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									About the Guo
Guo (November 16, 1892 on June 12 -1,978) Qing dynasty 18 years on September 27
(November 16, 1892) was born in Sichuan Province, Leshan Shawan Town, County,
Township, Concept-E. Formerly Guokai Zhen, Ding Tong word, No. martial;
pseudonym Moruo (because his home has two rivers called "Mo
Water" and "Flow,"), Sichuan Leshan, Han.

Chinese Communist Party, committed to world peace movement, is famous modern
proletarian writer, poet, dramatist, archaeologist, thinkers, ancient philologist,
historian, calligrapher and the famous revolutionary, social activist, renowned

Childhood into the study hall to study, Jiading High School in 1906 into the study.

The spring of 1914 went to study in Japan, first studied medicine, and from the text.
He graduated from Kyushu Imperial University Medical. Tagore contact this period,
Goethe, Shakespeare, Whitman and other foreign authors.

Written in the spring of 1918, "Shepherd sad words," is his first
novel. Early in 1918 the summer was "dead temptation" is his
first poetry.

May 4th Movement broke out in 1919, he initiated a national salvation groups
Fukuoka, Japan, the summer community, participate in the New Culture Movement,
wrote the "Phoenix Nirvana," "Earth, my
mother," "furnace of coal" and other poems.
Representative Poetry "Goddess" out of the shackles of
traditional Chinese poetry, reflecting the "54" spirit of the times,
in the history of Chinese literature to develop a new generation of poetry.

June 1921, he and Ch'eng, Yu and others to create social organizations,
editors to "create quarterly."

In 1923, he graduated from the Imperial University in Japan, after returning home to
continue editing "to create Weekly" and "creating

After 1923, systematic study of Marxist theory, advocates of proletarian literature.

Participate in the Northern Expedition in 1926, deputy director of the Political
Department of National Revolutionary Army, took part in the "August
1" Nanchang Uprising;

1924 to 1927, he created a historical drama, "Wang Zhaojun",
"Nie Ying-" "Zhuo Wenjun."

1928 due to Chiang Kai-shek wanted to live in Japan, in China's ancient
history and ancient writing research, author of "Social Studies in Ancient
China," "Oracle of."

Sino-Japanese War broke out in 1937 returned to the Office of the Military Committee
the third director of the Political Department, the work of the Committee after he was
named director of culture, unity and progress of cultural figures in the anti-Japanese
national salvation movement.

1941 South Anhui Incident, "South Anhui Incident", he wrote
"Qu Yuan" "Fifteen Strings of Coins",
"Tang       Di     flower,"     "Othello,"
"South crown grass", "Gao Jianli," six
poems historical drama and fighting "war acoustic set" and
essay, "Jia Sheng three hundred years."

After 1946, democracy movement stand in the forefront of a cultural revolution in the
Kuomintang areas banner.

After the founding of new China, he served the Central People's
Committee, vice premier of education commissions, the National People's
Congress Standing Committee Vice Chairman, President of Chinese Academy of
Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director of the Institute of History,
the first Long, president of China University of Technology, China Federation
President, the Chinese people to safeguard world peace committees, the
Sino-Japanese Friendship Association, honorary president; Communist Party of China
Guo ninth, tenth, eleventh Central Committee; the same time adhere to literature,
publishing    the     historical   drama      "Cai     Wenji",
"Empress Wu" and many poems and other works.

He is the founder of our poetry, is the second cultural revolution after Lu Xun
recognized leaders; Former vice premier, Quanguowenlian Chairman, Vice Chairman
of NPC, the CPPCC National Committee vice chairman.

Author of "Word of Oracle," "two words catalog
Explanation Zhou Dynasty," "Golden Wencong test,"
"Divination through Compilation", etc., has caused shock in the
academic community. Life story and writings received a "Guo
Collection" (17) and "The Complete Works of Guo."

June 12, 1978 in Beijing, died at the age of 86.
[Edit this section] and the evaluation of the impact of Guo
Guo in the history of modern Chinese literature and Chinese history, archeology and
other fields of high standing, Guo Zeng Yi from the state of Goethe and was widely
recognized cultural sector, such as Zhou Yang Guo had said, "You are
Goethe, but you are the community Goethe era of new China. "sand lobe is
Goethe's evaluation of quote and Engels pointed out that the great genius
of Guo and commonplace as a citizen of both sides. Relative to the professional
researcher for his great admiration among the general community there are people do
not know for Guo because of misreading of his character and psychology as well as
the demanding character of genius resulting contempt, Beijing University of Chinese
Head of Department Professor Ru-Min Wen some serious research scholars such
"academic" middle between the people and society's
attitude to the opposite Guo called "polarization reading."

Guo academic and political circles in Taiwan also have profound and wide-ranging
implications, in addition to Taiwan to study in academic research and literary creation
suffered disseminated, not only the traditional authoritarian era, the differences based
on political and academic criticism of his (for example, the leaders of
Taiwan's authoritarian era of Chiang Kai-shek, wife of his criticism), his
advocacy of reform for the people of Taiwan in particular, very attractive, such as Lee
Teng-hui that Taiwan's success today to some extent be attributed to Hu
Shi, Lu Xun, Guo and others advocated the practice of ideological and social change.
[Edit this section] the origins and meaning of the pen name Guo
Mrs Guo's mother said she was pregnant when invited Chen, who dreamed
of a Xiao Baozi suddenly biting her left thumb, so to Guo from the milk called
"Leopard Man." He ranked eighth at home, his mother called
him "eight children." Guo-year-old half the private school.
Home from school called him Guokai Zhen, No. martial. "Guo"
is his usual pseudonym; Why the name "Moruo" mean?
Sichuan Leshan Shawan County, his home town of two rivers, the Dadu River
(ancient name Mo water) and the elegant flow of the Dadu River (ancient name if
water). Sima, such as the Han Dynasty's "Bashu"
relevant "Moruo" phrase refers to the confluence of the Dadu
River and elegant. Guo Kaizhen on September 11, 1919 in the "News
Hong Kong Daily News Science Light" published in the early poems for
the first time with "Moruo" pen name, with the
"Goddess" poetry publication, "Guo" is
well known.

Guo life used the name, number, aliases and as many as 50 more than the pen name.
Are: Guokai Zhen, martial arts, culture leopard, eight children, Fenyang master
Zhujun master, will be just, Moruo, Summer Club, Guo, foam, love Mou, Guoding
Tang, Ting Tong, high noble, Maike Ang, Cheng Wu, Lin Shouren, Du stubborn Shu,
Du Quan Du Kan Kan man, easy Hom people, stone Da, Shi Tuosheng, CHEN Qi
repair, Li Ji, A, and is Gooden Chi, Meng its Gaishi, Wang false dimension, Ai-Mou,
Mongolia of its students Mongolia nephew, Valley people, high Ru-Hong, Guo Shi Da,
Sato and husband, Anna, Ding, YANG Bo-Min, Tu Yen, baigui, his military scholar,
cattle HE, Yang and Yi, Ding Rucheng, Dragon, Clark, Jiang coupling, there are
isolated , Fujiko husband, Sato Zhen Ji, Guo Mai weak, high-Ming and Li-Qun jointly
written article, and his wife used to master and so on.

Pen name Guo main implication is: Maike Ang: "Mike" is the
English maker (author) transliteration, "Ang," who I am, Maike
Ang is "on my" mean. After the failure of the Nanchang
Uprising, in January 1928 he was to "create issue" a Juanba of
papers published in Art "hero tree", the first time enabled the

Du Kan (kàn): Guo mother's surname Du, character Kan straight (that is
straightforward), chose this name to commemorate his mother. Guo missing mother
during their stay in death in 1929 his "Oriental Medicine"
published research papers related to ancient Chinese society, the Department with this

Du Shu stubborn: Guo mother Ce Shi, he is a "concubine out."
He issued a "stage of historical development of Chinese society"
and other important historical research work, signed "Du Shu
stubborn" to commemorate his mother.

Hom people, easy to Canton by: Guo teenager too severe typhoid fever, leaving the
half-deaf and hearing sequelae. "Book of Changes" on the
Kangua, said its "others for the Deaf," Hom person who shall be
easy to Hom meaning deaf. Guo from the 1928 translation of the American writer
Sinclair's            "Carboniferous            King"
"slaughterhouse" "Kerosene" and other
books are easy to use Canton's pen name.

Ding, Ding Tong, Guo Dingtang: formerly Guokai Zhen Guo, "Shuo Wen
Jie Zi" says, "Ancient to Chen as Ding." Zhen, Ding
common word. Ding and attached to Church whichever word for
"clank",      whichever     is    justice,   "Ding
when." Guo 1931, the "Eastern" published
"Maogong Ding of Age", that is signed Ting Tong.

Shi Da, Da Shi Health, Guo Shi Da: and Ding related to the late Zhou Ting Shek said
Ding Ming Da, which is an alias for Ding. In 1934, the Commercial Press of Guo
translated as "life science", that is signed Da Shi.

Guo pen name, pseudonym many, the "Guoding Tang"
"Maike Ang" "Yang Yi Zhi" and
"YANG Bo-mien" "cretaceous" and so on,
but most used is "Guo" the pseudonym. Because of his
hometown in Sichuan Leshan two water, one is the foam of water (that is, the Dadu
River), the other is if water, drink in his childhood growing up dihydrate, he later
published poetry, they use the "Moruo" This pseudonym.
[Edit this section] Guo's three wives
Qiong-Hua Zhang

In 1912, Guo and ZHANG Qiong-hua (with same name phenomenon) (1890-1980)
under their parents arranged marriage, Guo home five days later, the two do not
divorce, after 68 years Guo Qiong-Hua Zhang stood by his home. Guo 1939, when
returning home to the still grass widow of Qiong-Hua Zhang bow apologize. Chang
died in 1980, Leshan, left no children.

Tomiko Sato

1916, Guo Fu in Japan and the Sato son (1893 -1974 years) living together, Sato
Tomiko this severed relationship with their parents, Guo its name
"Anna." 1937 Sino-Japanese War, Japan Guo walked away, cut
off contact with Anna. Tomiko Sato since most of the time living in Dalian, renamed
Guo Anna, with her son and husband to live with Guo. Guo Anna was selected as the
Sixth CPPCC National Committee. After the outbreak of the Cultural Revolution, a
certain extent. She also made here to return to Japan to see her mother soon hundred
years, but did not take place in a very long time. Until 1974, the 80-year-old Anna
was able to return to Japan, the home she disposed of together with Guo lived in
Ichikawa City house. The next year, she went to Beijing to visit the hospital at the
time of Guo, and that became the last time they met.

Guo and Anna gave birth to five children:

Eldest son: Guo and Fu is the Chinese Academy of chemists.

Second son: Bo Guo is the architect and photographer.

Three sons: Kwok Fu-sheng (also called Buddha's Health) is the Chinese
Academy of Engineers animals.

Daughter: GUO Shu Yu. GUO Shu-Yu Lin Aixin later and get married, one daughter
Lin Cong. Lin Cong, after studying in Japan, naturalized as a Japanese, it was
renamed pear Fujita, currently Japan Kokushikan University Professor of Chinese
Literature Department of Literature, in the creation of the Japanese Research Society
Four sons: Guo Zhihong is a visiting professor at the Central Conservatory of Music.


In 1938, with the Li-Qun Guo (1916-1979) living together and go through the
wedding in the summer of 1939; in 1979, died in Beijing at Liqun constriction

Two symbiotic four men and two women:

Guo Hanying son graduated from Tsinghua University Department of Engineering
materials, a research fellow at Institute of Theoretical Physics.

Guo Shiying second son in 1968 was Beijing Agricultural College, the Red Guards
arrested and torture, and soon died after falling from the fourth floor.

Guo Min-third son to participate in the PLA Navy in 1967, stimulated by the spirit of
suicide during the Cultural Revolution.

Guo Shu Ying eldest daughter graduated from the University of Science and
Technology Biological Physics, the current economic center of Beijing Pei, General

Second daughter Guoping Ying graduated from the Renmin University of China
Department of International Politics, current Guo Memorial Museum.

Four sons Jian-Ying Guo graduated from Tsinghua University, Peking University MA,
is now serving the U.S. computer company. Famous conductor, music reviews and
music activist translation.
[Edit this section] Oracle achievements of words
Inscriptions Compilation Guo Tong is one of oracle bones 4: Ding Church. Works
such as "word of Oracle", "divination through
Compilation"         "Ancient    Text    of    the    dialectical
development", "Stages of ancient Chinese history,"
"Social Studies in Ancient China", "Jia Sheng three
hundred       years"      (1944)     "Bronze     Age"
"Ten Criticisms", "slavery times"
"Li Bai and Du Fu."

China's Ancient History and Archaeology in the field, the oracle bones
"4" fame known to everybody. Mr. Tang Lan on four of the
evaluation is: inscriptions of "self-Xue Tang (Luo Zhenyu) lead before
Cardiff Road, View Church (Wang Guowei) followed by an examination history, Yan
Tong (Tung Tso-pin) area of its time, Ting Tong (Guo) made his speech cases, solid
already has a moment of Sheng. " This basically represents the four before
the oracle bones of 1949, the history and achievements and status of their academic
contributions to the Smart also difficult to weigh out a level of severity. However, if
the Discipline from the bones and the system that perspective, Mr. Dong Zuobin
contribute more in particular. Without his scientific excavations and dating of
Oracle's outstanding contribution, oracle bones of this new discipline might
not be so quickly from the matrix of ancient epigraphy born of. Close reading of
"oracle bones Five Years" (hereinafter referred to as
"five years"), such a deep feeling.
[Edit this section] Guo University of Science and Technology of China
Guo University of Science and Technology of China, one of the main founders. May
1958, in order to achieve the modernization of science and technology, speed up the
training of national defense and cutting-edge science and technology expertise needed,
when any part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences President's well-known
scientists combined Guo, the founder of the CPC Central Committee put forward a
novel by the Chinese Academy of Sciences University's proposal. Proposed
by the Party and state leaders Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, Nie Rongzhen
and other support, as well as the approval of the Central Committee meeting. In the
same year in September, the University of Science and Technology of China was
formally established in Beijing, Guo serve as president of the State Council appointed
(September 1958-June 1978).

Since then, Guo served as president of China University of Science and Technology
for 20 years, showing profound knowledge and deep Education. Under his leadership,
the Academy of implementing the "all Yuanban school, the system
integration" of operating a school policy research and education in the
implementation of integration policies, and give full play Academy of Sciences
Institute of strong teaching and research equipment, the advantage of excellent, full
support for families large building; established teaching and research, science and
technology, theory and practice the principle of combining school, advocated a
"study hard, red special hand, the rationale real blend of" good
school spirit, the establishment of a culture emerging, edge, advanced technology
talents The new education system, forming open, compatible with different schools of
democracy and academic atmosphere, which are in the Chinese Science and
Technology Institute of China after running practice shows strong vitality, long-term
development for the school has laid a solid foundation.

University of Science and Technology (University of Science and Technology of
China), referred to as "USTC", "Chinese Science and
Technology Institute of China", "China University of
Technology," or the abbreviation "USTC".
September 20, 1958 was established in Beijing in 1970, moved to Hefei, Anhui
Province, the nature of the National Schools, colleges and schools under the CAS,
national key university, the first batch of 985 projects and 211 key construction
projects institutions, 985 members of nine school . Chinese subjects than the 30th
anniversary of the school, set in the Eastern Campus Guo statue, and he named Guo
Square Plaza.

February 25, 1980, the State Council formally approved the establishment of China
University of Technology, named The word "Guo scholarship."
"Guo scholarship" is a term from the President, Chinese
Academy of use of 20-year-old president of his lifetime to the hospital
Guo's 150,000 yuan party royalties set up special scholarships to encourage
students to climb the heights of science and technology. The scholarship for the new
China established the first scholarship.
[Edit this section] Guo Chronology
November 16, 1892, was born in Sichuan Province, Leshan County (now Leshan City)
Shawan Town, pet name Leopard Man, whose real name is open infidelity, No.

Spring 1897 study into the study hall. Learning Reading "The Book of
Songs," "Poetry 300", like Wang Wei, Meng, Li Bai
and other poets.

Study hall in 1901 produced by Shanghai teaching of new textbooks.

Brother Guokai Wen to visit Japan in spring 1905, students who wish to kai from
peers, parents, not prospective.

Leshan Prefecture in spring 1906 into the Higher Primary School. Results of the first
semester ranked first, due to older students jealousy, was demoted to third.

The spring of 1907 for opposing the authoritarian teacher, was expelled from school,
through his good offices to return to school. Summer ascend to Leshan County
schools, a lot of reading Lin Qinnan Translations and fiction.

Suffering from typhoid fever complicated by autumn 1908, otitis media, hearing
impairment. Ill read philosophers of ancient texts, preferred "Zhuang

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