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60th anniversary of the National Day parade


									60th anniversary of the National Day parade
Now Hu. Jiang Zemin. Wu. Wen Jiabao. Jia. Li. Xi. Keqiang. Guoqiang. Zhou
Yongkang. Other party and state leaders came to Tiananmen Square, they will work
together with millions of people nationwide to celebrate the 60th anniversary of New
China Today, in Tiananmen Square for the celebration of the CPC Central Committee.
NPC Standing Committee. the State Council. CPPCC National Committee. CMC
leaders. And representatives of some old comrades.
  From all fronts today, heroes and models. The representatives of ethnic minorities.
Hong Kong. Macao. Taiwan compatriots. And overseas Chinese. Overseas student
representatives, and officials of various countries embassies, and years of working in
China for foreign guests Watch the scene in Tiananmen Square, the 60th anniversary
of New China, the grand celebration
, Presided over the celebration meeting of the CPC Central Committee Politburo
member, Beijing Party Secretary Liu Qi, Party Secretary of Beijing 10 Liuqi Long
entire weight declared that "all the capital to celebrate the 60th anniversary
of the General Assembly's Republic of China now, gun salute,"
the moment the roar of cannons rang over the Tiananmen Square, this time the roar of
cannons resounded 9.6 million kilometers of Chinese territory, the moment the ring
and salute each and every Chinese people's heart with the frequency, the
shock of this moment salute to all Chinese people The idealistic, when rumbling of
artillery ringing in the sky of peace, we can comfort those in China with their lives
and create new souls, when the Republic of the armed forces stepping in a peaceful
square, we can tell the world the Chinese people self-esteem. self-confidence. self-
resounding loud and clear declaration from the People's Heroes Monument
to the flag is raised, where, with the expectations of those martyrs, to new hope, every
step of the new China have left a solid sound, from 1949 to 2009, 60 years One cycle
of the memorial, the new China, the joy of each year have changed the scene, who
had become the target for the new China, we join hands, to a bright future of new
China, we are moving forward, the industrious and brave Chinese, Five Star Red Flag
is the way forward, the Chinese people have always passionately to go in achieving
the lofty ideals of the road
  ?Flag-raising beat Liu Qi said the national anthem, parade start model in place, the
Beijing Military Region Commander Room Feng Hui report to President Hu. By the
reading unit ready please review. Parade commander Room Feng Hui. President Hu
Jintao announced the beginning, President Hu reviewed by car (China independently
developed the latest red flag car, longer than 6 meters, all-aluminum body, with three
rows of seats, with the whole hand with meticulous care.) began to review the armed
forces always
   In October, armed array, armored brilliance, the 60th anniversary of the
People's Republic of sacred time, the motherland and the
people's army to accept the solemn review, since the founding of the PRC,
the People's Army had 13 in the form of military parade in Tiananmen
Square to the motherland mother reported that the National Day military parade in the
capital of the new China was founded 60 years especially since the reform and
opening up 30 years of national defense and army building, demonstration of
achievements, is Army 82 years, especially the new century and new stage of
construction and development of the Chinese People's Armed Forces
solemn review, the Republic will never forget October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao
Zedong in Tiananmen Square solemnly declared to the world the establishment of the
People's Republic, People's Liberation Army participated in the
founding of new China's grand festival, to accept the party and state
leaders to review Republic will never forget October 1, 1984 by CMC Chairman
Deng Xiaoping inspected by vehicle access to the armed forces always say hello,
   Bathed in the spring sessions of the party, the history of the Republic opened a new
chapter in reform and opening up, people's armed forces around the theme
of the times of peace and development, modernization and regularization towards
building a strong goal of the revolutionary army, not the Republic of forget the
October 1, 1999, President Jiang Zemin inspected the armed forces and soldiers in
Tiananmen Square, the people's army does not degenerate closely around
the two historical topics of winning, and actively promote military reform with
Chinese characteristics and strive to achieve leapfrog development in national defense
and our country military modernization to a new level, enter the new century, the CPC
Central Committee. Central Military Commission and President Hu Jintao focused
national security and global development strategies, with Deng Xiaoping Theory and
the Important Thought of Three Represents as the guide, uphold the scientific concept
of development as the national defense and armed forces important guiding principle
advocate and foster loyalty to the party loving people build a new mission to serve the
country advocating the contemporary revolution in military honor core values, and
comprehensively strengthen the army degenerating, national defense and army
building entered a new period of development, Review history of People's
Liberation Army on Aug. 1, 1927 to create, gone through 82 years of glorious history
of our army under the absolute leadership of the party insist on serving the people
wholeheartedly and resolutely safeguard national territorial sovereignty and maritime
rights and interests, and actively contribute to the maintenance of world peace, written
a magnificent song of victory after another impressive set up model in the annals of
great achievements, great era gave birth to the heroic army, the great victory of the
heroic spirit of fostering this army worthy of a people's democratic
dictatorship of the strong cast stone, worthy of a society Doctrine motherland steel
wall, is worthy of building socialism with Chinese characteristics important force,
will always be loyal to the party faithful Zu Guozhong the people loyal to the socialist
people's army.
  ?Please CPC Central Committee General Secretary. State President. CMC chairman.
Hu Jintao delivered an important speech

My fellow countrymen, comrades, friends: Today, we hold a grand celebration of 60th

In this festive and solemn moment, people of all nationalities have the great
development and progress of the motherland proud, both for achieving the great
rejuvenation of the bright prospects in China. Here, on behalf of the CPC Central
Committee, National People's Congress, the State Council, the CPPCC
National Committee and the Central Military Commission, to all the people for
national independence and liberation, national prosperity and happiness of the people
immortal revolutionary exploits of the ancestors and martyrs who are deeply missed!

People of all nationalities and to the patriotic compatriots at home and abroad, our
warm congratulations! To care for and support the development of China's
foreign friends, to express our heartfelt thanks!

60 years ago today, the Chinese people after 100 years of bloody battles in modern
times has finally won the great victory of the Chinese revolution, where Chairman
Mao Zedong solemnly declared to the world the establishment of the
People's Republic.

Chinese people stood up, with 5,000 years of history of civilization, the Chinese
nation has now entered a new era of development and progress of history. Past 60
years, with Comrade Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin at the core of the
party's three generations of central collective leadership and the party
under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee since the Sixteenth Congress,
diligent and intelligent Chinese people of all nationalities, work hard to overcome all
kinds of hardship and made great achievements attracting worldwide attention, has
written a self-strengthening endurance.
Today, a modernization, the world and the future of socialist China stands firmly in
the East. New China 60 years has proved that only socialism can save China, only
reform and opening up can develop China, the development of socialism and
Marxism. The Chinese people are confident and capable of building our own country,
but also have the confidence and ability to make its due contribution to the world.

We will unswervingly adhere to the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, and
comprehensively implement the party's basic theory, basic line, basic
program and basic experience, continue to emancipate the mind, persist in reform and
opening up, promote scientific development, promote social harmony and promote
well-off society process, and constantly open up new prospects of socialism with
Chinese characteristics, and write a new chapter in the people a better life. We will
stick to "peaceful reunification and the principle of"
maintaining Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability, and promote
the peaceful development of cross-strait continue to reunify the motherland the
common aspiration of the Chinese nation of the party.

We will unswervingly pursue the independent foreign policy of peace, adhere to
peaceful development, pursue win-win strategy of opening up, based on the five
principles of peaceful development of friendly cooperation with all countries to
continue to work together with the peoples of the world to promote peace and human
the noble cause of development, promote an enduring peace, common prosperity and
harmonious world. People's Liberation Army and the People's
Armed Police Force to carry forward the glorious traditions, its own building, truly
fulfill the mission of safeguarding national sovereignty, security, territorial integrity
and to safeguard world peace.

History tells us that the road ahead is never easy, but masters of their own destiny, to
unite the people will overcome all difficulties and obstacles, continue to create history,
Albert. Looking ahead, the bright prospect for China's development. The
whole army and people of all nationalities to unite more closely, hold high the great
banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the times, to forge ahead and
continue towards building a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious
modern socialist country and achieve the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation The
grand goal move forward to their own hard work and unremitting efforts for human
beings to new and greater contributions!

Long live the great People's Republic!

Great Long live the Chinese Communist Party!

Long live the great Chinese people!
Points out ceremony begins
The People's Republic of China's armed forces from the
People's Liberation Army active and reserve forces of the Chinese
People's Armed Police Force and the militia, to participate in the 14
sub-column type square foot teams, 30 teams prepared to square and 12 air echelon of
the Armed Police Force and by the military services and arms directly under the
Beijing headquarters of the militia forces and the composition of reserve forces, they
will be followed for inspection through Tiananmen Square, by the reading unit will be
a powerful lineup and Extensive momentum to the motherland, our military
degenerating show the brilliant achievements demonstrate our army a mighty and
civilized peace division's new style, show our military effectively fulfill the
historical mission of the new century, construction of military information,
information warfare to win the military's firm resolve to demonstrate our
army to safeguard national interests and promote world peace and home exhibitions of
the strong force, which is a Chinese Communist Party created and led the
people's army, which is a mission in great trust in them the
people's army, which is an advance from victory to victory from the
brilliant people to new glory military heroes march slowly along the tracks, so the line
dressed in towering flames smoke, marching raging waves rolling in the Yangtze
River, through the eventful years of war and peace, take the new century and new
stage of the glorious mission, the people's army is an avalanche Thunder
Force hosts stride walking.
  ?Flag is a symbol of honor is a sign of victory, the guardian of the PLA flag in
Tiananmen Square was the first armed forces through the guard of honor, this model
was the Central Military Commission granted the honorary title of Military Force, on
behalf of the State Secretary for the implementation of the 3000 ceremony, many
ceremonial tasks witness to Hong Kong, Macao and other major historical moment.
China's salute to the world elegance and glory of the Republic,
  Army Institute of side team composed by the Shijiazhuang Mechanized Infantry
Academy, 82 years after our military academies and colleges to explore the formation
of a unique style development of effective new educational structure, a large number
of highly educated military personnel to become the new backbone of the military
construction ,
  ?Infantry party team from a district composed of a red army, it is a glorious tradition
of the Red Army troops, the Army has developed into our air defense artillery soldiers
from the infantry armor ECM composed of the modern Army aviation, mobile
operations in accordance with the strategic offense and defense requirements, efforts
to improve remote and mobile air and ground attack capability.
  ?Special forces side team is the first time appearance in the National Day military
parade in the capital, military special operations forces are gradually replaced by
traditional investigative force special operations forces to the new historic changes,
the new situation and tasks faced rigorous Special Forces training, and
comprehensively improve combat effectiveness, as can stand the test of fists and
knives forces
  ?Formed by the Dalian Naval Academy Navy trainees side team, who participated in
the previous National Day military parade in the capital, people in the Navy after 60
years of construction has developed into a surface ship anti-submarine air and marine
forces to set up offshore integrated military services, in accordance with the sea of
coastal defense preparedness strategy, speed up to improve the strategic deterrence
and coastal seas excitement integrated combat capability,
  Feelings of white spray unrestrained by the Institute of Naval Submarine Academy
team composed of sailors is the youngest side by side reading team, with an average
age of only 18 years old, they boldly presented to the 60th birthday of New China, the
blessings of youth, the Chinese sailors in the new century, the Great Wall wide surge
into the high-spirited
   Stride approaching the Marine Corps side team, formed by the naval marine group,
known as the sword of the Chinese Marine Corps amphibious and has a variety of
land-sea underwater combat capability, security maintenance in the defense of
territorial waters to support marine rights and interests operations in the island a
special role to play
  ?Giving rise to the Air Force

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