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ID                                                    Resource                   LABEL               Constant
Simply a number to               This is a            A reference to the         descriptive         The Constant that
indicate a place holder.         reference to the     filename of the file       reference to what   is defined in the
This column is often             number in the        associated/used with       that line is        nwscript.nss to
referenced in other .2das,       dialogue.tlk         this listing in the .2da   referencing.        designate this
and the reference is to the      which offers a                                                      class.
placement in the row, not        description/name
necessarily the number            of the listing in
indicated. The number            the toolset.
itself is largely unimportant,
it is merely an indicator of
the place in the .2da that is
referenced, so keeping the
numbering consistent is a
good idea.
This one is a weird one, here's
how it works: For simple feats
and properties, take the decimal
value, square it, and multiply it
by 1000gp to get the monetary
value added. Now, for
properties in the itemprops.2da,
take the cost column value,
square it, then go to the
appropriate IPRP_*.2da for that
property, in the cost column,
square that value, now, take
what you just got and multiply it
by the value you got from
squaring the column in the
itemprop.2da, and multiply THAT
by 1000gp to get the value
added. It seems to go to the
third decimal place in accuracy.
The visual
icon displayed
in the upper
right for the
player when
the action is
set in motion.
Filename Reference
to the short file that
is played after battle
ends. The file is a
.wav file.
Model                ShotSound            ImpactSound
Filename of the      sound file that is   sound file that is
model that is used   played when the      played when the
in game for this     ammo is fired        ammo type hits its
item.                from a ranged        target. Also a
                     weapon. File is a    .wav file
                     .wav file.
Race             Envmap                                         Bloodcolr        ModelType
Model filename   That's the environment map applied to          What color the   Used to
used for the     the alpha channel in the model's               blood is:        determine what
appearance                                                                       set of animations
                 textures. 'Default' is for PCs and any
                                                                                 to use.
                 other creature with reflective armor.
                 'evmap_irrid' is only used by Stag Beetle
                 and Umber Hulk and gives them a
                 rainbow hue effect. '****' no map, this will
                 give you transparency on your model -
                 black in the alpha channel will be
                                                                and any
                                 textures. 'Default' is for PCsR = Red other creature with reflective
                                                                               P = Player
                                 armor. 'evmap_irrid' is only used by Stag Beetle=and Umber Hulk and
                                                               O = Orange      F Full set
                                 gives them a rainbow hue effect. '****' no map, this will give you
                                                               Y = Yellow      S = creature anims
                                                               G black in
                                 transparency on your model - = Green the alpha=channel will be weapons
                                                                               L same as S, plus
                                 completely transparent.       B = Blue
                                                               P = Purple
                                                               W = White
            WeaponScale       Wing_Tail_Scale       Helmet_Scale_M Helmet_Scale_F              MoveRate          WalkDist
            How much to       All set to 1. Model   M is for male, F for female, this is the   reference to
            scale a weapon    has to have a wing    multiplier to scale a helmet model         creaturespeed.2da
            that is held by   or tail node to       which is replacing the head model of
            this creature,    make use of this      the creature. Again, expressed as a
            expressed as a    column                multiplier

me as S, plus weapons
RunDist PerSpace               CrePerSpace     Height              HitDist   PreFatCKDist
        Distance of personal   Distance of     Guess, but could              preferred
        bubble around          personal        it be comparable              distance in
        creature.              space when in   to tile height? All           feet to attack
                               combat mode.    are set to 1.                 from if not
TargetHeight      AbortOnParry RacialType HasLegs HasArms Portrait                 SizeCategory
This determines                           self explanatory. If it .tga file used   reference to
the creature's                            has legs or arms, 1, for the portrait.   creaturesize.2da
height for attack                         if not, 0.
animations. If H,
then high attacks
are used, if L,
then low attacks
are used.
PerceptionDist FootstepType SoundAppType              HeadTrack     Head_arc_H    Head_arc_V
               reference to    reference to           set to 1 if   horizontal    vertical
               the             appearancesndset.2da   you want      range of      range of
               footsteps.2da,                         the model's   head          head
               which row to                           head to       tracking in   tracking in
               use when                               follow        degrees       degrees
               determining                            current
               footstep                               speaker
               sounds. A -1
               indicates no
               footstep sound.
Head_Name      BodyBag          Targetable
name of the    what gets left   The only one marked
head node in   on the ground    as "0" is Invisible
the model      when the         Human Male. The rest
               creature         are "1", this seems to
               disappears       set whether or not
               once dead,       there is a glow around
               reference to     the creature when
               bodybag.2da      moused over.
ArmorType        WeaponTypeL   WeaponTypeR   WeaponTypeS   WeaponTypeClsLw
reference to the
armor label from
WeapTypeClsH WeapTypeRch   MissIndex Looping              FallFws          FallBck
                                     Sound played as      Sound creature   Sound creature
                                     a looping .wav       makes when it    makes when it
                                     file while the       falls forward    falls backwards
                                     creature is alive.
Shape         Radius           Width/Length     OnEnter           HeartBeat        OnExit
C = Circle    distance         distances        supposedly a script to fire on each of
R = Rectangle measured in      measured in      these events based upon the size of the
              meters, only     meters, only     AOE, however, cannot find references to
              applicable for   applicable for   these scripts in the scripts.bif and/or how
              the circle       the rectangle    they are referenced
              shape            shape
ACBonus            DexBonus        ACCheck              ArcaneFailure%      Weight
Armor class        Maximum         Penalty applied      percent chance      Divide by 10 and this gives the
bonus granted to   dexterity       to certain skills,   for arcane spells   amount the armor weighs. The
the wearer         bonus allowed   such as move         to fail while       armor type is identified in the
                   while wearing   silently and such    wearing the armor   parts_chest.2da, and the
                   armor                                                    ACBonus column cross-
                                                                            references with the ACBonus
                                                                            column in this .2da
You got us…
ArmorIndex   ArmorType
             what material
             the armor is
             made of,
             reference for
             the sounds
             made when
             struck by
             various things
InvSlotWidth/Height                  EquipableSlots                                      CanRotateIcon
Inventory slot width and             Identifies which slots can you equip the item into. Whether or not
height.                              This is a hexadecimal value.                        the icon in the
    Make sure it matches the                                                             inventory can be
size of the icon you created                                                             rotated to fit if
earlier (the icon is 32 pixels x                                                         there is not
the size of the inventory slot                                                           enough room
e.g., 1 x 4 translates to 32 x 128                                                       otherwise (I
pixels).                                                                                 think, well,
                                                                                         okay, I don’t

                                     0x00000 – Not equipable                             0 if no
                                     0x00001 – Helmet                                    1 if yes
                                     0x00002 – Armor
                                     0x00004 – Boots
                                     0x00008 – Gloves
                                     0x00010 – Expendable Weapon (shuriken, etc.)
                                     0x00020 – Shield or other offhand non-weapon
                                     0x00030 – Missile weapon (bow, sling, etc.)
                                     0x00040 – Cloak
                                     0x00180 – Ring
                                     0x00200 – Amulet
                                     0x00400 – Belt
                                     0x00800 – Arrow
                                     0x01000 – Bullet
                                     0x02000 – Bolt
                                     0x1C000 – Creature Weapon
                                     0x1C010 – Two-handed Weapon
                                     0x1C030 – One-handed Weapon
                                     0x20000 – Creature Armor
ModelType         ItemClass       GenderSpecific
The type of       Name of the     0 if no
model.            new model you   1 if yes
                  have created
                  (without the

0 – normal item
1 – helmet
2 – weapon
3 – armor
Defines how the environment map is applied to the alpha channel in the model's textures.

There is one map for each of the three weapon parts:
Part 1 – bottom
Part 2 – middle
Part 3 – top
1 will apply the environment map, giving you reflective surfaces.
0 will not apply the environment map.
****' not applicable. This is used for items that do not have 3 pieces or that do not have an actual model map.
DefaultModel         DefaultIcon Container                   WeaponWield
The default          Does not     Is the item a container?   Identifies the animations a
model for when       appear to be          0 if no           character uses to wield the item.
the item is laying   used for               1 if yes
on the ground.       anything               This only true
Typically it_bag                  for one item, the ‘large
                                  box’. This same item is
                                  also used to create
                                  ‘large bag’ items like
                                  the magic bags of

                                                             1 Non-wieldable/wearable
                                                             4 Two-handed items (e.g. halberd)
                                                             5 Bows
                                                             6 Crossbows
                                                             7 Shields
                                                             8 Double-headed weapons
                                                             9 Creature weapons
                                                             10 Dart and sling
                                                             11 Shuriken and throwing axe
                                                             **** Standard weapons
WeaponType              WeaponSize   RangedWeapon                            PrefAttackDist
The type of weapon and Size of the   Index to the type of ammunition         The preferred
type of damage it does. weapon.      used by a ranged weapon.                distance for
                                                        Note: it does not    attacking with this
                                     appear to be possible, at least as of   weapon. Not
                                     v1.27, to create a new ranged           sure how this is
                                     weapon. It is possible to replace an    used. It could be
                                     existing ranged weapon with a new       how far away the
                                     one.                      This can      character stands
                                     point to either another item (for       in combat or
                                     items that are projectile weapons -     something.
                                     e.g., 20 for an arrow) or to the item
                                     itself (for items that are thrown –
                                     e.g., 59 for a shuriken).

1 Piercing                1 Tiny     **** if this is not a ranged weapon.
2 Bludgeoning             2 Small
3 Slashing                3 Medium
4 Slashing and Piercing   4 Large
MinRange                   MaxRange                            NumDice        DieToRoll      CritThreat
The minimum number         The maximum allowed number          Number of      Type of die Chance a crit
of weapon models of        of weapon models of this type.      dice to roll   that is rolled threat occurs.
this type.                 Most weapons have a limit of 10     for damage.    for damage
The actual value to put    models (and 3 colors). The game
in here is the range you   will ignore any models higher
want x 10. It is hard to   numbered than this figure.
check what this actually                         The actual
does because it            value to put in here is the range
probably only allocates    you want x 10. So it is 100 for
space in an internal       most weapons. If you want 11
stack for weapon           longswords instead of 10, make
models.                    it 110.

                                                                                            1 = on a 20
                                                                                            2 = on a 19-20
                                                                                            3 = on a 18-20
CritHitMult Category BaseCost                     Stacking             ItemMultiplier    InvSoundType
Damage               Basic cost in gold pieces    Number of            The only effect   The sound made
multiplier           for a non-magical,           identical items      this seems to     when clunking
if you get a         standard item. For           that can be          have is that it   items around in
critical hit.        weapons it maps back to      stacked together     multiplies the    your inventory.
                     the cost in the PHB. As      in your inventory    basecost.         Refer to
                     soon as you start adding     (this is why you                       inventorysnds.2da
                     magical properties to        get 99 arrows in a                     for detailed values.
                     weapons, the cost goes up    bundle, 10
                     accordingly. That is what    potions, etc.)
                     the cost line items in the
                     item property definition
                     tables account for.
MaxProps MinProps                PropColumn               StorePanel                  ReqFeat0-4 AC_Enchant
These have to do with the        This is the column       The panel of the merchant   The feats
max number of spells that        from itemprops.2da       inventory that this item    required to
an item can cast. This is        which determines         shows up in.                use this
seen in the item properties      what properties can                                  weapon.
page where scrolls, wands,       be assigned to a given
etc. can cast 1 spell and        item. Melee weapons
most other items are able to     at column 0 can have
hold up to 8. Other              almost any property
properties are not included      assigned to them, but
in that max, only cast spells.   torches at column 20
                                 can only have light.

                                                          0 – Armor and clothing      44 Exotic
                                                          1 – Weapon                  45 Martial
                                                          2 – Potions and Scrolls     46 Simple
                                                          3 – Wands and Magic items   48 Druid
                                                          4 - Miscellaneous           49 Monk
                                                                                      50 Rogue
                                                                                      51 Wizard
BaseAC            ArmorCheckPenalty       BaseItemStatRef
The standard      Penalty applied to      String reference to dialog.tlk for a description of the
or base AC        skills where wearing    statistics of this item (e.g., required feats, critical hits,
bonus that this   armor makes it more     etc.) in text form. This goes below the weapon in the
item imparts.     difficult, hiding eg.   inventory when you identify the item.              I use 59
                                          (this leaves the description blank because there is no
                                          entry for most new weapons in dialog.tlk). Then, in the
                                          blueprint, actually put the weapon stats in the
                                          description. You won’t notice the difference when you
                                          bring up the weapon in the game engine. You could
                                          also use 0 but this causes a problem in-game because
                                          the engine interprets 0 in this field as an erroneous

1 Small Shield
2 Large Shield
3 Tower Shield
ChargesStarting RotateOnGround
Starting # of   Not sure. It appears to be an indicator that tells you how to rotate the
charges         model so it lays flat on the ground (e.g., you don’t want a sword standing
                on its edge when lain flat).

0 for most items. 0 Do not rotate? (this is used for most items without models)
50 for wands, etc. 1 Rotate 90 deg. about y axis? (this is used for most weapons)
                   2 Rotate 90 deg. about x axis? (this is used for crossbows and potions)
TenthLBS                WeaponMatType             AmmunitionType                        QBBehaviour
This number divided     Type of material the      Type of ammunition the weapon uses. I
by 10 gives the         weapon is made out        think this should map to
number of pounds        of – used to define       ammunitiontypes.2da but everything
this item adds to the   the sound the             seems offset by +1.
inventory. If this      weapon makes
value is over some      against different
number between
                        types of armor.
250 and 300, weird
                        Refer to
things begin to
                        for detailed listings
                        of the different items.

                                                  1 – arrow (0 in ammunitiontypes.2da)
                                                  2 – bolt (1)
                                                  3 – bullet (2)
                                                  4 – dart (3)
                                                  5 – shuriken (4)
                                                  6 – throwing axe (5)
ArcaneSpellFailure     %AnimSlashL/R/S               StorePanelSort   ILRStackSize
Amount added to the    % of the time that your
percentage chance      character will use this
for arcane spells to   animation type when
fail.                  wielding this weapon.
                            Left, Right or Straight.
                       For a piercing weapon, set
                       L and R to zero. For a
                       slashing or bludgeoning
                       weapon, set S to zero. For a
                       slashing/piercing weapon
                       use a combination.
This .2da is what is referenced by
the bodybag entry in other .2das.
It dictates what the appearance of
the bodybag item is according to
what has been assigned to it.
MDLName NodeName
reference .2da for other
Icon                 HitDie            AttackBonusTable       FeatsTable             SavingThrowTable
This is the visual   What sided die    Which .2da             Which .2da             Which .2da
image that shows     the class rolls   reference this class   reference this class   referenced for saving
the image of the     for hit points.   uses for it's attack   uses for it's feats    throw bonuses per
class in the                           advancement            granted.               level.
profile.                               bonuses.               CLS_FEATS_*            CLS_SAVTHR_*
SkillsTable         SkillPointBase      SpellGainTable   SpellKnownTable        PlayerClass      SpellCaster
Which .2da is       Modifier            Which .2da       Which .2da is          0 if not a       0 if not a
referenced for      multiplied by the   referenced for   referenced for how     playable         spell caster,
skills allowed in   intelligence        gaining new      many spells are        class, 1 if it   1 if it is.
class and allowed   bonus to give       spells.          able to be cast per    is.
out of class…as     starting skill                       spell a la bards and
well as granted     points.                              sorcerers.
Ability Scores        PrimaryAbil        AlignRstrctType        AlignRstrctType      InvertRestriction
What ability scores   Ability score that Restricts the actual   Affects which axis   0 = AlignRstrct
get set to if the     needs to be above alignment.              the restriction is   works normal
player hits           16 to get the 10%                         for                  (only alignment
"recommended" in      experience bonus                                               covered hexcode
the ability score     as per 3e rules.                                               listed is allowed)
assignment screen                                                                    1 = AlignRstrct
in the character                                                                     works Inverted
creation.                                                                            (only alignments
                                                                                     NOT covered by
                                                                                     hexcode listed
                                          0x01 = NEUTRAL        0x01 = lawchaos
                                          0x02 = LAWFUL         0x02 = goodevil
                                          0x04 = CHAOTIC        0x03 = both
                                          0x08 = GOOD
                                          0x10 = EVIL
Effective challenge
rating assigned to a
character of the
given class. Used
to calculate
experience and
encounter difficulty.
The ID # is the PC level position
offset by one, I.e., 0=1st level,
1=2nd level, etc. The BAB
column is thebonus given to
FeatLabel FeatIndex List                                GrantedOnLevel            OnMenu
Name of   ID #        0 = anyone can select them        Which level the feat is   0 = passive feat
the feat. reference         1 = meta-magic feats        granted to the class.        1 = active feat
          of the feat        2 = class specific feats   An entry of -1 means      (radial)
          in the              3 = automatically         that the feat can be
          feats.2da   given feats                       selected through
                                                        standard levelling up.
Level          FortSave    RefSave   WillSave
Level of the   Fortitude   Reflex    Will
PC             Save        Save      Save
               bonus       Bonus     Bonus
SkillLabel SkillIndex ClassSkill
Name of    ID             0 means can still
the skill  Reference get the skill, but
           to the         takes 2 points per
           skills.2da     point of skill. 1
           for the skill. means an in-class
                          skill, 1 pt. for 1 skill
NumSpellsLevels        SpellLevel0-9
How many spell         Number of
levels the player      spells for each
counts as having.      spell level
Compare with the       gained
Level column to tell
actual level vs.
spell level.
Roughly the same as the
cls_spgn_* .2das except this is
the spells able to be cast each
spell level per caster level for
bards and sorcerers.
clearly this is a reference for
another .2da, however, there
seems to be combat modes
missing, like flurry of blows for
Armor class
adjustment for size.
 E.g. For tiny
creatures, add 2 to
their AC…
WalkRate            RunRate
rate multiplier for rate
walking             multiplier

note that PC
movement is
slightly faster
than "normal"
reference for other .2das
ResRef        CursorID
reference for
the GUI file
that is
displayed as
the cursor
VisualEffectID        RangedEffectID
reference to the      doesn't appear
VisualEffects.2da     to be used
ID # to play when
the given effect hits
a creature.
references for other .2das
appears to tell which AC armor level to
play which sound type
NoCriticalOnPC        NoAoO*              MinPCDamagePercent            MaxNPCDamagePercent          MinHP1
determines            determines          percentage of damage          How much damage NPCs
whether or not        whether or not      the PC will do                and creatures will do
creatures will do     the PC will have    minimum…i.e., at the          maximum…i..e., at easiest
criticals to the PC   enemies do an       easiest levels, the PC will   levels, they will never do
                      Attack of           deal max damage at            more than 25% damage.
                      Opportunity on      minimum
                      the given action

                      **** = they WILL
                      0 = they will NOT
First_Save     Subs_Save              Incu_Hours                 Dice_x          Dam_x        Type_x
DC of the      DC of the              Base is 21 hours, each 1   which sided     how many     ID # referencing
initial save   subsequent save,       here adds another 30       die is rolled   dice are     the
to resist      which is made          hours to the incubation    for damage      rolled for   iprp_abilities.2da
the disease    after resting, or      period…I.e., a 1 makes                     damage       for which ability
               after the              the incubation time 31                                  score gets
               incubation time is     hours, a 2 makes it 61                                  damaged
               up, as well as after   hours, a 3 makes it 91
               each 24 hours.         hours…
Type                 End_Incu_Script      24_Hour_Script
power of the         what script to run   which script to
disease, a la        at the end of the    run each 24
extraordinary vs.    incubation period    hours

                                          NOTE: if 2
                                          saves are made,
                                          the disease
Level_*            GrantedFeat     CastableFeat
Indicates the      reference to    0 if it is not
level at which     the feats.2da   castable, 1 if it
the spell ID# is   ID # for the    is.
granted. The       feat which is
spell # is a       granted
reference to
the spells.2da
seems like this isn't used…was an aborted .2da which then got changed over to doortypes.2da
Tileset       TemplateResRef        StringRefGame    BlockSight      VisibleModel       SoundAppType
Which tileset The mdl file of the   Name as it       0 if it does    0 if the model     reference to the
the doors are door itself.          appears in the   NOT block       shouldn't          placeableobjectss
attached to.                        toolset.         sight (and      render, if it is   nd.2da…it's the
                                                     missile         merely a           sound the door
                                                     weapons),       transition         makes when you
                                                     1 if it does.   marker, 1 if it    hit it
                                                                     is seen in
Doesn't really seem to do anything, has only one entry
.tga filename
used as the icon
that shows in the
upper right of the
screen when
under said effect
(also shows in
character sheet)
This is the scaling
magnitude for setting
difficulty of encounters.
 Change this and you
change the scale of
difficulty settings for
Normal          Heavy
Divide by 10, and you get
the encumberance levels.
A few of the values are off
of the 3e PHB, but they're
DayNight        Light_amb_x       Light_dif_x   Light_shadows    Dark_amb_x       Dark_dif_x    Dark_shadows
Sets the        Default levels    Default       1 to cast day    Default levels   Default       1 to cast night
default state   for each of the   levels for    shadows, 0 not   for each of      levels for    shadows, 0 not
for cycling     RGB colors, 0-    each of the   to.              the RGB          each of the   to.
day and         255               RGB colors,                    colors, 0-255    RGB
night, or                         0-255                                           colors, 0-
always dark                                                                       255

Light_fog_x   Dark_fog_x    Light_fog    Dark_fog main1_colorx   main2_color1x secondary_colorx
Default       Default       Default      Default
levels for    levels for    Fog          Fog
each of the   each of the   amounts      amounts
RGB colors,   RGB colors,   during day   during
0-255         0-255                      night
wind          snow         rain         lightening    shadow_alpha
Strength of   percentage   percentage   percentage    shadow opacity
wind, 0-2     chance for   chance for    chance for   as a decimal…
              snow         rain         lightening    i.e., 0.6 = 60%
The amount of time that
the target of one of the
two actions is driven to
then retaliate against the
aggressor, time in
Level       XP
level       how
attained    much XP
when        is needed
given XP    to
is gained   advance
            to the
            given level
Feat              Icon             Min_X                   PreReqFeat_X       GainMultiple    EffectsStack
The toolset       .tga file used   what must be had        Feats required     Can you take    Do the effects
name of the       as the icon      before the feat         to have before     this feat       gained from
feat as written   next to the      will appear as an       you can get this   multiple        this feat stack
in the            feat name in     option, be it ability   feat.              times, 0 for    with other
dialogue.tlk      the GUIs         scores, attack                             no, 1 for yes   bonuses, 0 for
entry.                             bonus, or spell                                            no, 1 for yes
AllClassesCanUse Category MaxCR SpellID            Successor         CRValue
A 0 means this is a             Reference to the   What feat this
class specific feat.            spells.2da entry   feat cues to
                                that this feat     appear once you
                                emulates.          have it.
UsesPerDay        MasterFeat   TargetSelf OrReqFeat_X     ReqSkill         ToolsCategory
How many times                            If the PC has   Skill required   The number
per day the PC                            ANY of the      to have in       cooresponds to
can use this feat                         listed Feats,   order to take    the type of feat
before it is                              they can take   the feat.        it is:
exhausted for the                         this one.

                                                                           0 = All Feats
                                                                           1 = Combat Feats
                                                                           2 = Active Combat Feats
                                                                           3 = Defensive Feats
                                                                           4 = Magical Feats
                                                                           5 = Class/Racial Feats
                                                                           6 = Other Feats
                                                                           Anything beyond 7 messes up the toolset
            If used, will this
            provoke attacks
            and/or hostility
            from target. 1
            for yes. **** for

Combat Feats
Active Combat Feats
Defensive Feats
Magical Feats
Class/Racial Feats

hing beyond 7 messes up the toolset
This .2da is fairly self explanatory…
Each column dictates a different type of terrain that creatures might encounter, and each row is a different type of creature/NPC
These are references from the FootStep column in the appearances.2da.
the sound files are all .wav files.
ow is a different type of creature/NPC.
Denominator       Min
The numerical     the decimal value
int declared      minimum needed
as the            to give the
denominator       denominator listed
of the fraction
Reference .2da for the appearance.2da.
Same as doortypes.2da.
This .2da is the list of possible animal companions, and their basic resrefs
This .2da is the list of possible familiars, and their respective base resrefs
This is the reference .2da for the values assigned in the baseitems.2da for INVSOUNDS. The files are all .wav files.
The files are all .wav files.
.2da reference for references to ability scores
.2da reference for types of AC modifications
.2da Reference to alignment
groups. Does not combine
the full 3x3 chart, but rather,
each number references a
different cell, I.e., good, evil,
lawful, chaotic, not lawful
good, or chaotic evil.
.2da Reference for the full
alignment combinations, I.e.,
Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral,
Arrow          Bolt           Bullet
These are clearly values for the tags of the
base ammo types. It doesn't have all of
them however, but only the ones that have
different models it seems (with emitters,
since d6 is where the emitter/visuals take
.2da reference that actually
gives names to the ammo types
Seems to be a simple reference
to a number of something…used
across the boards I'm sure.
totally empty
.2da reference to different colors
.2da reference to different types of mundane weapon damage
NumDice          Die           Rank   GameString
Number of dice   Type of Die          Label for the strings
                                      that require both
                                      integers AND the "d".
                                      The others can use
                                      straight ints it appears.
References for all the types of damage, including a cost multiplier for some.
The # that is
referenced is
the ID # in the
Types of damage that can be applied by a monster…
Types of monster hit
properties that can be given
to items…again, with the
cost…and this time the
Param#ResRef added for
bonus confusion…
All the properties that
can be applied in the
OnHit parameter for the
item properties. Also
has cost,
EffectChance     DurationRounds
percentage       # of rounds the
chance the       target is under
given property   the effect for
effects the
seems to be a crossover .2da reference
Has parameters if a given label is attached to a property value, which .2da to reference…
reference to which
ability score to damage,
assuming it's what the
poison.2da references
in the Type_x columns
reference for
bonuses of
protection and its
cost multiplier
(deflection bonus)
parameters for the cost reduction property
given to items. The Value column
appears to be what the cost is actually
multiplied by to get final cost, as opposed
to the Cost column
reference for the various resistance values, Amount is the actual value given in resistance
property categories for the different types of things one could save against.
labels for the various saving throw categories
Reference for the cost multipliers of the various soak categories, along with the actual value of soak given.
e of soak given.
The various Cast Spell properties you
can give to an item…with the spell
index, which refers to the spells.2da
reference of the spell in question, as
well as the cost column again

any spell listed here is immediately
available for the Item Property:
Spell Immunity:Specific Spell
reference for increasing the cost multiplier based upon what level the spell is cast at.
reference for what level the item is limited to in spells I believe
CasterLvl              InnateLvl           SpellIndex   PotionUse     WandUse      GeneralUse
Caster level that      Spell cast as an                 Can it be     Can it be    Can it be put
the spell is cast at   innate ability,                  placed on a   paced on a   on
from the item.         and this is the                  potion?       wand?        everything
                       level that the                                              else
                       spell is cast at.
The visual
que that the
power is
being used
in the upper
right of the
screen when
reference for the various schools of magic and letters that are used as references for them
Reference for the different types of traps and their cost multiplier
The reference for the trap POWER level, and the multiplier for that
another reference for trap power levels
only entry is for zombie walk and default walk
reference for cost multipliers for weight reduction property
reference for cost multipliers for the wight increase values
SubTypeResRef       CostTableResRef Param1ResRef
Seems to be the     Somehow
iprp.2da that is    references the
referenced to get   iprp_costtable.2da
the subtype label   for something, but
for this category   unknown for what
of item property    or why.
This .2da is self explanatory…the columns all
represent a type of item, the rows represent
the possibility of using the labeled property
(given in the last column) on the item. An
entry of "****" means it cannot, and an entry
of "1" means it can.
LABEL      DesiredTreasure MaxSingleItemValue            TotalValueFilter
Level of   all entries are 0 Used for determining        Total amount of
entering                     the highest allowed         gp value allowed
PC                           value of a single item if   on a PC if Item
                             Item Level Restrictions     Level Restrictions
                             are on                      are on.
These .2da's are all references to the random defaults when the item wizard assigns values to magical items
Prop            SubProp             CostTable      CostVal         ParamTable         Param       Value
Which           Which
property gets subproperty gets
assigned        assigned
(references     (references the
itemprops.2da) appropriate
                depending on
                which property is
ID           Language0               Page          Name

this .2da appears to be what keys can be mapped, as well as references to the internal engine for what they do.
Red          Green       Blue     Label   ToolsetRed ToolsetGreen ToolsetBlue
The RBG mix to get the labelled           Same, except the values are exactly one
color, but not the standard 0-255         half that in the other columns.
values. Uncertain what it
Hint                CampaignOnly
The String          Whether the
ResRef in the       load screen
dialogue.tlk that   only appears in
is displayed in     the module
the loading         start or in all
screens             load screens,
                    including area
ScriptingName   BMPResRef       TileSet        StrRef
                The .bmp that   which          The name of
                is displayed    tileset this   the area type
                with the        transition     that is being
                transition      goes with      transitioned to
List of the feats that are "master" feats, I.e, they all have subcategories within their heading.
LevelAdjustment              FeatRequired
The level of spell           Reference to
adjustment to the spell      feats.2da for
when this meta magic         which feat is
feat is applied. E.g., a     necessary to
1st level Quickened spell    apply the meta
takes up a 5th level slot.   magic
name filter is self explanatory. Put any words in here that you want to filter out as name options
appears to be minimum specs
for a computer that is
attempting to run NWN, unsure
what would happen if you put
these settings to the point
where a system couldn't run
the game.
Appear to tell the system what to do depending on which option is chosen from the startup GUIs.
Label   ClassID         Attribute            Gold            School              Domain#
class   Reference to    Primary attribute    starting gold   reference to        reference to
name    the classes.2da when assigning                       spellschools as     domains.2da
                        default attributes                   to what arcane      for what
                                                             scool of magic      divine
                                                             is the speciality   domains are
Associate          SpellPref2DA            FeatPref2DA             SkillPref2DA            Equip2DA
Seems to be a      reference to the        reference to the        reference to the        reference to the
reference to the   appropriate             appropriate             appropriate             appropriate
hen_companions.2   PackSP* list for if a   PackFT* list for if a   PackSK* list for if a   PackEQ* list for if a
da                 player hits             player hits             player hits             player hits
                   "recommended"           "recommended"           "recommended"           "recommended"
                   upon level up. The      upon level up. The      upon level up. The      upon level up. The
                   ID determines           ID determines           ID determines           ID determines
                   priority in choosing.   priority in choosing.   priority in choosing.   priority in choosing.
all set to 0
These are the items that are created on the PC when they start fresh in a server
If recommended is hit, this
is the feat priority list for
gaining new feats. The
FeatIndex is the reference
to the feats.2da
Priority list for adding points
in a skill…the recommended
will equalize the values on
this list first, then increase
as the priority on down the
Priority list for gaining "known"
spells. If recommended is hit,
it will search top down this list
for a spell that CAN be gained,
then gains that one.
CostModifier ACBonus
all are set to 0 This value is cross-
                 referenced in the
                 armor.2da to
                 determine weight and
                 penalties and such,
                 only the parts_chest
                 seems to actually DO
                 anything though
The three phenotypes
ArmorType             Opened          Closed        Destroyed     Used         Locked
cross-referenced      sound file      sound file    sound file    sound file   sound file
with other .2das to   played when     played when   played when   played       played when
determine sound       opened          closed        destroyed     when used    failed to
file played when                                                               open
struck (bashed)                                                                because it
                                                                               was locked

All sound files are in .wav format.
ModelName LightColor               LightOffSetX      SoundAppType       ShadowSize         BodyBag
filename of cross references the   Position          cross referenced   all seem to be     if this item is
the model   colors.2da for the     vector that       to the             set to 1.          used as a body
            color the placeable    the light is in   placeableobjsnds   Assuming this      bag for item
            emits                  relation to the    2da for the       is a multiplier.   drops, this will
                                   aurabase          appropriate        The shadow         be a 1,
                                                     soundset           is this number     otherwise, 0
                                                                        times the size
                                                                        of the original.
if the low
gore setting
is enabled,
this is the
filename to
be used
The different categories that something can be put into for placeables.
Save_DC            Handle_DC                Dice_X                  Dam_X              Default_X   Script_X    Cost
The initial save   The save to resist       The die rolled for      The number of      Which       Script to   cost
DC to avoid        the secondary            damage (I.e, a 6        dice to roll for   ability     run         multiplier
poisoning          effects of the           means roll a die six)   the damage         score to    along       to modify
                   poison, which take                                                  do the      with the    an item
                   effect one hour                                                     damage to   poison      that is
                   after infection of the                                                          damage      given this
                   poison                                                                          effects     property
OnHitApplied                   VFX_Impact
Seems like if this is put at   VFX to apply
1, then any weapon with        when the
this property will apply the   poison save
poison on a successful hit,    is failed
rather than just monster
weapons doing this…
Name                AppearanceType       RacialType           PortraitID         Portrait
the constant        cross-reference to   reference to the     reference to the   .tga file to use for
which is called     the                  racialtypes.2da to   portraits.2da to   the portrait
from within the     appearances.2da      change name          change portrait
scripting system    to change model      references while     picture
to use that entry   used as the PC       polymorphed
CreatureWeaponX          HideItem   Equipped             AbilityScores      NaturalACBonus     HPBonus
resref of the creature   Creature   weapon that gets     Changes to         Natural AC is      Number of hit
weapons that should      Armor      equipped in the      the physical       changed from the   points added
be created and           that is    right hand slot      statistics while   human default to   while
equipped while           created    while polymorphed    polymorphed        this while         polymorphed
polymorphed              and        (only used in doom                      polymorphed
                         equipped   knight currently)
none are used,
but appears you
can change the
soundset while
polymorphed as
BaseResRef          Sex          Race              InanimateType         Plot
the name of the     0 = male     cross             cross referenced      0 if all PC's can use it, 1 if
.tga file that is   1 = female   referenced with   with                  only NPCs can make use
the picture         2 = both     racialtypes.2da   placeabletypes.2da.   of it **** if it's a placeable.
shown minus         3 = other                                             Also determines whether
the po_ at the        4 = none                                           or not portrait shows up
beginning                                                                under "plot" in the toolset
                                                                         when selecting categories.

As a note, creatures do not use the InanimateType column at all, and placeables don't appear to
use either the race or plot columns at all
portrait image to use
if low gore option is
enabled. If there's a
**** there, it means
that there is no Low
Gore option
Label     Filename
type of   .utc file to
character use as a
Priority        Volume          MaxPlaying
if too many     percentage of   how many of the
events          set volume to   given type can be
occur at        play labelled   played
once, what      sound           simultaneously
gets priority
reference for the different PVP settings available for a server/area
feats granted to a race when selected. The featindex points to the feats.2da
Appearance       AbilityAdj    Endurance   Favored   FeatsTable           PlayerRace Age
cross            adjustment to                       which                1 if a player default age
referenced to    the given                           race_feat_x          can select it, for this race
the              ability score                       table should be      0 if not
appearance.2da   when                                referenced for
to determine     selected at                         starting feats for
model used       character                           that race
if picked in the toolset
for a custom NPC,
under classes, this is
the class that is
automatically placed
PrimaryRange   SecondaryRange
distance in    Believe this is only
meters         used for
               perception, and the
               first value is for
               seen, and the
               second value is for
Label         PersonalRep     FactionRep      WitFriX               WitNeuX
action done   change to       Change to       appears if the        appears if the
              personal        faction         action is witnessed   action is witnessed
              reputation to   reputation if   by a friend of the    by someone
              the creature    NOT             target, reputation    neutral to the
              involved        witnessed       altered accordingly   target, reputation
appears if the action
is witnessed by
someone who is an
enemy of the target,
reputation adjusted
?? Mostly empty. Wonder if this was meant to be here
default settings for the reputation grid in the toolset
how long the rest period is, based
upon level. Divide by 1000 to get
rest duration in seconds
refernces for filtering of the scripts based upon category
filter for the different categories of sounds
Icon            Untrained        KeyAbility             ArmorCheckPenalty      AllClassesCanUse Category
picture file    Can the          Stat ability that is   Is the armor penalty   Is this a class        all appear
displayed       skill be         used for               category used          specific skill, or can to be ****
when skill is   used even        adjustments to                                any class get/use it
used (shows     if skill level   skill check
in upper        is at 0
MaxCR   Constant           Hostile
        Constant           if used on
        assigned to the    someone, is this
        skill to be used   skill considered
        from the           to trigger
        scripting          "hostile"
        language           repurcussions
DeviceCostMax SkillReq_Class SkillReq_Race   SkillReq_Align
this is cross referenced with the rrf_wav list to create the filtered sets of sounds
default values set in the toolset when you put different position options in the sound wizard
default time settings put in when the various time options are chosen in the sound wizard
seems to be a reference 2da, not sure what it references or what it points at though
Volume       MinDistance MaxDistance
I'm so not touching this
one with a ten foot
pole…looks as though
it determines where
the sound output is
drawn from for each
kind of setup.
Label      ResRef     Gender      Type
name of    filename   appears cross reference to
the        of the     that "0" is soundsettype.2da
soundset   soundset   "male"
                      and "1" is
reference .2da for types of soundsets
only two entires…looks to be the two references for the water sounds
IconResRef       School                 Range            VS                 MetaMagic
icon that        The letter can be      cross            Vocal/Somantic     This is a hexidecimal value for
represents the   crossreferenced in     referenced       components. V      the meta magic feats that can
spell when       the spellschools.2da   with the         signifies Vocal,   be applied to the given spell.
cast in the                             ranges.2da       and S signifies    Decimal values for these are
action icon                             the first 5 ID   Somantic           given below. To determine the
                                        #'s are what                        hex flag, add all the values
                                        these letters                       together, and then use
                                        correspond to                       window's calculater to convert
                                                                            from the decimal to hex value
                                                                            (scientific calculator can do it).

                                                                            Empower = 1
                                                                            Extend = 2
                                                                            Maximize = 4
                                                                            Quicken = 8
                                                                            Silent = 16
                                                                            Still = 32
TargetType                    ImpactScript    Classes                  Innate           ConjTime
The type of target that the   Script that     Level of the spell for   Level spell      all set to 1500
spell can be targeted on,     runs on the     the given class, if      is cast at if    except
again, in hex. Decimal        target of the   not useable by that      it is an         Phantasmal
values below:                 spell           class, then ****         innate ability   Killer, which is
                                                                                        set to 900. Can't
                                                                                        tell that this does

self = 0x01
creature = 0x02
area = 0x04
items = 0x08
door = 0x10
placeable = 0x20
trigger = 0x40
ConjAnim                          Conj_X_Visual                 ConjSound_X                CastAnim
What caster does movement         Animations of the visual      The sound effects          The pose the caster
wise when casting spell           effect added at the various   played, the                ends in once the spell
                                  locations, head = above       Male/Female sounds         is cast, options listed
                                  caster's head, hand =         are the chanting voices    below:
                                  between his/her hands,        of the caster, while the
                                  and ground = around the       VFX is the actual sound
                                  caster on the ground. The     effects
                                  filename is listed

hand = hands in front of caster                                                            area
head = hands at face level                                                                 out
**** = no hand movement                                                                    self
CastTime        Cast_X_Visual    CastSound              Proj            ProjModel    ProjType
time in         Spell VFX that   The sound that         Is there a      the actual   movement
milliseconds    occur when       accompanies the        projectile      model of     path of the
the caster      the spell is     spell actually being   that moves      the          projectile
stays in the    actually cast,   cast rather than       between the     projectile
CastAnim pose   like the cone    conjured               caster and
                when Cone of                            target, 0 for
                Cold is cast                            no, 1 for yes
                for example

ProjSpawnPoint      ProjSound             ProjOrientation      ImmunityType       ItemImmunity     SubRadSpell#
where the           if the projectile     set to path if       What immunity      Are placeables   Spells that have
projectile leaves   makes a sound         there is a           type applies to    and items        multiple ways of
the caster from,    as it travels, this   projectile that is   resist the spell   immune to the    casting, such
either hand or      is the filename       used                 effects            effects of the   as Polymorph
head                                                                              spell or not.    for example,
                                                                                                   these options
                                                                                                   break down
                                                                                                   what options
                                                                                                   you can have.
Category         Master                  UserType               UseConcentration       SpontaneouslyCast
references the   This is used with the   Always 1 for spells,   used to determine if   1 for true, 0 for false,
categories.2da   SubRadSpell#                  1 = spells       a concentrate          only Clerical
                 column. If a spell          2 = creature       check is needed to     Cure/Cause wounds
                 starts another spell    power 3 = feat         recover from           should have this
                 category, like              4 = item power     interruption, for
                 polymorph, this will                           spells, always 1
                 be that spell entries
                 master spell
AltMessage   HostileSetting      FeatID
StrRef       will the NPC        the ID of the feat
displayed    consider this       associated with
for other    an attack if        the spell, cross
players in   cast on them, 1     references
their        for yes, 0 for no   feats.2da
logs when
the caster
uses this
reference 2da for the different arcane schools. Also assigns a letter which is used in spells.2da
StateName     ScriptName
name of the   the script
state the     that is run if
NPC/PC is     the NPC/PC
put into      is put into
              this state by
              can be
              found in the
Token           ActionCode   Default           StrRef#          Category
reserved                     Default return    Possible         ??
token values                 value StrRef if   StrRef's to be
to be used in                there is one      returned by
game                         on an invalid     the
between <>                   return            ActionCode,
symbols                                        unsure what
                                               points to
Walk             WalkCheck   LineOfSight        Sound                Name
Is it walkable,              does the wok       Abbreviatoin for     reference to
1 for yes, 0 for             entry block Line   the Name column,     footstepsounds.2da. Can
no                           of Sight, 0 for    quick reference,     add columns in
                             no, 1 for yes      I.e., Swamp and      footstepsounds.2da to get
                                                Mud are WT, both     new types of footstep
                                                of which reference   sounds, and then reference
                                                the "Name" Puddle    the name of the column in
                                                                     this column
Model is the appearance
model file for the creatures
with tails, but is
incomplete…looks like they
decided on another method
of implementation of this
appears to be the models of the unique doors for each tileset that uses doors
Corner1        Edge         Corner2 Height          Model
These four values determine which model is          The actual model
then placed along the outside edge of the map,      which is placed along
which is the tile that can be seen but not          the edge of the map.
walked into. Corner1 and Corner2 are the Tiles      For custom tilesets,
at either corner, Edge is if there's a crosser or   these need to be
not in place inbetween the two tiles that needs     made and included in
to be taken into account, and finally, height       a separate .2da to be
transition as well...                               effective in game.
appaers to be a reference to various colors, give in percentages, not RGB values
TrapScript          SetDC          DetectDCMod       DisarmDCMod       ResRef          IconResRef
script to run if    DC to set a    Modifier to       Modifier to       resref of the   inventory
trap is triggered   trap of this   detect traps of   disarm traps of   trap item       image of
                    type           this type         this type (also   model           trap kit of
                                                     applies to                        this type
Appears to be
multipliers to
treasure handouts
depending on the
setting, assuming it
is set in the
model references, to what appears to be a visual effect model, however, the VFX's associated don't appear to actually utilize th
ated don't appear to actually utilize the VFX
Label          Shape         Radius        Width Length        OnEnter          OnExit           Heartbeat
constant       C for         If C in       If R in shape,      script to fire   script to fire   script to run
associated     circular, R   shape,        this is the width   when a target    when the         while the target
with the VFX   for           this is the   and length of       enters the       target leaves    is in the VFX
               rectangular   radius in     the area            area of the      the area of
                             meters                            VFX              the VFX
OrientWithGround   DurationVFX       Model##             NumAct##     Duration## EdgeWght## SoundImpact
all set to 0       appears to be     Model file of the   Number of    Duration              sound file
                   the filename      VFX to be           instances    the various           played upon
                   of the vfx that   displayed over      that the     VFX                   the target area
                   fires while the   the area that is    referenced   models                when VFX
                   vfx is being      affected            geometry     stay in place         starts
                   fired                                 gets used
SoundDuration       SoundCessation SoundOneShot SoundOneShotPercentage   ModelMin##
sound file played   sound file played                                    Model of the
while VFX is in     when the VFX                                         VFX that is
effect              ends                                                 applied to a
                                                                         target if
                                                                         while in the
default settings for video options if one of the default options is selected, as in, fast, low, good, best..etc…
ood, best..etc…
Type_FD                OrientWithGround   Imp_HeadCon_Node      Imp_Impact_Node
D = Duration effect,   all are set to 0   VFX model played on   VFX model played
persiste, and        F                    the head node         on the impact node
= FireAndForget
Imp_Root_X_Node         ProgFX_Impact         SoundImpact      ProgFXDuration   SoundDuration
VFX model played        This is used for      sound file to    Programmed FX    sound file played
on the root node, the   effects that affect   be played on     that have a      while the VFX is
height is determined    another model,        the impact of    duration         occuring
by creature size,       rather than using     the VFX, I.e.,
which is the 3rd        a model of its        the target
parameter in this       own, like
column, S, M, L, H,     stoneskin and/or
etc…                    invisibility
ProgFX_Cessation        SoundCessation Ces_HeadCon_Node Ces_Impact_Node Ces_Root_X_Node
Programmed effects      sound file played None of these entries appear to be used for anything
that apply at the end   when the VFX
of the duration         ends
ShakeType                   ShakeDelay      ShakeDuration       LowViolence          LowQuality
If a screen bump or         can add a       how long to         VFX to use           if low quality is
shake is associated with    delay to the    shake if screen     instead if low       selected in
the VFX as well, a 1 is a   bump/shake      shake is selected   violence option is   video options,
screen bump and a 2 is a    effect if you                       selected             use this vfx
screen shake.               want, time in                                            model instead
                            seconds                                                  of the one listed
The different types of waypoints that can be placed in the toolset. Colors and their model names are listed.
names are listed.
Fairly self explanatory.
Based upon the reference from baseitems.2da from WeaponMatType references the ID# here.
The sounds are then associated depending on what is struck, listed here
two listings, give the model name for the wings associated with those two creatures
LevelDiff Balance   Bonus
XP granted depending on relative CR ratings. Assuming this is a base that is then adjusted depending on circumstance.
d depending on circumstance.

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