How to install ffmpeg,mencoder,flvtools in easiest way

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					Today i will tell you how it is easy to install all these in just few
easy steps.Before i did not know this way to install ffmpeg,mencoder etc
 It was taking me around 4-5 hrs to download every source and it's
dependencies compile them and
tackle all those errors that may come up in the compile time.

I found this quick and easy way accidentally .So here are the steps

1.Login to your SSH account with root access

now login to src directory /usr/local/src

download executable which will do our job

make the downloaded file executable
4.chmod 777 AAST_ffmpeg_installer_5.0.7b

run it
5. ./AAST_ffmpeg_installer_5.0.7b

if it is the first time your are going to to use this script on this
server it will ask you to register your server ip with them .To register
go to Enter your name ,email and
server IP your country and submit and your are ready to go

once you registred your server IP you have to re run the script
now you will see a blue window asking for you too choose the items you
want to install
select ffmpeg,mencoder flvtools etc.Continue to next steps

now this tool will do all downloading and compilation of script and
within few min your server will be ready to start processing video files

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Description: Quick and easy way to enable ffmpe and other tools on your server.No need to compile them manually. I found a great little tool to do this