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2009 Comprehensive Test for MBA Outline

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					2009 Comprehensive Test for MBA Outline
2009 Comprehensive Test for MBA Outline

First, test the nature of
Business Administration Entrance Examination is the selection of a unified national
examinations, the Ministry of Education, Master of Business Administration
authorized training institutions within the entrance exam. Exam subjects, including
comprehensive ability, English. Examination Syllabus for the Master of Business
Administration seeks to reflect the characteristics of the professional degree, scientific,
fair, accurate and standardized measurement of the relevant knowledge base of
candidates, the basic quality and comprehensive ability. Comprehensive ability test
designed to test candidates knowledge and ability to use math, logical thinking ability
and understanding of Chinese language and written expression.
Second, evaluation of target
⑴ require candidates to have the use of mathematical knowledge to analyze and
solve problems.
⑵ require candidates to have strong logical reasoning ability, synthesis and analytical
skills of argumentation.
⑶ require candidates to have a strong ability to understand written material and
written expression.
Third, the tests
Comprehensive examination by the problem solving ability, to judge the adequacy of
conditions, logical reasoning and writing in four parts.
(A) problem solving demand
Problem solving test in the form of seeking individual choice, requiring candidates
from the five choices given item, select one as the answer.
(B) the conditions to judge the adequacy of title
Conditions to judge the adequacy of the test questions in the form of individual choice,
requiring candidates from the given five options, select one as the answer.
Conditions in the problem solving, and to judge the adequacy of these two questions
in mathematics may be involved are as follows:
The concept of real number, nature, operation and application; converged, fractional
and its operation; equation (one dollar linear equation, quadratic equation, the dual
linear equation group) of the method and applications; inequality, (a dollar an
inequality, a quadratic inequality) of the method and application; arithmetic series,
geometric sequence; permutations and combinations; probability preliminary;
common plane graph (triangle, square, circle); plane Cartesian coordinate system and
the straight line and circle equation; common three-dimensional graphics (rectangular,
cylindrical body, cone, sphere).
(C) logical reasoning questions
Logical reasoning test question in the form of individual choice, requiring candidates
from the given five choice item, select one as the answer.
Logical reasoning questions concerns the natural and social sectors, but not test the
areas of expertise, professional knowledge of logic is not tested, but the test
candidates understanding of all kinds of information, analysis, synthesis, judge, and
the corresponding reasoning, argumentation and evaluation of logical thinking.
(D) writing questions
Writing comprehensive test question some of the candidates, demonstrated ability and
writing skills. Are two types of writing problems.
1. Demonstrate the effectiveness of
Demonstrate the effectiveness of the theme of casual working as a flawed argument,
require candidates to analyze and comment on this. Analysis and comment on the
contents of the papers by the candidates according to their own decision.
2. Argumentation
Essay test in the form of three types: propositions composition, based on the freedom
of compositions with written materials, case studies. One form for each examination.
Require candidates to the accurate and comprehensive views on the basis of
geographic problem solving, writing health ideas, opinions clear, material enrichment,
structured, clear, language specification, beginning of a book neat article, to
encourage candidates to be creative with reality.
Fourth, the examination form and examination papers structure
(A) of the test of time
Exam time is 180 minutes.
(B) answer mode
Answer way closed book, written tests, are not allowed to use calculators.
Papers by the papers, answer sheet and answer sheet composition, multiple choice
answers to be graffiti on the answer sheet, non-choice answers must be written on the
answer sheet corresponding position.
(C) and examine the contents of scores of papers out of distribution
The paper points out of 200. One Mathematics (problem solving, and conditions to
judge the adequacy of) 75 points, 60 points logical reasoning, writing 65 minutes.
(D) Paper Questions in proportion
15 small problem solving the problem demand, Mei Xiaoti 3, a total of 45 points.
Conditions to judge the adequacy of title 10, trivial, Mei Xiaoti 3, a total of 30 points.
30 trivial logical problems, Meixiao Ti 2 points, a total of 60 points.
Writing Question 2 small problems, demonstrate the effectiveness of 30 points, 35
points essay, a total of 65