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					Accelerated Global MBA rankings
In these tough times, many workers are stuck in a bind: They need a MBA degree to
advance their career, but they can not afford full-time study of the economic costs and

What solution? Many are turning to so that they can half the time to get a MBA
degree programs, cost only a fraction of the past.

Viktor Koen
MBA crash course 10 to 15 months, first appeared in a few decades ago, now the
norm in Europe. Although these programs are much less common in the United States,
has become increasingly attractive ─ ─ especially in the older, do not want to
spend two years learning among the students.

Few people outside assessment on such courses, one of the reasons is that they do not
the two-year MBA programs remain less common. About 90 schools are qualified to
provide MBA crash course, and many of them only recently.

MBA crash course, but increasingly popular, growing range, so "The Wall
Street Journal" carried out its first detailed study. To measure the quality of
these projects, students and alumni satisfaction, "The Wall Street
Journal" in the Research Management Research Group and Critical
Insights survey technology companies with the help of 48 schools two years ago,
graduates and graduate students the investigation. We only schools that have
graduated less than four, no less than 12 students per class in schools. We excluded
students did not have work experience classes. There were 1,361 graduates and 735
alumni graduates responded. We asked students a variety of issues, from the
project's flexibility to all aspects of job search services. We also asked
alumni to participate in the MBA training in their careers the usefulness, and whether
their degree in the recession that they provide protection.

European Business School, leads the

The result is the "Wall Street Journal" the first ever
"MBA crash course list." List, including nine European schools,
five schools in the United States and 1 in Latin America. Now you might notice that
we did not include some of the smaller, lesser-known high schools, as well as those
introduced accelerated MBA is not a long time the larger schools. However,
accelerated MBA program with the development and growth, there is no doubt that
more schools will be assessed.

IE Business School
IE Business School in Madrid, "Wall Street Journal,"
"MBA crash course list" topped the list. Into the top three is 3
degrees of delivering projects with a strong tradition of European schools. Ranked
first in Madrid, IE Business School (IE Business School), students and alumni who
praise the school students for the diversity of social opportunities. Second largest of
Switzerland's IMD, the school to focus on leadership development for 11
month program. UK Cranfield School of Management (Cranfield School of
Management) team-oriented atmosphere for its third. Kellogg School of Northwestern
University (Kellogg School of Management) and Babson College (Babson College) in
the FW Olin Graduate School of Business (FW Olin Graduate School of Business) in
fourth and fifth.

These schools to stand out because they provide a compact course, also adding the
right amount of international exposure. The best schools also with local and global
companies, giving students a chance to work on the project.

In IE, students and alumni say the program's strength continued to join
their schoolwork, while maintaining close contact with students. They said they added
items from the school to benefit, such as "Venture Lab (Venture
Lab)" ─ ─ a competition that rewards student entrepreneurs for
financing their business. In the IMD, the students said the course has the same work
with real rhythm ─ ─ If 100 hours of work per week is the norm.

Walking the world

MBA crash course of study respondents were a major driving force is to return to
work faster, 82% of students made this point as the most critical factor. In choosing a
school, students and alumni, said the reputation and international learning
opportunities is the most important factor they consider. 92% said the reputation of an
important, 43% of people think that reputation is the most important; 74% said
important international learning opportunities, 15% said this is the most important.

In fact, almost all of these schools to provide students with a large number of
international learning opportunities. In the IMD, the students recently conducted a
12-day trip to South Africa, met with 20 companies to help start new businesses.
European Business Administration (INSEAD), 80% of students attend school in the
school's two campuses, one in France and the other in Singapore.
Ohio's Miami University (Miami University) require students to spend five
weeks abroad for short-term interns. IE and other schools offer international seminars
and exchange programs, including from Latin America to China many countries.

Jamie Padgett
Kellogg School of Northwestern University is ranking the highest ranked U.S.
business schools. According to students and alumni, these Ranking school graduates
to high-paying jobs also prepared, in the global business environment, to stand out.
The majority of respondents said that recruiters and managers to their degree and
two-year accelerated MBA degree in the same treatment.

Some short-scale

Of course, these programs are not for everyone. If you want a great help in changing
careers, MBA accelerated program may not be for you.

Many students complain that their job search service department did not try to help
them establish contact or to pave the way towards a new career. In addition,
sometimes there is not enough time for an internship or consulting project, which
means no links in a new company. Some students said the alumni networks were not
well developed, unlike the two-year project as a strong network.

However, for those who seek assistance to enhance their current career, or who
improve the skills required to enter a new industry people, MBA accelerated program
can have a certain job and salary enhancement. On average, alumni respondents
indicated that, in studying the basic pay before the MBA is the annual salary of
55,050 dollars. In the first job after graduation, the wage rose to 95,000 dollars. Two
years later, the alumni earn more than USD 110,000.

Economic buffer

In addition, many alumni said they felt the MBA degree in the economic downturn in
the protection of their career. June year from the Kellogg School of Business graduate
program in Ross (Justin Rose), I have a friend who was laid off, their jobs and the
same position before I graduated. When they interviewed for a new job, was told that
the company would only hire MBA.

All of this requires commitment to studies. Although the IMD study of its 6 days a
week, 100 hours per week is known, list most of the projects are rigorous course work.
Nearly two-thirds of students surveyed said that in addition to classes, they have to
spend 15 hours per week than do their homework.