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                        Minutes of the Board Meeting June 30, 2010

BOARD MEMBRS PRESENT: Rocco Annesi, Jack Carey, Dick Connolly, Jim DeVoe,
                      Jim Harrington, Bill Prodgers, Fred Tirrell and
                      Commissioner Van Khachadoorian

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Ed Mahan and Rich Sullivan

Meeting called to order at 9:08 AM

    Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the May 26, 2010 Board Meeting. Two
       corrections were noted by Jim Harington. On the last page #5 the word “Council” used
       twice, should be “Counsel” (Attorney) and also in #5, it should read…the Town want to
       “charge” us a user fee (not “change”)
Jim Harrington made the motion to accept the corrected minutes. Jim DeVoe seconded the
motion. Minutes approved.

    Treasurer’s Report: Jack Carey – each member received the Statement of Cash Receipts
     & Disbursements dated June 30, 2010, compared to Budget. Motion to accept
     Treasurer’s report was made by Fred Tirrell and Seconded by Bill Prodgers.

    League Matters:

          1. Final plans – July 24th Mid-Season Meeting to be held at the VFW in Chatham.
             FYI, there is a fee to use the hall. The meeting will begin at 9:00 AM, coffee and
             donuts available at 8:30 AM.
             We will present our recent accomplishment from the Retreat Meeting, including
             the Mission Statement
          2. League Picnic: Jim DeVoe – picnic will be held from 12 Noon to 4:00 PM at the
             VFW on the same day as our mid-season meeting (7/24).
                  Reggie O’keefe is volunteering his time as DJ
                  Woman’s Auxiliary(VFW) will do cooking and cleaning, we will give
                     them a donation for their services.
                  Rain Date is August 22nd
                  Jim Harrington will get some members to help him set up some games
          3. Poll: Name Change: Van – the managers need to get the players to vote on
             whether or not a Name change is wanted:
                  Leave League name as is or
                  Change to Cape Cod Senior Softball League
                  Need result of vote before 7/24
          4. Setting up the Player Evaluation/Assignment Committee
                  Names from each division were submitted, votes taken for each name
                  Composition of the Committee: 8 + 2 Alternates from Division 1,2 &3,4
                  The Committee will create the process by which they determine player
                     placement; managers will have input via their player evaluations.
                The Committee will determine if a scramble is necessary
                The work of the Committee shall be completed by mid-December
                There will be no-appeal once the Player Evaluation/Assignment Committee
                   has made their determinations regarding placement of players
5. Revisiting the structure of the League:
                Some of the Board members had second thoughts about decisions made at the
                   Retreat. After prolong discussion it was decided that
                Division I would have the age range from 55 – 62
                Division II would have the age range from 63 – 69, basically, keeping these
                   two divisions as they are today except for the age change
                Division III & IV would be 70+, with Division III being more competitive and
                   Division IV being more recreational
                Divisions III & IV would be a trial balloon, see how it works and reevaluate at
                   end of 2011 season
                We will continue with the 4 divisional presidents, as required by our by-laws

6. Elections: Who is running for re-election? The openings are: Div. I,II,III, & IV Presidents
and one member at-large
                Jim DeVoe – NO
                Fred Tirrell – YES
                Ed Mahan – absent, must decide
                Rich Sullivan – absent, must decide
                Jim Harrington – will not run if Rich Sullivan is running
7. Reports from Divisional Presidents
                Nothing major to report, just about openings and injuries on teams
8. Other Issues:
                Joe Fontes called and told Van that there are many trophies that, perhaps we
                 could give away or donate to little league, Rec. Dept. etc. Van will look into
                Van will also call Mrs. Simpson to confirm that she, in fact, wants the Classic
                 trophy to be named after her late husband.
                Van met with the Division I Managers regarding the re-distribution of some
                 player in order to have parity among the teams. Meeting was successful,
                 managers were very cooperative.-
                It was recommended that Brian Hastings, once again, be in charge of
                 organizing the Fall League
                The Commissioner re-stated the need for managers to make sure all of their
                 players were in uniform.
                Rocco Annesi stated that Ed Mahan resigned as President of Division I and
                 then reconsidered, Rocco felt that he should resign. The Commissioner said
                 he would talk with him to firm things up, one way or the other.
 Meeting Adjourned at 11:30 AM
Submitted by: Judy Kennedy, Recording Secretary 508224-4267

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