Advanced Lean Training Class

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					Advanced Lean Training Class
Training Time: December 20-21, Beijing
Training costs: 2600 yuan / person (including training costs, course materials, lunch,
refreshments, etc.)
Certification fee: 500 yuan / person (non-participation exam students need to pay)
Certificate: 1. All students wishing to participate in certification, those who pass the
exam at the end of the training, award (International Federation of Professional
certification        standards)        <<Production            Management
Division>> international and domestic double occupation grid
certificate (international and domestic certification / global access / employer
recognition / online inquiry)
2. All participating students are required to submit certification ID number and my big
inch digital photo!
3. Within 10 days after the end of the course faster to send the certificate to students
Target audience: general manager, manufacturing manager, engineering manager,
quality manager, mining - purchase and logistics manager, cost control managers,
project managers, industrial engineers, logistics engineers, lean engineering, and
interested in upgrading the skills of managers and Lean management.
Course Description:
Business operations aim to eliminate waste through continuous to provide perfect
value to the enterprise's internal value-added process. This course provides
a lean system as a whole program, introduce you to start at the Toyota Motor
Company Lean thinking and lean production system implementation. Purpose: from
the customer point of view, the discovery process in understanding the value and
waste, and continue to eliminate waste; using lean pull production systems, effective
control of the process of inventory, lower manufacturing cycle time, improve process
cycle efficiency ( inventory turnover rate of capital) and customer satisfaction; to
reduce or eliminate non-value-added activities in the process, by reducing the setup
time, TPM, Poka-Yoke, and the visual control of production line balancing,
standardized work and other specific improvements, reduced manufacturing costs and
to support the implementation of pull production systems.
Course Outline:
1. Lean and TPS describes the origin
2. The five basic principles of Lean
Value stream and value stream map, waste, waste of 7 common, identifying customer
value-added and non value added (CVA & NVA),
Invisible waste, use of value stream map to find 20% of the waste, flow
manufacturing, pull production systems, continuous improvement
Good (Kaizen).
3. Starting point for implementing Lean - Value Stream Mapping of VSM
Current state value stream
SIPOC chart, Top Down flow chart, draw the process flow, material flow, information
flow, data collection and lead time
(LT) calculated the value stream status icon (simulation and practical application)
Data icon in the application of value stream - the opportunity to improve the
identification and prioritization
Improved the process - the future state value stream icon
What makes a value stream lean
Improve the targeting
Lean process is not wasted
The future value stream icon (simulation and practical application)
Process improvement tools to review the value stream (Case)
4. Lean tools to the application of
5S and Visual Management
5S and visual management of introduction, the significance of the implementation of
5S, plans, methods and steps to the application of visual management
Quick die and shortening the lead time
Pre-work and the value of quick mold change, quick die and shorten the lead time of
tools and methods
TPM improvement
OEE and calculation methods to understand how to plan and implement TPM work
?Kanban pull systems and kanban
Pull-type production support system introduced, pull system design case, KANBAN
card usage, inventory strategy
And standardization of analytical batch operation
Why do we need standardization of operations, the implementation of standardized
methods of operation
Poka-Yoke concept, Poka-Yoke of the process and steps
Production Line Design
Flexible manufacturing cell, lean equipment selection, multi-skilled staff, single
pieces and small batch logistics,
5. Lean production assessment and measurement
6. Lean manufacturing examples introduced
Instructor Introduction:
Tim Tang MBA, Lean Lean Master, IE experts responsible for one of the Lean
In 1993 was sent to headquarters for Toyota's TPS training period of 1 year,
a former head of Toyota Motor company. Advanced IE competent, familiar with lean
manufacturing process improvement, lean production is the first contact with one of
the experts thought. Delphi Delphi after the company as equipment maintenance
manager, lean manufacturing manager job.
General Motors in Shanghai, as manufacturing manager, Kaizen team leaders, training
director, responsible for the continued improvement of production sites, and
colleagues in their joint efforts to make Shanghai GM to become the
world's fourth GM in lean production model factory . In a US-owned
electronics company as a technical director and seven factories in China, responsible
for the implementation of lean manufacturing techniques.
Specializes in business diagnosis, lean manufacturing and pull production system
design and improvement, 5S, KANBAN, Kaizen, value stream technology (VSM) and
improving overall production efficiency improvements (production line balancing,
rapid change), JIT, Flow Manufacturing, TPM, Lean production management, site
efficiency improvement, IE works, 6sigma project management training and
Have been part of the training and consulting clients with Shanghai GM, Shanghai
Volkswagen, the joint vehicle electronics, Baosteel, Pui Ling shares, Yanfeng Visteon,
Boerdami Crown, Mitsubishi Elevator, Ricoh, TCL, DELL, Epson, Kodak and
electronics in recent more than one thousand companies. Case rich, funny and vivid,
combining practical experience on the site of the rich and lean thinking to make
students feel that the pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement of
Registration】 【Meetings
1. Training cost: 2600 yuan / person (including training fees, handouts, etc.)
2. Registration Tel :0755-83813301 Fax :0755-83813302
3. Duty Mobile: 13632566840 Lee Hong lily lee
4. Contact E-mail:
5. Registration: Phone Registration -> complete the application form
-> Training Confirmation Letter issued
6. Note: If the course has expired, please visit our website for the latest course
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