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A few days after the day after the earthquake without any notice
Received a phone call Lijiang is warm sun children
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..
. ...
A: Hello, Miss Li What distinguished
L: (⊙ v ⊙) ah
A: This is ** bank, recently launched the Ruili Women accident insurance card
(internal appreciation of VIP customers Oh!)
  ?What you are busy, then answer the phone if it is convenient for you specifically
tell us Why
L: (⊙ v ⊙) ah
A: Thank you, our insurance, commercial insurance is different from the ordinary, is
dedicated to our office workers (plus you are a senior white-collar singles, right?)
L: NO ⊙ o ⊙
A: It does not matter, I'd like you to, say, a number of natural disasters,
earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis ah lead us to hurt, and I see Miss Li You are in
Yunnan, earthquake-prone areas, but ah few days ago, it was also an earthquake ?
L: memory () ~ (the day before yesterday in Kunming, earthquakes often discussed
things PARTNER)
A: There are for example, we accidentally electrocuted at home a @ @
"cooking cuts to his hand was so burned the burn
L: ...
A: Or on the stairs and twisted her knee when the leg ... down the stairs accidentally
bumps the (⊙ o ⊙)
L: ... ...
A: or at home suffered a robbery ah and wounded a ⊙ ﹏ ⊙ b
L: ... ... ...
A: Well perhaps we compared white-collar workers a big favor, usually on business,
vacation travel by boat, aircraft, trains, etc., these insurance claims are 1.25 million of.
Miss Lee, you think of it,
L: I have bought insurance, ... ... ... ...
A: We have one of the most important thing is 30,000 yuan for health insurance,
whether you work in 2010 on his way, busy at home, have burns, burns, sprains, as
long as no more than 3 million, you Kunming any a number of public hospital
spending how much on the claims.
L: how charges
A: Oh, you only 3.3 yuan per day, you can get a 125 million worth of protection.
L: (quickly from the operator) is 98 per month, year is 1196 yuan. (⊙ o ⊙) wow
A: 3.3 yuan per day just for you, with pocket money, you should listen to your accent
is not a local bar, a man in Kunming it?
L: expensive le ... ...
A: That should buy for their own insurance, so far assured the parents Ye Hao, lest
they care.
L: how does the return
A: that is the case, is to thank our old customers are only at the Kunming, Tianjin, ... ...
and so introduced are consumer insurance ... ...
L: cushions ~ ~ (╯ ﹏ ╰) b
A: You can first try a year
L: uh, I might go to the U.S. in July, or go to Chiang Mai
A: ah, Miss Lee as long as you do not war country, this insurance is valid
L: so I need to get back to you.
A: Oh, this is the case, our places are limited, then if you ... ... ... ...
L: no.
A: Well, what Miss Li is that where the insured is not for you then, to reason first
L: No, really
Exceptionally bright sunlight, glare.
Voice: Well, since it is hurt, since that accident, even if the money were paid, injury or
to rule themselves.
     Wounds still have to wait for time to heal with good care, not necessarily to heal.
     Well, since it is hurt, since that accident, we can not stop it, can not prevent this
accident has brought us harm.
      Invisible, unstoppable, unpredictable changes to make everyone afraid, become
panic, fear of change
      In fact, there is no introduction to her clerk's business, much less to
say my heart "%>_<%
     Because even with insurance, or the possible existence of accidental injury.
      If one day, ** bank called to tell me that they launched a preventive accident
      I think I will bring 30% of income investments. I think I would be the first
application of:-D
Spring 三月 2010

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