
                       BANQUET COST = $15/person with checks made payable to E-Week.

                        Message From the Chair
T   he year 2000 was a challenging but productive year for our section in many ways. I do not
    intend to duplicate the fine synopsis of the year that David Denton provided in the
December 2000 Pipeline but I would like to personally thank our past-Chair for his excellent
leadership, foresight, and planning which I believe have helped prepare our section for another
good year in 2001. The officers you have elected, other section leaders, and I have already met
to begin the planning process for the year’s events and activities. I am pleased to report that all
3                                                                                                The Pipeline
are committed to promoting our profession in the community and bringing you the maximum value you deserve
as local AIChE section members.

Included among the events already on the calendar are the remaining programs in what has proven so far to be a
very successful and well-attended 2000-2001 program season. I hope you had a chance to attend the chili supper
and presentation on the multimillion-year-old Gray, TN fossils site last week. If not, you missed a fascinating
discussion about this extremely rare and exciting find that is utterly unique in the eastern part of the country. Be
sure to read the program synopsis by Nick Collins elsewhere in this newsletter. Other program opportunities
coming soon include a presentation about the waterborne technology platform at Eastman, a “virtual tour” of
Eastman’s Eastotac plant in China, and a discussion about the development and impact of environmental
regulations and policy by one of the nation’s leading authorities on the subject. Professional Development Hour
(PDH) credit certification will be available for each of these so please continue to refer to your monthly copy of
the Pipeline for further details. Finally, our program season will wrap up in May with a picnic social extravaganza
out at the Bays Mountain Eastman Recreation Area. This event will offer fun for the entire family and is
something you definitely won’t want to miss!

In addition, your local section is planning to provide several other continuing education opportunities this year for
you, the first of which is the semi-annual P.E. Refresher Training Class that we have offered for a number of
years now. The winter session of these classes will be starting soon so please contact Joe Parker
( right away if you have an interest in attending. Also, we are working toward offering
another formal AIChE training class in Kingsport later in the year. We will be sending out a survey later on to
help us select the course that will be offered. In the meantime, please feel free to suggest courses that you would
like to have considered by contacting me ( or any of the other AIChE section leaders
listed at the bottom of this newsletter.

I pledge to keep you posted as our plans develop through the year but I’m asking you to help us formulate and
implement these plans through your input and participation. Speaking of which, don’t forget that Engineers Week
is coming up next month. I encourage you to take advantage of the numerous opportunities for you to get
involved (e.g., Mathcounts, school visits, etc.) and make a positive difference in our community. Together, we
can make 2001 another successful year for the East Tennessee Section of AIChE!

David Hitch
Chair, East Tennessee Section

                                  January Meeting Recap
                Joint Meeting with Analytical Science Seminar Series
      ttendees at the first ever joint meeting between our local AIChE chapter and Eastman’s Analytical Science
A     Seminar series were treated to a relative smorgasbord of chili followed by an enlightening lecture on the
Gray site fossils by Professor Walter Klippel from the Department of Anthropology at the
University of Tennessee. This event staged annually by the analytical community at
Eastman attracted over 100 participants who not only cooked and sampled from over 20
different recipes and various breads, but had more chili than they could eat topped off by a
soothing bowl of ice cream. Prof. Klippel then explained how UT got involved with the Gray
site and the comparative process used to identify unknown animal bones. Specifically, he
showed how the teeth and lower jaw of the most prevalent species found at the site more closely
resembled that of the “browsing” tapir than that of the “grazing” horse. Indeed, except for its smaller size, the
jawbone fossil appeared nearly identical to that from a modern day tapir that had met an untimely death (by
hippo) at the Knoxville Zoo. A similar process was used to identify forearm bones (ulna and radius) found at the
site as belonging to a short, water-loving ancestor of the modern rhino also abundant in the five million year old
lakebed. He also discussed the current status of the Gray site and the need for climate-controlled facilities to
4                                                                                                   The Pipeline
preserve both animal and botanical fossils unearthed there. Prof. Klippel estimated that only 10% of the site has
been uncovered and that it could take 100 years to excavate it properly.

                                Email Addresses Requested

I  f you are receiving this newsletter in hardcopy and you have an e-mail address, please
   send a message to Jennifer Mize ( We would like to
   communicate with local section members via email as much as possible. Advantages of
receiving this newsletter and other section communications via email include:

    Receiving meeting notices and other local section information promptly without the
     delay involved in paper mailings (very helpful if reservations are required for a
    Ability to use the links to our local section website and other links of interest included in the newsletter
    Reduced expenses for the local section

    Professional Engineering Exam Review Course Scheduled
                   for February / March 2001

T    he PE Review Class will be held beginning February 5 and running through March 12. The classes will be
     held each Monday evening in B-310, Room 114 from 6 to 9 pm (some classes may be moved to another
     night to accommodate the instructors). The schedule will be

February 5 - Heat and Material Balances (Mark Harrison)
February 12 - Thermodynamics (Tim Nolen)
February 19 - Mass Transfer (Joe Parker)
February 26 - Heat Transfer (Chris Niederer)
March 5 - Fluid Mechanics (Rob Schisla)
March 12 - Reaction Kinetics (Eleanor Cwirko)

If you are interested in attending this course, please contact Joe Parker at 423-229-3850 (
The cost is only $25.

COURSE. The State of Tennessee requires each licensed engineer to obtain 24 Professional Development Hours
(PDHs) over a two-year period in order to retain his or her engineering license. The East Tennessee Section of
AIChE will award PDHs according to the number of class hours attended. Students who attended all sessions of
the course in 2000 received 14 PDHs, more than enough to satisfy the requirement for one year.

                           Attention Professional Engineers
D     id you know that you can fulfill ½ of your annual Continuing Education Requirement
      simply by attending AIChE programs? It’s true and we’re going to make the documentation
part easy for you! Six of this year’s programs meet the eligibility requirements for Professional
Development Hour (PDH) credit. After each of these programs, we will distribute certificates to
attendees, which can be used as documentation if the Engineers and Architects Board audits you.
So come to the programs and bring a friend!
5                                                                                              The Pipeline
 AIChE Minority Affairs Committee College Scholarships
T    he Minority Affairs Committee of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers awards twenty $1,000
     scholarships each year to college undergraduates and incoming college freshmen who are studying, or plan to
study (in the case of incoming freshmen) chemical engineering. Students must be members of a minority group
that is underrepresented in Chemical Engineering (i.e. African American, Hispanic, or Native American). We
encourage you to invite all students who would benefit from this scholarship opportunity to apply. The deadline
for application is April 16, 2001.

Descriptions of the awards are listed below, with links to the AIChE Website and PDF application forms.

AIChE Minority Affairs Committee Scholarship Award for College Students is a scholarship award of $1,000
conferred to an undergraduate in chemical engineering during the 2000-2001 academic year. The student must be
a member of a minority group that is underrepresented in chemical engineering. Selection is based on the
applicant's academic record, participation in AIChE student and professional activities, career objectives, and
financial need.

AIChE Minority Affairs Committee Scholarship Award for Incoming College Freshmen is a scholarship award of
$1,000 conferred to a high school senior who is a member of a minority group that is underrepresented in
chemical engineering. Applicants must plan to enroll during the 2001-2002 academic year in a four-year college
or university offering a science/engineering degree. Students are encouraged to choose classes leading to a degree
in chemical engineering. Selection is based on the applicant's academic record, participation in school and work
activities, reason for choosing science or engineering, and financial need.

If you have any questions about the awards, or would like a hard copy of application forms, please contact the
AIChE Awards Administrator at or (212) 591-7478.

Sarah Fewster
Awards Administrator, AIChE
3 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016

                  Local Section Officers, Directors & Support Staff
Chair:                                                   David Hitch                           229-5398
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and
Program Committee Chair:                                 Richard Colberg                       229-3184
Secretary:                                               Jennifer Mize                         224-7018
Treasurer:                                               Heather McNabb                        229-8097
Directors:                                               Joe Parker                            229-3850
                                                         Mark Harrison                         229-4861
                                                         Pete Lodal                            229-3949
Local Section Webmaster:                                 Tim Nolen                             229-8287
AIChE Pipeline Newsletter Editors:                       Jennifer Mize                         224-7018
                                                         Burts Compton                         229-8526
ETEAC Representatives:                                   Beth Alderson                         229-8163
                                                         Vera Williams McGill                  224-0959
                                                         Steve Humphrey                        229-8027

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