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					Achievement mentor youthful dreams: Training of College Record
   Brown female, Ma Fuyuan of Meaning ... ... the name behind a string of loud, is the
flash of the medals - the "national moral models" and
"China Top Ten Star Hsiao-hsien," "Star
Holding the red certificate of honor, wearing shining medals, on the podium to
express these outstanding students in the award-winning acceptance speech would say
such a sentence: "I want to thank my dearest counselor
Behind every good student, there are many stories, many of the details, a lot of
moving. Students of this era a resounding name behind them, there is another famous
name - student counselor.
Sway youth dream of success
Instructors mentor students
Huang, Wuhan University students to female side of the reading, while care of
patients suffering a brain obstruction, diabetes, bladder cancer, the father, while still
outside doing tutoring in school work-study program to earn a living.
Brown woman behind, with her counselors - "National Outstanding
Educators"         and     "National        Outstanding      College
Instructor" Li Qin teacher. He lit with love hope to help women go through
yellow to "green channel" loans, apply for student loans, take
the lead in donations, contact the media to seek social support, cooking, meal
delivery ... ...
Chongqing Jiaotong University, paralyzed grandfather back to school for students Ma
Fuyuan; Three Gorges University "waist, public-spirited, spread
love," the students Hou Haiyan; Harbin Institute of Technology,
"a very courageous and Yongjiu girl fell into the water," the
students He Xiaobo, Liu Feng ... ... one by one shining bright students the name of
morality, too numerous to mention.
While behind them, a group of counselors quietly. These counselors with their own
soul, sweat and warm, with daily words and deeds, into the life force, into the light
guiding ... ...
Women in the yellow to the most difficult days, is accompanied Li Qin her sick father
came over. "Every Teacher Li to the ward, I feel like the sunshine in.. Li
Xiao Hehe come every time, Xiao Hehe, direction, and I do not consciously good
mood up."
Central China Normal University PhD on Liu, who was from Germany and
Switzerland for the Chinese students set up the first "Albert Einstein
Award", she was awarded 20 doctoral students in the country only one of
the two girls. Stand on the podium, choking back tears on Liu said: "There
is no instructor, no Now I, counselor, your hard work!"
When the students to counselors when the good news that out
"teacher" which contains the endless gratitude enough to the
work of each counselor to forget the fatigue, was enchanted.
"Money guide, I can not stay in this school, because I have to face every
day brought her there linger, I'm going to walk outside, it may never come
back ... ... money guide, recently you and I talked a lot, although I am very reasonable,
but still find themselves unable to ... ... "This is Shanghai Jiaotong
University, Jing Feng Qian received instructor an e-mail.
The reason is that growth is inevitable painful struggle; as young, immature thinking
inevitably; as full of ideals, inevitably confused lot ... ...
They, ideological and political education students daily management of organizers,
practitioners and instructors - instructors, well-meaning education, patient and
meticulous work, so that college students across the divide of life, to pull them from
the falling edge back, thinking to help them complete the baptism of ... ...
Liaoning Provincial Working Committee of University Instructors song Jianwu
memories, said: "When the counselor is harder, but the 'pain and
happiness' of the essence of the work on the reserves in the
counselor." If you start all over again, but also Select counselors do? Song
Jian-bin emphatic answer: "I will!"
Former Vice Minister of Education Zhang Baoqing recalled: "From my
experience, university instructor told me life, political influence and care are great,
and I had a good university guide played a decisive role in life ... ... counseling The
role of members more than their parents. "
Vice Minister of Education Li Weihong, said in the evaluation of the Olympic
volunteers, the Olympic volunteer service excellent reason is because there are 100
000 counselors in the back support.
The first innovative system of Tsinghua University, China's political
counselor old president Jiang Nanxiang, the first meeting in the counselor said:
"A young man who served as political work, establish the correct way of
thinking and working methods, his life's work will benefit . It's
like singing Peking opera to childhood training, technical education as well.
"History has proved that the vision of President Jiang Nanxiang.
Counselor,      they      sway       youth     achievement      of    dreams,     worthy
"mentor" of the title!
Development of infinite charm
Counselor positions more attractive
A philosopher said that a happy life there are three standards, goals, and things to do,
to love; happy teachers also have three criteria in order to encourage knowledge of
people to moral enlightenment of people to love humans. If these three are able to do,
I believe he will become the world's most well-being and the most happy
Select when a counselor will be closest to the happy people.
Counselors are engaged is a noble and honorable cause, as colleges and universities
throughout the full attention and the media's extensive publicity, counselors
Zhegezhiye be Gengduo of Ren Liao Jie, Xihuan, has become popular for post
graduates. In recent years, many colleges and universities appeared in hundreds of
college graduates a competitive university counselor positions unrest.
This year in January, the Chinese Association of Higher Education Research Branch
to proceed with the work of counselors, "the 2008 Person of the Year
National University Instructors" contest, up to 5 600 over the
recommended candidates, for the work of Wang Haining received hundreds of
telephone inquiries selection of related issues. Ideological and Political Secretary,
Ministry of Education, Yang Zhenbin glad that: "This phenomenon is good,
hot phenomenon shows that more people concerned about the counselors work
Instructors who previously did not dry, now rushing to dry. The welcome sign of how
is it?
Beijing Normal University, Department of Student Affairs Minister Liangjia Feng said:
"Now the reason to become a counselor enviable career. Is due to the
Central 16 files and the Ministry of Education" University Instructors
building regulations "has been issued to this career to a new starting point.
In recent years, Beijing Normal University were recruited each year about 10
counselors have thousands of people apply. "
Colleges and universities throughout the central and the Ministry of Education, driven
by strengthening the process of building counselor team to team training, training as a
core part of the basis and keep at increasing investment. Organizing national and
international topics, various levels of degree courses, training courses, seminars,
forums, etc., for the counselors to provide a variety of learning opportunities to
improve. At the same time actively build counselor role, ambitions platform, so that
their work conditions, there officers platform, the development of space, secure
treatment, so that the attractiveness and cohesiveness counselor positions are
continually strengthened.
At Fudan University, a school counselor training has been an important part of
training     young     teachers.    School     "added     Young      Teachers
Scheme" to provide explicitly for the counselors as part of places,
"public school paid abroad programs" in 100 places each year,
the clear portion of the index for Counselors.
Counselor who is from the students recently. Security and stability issues, such as
schools, students with financial difficulties of the subsidy, graduate employment
issues, the psychological problems of college students, volunteer services, and so on,
are all counselors must face a hard task, one is not ambiguous.
Instructor is an inevitable trend toward specialization. "Good student work,
instructors must first do a good job." National Association of College
Counselors work study, party secretary of Shandong University, Zhu Zhengchang that
"counselors do mentor students, in addition to professional knowledge, but
also to help young people Students take the road of life in the growth direction, good
personality, student affairs management, psychological intervention work, the task
very difficult. "
In recent years, the Ministry of Education In addition to addressing the preparation of
counselors, treatment, titles and other problems, in strengthening the professional
development counselor team has also done a lot of work in the establishment of 21
national college counselor training and research base, editing and publishing the
college counselor training and research and demonstration materials, organizing and
coordinating the study of ideological and political counselor in-service master,
doctorate work, even writing blog counselor skills training plans are included. These
counselors work to promote the educational work gradually toward the center,
gradually become a professional.
Today, the work of professional counselors significantly increased. Many counselors
to master the everyday ideological education guide, party development, psychological
counseling, career guidance, networking and other aspects of the use of special
business, education, ways and means of rapid improvement, education, and strengthen
the relevance and timeliness, by university teachers, other professionals and the
students welcome and praise.
Strengthening counselor ranks, to solve the problem of development is the key.
Colleges and universities around the high priority the development of instructors,
counselors and various professionals have set up internal and external communication,
"Overpass", out of the student system "small
cycles" and the education system's "inner
loop" integration of personnel exchange of the "big
loop", to achieve stability in the ranks of the movement, in the stability and
development, to truly become a team of talented "reservoir."
Peking University on the political quality of the good, strong business, the potential of
full-time counselor You Fazhan be Chongdianpeiyang, to work in schools Guan Li
Shu Song, or to Difangzuzhi Bumentuijian, Shiyidapi outstanding student cadres have
Jihui Gongzuo excel, offering job-change to the local Government departments or
serving as a cadre in the school. Xi'an University of Electronic Science and
Technology Management in schools serving, 1 / 4 or more had work experience
counselor, have a group of professional counselors by studying the relevant master,
doctorate, entered the teachers, the backbone of growth for the teaching and research.
From Tsinghua University in 1953, pioneered the system of political counselor began
50 years ago, the college counselor this post, not only trained a large number of
ideological and political education experts, but also out of a large number climb the
heights of science Masters in the same time, there are some construction in the
Republic to play key role in the Resort, will, to govern it, and some also served as the
party and state leaders.
Brilliant idea actually move from innovation
Instructors often make it new
"Finding life in the big stone" is the work of Shanghai Jiaotong
University, the Steering Committee of teachers, students Ling Hui offered to support
teaching, blog topics, from teaching plans to courseware PPT, from references to the
assignments are complete detailed De open a blog, become a true educational
resource library.
Today, Shanghai Jiaotong University has hundreds of different ideological and
political benefits as teachers Ling start a blog. Since March 2006, Shanghai Jiao Tong
University Chinese college students rely on online sites, first to college counselors
and students exchange platform for the main purpose of the blog since the day browse
Ideological teacher's blog has become the habit of many students. Ling
Qing Hui students have said: "The teacher's blog on current
affairs and events in the interpretation, there are answered on the future development,
there is life, pointing, with teaching experiences, which are very
Gou Nisshin, Japan Nisshin also Nisshin. Innovation is the soul of a
nation's progress, but also cause the key to success. A number of good
teachers will be able to create a good school, a good counselor may affect the future
of a group of students. Instructors from the enduring charm of innovation, counselors
often do often require new work.
Because counselors face is full of ideals, Kansas when the big office and promising
young college students, is a vibrant, the most dynamic team.
New changes in the socio-economic environment, higher education development
shows a new feature, and "after 80", "90
after" new features of college students require counselors work must be
constantly adapted to explore the development needs of the new era work methods.
February 2008, the first national college counselors work the Innovation Forum held
in Shanghai. Excellent instructors from all over the country brought together
representatives, counselors talk about the work of new ideas and new tactics to share
work, real, good ideas, the wisdom of the collision sparks new ... ...
Representative of the party's 17 largest, in 2007 national outstanding
counselor, teacher, Fudan University indulgence bring the "bear with heart
- a college counselor weekly."
Nankai University, initiated the first counselor in the country and set up a Student
Career Planning Center to guide students in career planning; first suggested in the
admission notice before admission volunteer, and guide students to career planning
In the eyes of instructors, each student is an angel, with love and wisdom they angel
Talking about instructor Guo-Xing Zhang Jilin University, colleagues and students
feel that he is a "mastermind", his new ideas emerging: the
introduction of extra-curricular activities, "project management
system", the implementation of "party committed to"
system, established in the University Student Center PTA . "Instructor-led
model of civic education of college students" was a major issue of Social
Science Education project to support ... ...
Above all, innovation requires innovative, counselors work require innovative
Northwest Science and Technology University Counselor Hali Nahamaila initiated the
establishment of the first business center and college students as teachers, through the
business contact to more work-study positions, organization of a series of
"I Alone" activities to a wider number of poor students have the
opportunity to earn their own living by their own strength.
Instructors need innovation means the need for innovative educational platform.
December 2008, Central China Normal University "Saint Soldiers Aixin
She" welcomes 10-year-old birthday. 10 years, the school counselor Ping
Shengbing a person's love, the cause of the development of a group of
university students. Students adhere to the Aixin She's spirit and love
spread farther through the bazaar of goods, send the newspaper to collect waste in the
work-study activities and means of co-financing to fund 300 high school students
facing poverty out of school to fulfill the dream of studying, More than 90% of them
admitted to the university. Last year in October, the entire school community recruit
new students, more than 700 "90 后" Students apply to join the
Aixin She.
Counselors take the train, educate people of the important responsibilities. The cause
is a noble cause, their own quality counselors and practical ability of work in very
high demand, need to continuously improve their knowledge and charm and charisma.
Shanghai Normal University, counselor Sun Yayan 7 organization, and lead the
students in Anhui, Guangxi, Guizhou and Sichuan to carry out three practical
activities to rural areas, went to Guangxi tianyang to support teaching activities.
Support teaching, she also traveled on weekends and rest time of 18 villages Tianyang
Tuen 300 students from 52 families, and to use words to relate to students recorded bit
by bit in a timely manner, recording the work of the thick 12 notes, 146 the formation
of a student's touching story of "I love my Health
Notes," manuscript will be 15 thousand words ... ...
Cease, counselors are endless creative work.
Leaders attach importance to system security
Team increased efforts to develop long-term mechanism
2004 was an extraordinary year for our country, this year called the "moral
of the Year." August 26, the CPC Central Committee and State Council
issued 了 "on Further Strengthening and Improving Ideological and
Political Education," that the Central on the 16th document. To implement
this document, has the central government in early 2005 convened a working session,
General Secretary Hu Jintao delivered an important speech. The strengthening of
College Directors put forward specific demands.
This document, the meeting, the speech in the history of our party is the first time, is
of great significance and far-reaching.
December 2005, Hu Jintao, general secretary of the counselors in the building made
important instructions, required from the ideological understanding, institutional
mechanisms, a clear policy, training and human resources to take effective measures
to mobilize the enthusiasm of the general counselors, counselors work to improve the
level of .
The instructions of the central leading comrades, both far-sighted, but also put
forward specific requirements, fully reflects the central concern of the instructor
team-building and expectations, both on the education front, great work incentives
and encouragement, and clear direction for further work. It should be said, this is
several years the effectiveness of college teachers to achieve the underlying causes.
July 2005, the Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of Education, the
Communist Youth League Central Committee jointly issued a document to require all
colleges and universities around the papers on implementing the spirit of the situation
to carry out self-examination, and sent inspection groups to 12 provinces (autonomous
regions and cities) supervision and inspection.
September 2006, the Central Organization 7 inspection groups to 14 provinces
(autonomous regions and municipalities) on the implementation of the central 8, 16
documents and the central situation of supervision and inspection. 2007 and October
2008, the Ministry of Education were issued "on the universities and
colleges to carry out self-inspection work counselor team building notice"
and the organization of expert supervision and inspection carried out in some
Involved in supervision of the experts said, for several years of supervisory work, and
timely information about the situation, sum up experience, identify problems, and
continuously improve the team of counselors, colleges and universities around the
building seriously, and effectively promoted throughout the college counseling Staff
members work to ensure the effective implementation of various policies.
Ministry of Education has even college teachers as to further strengthen and improve
ideological and political education of the fundamental ideological and political
education on the implementation of the key tasks and actively take effective measures
to promote it. Organization has developed and issued a "Class on
Strengthening the Construction of College Political Opinions",
"University         Instructors     building     regulations"         and
"counselor        Colleges       and     Universities,     2006-2010      training
program" and other policy documents, from thinking and understanding,
institutional mechanisms, a clear policy and training and human resources to develop
a series of measures to further deepen and strengthen the Counselors.
Ministry of Education official said that these documents clearly the
counselor's role and job duties, to establish a starting point to quality of the
matching mechanism, high standard quality of the training system weight, high
demand result-oriented management system and high the level of re-development
incentive mechanism, initially formed to promote a good environment for the growth
of Instructors atmosphere, and vigorously promote the counselor specialization and
career development.
In 2007, the first batch of 21 national training bases for training and college
counselors construction work started. Training as a counselor training and
school-based backing, combined with more than 20 universities and academic
characteristics, advantages of school work, have developed a base-building programs.
Yang Xiaohui, deputy secretary of the Party of Northeast Normal University, said:
"The level of training for counselors and more practical needs of the
training, the school set up a scientific and rational type of training related courses Mei
Yi, a scientific training modules, while enhancing the academic counselor training
system for bases provide a strong academic support. "
This is only the Ministry of Education to carry out college counselors focus on one
aspect of the training model. Since 2005, the Ministry of Education held 15
consecutive National University Instructors of demonstration training courses,
training counselors were the backbone of more than 3,000.
The ministry is currently studying the implementation of good ideological and
political education instructor master's degree program, start studying the
ideological and political education instructor outstanding professional doctorate in
experimental work, carried out with the counselor work-related scientific research, in
order to further enhance the comprehensive counselor quality of the foundation.
Kong Jun Zhu of Zhongshan University and deputy party secretary, said:
"In accordance with the orientation of building professional counselors,
social division of labor is a natural point, the objective requirements of the
development of education, is the inherent demands of self-development counselor. In
this goal under the guidance of the Central policy support, where a positive response,
the strength of the whole industry together, forming a counselor team building efforts.
Work of the country will set up a college counselor, counselors work regularly held
forums, founder of the exchange journals, "College counselors",
etc., all contribute to strengthening the construction of Instructors way measures are
implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education.
In 2007, the Ministry of Education launched the National Outstanding Teacher Award
in recognition of work, the first increase in the national awards of Excellent College
counselor, the individual indicators used to recognize outstanding instructor, is a
testament to counselors in the ideological and political education contribution.
Leaders attach importance to overall planning and coordinated development, college
counselors greatly enhance the vitality and combat effectiveness. In recent years, in
all events, the "80s", "90 after"
outstanding performance of students, so that front-line workers in ideological and
political education a pleasure. Counselors to strengthen and improve ideological and
political education work hard to pay, also have a "good returns."
Practice shows that long-term mechanism Instructors Jia Jiang on the development,
improve the team's overall capacity and quality, so as to maintain
sustainable development, team building, yes ideological Zhengzhijiaoyu students
work and always maintain the vitality of the Zhong Yao basic premise.
Well-designed plan for the future
Career counselors should be doing with his life
"I want to learn more knowledge of mental health education to enrich the
daily means and methods of ideological education";
"I want to be a professional student career planning guide teachers to help
students in a complex social environment better choice";
"I want to learn more Student Affairs in Western countries
experience" ... ...
This is the voice of many instructors is that they design for their own career and look
forward to, but also an ideological and political education is continually refined,
innovative methods of work, education and guidance on specific aspects of the
With the deepening of counselor team building, career development counselor
depicting a beautiful picture unfold before our eyes.
"Instructor        is    'worker'         is   'The
Thinker'." Nanchang University, said the new counselor Liu
History of Tsinghua University were Kai, deputy secretary of the party said:
"The counselor specialization means that the refining industry, job content,
deepen, counselors can not only carry out an orderly management of daily education,
but also according to their professional interests and practice necessary depth of
ideological and political education of students, knowledge and experiences in research
and education law, and explore educational methods. "
Ministry of Education and specialized training throughout the organization will also
be able to cover every counselor.
Each instructor has their own focus areas of expertise, and has pursued this profession
as a career, become ideological education, career planning, management, student
affairs expertise.
Each instructor can declare their own research topics, with related teachers, have their
own professional orientation.
Each instructor can continue to pursue a degree in a particular area, and to participate
in "job separate, series separate, separate appraisal" of academic
and professional.
Mentor, educating people with great concentration -
"Counselors are college 'Ren Ke' longest
'courses' most teachers." The Perfect Zhengzhou
University counselors say.
Professional Construction counselor team is "Teacher" and
"management" dual identity, not only Shanghao daily
Sixiangzhengzhi Jiaoyu this class, Ye can actually Decheng Dan Mouyilingyu of
Kechengjiaoxue task the students about the professional of the education and
Counselor positions will bring together a group of the most professional quality, most
innovative and most dedicated people who work on their own -
It is said that counselors are "water of the soldiers," counselor is
With the gradual implementation of policies, counselor positions will form a series of
specialized selection mechanisms, management and evaluation mechanisms, training,
training system, development and protection mechanism. Counselor positions will be
attractive jobs, counselors will be the most combat team. The cause of the large
number of future counselors ideological and political education experts, and climb the
heights of science academic masters, Republic of the construction and reform to play
a key role in the Resort, will, to govern it.
To achieve this a better blueprint, the Ministry will further improve the measures, the
development team for the counselor to provide more policy support -
Enhance their curricula and to promote theoretical innovation, team building for the
counselor to provide strong academic support.
Strengthen the training culture, construction, training and instructor training base,
expand the training range, expand channels of training, extensive training mode, for
the counselor to provide more professional training and graduate education
Strengthen the platform to organize the work of the Forum counselors to increase
counselor research projects, for the counselor to provide more opportunities for
communication and research.
Integration of related resources, to strengthen inter-school, the school and community
links between testing exercise for the instructor to provide more social opportunities
for practice.
Sacred in every person's daily affairs, the ideal future is that from the start
bit by bit. Good blueprint already drawn, the cause of sailing already Raising. College
counselors will be a high degree of political responsibility and historic mission, and
constantly open up students to the ideological and political education work!

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