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					About Huang Miaozi
About Huang Miaozi
Yue: Since the publication of Nie Gannu files, "the Nie Gannu
prison" and Huang Miaozi, now a "man of the hour."
In accordance with the on-line assessment that he is: "Huang Miaozi very
poor, 20 pro-Chiang, 30 pro, 40 right, 50 plain clothes, 80 escaped, 90-year-old Lucy
acting, dead have no peace. They also said that this is a "miscarriage of
justice." matter of opinion, not the same. Huang Miaozi announced here
some historical information for your reference.
Huang Miaozi (1913) Chinese cartoonist, art historian, calligrapher.
1913, Huang Miaozi was born in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the scholarly
family, five in Hong Kong
Education. 19-year-old to the National Cultural Centre in Shanghai, was appointed
mayor of Shanghai, Wu Tiecheng political arrangements
House staff also engaged in cartoon. War broke out in Guangzhou, Hong Kong,
Chongqing, in the re-
Celebrate marriage and female artist Yu Feng, and 'second-rate
court' arts and who had close contacts. 1950
Years to settle in Beijing. 1957 was designated as the right wing and sent the Great
Northern Wilderness labor. 19
In 2066 the Cultural Revolution broke out in jail. After his release turned Calligraphy.
Author of essays, "Shining Collection", "King
Cherishing      Paper",      "No        Dream       Temple     Liushui
Zhang," "Green
Light Suo Ji "," wind and rain falling flower,
"" Snow mud footprints "," a new chapter
of the World said, "" tea wine leisure
Chat, "" human frivolous "and so on; poems
of" butter Collection "," three poems "; art
Author of "Wu Daozi matter series," "Zhu Da
Biography", "painting teachers and friends recorded",
"Yi-Lin 1
Branch ", etc.; painting set has" Huang Miaozi calligraphy
election "," fine selection of Chinese Calligraphy - Miao Huang
Son, "" cursive Mulan "," seedling
miscellaneous books, "and so on.
Huang Miaozi Yu Feng: first-class second-rate people together
Nearly three decades, Huang Miaozi and Yufeng Fu Combination painting women,
fame has grown, but they claim to be
"Walking in the art world's small fancier" -
? Two versions of the first meeting
Memory is sometimes unreliable. Even experience the things, recall a few years later,
often into
Another legend. History is so interesting.
Thirties of last century the great Shanghai, Huang Miaozi and Yu Feng first met.
However, this view
Two people face in their memories with a shred of two versions.
Huang Miaozi version is: I remember the wind and Yu Ye Qianyu home meet again.
At that time, I often
Go Ye Qianyu. Evening, Yu came, I did not find his niece depression with wind, the
Said: "Duff, you tube your niece ah!" Yu replied:
"You see, I took her to
A! "
Yu Feng's version is: when I was 17-year-old, inexperienced, science and
arts professionals from Beijing
Just graduated from school. I was young, ignorant, along with Uncle Yu parades
around everywhere. Yu
Take me to the club comic Avenue Joffre, Huang Miaozi few cartoonists who gather
there on the regular
Will. Was upstairs to see in a face massage, it is not a good place, may not
Just a massage. They gang together, I told ZHANG Guang-yu, Zhang Zhengyu, Ding
Cong, Ye shallow
I, as well as Huang Miaozi see the face, is the first time, do not know them before. I
remember clearly
Great, not wrong. May not conflict, he said the same thing, I said the same thing.
? Two people of different backgrounds
Huang Miaozi was born in Guangdong Xiangshan (now Zhongshan City) scholarly
family, the father of cold view of the KMT to yellow
Wu Tien-chen for the alliance members have the same membership. Thanks, thanks to
Wu Tien-chen, Huang Miaozi has been taking iron rice bowl
KMT senior civil servants. Lingnan master Deng Ya Huang Miaozi life opened the
door for the study, when
Huang cold when run in Hong Kong secondary school concept, Tang Yi-nga cold
view of the students with yellow, it often teach Huang Miaozi.
Poetry reading and recitation of the text laid the foundation Huang Miaozi literature,
calligraphy is his daily practice
Never tired of homework.
Back in secondary school before entering Hong Kong and China, Huang Miaozi in
love with comic books, created 16 years old
Comic book, "Magic" selected students in Hong Kong
exhibition, and Ye Qianyu editor of the "Shanghai cartoon" Fat
Table, which made him an unlimited desire to Shanghai. 1932, Huang Miaozi went to
Shanghai from Hong Kong to vote
Document enlist and yellow when cold view of an emergency to the mayor of
Shanghai's Wu Tiecheng wire, please take care of his children
Child. Wu Tien-chen Huang Miaozi arrangements to serve in the Shanghai Municipal
Government. Huang Miaozi are in official circles, hearts
Art, and many artists became close friends.
A year later, Yu wind south from Beijing to Shanghai with his family. And Huang
Miaozi different, Yu Feng's father
Yu Hua, Uncle Yu had studied in Japan. Yu Hua is a famous judge, had to rescue Han,
Han-Sheng, Liao and other leftists, Yu is the new literary master. Yu Feng judge father
Uncle and great writer in her life, occupy an important position. Yu Yu of the wind by
the hot
Zhong progress activities. Yu Yu has been with the wind to see Lu Xun, Lu Xun Yu
wind still remember the kind of laugh
Yung, and his very special with the thumb and four fingers instead of taking cigarette
your index and middle
Refers to the middle position. Have a very frank manner of Lu Xun Yu said:
'My niece studied painting, you
What album was given a bar. 'Lu Xun Yu wind really gave a
"jade collection." Yu Feng
Art College before studying painting in Peking, then to the Central University in
Nanjing, Xu Beihong, Pan
Yuliang sects studies.
And Yu exchanges, Huang Miaozi remember very clearly. Each time from Hangzhou
to Shanghai Yu Shao
Xun Huang Miaozi about the United States would call out, eat and chat together.
Medical Journals in Shanghai 'Man
Forum Mengchang ', he founded the era of Books, the then famous
cartoonist ZHANG Guang-yu,
Zhang Zhengyu, Ye Qianyu, Lu Shaofei all enlist into. Huang Miaozi free books on
the Times Company
Division, and playing with these young artists. Yu Feng on at this time into his world,
Before people get together, like-minded, family background with very different on the
two young people are often
Current events, newspapers, literature and art, because art is made to exchange friend.
* The wedding of war
War in full swing, many scholars forced into exile in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guo is
the time
"Salvation Journal" nominal president, hosted by the Xia Yan,
Yu Feng for journalists. Once, Xia Yan
Huang Miaozi tell on "Salvation Daily" lack of newsprint.
Huang Miaozi actively support the war, think of
Had an idea, proposed the name of Guo Xia Yan to write a report, and paid the
Guangdong government to require
Imports of foreign newsprint on the grounds that the anti-Japanese propaganda, so
that tariff-free. Xia Yan Zhao measure of
OK, it is successfully approved. Extra paper, sold in Guangzhou, get some money
Can also feed the "National Salvation Daily" the Competition.
Huang Miaozi contacts with Xia Yan, nature will inevitably touch with Yu Feng. At
that time, Huang Miaozi 20-year-old,
Yu Feng 21-year-old, two have already met in Shanghai, Guangzhou, has come across
thousands of miles away. After
To twists and turns, both of them have come to Chongqing. In Chongqing, Huang
Miaozi, Yu Feng, Xia Yan,
Xu Chi, Feng also on behalf of the ordinary together. When the wind Yu Huang
Miaozi to marry him, to self-proclaimed revolutionaries
Yu Feng found it difficult to choose, because Huang Miaozi then still serving in the
Kuomintang government. Yellow seedlings
Son as a lobbyist Communists Xia Yan, Xia Yan made a special trip to the Academy
of Fine Arts to find panxi Xu Bei
To the Yu Feng, Yu became the Huang Miaozi, Yu Feng's
'KMT-CPC cooperation'. May 1945,
Guo's home in an engagement ceremony. Year in November, officials from
different political parties in
Chongqing together at their wedding, calligraphy we do witnesses by Shen, and Kuo
Where a poem: Yue Feng Ye Xiang Jin Feiyu, dance band cell dry Yu Huang Miao.
Lusheng tune new tune today, with reason
Branches Guadie standard.
"Second-rate hall" situation
Not far from the yellow mansion, a residence of intellectuals, known as
'Pilu', which is the film
The well-known newspaper editor Yu Tang house built at their own expense, to accept
the literary circles of the poor friends. Often
Here there are revolutionaries often and artist Xia Yan, cartoonist Ding Cong, the
playwright Wu Zuguang, painting
Home Ye Qianyu, big stars Jinshan, also on behalf of the translator Feng, and Huang
Miaozi and singer Sheng Jialun
Yufeng Fu women. We temperament congenial, freely gathered.
Then progressive intellectuals from the Communist Party more and more frequency,
make the Zhou Enlai, Pan Hannian, Liao
Chengzhi, Qiao Guanhua this friend. Yangge from Yan'an to the drama
"brothers and sisters wasteland" in a Shanxi
North term 'hobo' caused 'Pilu' human
interest, these intellectuals do not usually
To work with a strict office, living slack, they each use the 'hobo'
ridicule. Once
Guo for "Blue House" chat happily to inscriptions
"second-rate court" had not found
Rice paper and brush, no question into, but the 'second-rate hall'
of the name from this call away.
'Second-rate hall' deep trouble in the nation to settle a number of
intellectuals, and culture in different disciplines
Of exchange but also a number of cultural achievements of the future, everyone.
After the 1949 Beijing Xifeng floor, lived Huang Miaozi and Yu Feng, Wu Zuguang
and Xin Fengxia,
Shengjia Lun, Tai Ho, Sheng Jialun that here is Beijing 'second-rate
court'. At that time we come together,
Each have their own friends. Huang Miaozi with Yu Feng is the art circles of friends
over, Sheng Jialun music
A friend many, many friends of Wu Zuguang is theater. Huang Miaozi recalled:
'"second-rate hall"
In addition to communication at a friend's feelings and more are promoting
professional exchanges between us. Such as Wu
Zu-Guang Ying Mei Lanfang's play out, I was, ZHANG Guang-yu, Zhang
Zhengyu Come do art consultant,
On the set and other comments. This sort of thing a lot, we do not consciously
Chinese culture, but actually done some work in this area. '
Together these like-minded intellectuals, do not know doom is around the corner.
1967 10
February 13 the "People's Daily", the impressively
well-known published official call to arms "crush China's Pei
Dauphine Club, 'second-rate court' ", every word
thick black. 'Second-rate court' case, the number of people
implicated. Yellow
Seedling and Yufeng Fu women ranked among the victims of the Friends Church in
addition to a number of well-known, there is Yang
Han-Sheng, Ye Qianyu, Ding Cong, Feng also on behalf of, Pan Hannian, Zhao Dan,
Hua Junwu, Nie Gannu so.
'Cultural Revolution' period, and Yufeng Fu Huang Miaozi
women unjustly imprisoned for seven years, held in the same prison,
But I do not know the whereabouts of each other. Yu memories in the wind, the prison
has become a practice: 'persist
Training, small room within the day trip meters, felt normal life there. Because I
believe that
Water a door hinge is never worm-eaten. The body was being detained, and ideas are
free to fly, and the ancients,
Dialogue with the world, flying to every knowledgeable person who can fly
everywhere nostalgia for the place. '
* Mentor 'Gemini'
Huang Miaozi said: 'I had this been the biggest benefits of life is a friend. I
had only the
School graduate, no education, are relying on elders, friends, help, have a number of
Asked. '
Many of my friends older than him. 1957, Huang Miaozi to send the mother ship back
to Hong Kong, Guangzhou,
In order to study the Tang Dynasty Painting Saga Wu Daozi, especially to visit Sun
Yat-sen Chen Yinque. At that time,
Academic History eyes were not clear, to follow a white line to the classroom. Huang
Miaozi remember:
'Following Chen's mind is very clear, encyclopedic knowledge.
He guided me and let me check the "New Book of Tang"
- The volumes of the first few pages of some of the Tang Dynasty murals of materials,
"Old Tang," the first of several Volume
A few pages there are - are very familiar. '
In fact, in addition to numerous mentors, the Huang Miaozi and Yu Feng is the
division between art
Friends. Yu smiles and says: 'I often was his first critics, he wrote a word, I
actually do not
Understand, but from an artistic point of view I, intuition, composition, etc., the most
blunt assessment. He
Sometimes listen, sometimes not listen. My paintings, he also criticized. Later, he
always said he was painting
Learned with me, it is not. We have lived for decades in Australia, where a vast
Were rare, live in large houses, we also have a great studio. We are a total of three
Table in the middle there is a large table, I am done after the paint do not have it up,
he wrote
Finished the word 'steal with the' paint my painting. '
Now, the world, the seedling, Yu Feng in Beijing spend their remaining years. The age
of two people together
Is more than 180 years old, but looks rosy face, paying attention, Huang Miaozi not
When the laughter, Yu Feng energetically.
Nearly three decades, Huang Miaozi and wind were on Long Yu, couple paintings
combination, known as the Chinese Arts
Arts world, "Double Stars", but they claim to be
'walking in the art world's small ticket
Friends'. Huang Miaozi of doggerel, and Yu Feng's prose, in
their view is but just for fun, but play
The demeanor. Huang Miaozi handwriting at home in the "safety
night" word, that is what they like from
And self-seeking mentality.
Years of wind, old friends get older, it was a sleep is no longer wake up, people laugh
dies. Xia Yan go
, And Ye Qianyu gone, Wu Zuguang gone, Feng also on behalf of the left, Qi Gong is
gone, all with a smile.
Xia Yan's death, the friends with Gu said: 'This is a hi funeral!
Hi funeral! 'Women get Yufeng Fu Huang Miaozi
The elegiac couplet in the saying: 'dream lazy to find the inconsistent
record of cloud cover for hand shower, his life mentoring first-class second-rate
Church. '(Reform of the Management)

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