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									Northern Michigan University
   Board of Trustees Retreat

         February 19, 2009
Orientation for New Trustees
                 Mission / Vision

                   Dr. Les Wong, President
Dr. Susan Koch, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
                        Mission vs. Vision

               Mission                                 Vision
   What an organization does now           The future the organization
                                             aspires to
   Answers, “Why does the                  Answers, “What will success look
    organization exist, what do we do,       like?”
    what values guide us?”
   Accomplishment should take the          Should challenge and inspire
    organization toward the vision           organization to achieve its
   Is uplifting, but practical, more       A dream, an imaginative
    “here and now”                           anticipation of success that grows
                                             realistically from the current
   Photograph of the present               An artist’s rendering of the future
              Mission Statement

Northern Michigan University challenges its students
and employees to think independently and critically,
develop lifelong learning habits, acquire career skills,
embrace diversity, and become productive citizens in the
regional and global community.

                                      Adopted September 26, 2008

Northern Michigan University will become the
university of choice in the Midwest for students seeking
a quality academic program with individualized
attention in a high-tech learning environment.

            (High-Tech, High-Touch, High-Quality)
                Road Map to 2015

   Road Map Directions
    ● Innovation
    ● Meaningful Lives
    ● Campus Attributes
    ● Community Engagement
Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

   Northern Michigan University has been selected for the
    2008 Community Engagement Classification by the
    Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
   NMU is one of 195 higher education institutions in the
    nation to earn the distinction
   A community engaged campus collaborates with its
    larger communities for the mutually beneficial exchange
    of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership
    and reciprocity
      Virtual Tour and
10 Things I Know About NMU

       Dr. Les Wong, President
        10 NMU Numbers to Remember
1)  Number of students: About 9,400
2)  Number of full-time undergraduate students: About 8,600 – 92% of
    student body
3) Number of students who live on campus: About 2,850 – Approximately
    one-third of the student body (2,500 in the residence halls and about 350
    students in the university apartments)
4) Male-female ratio of student body: About 50-50, women having a slight
    edge (male 48%, women 52%)
5) Average class size: About 25-30 students in a non-lab course
6) Number of faculty members: A little over 300
7) Number of NMU employees (not including students): Around 1,100
    (about 950 full time)
8) Number of academic programs: About 200 (includes programs at all
9) Where does NMU rank in Michigan in tuition and fees? Second most
    affordable among the 15 public universities.
10) Graduation rate: 50% for baccalaureate students – about the same as
    the national average for comprehensive universities.
    A few more frequently asked questions
   Is NMU the largest employer in Marquette County? No, we’re third
    behind Marquette General Health System and Cliffs Natural Resources
    (formerly Cleveland Cliffs)
   How old is NMU? Established in September 1899; 109 years old in 2008-09
   What is NMU’s general fund budget? About $100 million (base budget) –
    the overall operating budget is about $184 million
   Faculty-student ratio? About 23 to 1 – it depends on how one defines
    faculty (whether adjuncts, GAs are included) and students (all students or an
    equation of full-time and part-time)
   Budget cuts/operational savings/reallocation changes in general fund
    since March 2003? Downward about $15 million
   Number of varsity sports teams? 13 (5 men’s, 8 women’s – track and field
    is counted twice by the NCAA: indoor and outdoor)
   Number of student organizations? About 300
   Number of NMU alumni? A little more than 60,000
   Number of notebook computers on campus? About 9,500
 University Organization
and Faculty / Staff Profile

      Dr. Les Wong, President
Narrative Description by Employee Group

Category   Group                                    Narrative
 Faculty   AAUP    If you stepped in to observe a class taught by one of the 309 AAUP–
                   represented faculty members on the NMU campus, an average composite
                   would find that the class is taught by a male faculty member with almost 13
                   years of experience with NMU. This individual would be slightly over 50
                   years of age, and would be making just over $65,000 for his class delivery,
                   research on a variety of topics, and service to the campus. They are likely to
                   be teaching in Art & Design, Education, or Criminal Justice.

           NMUFA   Should you happen to visit the Jacobetti Center and participate in one of the
                   hands-on learning experiences offered in the Construction Management
                   program, you would also be likely to be in a classroom led by a male. Similar
                   to the AAUP, the NMUFA membership is approximately 65% male and 35%
                   female. This individual would almost be exactly the same average age as the
                   AAUP faculty (50.96 vs. 50.82), but would have almost one year less
                   experience with Northern’s campus (11.96 vs. 12.88). The average salary for
                   this composite individual of its 26 members, however, would be approximately
Narrative Description by Employee Group                                                  (continued)

 Category       Group                                       Narrative
   Staff       AFSCME        The infrastructure of the Northern Michigan University campus is
                             supported by the efforts of the Dining Services, Facilities, and Public
                             Safety employees who are represented by AFSCME Local 1094.
                             Stopping by the Dining Services area, you would be far more likely to
                             interact with a female employee than in the Custodial areas, but this
                             mix is continuing to shift. With only 147 employees in this bargaining
                             unit, NMU provides very efficient levels of service, which is possible
                             through the almost 15 ½ average years of service. The average
                             employee is 48.84 years of age, and makes an annual salary of
                             $32,564.59. Wages within each classification are equal, regardless of
            Technical and    Secretarial and clerical staff are the front-lines of service to students,
            Office           and NMU has a very committed employee group in the Technical and
            Professionals    Office Professionals (TOP), represented by UAW Local 1950. Of
            (TOP),           its 163 members, the great majority (147) are female. Visit a
            represented by   department on campus, and you’re likely to find a very competent
            UAW Local        individual, approximately 47 years old, who makes an average salary
            1950             of $38,795. For the first time, in summer of 2008, this group used
                             Interest-Based Bargaining in a mutual effort to identify common areas
                             of interest and collaborative solutions which led to a win/win.
Narrative Description by Employee Group                                                  (continued)

 Category       Group                                        Narrative
   Staff    Administrative /   Aside from the AAUP faculty, the Administrative Professionals are
             Professionals     the largest group on campus. Represented by UAW Local 2178,
                               these 184 employees cover a broad range of student services and
                               campus support activities. The group is almost evenly split between
                               males and females (96/88), and the average individual in this group is
                               42.74 years of age, with 12.07 years of service at NMU. Searches for
                               individuals in these positions are most diverse, as they may remain
                               local or go regionally or nationally. We are in the process of moving
                               to a purely market-based compensation structure, and the average
                               salary is just under $43,000.
            Leadership (Non-   Leadership at the Executive, Dean, Senior Manager, Academic
              represented)     Department Head, and Senior Administrator levels is a diverse mix
                               and represents every department. The average tenure with NMU is
                               14.38 years, and individuals in these positions often bring significant
                               experience from other institutions or industries as a result of
                               nationwide searches. Salaries reflect this expertise and market
                               demand at an average $73,775. Similar to some of the other groups,
                               the gender composition is 2/3 male, 1/3 female. There are 138
                               employees in this non-represented group, with an average age of
Narrative Description by Employee Group                                           (continued)

  Category                                      Narrative
  Summary    Overall, the Labor Relations environment at Northern Michigan University can be
             characterized as a positive and productive collaboration. The co-governance
             expectations of the faculty often mirror the other employees in their desire to
             participate in important decisions which affect their work life. Most issues are
             resolved through Special Conference meetings prior to grievances, and there is an
             active Labor-Management committee for further communication on issues of
             collective interest. As a result, grievances are low, and arbitrations are a rare
                          Human Resources – Overview
                          Dining                                       Faculty              Faculty
                                              Technical and
                         Services,                                   (excluding           (excluding         Administrative          Non-
                        Police, and                                   Adjuncts             Adjuncts          Professionals       Represented*
                        Maintenance                                   and GA)              and GA)
Represented By              AFSCME                  UAW                  AAUP            NMUFA (MEA)**              UAW               N/A

   Group Size                  147                   163                  309                   26                   184              138

  First Contract            10/1966                7/1975               7/1975               10/1980               5/1982             N/A
Current Contract
                             9/2010                6/2011               6/2009                6/2011               9/2009             N/A
Expiration Date
  Salary/Hourly              Hourly                Hourly                Salary               Salary           Hourly & Salary       Salary
   Recruitment                                                                                                Regional, some     Regional, some
                              Local                 Local               National             National
     Market                                                                                                      National           National
                                                                                                               CUPA-HR***         CUPA-HR***
   Market Data            Local Salary          Local Salary
                                                                     CUPA-HR***           CUPA-HR ***         MICUPA-HR****      MICUPA-HR****
     Source                 Surveys               Surveys
                                                                                                                 CPB*****           CPB*****
    Starting                                                           Market/                               Master Agreement/      Market/
                       Master Agreement      Master Agreement                           Market/ Experience
  Salary/Wage                                                         Experience                             Market/Experience     Experience
   Grievances                   4                     1                    0                    1                     0               N/A
 (past 5 years)
Total Arbitrations
                                1                     0                    0                    0                     0               N/A
 (past 5 years)

  Average Age                 48.77                 47.40                50.47                52.56                 42.70            48.17

Average Years at
     NMU                      15.48                 15.77                12.88                11.96                 12.07            14.38
*                  Executives, Deans, Coaches, Academic Department Heads, Senior Administrators, and Senior Management
**                 MEA: Michigan Education Association
***                CUPA-HR: College and University Professional Association – Human Resources
****               MICUPA-HR: Michigan Chapter of the College and University Professional Association – Human Resources
*****              CPB: Corporation for Public Broadcasting
               Human Resources –
Years of Service Distribution by Employee Group

Years of                    Admin               Grad      NMUFA        Non-       Post          Visiting
           AAUP   Adjunct            AFSCME                                              TOPS              Total
Service                      /Prof            Assistant   Faculty   represented   Doc           Faculty

 0–5       113      74       66        36        75         8           42         2      39       3       458

 6 – 10     45      31       35        22        11         7           17                22               190

11 – 15     46      10       25        19        1          3           19                22               145

16 – 20     33      2        16        25                   1           22                21               120

21 – 25     23               17        15                   4           15                26               100

26 – 30     18               12        15                   2           9                 17                73

31 – 35     16               13        13                   1           8                 13                64

  36+       15                         2                                6                 3                 26

 Total     309     117       184      147        87         26         138         2     163       3       1,176
Human Resources – Years of Service Distribution by
       Full-time Staff / Employee Group
   Years of                                                                      Non-
                    Faculty           AP           AFSCME           TOPS
   Service                                                                    represented   Total

      0–5             121              66              36              39         42        458

     6 – 10            52              35              22              22         17        190

    11 – 15            49              25              19              22         19        145

    16 – 20            34              16              25              21         22        120

    21 – 25            27              17              15              26         15        100

    26 – 30            20              12              15              17          9         73

    31 – 35            17              13              13              13          8         64

      36+              15              0               2               3           6         26

     Total            335             184             147             163         138       1,176

 Faculty – AAUP, Adjuncts, Grad Assistants, Jacobetti, and Visiting Faculty
 AP – Administrative Professionals, UAW Local 2178
 AFSCME – Food Service, Facilities, and Police, AFSCME Local 1094
 TOPS – Technical and Office Professionals, UAW Local 1950
 Non-represented – Executives, Senior Management, Senior Administrators
   Bylaws / Procedures /Best Practices /
Role and Function of the Board of Trustees

    Dr. Douglas B. Roberts , Chair – Board of Trustees
                Dr. Les Wong, President
           Ms. Cathy Dehlin, General Counsel
Key Michigan Constitutional Provisions

   Pursuant to Article VIII, §6, the Board’s duties shall
    ●   Board is a body corporate
    ●   Shall have general supervision of the institution
    ●   Shall have control and direction of all expenditures from
        the institution’s funds
    ●   Elect a president under its supervision
           President is “principal executive officer of the institution”
    ●   Consists of eight members with eight-year term
         President of the university is an ex-officio, non-voting
Key Michigan Constitutional Provisions

   The legislature shall appropriate moneys to maintain
    NMU and be provided with an annual accounting of all
    income and expenditures (Article VIII, § 4)
   Formal sessions of governing boards shall be open to
    the public (Article VIII, § 4)
          Role and Function of Board of Trustees
                           (Act 48 of 1963, 390.554, § 4)

   A majority of the member of the Board constitutes of quorum (5)
   A majority of its members may enact, amend, and repeal rules and bylaws for
    the conduct of the board’s business and for the government of the institution
   Fix tuition and other fees and charges
   Appoint or remove personnel as the interests of the institution and the generally
    accepted principles of academic tenure permit or require
   Determine compensation to be paid for services and property
   Confer degrees and grant diplomas usually conferred or granted by other similar
   Receive, hold and manage a gift, grant, bequest, or devise of funds or property,
    real or personal, absolutely or in trust, which will promote the purposes of its
   Enter into agreements not inconsistent with this act as may be desirable in the
    conduct of the board’s affairs
    ●   Delegation of authority
   Lease or dispose of property which comes into the board’s possession, if the
    board does not violate a condition or trust to which the property may be subject
              Board of Trustees Bylaws
 Meetings
 Officers and organization
 Committees
    ● Each committee established by the Board shall act as an
      advisory body only for the purpose of recommending action to
      the Board
    ● No activity of such committee shall commit the Board to any
      policy declaration or action unless and until duly approved by
      the Board at a regular or special meeting
   Conflict of interest
    ● Annual signed statement
    ● Fiduciary responsibilities
   University organization
   Personnel actions
       Board of Trustees Bylaws       (continued)

   Admissions / Fees / Degrees
   Financial responsibility
   Property and facilities
   Collective authority and action
   Name and seal
   Amendments
   Repeal
        Board of Trustees Procedures

   Meetings
   Leadership
   Committees
   Member practices
   Amendments
Board of Trustees – Best Practices / Expectations

   Presidential selection
   Principles and guidelines of the Board / President
   President / Board roles and responsibilities
   Important points of agreement between the Board and
    the President
   Programs and activities to strengthen the relationship
    between the Board and the institution
             University Overview

                   Dr. Les Wong, President
Dr. Susan Koch, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mr. Gavin Leach, Vice President for Finance and Administration
      Overall University Accreditation

 NMU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission
 NMU became an AQIP institution in 2002
 The systems portfolio provides information demonstrating
  that NMU continues to meet the Higher Learning
  Commission’s standards
 Current AQIP Action Projects
  ● Aligning unit mission statements with revised university
  ● Benchmarking the NMU Road Map to 2015
  ● Documenting and Benchmarking the NMU Outcomes
     Assessment Process
 NMU will host an accreditation visit on March 25 – 27, 2009
                         Program Accreditation

                                  College of Arts and Sciences
Chemistry                         American Chemical Society
Music                             National Association of Schools of Music
                                       College of Business
College of Business               AACSB International
                                 College of Professional Studies
Athletic Training Education       Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program
Program                           (CAAHEP)
All Education Programs            National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)
Clinical Laboratory Tech.
                                  National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences
   (2-year program)
Clinical Laboratory Sciences      National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Respiratory Therapy               Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs
Cytogenetics Program              National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory
Diagnostic Molecular Scientist
                                  National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS)
               Program Accreditation                                       (continued)

                          College of Professional Studies (continued)
                                  Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
                                  Michigan Department of Licensing (Board of Nursing
Practical Nursing                 Michigan Department of Licensing (Board of Nursing)

Social Work                       Council on Social Work Education
                                  Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Professionals
Surgical Technology
                                  Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration
Aviation Maintenance Technology
Cosmetology                       Licensed by the State of Michigan

Counseling Center                 International Association of Counseling Services, Inc.
        Three Levels of Degree Programs

   Pre-baccalaureate
    ● Diploma (4)
    ● Certificate (13)
    ● Associate of Arts / Sciences / Technology (29)
   Baccalaureate
    ●   Bachelor of Arts/Science (111)
   Graduate
    ●   Master of Arts/Science (23)
    ●   Education Specialist (2)
    ●   Master of Fine Arts (1)
    ●   Certificate (5)
           College of Arts & Sciences

   Full Time Faculty: 183
   Fall 2008 Enrollment: 3,414
   Largest Enrollment: School of Art & Design – 705
   Research / Scholarship / Creative Activity
        College of Professional Studies

   Full Time Faculty: 106
   Fall 2008 Enrollment: 3,748
   Largest Enrollment: School of Nursing – 679
   Research / Scholarship / Creative Activity
                College of Business

   Full Time Faculty: 32
   Fall 2008 Enrollment: 855
   Largest Enrollment: Management – 157
   Research / Scholarship / Creative Activity
        Academic Information Services

   Library
   Academic Computing / Help Desk
   Instructional Design, Technology, and Media
   Archives
                Special Programs

 Student Leader Fellowship Program
 FYE (First-Year Experience)
 Superior Edge
 Honors Program
 International Programs
 Beaumier Upper Peninsula Heritage
 Public Radio / TV
 Native American Studies
 Multicultural Education Resource
       Student Services and Enrollment

   Admissions
   Financial Aid
   Registrar
   Housing and Residence Life
   Academic Advising
   Dean of Students
   Counseling and
     Consultation Services
   Career Services
           Charter School Contracts

    School            Issued        Length          Ends
                    July 1, 2007   Three years   June 30, 2010
 Sault Ste. Marie
Burton Glen
                    July 1, 2008   Three years   June 30, 2011
Nah Tah Wahsh
                    July 1, 2007   Three years   June 30, 2010
North Star
                    July 1, 2004   Five years    June 30, 2009
                    July 1, 2008   Three years   June 30, 2011
Charter School Locations
Charter Schools   (continued)
                 Academic Affairs Initiatives
                   The Road Map to 2015

   Innovation
   Meaningful Lives
   Leveraging Campus Attributes
   Community Engagement
                                     Finance Division
          Department                                                   Current Projects
Administrative Information           • WiMax implementation and testing
Technologies (ADIT):                 • Build out of 802.11n wireless technologies
Technical, Consulting, and Support   • Server consolidation and upgrade project
Services                             • Intel/IBM internship opportunities
(all university networks,            • Banner 8 – Administrative system upgrade (all management systems – Finance,
administrative systems,                Student, HR, Advancement, Financial Aid)
telecommunication systems,           • Cognos Analysis Studio – multidimensional cube development (HR, Student,
administrative applications            Finance)
programming, and maintenance)        • Online application development – golf application, workforce development (online
                                       registration and payment for workforce development training courses offered through
                                       the Jacobetti Center)
                                     • Conversion of summer programs to online system
Auxiliary and Business Services      • Cbord campus card program conversion (Exterior doors on Residence Halls and
(Dining, Building Services,            Student Apartments and vending machines)
Purchasing, Risk Management,         • “Trayless dining” participation
Transportation, Printing Services,   • Evaluating meal plans for revisions beginning with Fall ’09 semester in an effort to
Mail Services, University Center       reduce costs
operations, Conference and           • Evaluating opportunities with Marquette General Hospital in converting the University
Catering, Bookstore, and Vending)      Center to MGH office and service space with a new Conference Center and
                                       pedestrian bridge to the hospital
                                     • Converting campus Purchasing Card program from GE (American Express Platform
                                       to MasterCard platform)
                                     • Budget reduction planning efforts including modification of staffing and responsibility
                                       plans for Conference/Catering Services , Dining Services, UC Operations and Golf
                                       Course Operations
                                     • NMU Golf Course (Developed preliminary staffing plan: Three primary seasonal
                                       positions: Groundskeeper, Pro/Manager, and Equipment mechanic. Working with our
                                       HR staff and the bargaining units to gain consensus on employment options.)
                     Finance Division                                            (continued)

              Department                                                   Current Projects
Budget and Planning                         •   Budget analysis in preparation for reductions
                                            •   Budget forecasting of revenues
                                            •   Staffing and cost savings opportunities
                                            •   Budget reduction plans
                                            •   Cognos ReportNet management reports
Controller Office and Financial Services    •   IRS comprehensive questionnaire
(Controller’s functions, bond management,   •   National Science Foundation Research expenditures survey
cash management, accounting, vendor         •   Secondary market disclosure for bonds
payables, accounts receivable and           •   Streamlining student bank loan processing through electronic transfers
collections, student loans)
Facilities/Engineering and Planning         •   Deferred Maintenance Projects
(building maintenance, grounds, building    •   Combined Heat and Power Project
                                            •   Energy Saving Project Review
engineers, heating plant operations)        •   Wayfinding Study
                                            •   University Center/West Hall Joint Use Study (NMU and Marquette General
                                                Health Systems [MGHS])
                                            •   Space Utilization Committee
                                            •   Quad II Lobby Renovation
                                            •   Cohodas Lobby Renovation
                                            •   Jacobetti Renovation for Northern Initiatives
Health Center (on-campus health center)     • Completion of Travel Medicine Clinic

Human Resources (employment, benefits,      •   PeopleAdmin – online employment application and hiring system
payroll, contract management, and equal     •   Cognos HR cube – Staff planning and analysis
opportunity                                 •   Leadership training program
                                            •   Health plan study
                                            •   Staff planning and review
               The Road Ahead …

                   Dr. Les Wong, President
Dr. Susan Koch, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mr. Gavin Leach, Vice President for Finance and Administration
        The Road Ahead … Academics

   Continuing our educational commitment to students
   Pursuing our academic aspirations
   Advancing a culture of engagement
          The Road Ahead … Finance

   Continue to grow corporate collaborations in technical
    and business relationships to identify potential funding
    opportunities and projects for the institution and
    internship opportunities for students
   Expand development of new technologies that enhance
    business analysis, measurement, and understanding of
    university operations
   Identify opportunities and resources to implement
    initiatives, in conjunction with the Campus Master Plan,
    that move the university forward as a “greener” learner-
    centered campus
     Legal Issues

Ms. Cathy Dehlin, General Counsel
                       Legal Issues

   Constitutional autonomy
   Confidentiality / Attorney-Client Privilege
   Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
   Open Meetings Act (OMA)
    Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

   NMU is subject to FOIA
    ● Full text is provided in your materials
    ● NMU’s FOIA Officer is the Vice President of Finance and
   Most NMU records are considered “public records”
    subject to disclosure unless the subject matter falls
    within certain narrow exemptions, including privileged,
    personal, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    (FERPA), bids, appraisals, investigatory, etc.
    ●   “Public records” include all documents, letters, expense
        report settlements, and e-mail
          OMA and Public Universities

   Constitutional autonomy
   The Michigan constitution provides that "formal
    sessions" of state universities’ Boards are to be
    conducted in public
   Federated/MSU case
    ●   Board decides formal/informal vs. open/closed
   Oakland University case
   Complete copy of OMA is in your materials

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