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Alex Alex by fdjerue7eeu



English name: ALEX

Chuo No.: Du Classic

Constellation: Aquarius

Date of Birth: February 10, 1962 (Aquarius)

Mental age: 15 years

Blood type: B

Zodiac: Tiger

Place of birth: Hong Kong, China

Native: Shanghai

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Education: Canadian Institute of Commercial Design and Technology graduates

Interests: eating, shopping, dancing, sports, style, design, friends, prank

Personality: both the boy and the innocence of a mature man sexy.

Take hand food: pasta

Food preferences: love food, but do not have to delicacy, eat six meals a day.

Family members: Father tuo Li (Spanish mestizo Filipinos)

Master Zhang Lu (Suzhou)

Brother 杜德智

Religion: Christian

Best-selling singles: middle of the night an hour, save the planet, beloved life, naive,
lover, take off, etc.

Drama masterpieces: 第八号当铺 also my passion about love and other brokerage

About Tattoos: left arm in 1993 crown thorns Jesus (faith and hope that more power to
the left arm)

1995 Tiger Eye right arm (due to the Lunar New Year is a tiger, their design patterns)

1998 dragons beside the navel (for worship of Bruce Lee)

2004 Left back cross (Belief, Jesus, let him feel warm in the back)

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Love & kisses: 19 years old

Did the craziest thing: the beach streaking

Shopping mentality: do not buy can not buy, not the next quarter.

Debut: 1985

Debut Age: 23 years old

Favorite sport: dance, tennis

Favorite actor: Mel Gibson, Bruce Lee

Favorite singer: Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson), Jim Morrison (Jim Morrison,
The Doors lead singer of the soul)

Favorite food: vegetables, pork

Favorite color: gray, off-white, black

Favorite country: Greece, Italy

Favorite dress: easy

Languages: Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Spanish
Personal experience
Born in 1962 in Hong Kong.
1977 St. Paul high school group 』 Sidewalk Orchestra.

Sidewalk 『1978』 『amateur orchestra for the second annual Competition singing
talent, and Emil Chau Chu Xiangshi.

Canada in 1980 to study the negative perilous.


* Canadian Institute of Commercial Design and Technology graduates.

* Back to Hong Kong's first job: Art Director (Art Direction)

* The Hong Kong New Talent Singing Championship fourth.

* New faces, new rhythm album 『』 (Compilation)


              『                                           『
* Just leave 』 Cantonese album. (Debut album, title song 』 just want to stay by
the Hong Kong media called 『』 yellow Yellow Soul of the soul.)

* Waiting for the dawn 』 Cantonese album.

* Chung-Chu Hung, Cecilia Yip, co-starred in the film Love riddle 』(aka: love like?).

* Drama, starring Hong Kong's TVB unit heat mad love 』.

* ALEX TO Alex (Cantonese selected).

* Alex Remix (Cantonese album).


* 』 ANIMA Cantonese album.

* No. 』 lost his Cantonese album. March 15, 1988

* King blossoms show the film.

* Hong Kong TVB Lake 』 Rebel Duron performance.

* Hong Kong TVB Heavenly Master 『Last』 performance.
* Host a Hong Kong TVB entertainment programs 』 Why Link funny.


* 『』 Single one o'clock midnight was "the best music videos
throughout the year."

* ONE MORE NIGHT 』 Cantonese album.


* ONE DAY IN MY LIFE 『』 Cantonese album.

* DAY AND NIGHT 』 Cantonese selected.

* Alex adjourned to the Food of Love 』 Cantonese Collection (1986-1990).

* 』 Romance Mandarin Album (Taiwan's first solo album).

* And Li Mingyi chorus Yamaha ride motorcycle TV commercial song.

* The film Street Angel 』,『 dead at their home powerhouse 』,『 』lion hunt show.


* 『17』 Cantonese favorite selection.

* To join Warner Music, Rock Music simultaneously become Taiwan's

* 『』 Cantonese album born like you.

* MY LOVE 』 Mandarin album.

* MY LOVE 』 hits album won the annual best-selling album Charts.

* Concert in Taiwan 』 Pepsi jingles.

* Hong Kong TV series 『Hey Brother! 』Performed together with his brother.

* Hong Kong TVB series 』 performance against the Big Dipper Veyron.

* 『』 Cantonese album to make yourself happy.

* 『』 Wind Mandarin album.

* 『Rolling Stones show of the nine kings of the 12』 (compilations, singles first team

* CHERISH 』 English album.

* Shanghai concert, participation in environmental protection 』.

* Film 』 Home View movie theme song performed and sung.

* Selected 』 Save the Earth (Cantonese selected).


* Once again, I 』 quasi-Cantonese album. April 20, 1993

* Mandarin album 『』 adventure game.

* Self 』 allow me ? Cantonese album. November 5, 1993

* Taiwan rampage 』 Alex solo concert.

* Published autobiographical book 』 Alex game.

* Hong Kong ? self 』 allow me concert.

* Personal photo book published in the hearts of adventure 』 Alex.

* Concert in Taiwan 』 mountain dew fruit drink jingles.

* 『Allow me self-selected』 Concert '93 Featured in Cantonese.


* 『』 Again for allowing me to self-selection (Cantonese selected).

* ALL FOR YOU 』 English album.

* 』 Spinning dance music love song selections (in English and Chinese selected
* 『』 Cantonese album had changed.

* Absolute 』 Mandarin album.

* ALWAYS chocolate 』 shooting video and singing advertising jingles.

* Filming for King Cocktail Grape Drink Collection consists advertisement.


* Golden Melody by Malaysia 『hot stage performances Awards.

* The song "no regrets" Concert by the time the audience voted
for the Top Ten album

* 『Me, Alex』 Cantonese album.

* 『Innocence』 Mandarin album.

* Organize two 』 Xin know Domingo concert.

* BEST LOVE 』 English album.

* Concert KYMCO-MANBOY 『』 jingles.

* God the film stick 』ace performance.

* Mack 』show the film and soundtrack.

* Coca-Cola Dance Contest 』 ALWAYS dance performances and assessment.

* Top Ten in 1995, the entertainment world charm seventh man.

* 『Home』 have cheap dog voice.


* 『Innocence』 songs by Chinese TOP20 Bangzhong Bang song.

* Theme song for the film Hunchback of Notre Dame 』 』day Chinese and
Cantonese version of singers.

* 『New paradise - Disney movie theme song compilations』.
* Discovery Love 』Mandarin album.

* The film does not go home 』performance today.

* Do not go home today 』 soundtrack.

* TVBS idol drama, performed in the miss of the season 』.

* BEST LOVE 2 』 English album.

* Elected by an overwhelming majority in Taiwan ten idols.


* Discovery love song 』TOP20 Bangzhong Bang song.

* Golden Melody Awards Finalist eighth Outstanding Overseas Chinese male singer

* 『』 Than Masahisa advertisement locomotive performances and singing songs.

* Performance Space 』 know Solutions mini music film.

* Solution 』 know Cantonese album.

* Hong Kong Broadway Cinematheque, "Solution of time and space to
know," mini-movie premiere in Hong Kong.

* 『HONG KONG - Asia's unrestrained journey of concert music.

* 『』 Not go perfect Mandarin album.

* The film performed entirely Marriage Manual.


Love the new selections for 1998 * 『』 Mandarin Collection.

* ALEX TO MY LOVE 』 English EP album.

* TALKING HEART TO HEART 』 English album.

* 『』 Immortal hero Bruce Lee's death mark the 25th anniversary of EP.
* Warner, with most pleasant I love the classic series 』Cantonese selection.

* As SMS and epidemic prevention, healthy living 』- Safety epidemic soldiers.

* Kaohsiung 『』 Shopping Center Treasure Island spokesperson.

* 『Taiwan National Animal and Plant Health Campaign spokesperson.

* The film Rumble in the Bronx 』cameo.


* Hong Kong "Rave2001" Asia-Pacific Dance Competition -

* Election year VOUGE Golden Fashion Artist Award.

* Ford TIERRA LIFE 』 advertising film performances and singing songs.

* "Lost Land" video spokesperson.

* Select Cantonese 』 fascinated.

* Valentine 』 Mandarin album.

                        『                                          『
* As the Plaza Premium 』 century witnesses the wedding, Valentine 』 theme
song for the wedding.

* "Star Wars Rings" speak for the whole series of toys.

* 1999 City of Life - Hong Kong Tourism Ambassador endorsement

* Spoiled a Xia Daan Forest 『』 concert.

* ALL OF ALEX TO 『』 (Japanese release) countries, Japan, Britain, Guangdong
selected series.

* Singapore 『Sentosa 99 'spoiled by a summer lover』 Super Live concert.

* 『』 Mandarin album, along with my whole life.


* 』 L. A. SHRINE AUDITORIUM concert.
* 『』 Mandarin Collection Alex Drake.


* Changes in 2000 in Taipei to launch the flight with you 』concert.

* 『Tianjin Tianjin Week in Hong Kong concert.

* "Follow me my life" album selected Top Ten Album Voice of

* Voice of Taipei radio station selected coquettish Artist Award.

* The existence of love songs 『』 『Sprite was my choice Heroine original music
Billboard Top Ten Golden Award in the election season.

* Film "The Precious next generation Sky Cruisers"

* Film "Hit Special Police Hit Team" show.

* Singapore government propaganda as environmental ambassadors transport bus.

* Singapore, "by singing            a new wishful boiling    heat   island

* "Altantic City" concert.


* I Believe 』 Mandarin album.

* 『Warner Selected Collection consists of 23 anniversary of the selection of

* Favorite 18 』 Alex Cantonese selected.

* Selected as original music from Billboard general elections Golden Melody Awards
and Best Male Artist award.

* Performance Mainland TV 』 also my passion.

* Singapore 『』 Best fund-raising program stars were tenderness. (A total of about
300,000 Singapore dollars raised for the first night)

* Atlantic City luxury casino trump card (TrumpPlaza) concert.

* Of the Ten best dressed award.

* The song "Rainbow" won the Chinese original music
Billboard Golden Melody Awards.

* The movie "The Irresistible Piggies" performance.


* As a spokesman for Sprite in China.

* The song "Rainbow" won the original Chinese general
election Billboard Music Awards and the Golden Melody Award for best male singer.

* Film "arrowroot. Dace. Chixiaodou" performance.

* Shot off-speed version of Sprite TV and print ads.

* To participate in the Singapore Community Chest fund-raising party.

* As the Apple brand clothing series spokesman.

* Film "trouble Triangle wrong" show.

* Selected Levis jeans idol coolest award.

* The song "love you all" single elected Lycra Fashion Awards.

* 『Beijing - Seoul, Korea』 good night concert singer.

* Ambassador of the Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk love pioneer.

* Film "evaporation Supremacy" performance.


* Movie "Fate fighter" performance.

* Singapore 『』 Kidney Foundation fund-raising concert.
* Mark the Bruce Lee documentary 』 Dragon ? 1973 after the performance.

* 『Rock Hong Kong Golden Decade (Alex selected)』 Mandarin Collection series.

* STAR Chinese Channel, TV 8 pawnshops 』 performance.

* No. 8 pawnshops 『』 OST States, English language selected series.

* The Prodigal Son Iron Fist 』 TV show.


* Re-entry No. 8 pawnshops 』performance.

* Idol drama, exultant 』performance.

* 『』 Mandarin album took off.

* Taipei concert 『』 PARTY WAVE love.

* LUXY at Taipei concert 』 off 3P.

* 『ICRT Taipei Summer 100 Beach Party Concert』.

* Venus Love 』 TV show.

* TV shows 』 Border Town Boy (the first martial arts costume drama).

* WAVE RADIO Broadcasting Corporation's net 』 free unlimited

* Shanghai PARTY 』 Hennessy VSOP concert theme.


* 『』 Xiamen KK Casino Concert.

* 『』 Dongguan New Year Celebration Concert.

* 『Dominate 20 Best Collections』 Mandarin album.

* Videoland Television Gallery Autumn 』 integer endorsement.

* GUINNESS stout Singapore 『" 』million stars dinner concert.
* The 16th Golden Melody Awards as presenters.

* For the first time as the MV director, filming for 』for me to take care of her.

* Malaysia 『dominance of Alex Blue Charm 988 LIVE PARTY』 good concert.

* France, Givenchy GIVENCHY Prime makeup cosmetics fashion clothing PARTY
『』 concerts and endorsements.

* Singapore Idol's head of drama, love 』performance.


* Las Vegas Caesar's Palace show.

* Japan DJOZMA groups debut press conference site.

* 『Taiwan passenger Carnival rock concert.

* United States Atlantic City, "Alex took off his concert."

* ING Life Insurance Korea, Seoul concert 『』.

* STAR Chinese legend 』 amazing drama Chuanchang host cell.

* Star TV drama Angel Lover 』 performance.

* 『Happy China Tour - Eco Yuxi』 large variety show concert.

* Southern Beer Festival "Qingtiao Kenting fun at Night"

* Taiwan idol drama, Angel Lover (Angel Lover) 』performance.

Actor works

Fate fighter Fate Fighter (2003)

Thief next generation Skyline Cruisers (2003)

Evaporation Supremacy Disappear (2003)

Irresistible Piggies Irresistible Piggies, The (2002)
Hit Hit Team (2001)

The Wedding Wedding Days, The (1997)

Today did not come home Tonight Nobody Goes Home (1996)

An eyebrow nuns Vampires Settle on the Police Camp (1990)

Love riddles Ai qing mi yu (1988)

King spent Ⅰ Lady Enforcers (1988)

Long after the 1973 Dragon Since (1973)

"Angel Lover"


"Love brokers about"
Most Popular Tracks
1. Valentine 2. Take off 3. Unintentional injury 4. Black Contract 5. Forgot his 6. You
spoiled 7. Do not go

8. Love life 9. Along with my life 10. Originally, I love you so much 11. You hide
Of Alex
Alex Early

The beginning, Alex is the Lord of the Dance. He came back from the United States to
attend the fourth China Star rookie game, won championship. When he started singing,
Tan, Zhang is playing a mess, there are some surprises for him DJ, Hong Kong is a
cultural desert area, and relatively high culture and arts can not accept the alien. So no
one noticed him. Later, Hong Kong became a king and a man ridden too painful
monotony of the world, a song popular in the first condition is to be able to sing
karaoke OK inside, listening to three times as long as the general public even after the
song writing on the familiar. The problem is that, over the past few years that the days
spent in the U.S. crazy in love with him not only nice melody, or loose non-statutory
R & B, a black street art, some with human joints and bones are very
discordant strange dance, is a very dark very dark style.

Representative Songs: "emotion-laden No."

Alex has his own position, of course, because the dance music: "ONE
MORE NIGHT" in the single "Midnight Hour More"
got the annual M TV Award, "One Day In My Life" in the song
"Shadow Dance" are the dance of The Need of for, the wild
have a very modern city feel. Especially in the "One Day In My
Life" album, he expressed the city's heart of everything: look,
agitation, warmth, sense of eschatology, advocating happy ... ... At that time, only one
word to describe Alex, that is cool. Although the term has been used very bad.

Unfortunately, Alan Tam walked with Leslie Cheung, Jacky Cheung, Danny Chan
went there, but also the triad with entertainment, big stars away one by one all the
glory, but not rock and roll idol Alex though, only strength, in a awkward position,
say it is "Strength Idol," put it bluntly that there is no standard

Representative Songs: "Shadow Dance"

He was really a lot of albums out of Hong Kong, such as "just
left",        "Waiting           for       the       Light",
"ANIMA",             "lost        his    number",
"ONE MORE NIGHT", "One Day In My
Life", "allow me "," permit me once again
"... ... most of urban life are depicted in different perspectives, our breath is

People will remember the gentle touching of the "Hello Hello",
also will remember his time in Warner, and Sally sing together, "the letter
itself" - to Janet - Jackson, popular songs adapted into Cantonese then, all
the wild and wanton 1:00 do not fade.

Representative Songs: "trust their own"

Later, he went to Taiwan. While the mainstream of the place is more a lack of
imagination, but fortunately there are some play space. Cooperation with the insects,
the Alex or "black" was very ecstatic.

However, over time, gradually his handsome sight - to stay long hair, and puts the
voice, look more evil, smile more and more dark, more and Winter songs. But his
personal style has become increasingly clear that when people think Dodd is certainly
no longer have something nice to look forward to Kara OK song, but waiting for some
feeling of inertia and the use of avant-garde style to the wonderful nostalgic image .

So we pray: I hope so long singers can sing a little further, to accompany us through
the road and then a bit longer.

Representative Songs: "or sing it"
Wonderful dancer in Hong Kong there are two, one is Alex, the other is Zhang Liji.

The injured Alex

I remember Alex made the album I BELIEVE that when he, as city people, will be a
variety of injuries, usually deeply buried heart of hearts, he scarred the face shown, is
to tell people not to fear harm, to brave, believe in yourself.

In fact, Alex from his debut to now has been hurt, Alex in Hong Kong early songs,
movies, work hard to achieve success, as has just been accepted by the public, only to
create a whole world, almost overnight pop up the so-called Hong Kong's
four Heavenly Kings knowledgeable people know that this is a Hong Kong triad
societies and the needs of several companies cooked up for the interests of the product,
their purpose is to Qiangdi Pan grab the market, the Hong Kong entertainment
preventing the mess, like the singer very talented singers such as many Danny Chan,
Lui Fong, Zhang Liji, Alex, Chris Wong, Hacken Lee, etc. are great injury, Chris
Wong, Zhang Liji angrily left the music scene, Danny swallowed their anger and died,
although the victims of deep insight Fortunately, Taiwan still has a bunch of
like-minded friends, Alex and resolutely to Taiwan at the signing of Hong Kong also
signed Warner to build Taiwan's new world of the Rolling Stones in Hong
Kong and Taiwan signed a singer with two record companies, Du is the first person,
from 90 to 95 years, he put all his energies on the singing career, is brilliant
achievements as well as fans to see. 95 years later, he put his career on Warner all
expire on the Rolling Stones, during which he also suffered a different injury, such as
the late Cantonese dish from the little to nothing, even the younger fans do not know
who Du, scandal issue , the media always use the scandal to cover up the strength of
artists to make music scene confused. There piracy, even if there are pirated Alex
every album sold very well, for a long time more than a million, little time has
hundreds of thousands of copies sold, but his album is also a very big investment, and
excellence. As I BEILEVE Although this album a week to sell Taiwan more than ten
million other singers in this performance is very good, and while Alex is a really hurt,
he did a survey 80% of the sales were pirated away. Then the interior when the ban on
lead in turn four songs banned, resulting in poor sales in the Mainland. This album
sales are not ideal, so that he and the renewal of record companies have been unable
to agree to make records and concert plans in the mainland only stranded. Among all
of his injuries is huge. He often says that singing has always been his favorite things,
so always insist, are not afraid of hurt, dragged on for more than two years finally
agreed to sign a contract, prepared grand plans for it in Hong Kong involved in the
case of cannabis, even greater harm to his hit.

Fans in our view, the whole thing is being framed, Du leave Hong Kong pop music
more than a decade, it is necessary to flex its muscles in Hong Kong, many people
unhappy, and use of framing his party may also, at that time was also the scene of an
artist to say the entire Du night does not smoke do not drink as long as a glass of Coke,
this may be misunderstanding it, the media said about the scene when the confusion
stops up, sneaking into other people may also, you want a very attention to his image,
and very discreet not smoker, who put a marijuana cigarette unless he was sick, so we
have enough reasons to believe that Alex is innocent, his star still bright, regardless of
whether any harm done to engulf him radiate light!

Wei Du Tokushima meaning tattoo
Left arm of 94-year pattern is the first crown of Jesus that he was a Christian.

Right arm 95 years of design patterns is an abstract of his own that he is a tiger tiger

Abdominal pattern is the dragon Bruce Lee's death is the 25th anniversary
of his expertise to Seattle after the pattern of Bruce Lee's grave incense,
because Bruce Lee is his idol, he also made an idol, "not afraid of
death" song, to in his honor.

Back is a cross necklace, is quieter because of his personality, for art has been added a
lot of fabricated lies deception, subject to various injuries, if Jesus carried a heavy

Like: like people to continue to support him ALEX care of him, not to [[our
'Alex]] hurt.
All Albums
"Off Christmas Limited Edition"

1. Golden ratio 2. Thorn 3. Take off 4. Black Contract 5. Red sedan chair

6. Fast love 7. Originally, I love you so much 8. Perfect holiday 9. Love never dies 10.
Red reaction

11. Ancient code 12. Last christmsa 13. Christmas song

"Absolutely, Alex"

1. Not two. No matter who you are 3. To a dream 4. Never regret 5. Aquarius
man's wish

6. Midnight pendulum 7. Heart has not changed over 8. As long as the hello

"I, Alex"
1. Save you 2. Believe 3. Dance with me 4. Drive me crazy 5. I miss you most

6. It's all inside my mind 7. Mandarina lady 8. No one else comes close 9.
Sha la la 10. Talking heart to heart

11. Tell me 12. Love changed the world shirt 13. Or sing it

"Best love 2"

1. Last christmas 2. Turn back the clock 3. Careless whisper 4. Cherish 5. Everytime
you go away

6. Faith 7. I miss you 8. Stuck on you 9. Sugar sugar 10. Two out of three
ain't bad

"Save the Earth"

1. Not commanded 2. To me! 3. To make yourself happy 4. Really want you 5. Love

6. Because i love you 7. Permit me 8. Like you feel 9. Zhong love life 10. Born like

11. Believed themselves 12. Save the planet


1. Love has changed the world shirt 2. Be your love 3. A wrong 4. Is about to fall in
love 5. Angel of the devil

6. The next century lover 7. Innocent 8. Who will love me 9. If you are a half of my
10. Personal space

11. Dangerous

"Changed over"

1. Unchanged over 2. Jiuqingfuchi 3. The rebirth of love 4. One second one second
forget 5. Think

6. Tomorrow's date 7. Ruqirusu 8. You make me want 9. Aquarius born boy
of 10. For the lovelorn Shooting Game

11. Fate is in your house
"You rock my world"

1. He was so wild and 2. To make yourself happy 3. Calorie 4. Save the Earth 5.
Tender trap

6. Go go cat 7. Falling in love 8. Think of how you feel 9. Zhong love life 10. That I
spoiled you

11. Journeying with the other 12. Put a heart

"3dcd Selected"

1. Unintentional injuries 2. Lover 3. Why 4. Never regret 5. Do not go

6. Chung love life 7. Found love 8. Really want you 9. Save you 10. You spoiled

11. Think of how you feel 12. To view the moon 13. Put a heart 14. Darling do not cry
15. Naive


1. Romance 2. You love me 3. My my heart 4. Cold night 5. Do not say it again

6. Freedom of the wind 7. Wait for the dawn 8. Love earthquake 9. In the rain in the
city 10. Hold me tight

"My love"

1. Chung love life 2. Think of how you feel 3. Tender trap 4. Transparent love 5. Find

6. To make yourself happy 7. That I spoiled you 8. Intercepting your heart 9. Solo 10.
I love them

"All for you"

1. Superstar 2. You don t bring me flowers 3. I just want to be your everything 4.
Every breath you take 5. Crazy little thing called love

6. You are the reason 7. My cherelle a mour 8. Lady 9. Stone in love with you 10.
Without you

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