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Welcome to the Virginia Workers' Compensation
The Commission is charged with administering Virginia's workers' compensation program,
which applies to most employers doing business in Virginia and most employees working in

We hope you find the information contained in this site helpful and informative. The
Commission offers several online services, and we encourage you to take advantage of the
benefits these services provide.

Our Mission
The mission of the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission is to strive for excellence by
being an effective leader in providing public services by ethically administering our statutory
duties and being responsive to the diverse needs of our customers.

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      WebFile home
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      Search VWC Judicial Opinions
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      Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund site
      Birth Related Injury Fund site
      VWC Outlook Web Access (OWA)

VWC OnlineDocuments & Forms
      WebFile Guide for Claimants
      WebFile Guide for Claim Administrators
      WebFile Guide for PEO

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