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									About New Zealand Immigration
   ?Recent always like to reflect on the year I was lying in bed for what should go
abroad, what is the purpose of going abroad is to learn better and more useful
knowledge? To broaden their horizons? Or enrich their own life experiences? Despite
all the rhetoric is not that I had not a person who likes reading, is not a suitable person
to study, I did not no great revenge, the only desire is to allow parents to live the best
life. Then I in the end to how? Undergraduate graduate to go from here really makes
me go an 'suck, back to China? Right now the domestic government in
power, what should the relationship between friends and even see a patient repeatedly
persuade some people to find a relationship between the hospital every day, I was
looking forward to a few graduation a few years of struggle to make money on the
home , and now receives the domestic situation so I am really disappointed. Stay new?
Whether it be welfare or development, are related to China quickly summoned up the
courage, after all, is a Chinese society, China's unhealthy trends here were
also not spared. Fought in other countries? Being the best European countries, but it
does not matter with us, where non-immigrants, the United States, Canada, Australia,
can be immigrants, but the recent surge in the number of migrants to their constant
changes in immigration policy, increase the re-raise, so few come, the only bit of hope
on the only New Zealand has, however, who can expect a few years, even after 1,2
years of New Zealand's immigration policy will not take the old road in
Canada and Australia?
   ?Who could not help but ask myself, where I do not want to go in the end, or
anywhere to go,,, comforted myself that, do not think so much, a good school.
However, I only have to go abroad to study it? Added step by step to see, anyway,
why not a firm can not be expected to properly take each step? However, a significant
accidentally lose the whole game, we can not afford to gamble, nor afford to
lose. . . . . .
Today nothing else to do, to collect on the New Zealand immigration matters a bit:

New Zealand conditions and skilled worker immigration points table
     've Been to New Zealand people would feel that way: I'm
fine, few people, clean, beautiful environment, full of local flavor, reading ease, PR is
easy to apply, a lot of friends there. If you want to feel the pastures and blue sky, then
it would be more correct to New Zealand, and Auckland is not a very prosperous city,
but the scenery is beautiful. In the way to Rotorua, across such a large broad pastures,
it is the atmosphere of the United States. South Island there are many mountain fjords,
and very beautiful, so is very attractive to New Zealand.
     ?According to the latest New Zealand immigration policy, those who enroll in
long-term shortage of jobs students can apply for spouse open work permit, the
children go to school in New Zealand, New Zealand, local students will be treated as
the same charges. If you have relatives in New Zealand, immigration can have 10
extra points, this way, long-term shortage in New Zealand for another year degree
plus IELTS 6.5 is enough immigrants eligible for New Zealand. In addition, MBA
students can also apply for the spouse open work permit, the children go to school in
New Zealand will be charged the same as local students.
   New Zealand skilled migration conditions
▲ must have a college (three years) or above
▲ to participate in the IELTS test, and four parts reached level 5 or higher
(equivalent to English 4)
▲ at least two years of work experience
▲ age of 55 years of age

Are New Zealand Immigration scores is 28 points.

Current New Zealand technologies class scoreboard
▲ Education
1 college for three years or the sciences: 10;
2, no graduate degree: 11 points;
3, Master or above: 12 minutes;
4, New Zealand Education: 2 points.
▲ work experience
Every two years work experience: 1 min, and 10 the highest. (Note: The score can
apply for trial, according to your working life to be)
Some of New Zealand professional career must be registered in order to include your
work experience work experience. These occupations include: vocational registration
▲ Age
1,18-24:8 points;
2,25-29:10 points;
3,30-34:8 points;
4,35-39:6 points;
5,40-44:4 points;
(Note: The age of strict accordance with the application submitted to the Immigration
calculate the day of your age)
▲ settling assets (1NZ $ = 4.5 yuan)
1, 100 000 New Zealand: 1;
2, 200 000 New Zealand: 2 points;
Assets in cash, stock, warrants, real estate and other securities or property combined.
▲ spouse education
1, three-year college or bachelor degree 1;
2, no graduate degree: 2 points;
3, Master or above: 2 points.
▲ New Zealand work experience
In New Zealand for one year: 1 point, up to 2 minutes.
▲ bonus points system
All those with professional or work experience and the applicant related work
opportunities in New Zealand show that the increase 8 points; other professional or
work experience with the applicant are not relevant to the work of the opportunity to
demonstrate New Zealand, add 5 points.
▲ score line is now 28 points

Way to find a job in New Zealand
1, Recommended
"There is no New Zealand experience" yes new immigrants
looking for work when one of the main reasons for the rejection, in which case, how
to make the employer believe that you will soon Shiyinggongzuo Bingju fully capable
of work environment do? Find a reference would be a very effective method.
Recommended by former work colleagues can also do similar work can be friends.
The references in the work itself must have been for some time in the local life, and
preferably on your sure your professional qualifications, to help introduce your
strengths weaknesses, past performance, make sure you can be qualified for future
work, and so on. In fact, new immigrants with higher education, good professional
qualities, as long as the jobs are for the first time, with the New Zealand experience,
then went more smoothly. Therefore, to get good friends around to help, for your job
in our road.
Second, volunteers
In New Zealand have some volunteer opportunities, choose the obligation of
foreigners institutions work, not only to improve English Shui Ping Ke Yi, Kuo Tai
social circle but also to integrate into society Shiying New Zealand environment. This
is equivalent to the New Zealand experience, easy to find work.
Third, find a job through ColdCall
ColdCall directly on the phone to some company and asked if they needed staff. Call
first to be mentally prepared before, ColdCall failure probability is very high, easy to
crack down on confidence. However, this is also a way to gain experience, learn to
find a good job marketing themselves as a key.
1, to prepare a Yellow Pages phone book to find the company you are interested in the
telephone number;
2, to prepare a resume, like easy to use simple words to introduce their work
experience and ability;
3, pen and paper ready in time to record some relevant information.
Phone after hanging into ordinary circumstances is the operator answered the
telephone, will ask you to find what matters. You can tell she wanted to find work, ask
her to give you access the relevant person in charge. Because the company does not
need manpower, so maybe you will hit a snag at this juncture, it does not matter, then
asked her company name of the officer in charge of personnel and the fax number,
and then their own personal resume by fax in the past. If the responsible person to
receive there, you can be prepared beforehand profile it once again, hope to have
   Information like the last of the word, "many people say that New
Zealand is the world's last piece of pure land. In fact, as long as the peace
of mind in the pure land where all his." However, to be calm, very relaxed
about everything so easy what? .

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