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									AIA and information related to AIG
   Because of the recent news that AIG brink of bankruptcy, many holders of AIA /
AIU Policy friends are very concerned about the future of the policy are reproduced
some relevant information, to try to bring you peace of mind.
   With the U.S. Federal Reserve rescue AIG invested 85 billion U.S. dollars and
become the largest shareholder of AIG, AIG through the crisis, the chances of sense,
now held by AIG insurance policy will become friends for the U.S. government
CIRC: AIG companies in China to establish normal business conditions 2008 年 09 月 17 日 11:28 Sina Finance

On the AIG crisis and the still developing in the global financial situation will impact
China's insurance industry issues such as responsible persons of relevant
CIRC immediate reply is as follows:
1, China Insurance Regulatory Commission is closely following developments in the
2, AIG in mainland China has set up AIG General Insurance Company Limited and
International Assurance Company Limited branches in operation in some areas of
production, life insurance business. Currently, the company stable, normal business
3, significant changes on the U.S. financial markets on the impact of
China's insurance industry, Insurance Regulatory Commission is studying
the evaluation.
4, China Insurance Regulatory Commission will be based on changes in the
international financial situation, take active measures to prevent the risk of the
insurance industry, maintain insurance market healthy and stable development to
effectively protect the interests of the insured.
American International Group issued a statement of policy holders doubt
    New York, September 16, 2008 - American International Group (AIG) today said,
AIG life insurance, property insurance and pensions business, including its extensive
Asian operations, continue normal business operations and maintain capital adequacy,
fully able to carry on insurance who made the commitment and responsibility.
    AIG is the parent company continues to seek to resolve short-term solution to the
problem of liquidity, the program will not include capital or reduce its Asian
subsidiary operations were liquidity.
    AIG member companies of the insurance policy issued by the AIG member
companies around the world direct underwriting. These companies have sufficient
capital, and in full accordance with local laws and regulations strictly regulatory
capital reserve requirements and operations. AIG member companies will continue
normal operations and fulfill the commitments made to policyholders and
responsibility. AIG In particular, its long service in the tradition of the Asian market
will be the key to AIG's future growth. AIG was founded in Shanghai in
1919, AIG's some old customers and our valued customers are from Asia.
   AIG member companies solemn commitment that all subsidiaries have the required
level of capital, to meet global customer needs.

   American International Group (AIG) is the world leader in insurance and financial
services worldwide and operates in more than 130 countries and regions, is the
world's leading international insurance organization. AIG member
companies through the insurance industry's most extensive worldwide
property insurance and life insurance services network, dedicated to the commercial,
institutional and individual customers. AIG worldwide providers of retirement
services, financial services and asset management business is also largest in the world.
AIG's shares in the New York Stock Exchange, and both Ireland and Tokyo
stock market listing.
   WASHINGTON, Sept. 16 Xinhua 16 On the evening of the U.S. Federal Reserve
announced that it has authorized the Federal Reserve Bank of New York caught the
edge of bankruptcy to the American International Group (AIG) to provide 85 billion
U.S. dollars emergency loan. The U.S. government will hold 80% stake in the group.
The Fed's statement issued after a cabinet, said, in the present case, the
AIG bankruptcy if the laissez-faire, on Ye Yi extremely fragile financial markets is no
different from Yu worse, Bingju will greatly Tigaoshichang borrowing costs, further
Xiaojian U.S. Jiatingcaifu, and economic growth will be substantial damage.
The Fed said the U.S. Treasury Department's full support, in accordance
with "Federal Reserve Act," third paragraph of Article 13,
authorize the New York Federal Reserve Bank loans to AIG. Lending window is valid
for 24 months, the interest rate for the 3-month libor rate plus 850 basis points. To
protect the interests of taxpayers will not be harmed, loans will be secured all the
assets of AIG.
As a condition of providing loans, the U.S. government will hold AIG79.9% of the
shares, and common and preferred shareholders the right to veto dividend income.
This also means that the U.S. government along the lines took over the
"two room" mode took over the group.
AIG to pay the Chinese agency said impact force is independent of the parent
company 2008 年 09 月 17 日 11:10 Economic Observer Online

Online Zhuangao reporter Chen Zhe Ben Wang's last night from reliable
sources that, despite the near bankruptcy of AIG, need to sell its assets through an
internal reorganization to get breathing space, but its production life insurance
business will not appear in the selling list.
Last night, Ben Wang made AIG's life insurance business in China, the
company friendly, relevant sources, AIG facing liquidity crisis will not affect the
interests of our allies in the Chinese customers.
"All of our underwriting operations are independent, have separate
financial settlement, reserve capital by the CIRC's strict supervision, the
customer will not be the parent company of the policy." Friendly states.
AIG commercial insurance institutions in China, American International Underwriters,
this newspaper has not yet contacted the company for comment.
However, according to China Securities Journal reported, AIG Commercial Insurance
16 statement to customers, the company has strong cash flow, capital position are
independent of AIG, will not be affected.
China has no independent legal entity in the AIA companies in the movement of funds
between the mainland branch, recently may be more than the United States and Asia
by the regulators, the insurance concern.
It is worth mentioning that New York state government authorized its subsidiary,
AIG's 20 billion U.S. dollars interbank loans, is cash flow from rich to
allocate the production life insurance company, not yet known.
As for the previous rumors of AIG are part of the business for themselves to find a
buyer, according to AIG Beijing Representative Office news, AIG will be announced
in the September 25 reorganization plan.
The aforementioned friends who are on the newspaper revealed that some assets have
been identified is the aircraft leasing sector, not including the production life
insurance business.
This part of the aircraft leasing business, it seems that rapid rise is in the stage, AIG
Quarterly 2 shows this year, the company's pre-tax revenue surged 85%, a
record high. People close to AIG, said that part of the asset value of 70 ~ 138 billion.
Rumors of possible sale of the assets while also including the U.S. domestic auto
loans, annuity business, and value of 1.7 billion stake in Blackstone, the fund
A source close to the domestic regulators, sources, China Insurance Regulatory
Commission is closely following developments.

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