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					About Forbes
Forbes Web site the world's largest, most complete information, the most
professional website ranking. Committed to integrating Internet technology with
traditional business resources. Efforts to create online "business Olympics,
the world's Top Consulting."

Forbes website's principles:

Wealth creation, brand and fair competitive, set an example.
1, the creation of wealth: the wealth you have - the knowledge or money, for you,
your business and the community to create wealth;
2, cast the brand: you, your company, your products and achievements of a famous
3, fair and competitive: success comes from the competition is the competition to
promote development and progress of mankind, competition rules are fair;
4, set an example: The power of examples is endless, because your success, has
become a model in mind.

Forbes website's goals:

Committed to creating a "green portal" for civil servants, and
high school students, entrepreneurs, managers, entrepreneurs, scientists, bankers,
analysts, investors, engineers, journalists, consultants, lawyers, business, management,
and skilled people, and all other knowledge enthusiasts, opened a web of knowledge
Wikipedia and the green channel. Build a wealth creation, brand and of competition,
setting an example of the platform. Offering a never ending business Olympics. For
enterprises and individuals to show their strength and talent of the stage.

What is Forbes website?

Forbes website is the knowledge base is "online encyclopedia."
Is a fair playing field, is the business Olympics. Is wealth, wealth creation and wealth
creators. Is the brand, the brand's image and brand image.

Forbes website's content:

Top Zixun professional. Human and industrial products including natural two
categories, broken down more than 20 columns, more than 90 topics. Form from the
performance by ranking Top and China into the world rankings, by region, countries
on every continent into the global ranking and the ranking of Chinese provinces and
cities. Divided according to site stations and how Forbes Forbes portal site area, there
are currently more than 40 sub-stations.

Forbes Web site features:
Forbes site ranks addition to vast amounts of information much more than the current
leader in Internet technology, innovative original, working well with other features.
Forbes, Forbes Search, Forbes website ranking, world ranking Laboratory, Institute of
Forbes search engine, brand real name, brand survey, always online evaluation, blog,
expert forums and public forums, and Fobs Sri Lanka to promote.

Forbes website ranking:

How to choose Forbes ranking? Forbes ranked? How to enter the Forbes ranking?
1, how to choose the Forbes ranking? Forbes ranks the information on the website,
which is a large part of the information reproduced, or interaction, despite the strict
selection Forbes, but it does not represent the views of Forbes. Even the Forbes
ranking of information reproduced in Forbes ranking also follow the principle that
"the creation of wealth, brand and fair competitive, set an
2, Forbes ranked? Forbes is a systematic project, the principle is the creation of wealth,
brand and fair competitive, set an example.
3, how to enter the Forbes ranking? You have success, you want to succeed, you
follow the principles of the Forbes ranking, have the opportunity to enter the Forbes

Forbes Web services:

Forbes to provide ranking member, real name brand, brand survey, project
cooperation, website ranking, advertising, contests and other services.

Lab World Ranking:

Forbes to "business Olympics, the world's Top
Consulting." For the purpose to "create wealth, brand and fair
competitive, set an example." Principle, the establishment of laboratories
in the world ranking. Proposed this as a laboratory for the incubator, for the stage,
called the world ranking enthusiasm, love ranking on the Top accomplished experts,
scholars, colleagues and fans, to create a worldwide brand with national rankings.

World Ranking Laboratory Source:

We are accustomed to the Guinness Book of Records, the Nobel Prize, Oscar, 500 of
the world, even China's rich list. Both international and domestic awards
and rankings, which one is recognized by our own? So this is our mind is our ultimate
goal, to create world-class awards and rankings! To show the world that we not only
outstanding athletes, and our excellent referees!
Brand name:

Brand enterprises real name is effective protection, promotion, promotion of brands to
choose. Forbes brand real name (Brank) to businesses or groups based on the brand,
for real-name registration. Eradicate the bad habit of cybersquatting or abusive

The scope of the brand's real name:

Real-name brands including trademarks and brand names, corporate brands, product
brands, corporate executives, president brands.

Features the brand's real name:

Enhance brand image and expand brand, brand value found, and create business

Brand Survey:

Brand survey is the interaction between brand and consumer, is to enhance brand
image and reliable way to protect consumer interests. Survey for the consumer care
and love the hot brand, commissioned by the manufacturers, consumers recommend
to the realization of an online survey.

Forbes ranking:

Forbes is a brand, business, people's comprehensive strength ranks. Its
reference value, including corporate strength and influence in the industry, brand
value, site ranking, Honor, an interactive survey index weighted composite index
reached a balance. Regardless of rank or overall ranking of the industry, scientific and
fair evaluation criteria so that more excellent enterprises to enter the charts.

Site rank:

Forbes website ranking is based on site traffic, website content, overall site design
standards, website, comprehensive indicators of the brand rankings. Web site ranking
help the formulation of development goals, site optimization and positioning, choice
of advertisers.

Forbes Searching:

Forbes Search Engine Academy is based on the development of the Internet to search
engine focused, from the management, planning, deployment, diffusion angle of the
integration site. As the name suggests, the Internet search engine
"engine" is the core of the site. To master the search engine on
the control of the entire Internet.

Forbes Promotion:

Forbes is a brand extension for the object, with Forbes the Forbes site ranked, brand
real name, site ranking, survey and other brand to brand promotion. Help enhance the
customer's brand value and brand awareness, business opportunities for

Forbes Daquan:

You or your business to be included in a particular media or institutions ranked; or
you are a rating agency named its ranking results, such as to make it your
"Forbes Filmography", you can panellist to the Forbes ranking
will apply, the "creation of wealth, brand and of competition, to set an
example" the principles of the results of your review. Approved, will be
included, "Forbes Filmography", Bulletin, awarded a certificate.

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