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2008 China Top Ten criminal defense lawyer by fdjerue7eeu


									2008 China Top Ten criminal defense lawyer
First, the lawyer Zhang (Beijing and Jiangsu Luan Zhao Yan law firm). The dean of
China's criminal lawyer, who has defended gang of four, well-deserved
first person of Chinese criminal lawyer, but because of their age has not frontline.
   2, Tian Wenchang lawyer (Beijing Kyoto law firm). Outstanding representative of
Chinese lawyers, is active in the first line of very good criminal lawyer, was
considered to be the best criminal lawyer today.
   Third, lawyers Prosecute System (Beijing Dong Wei Law Firm). Scholars of
criminal lawyers in the legal business and teaching are very prominent as it is a
combination of theory and practice very good lawyer.
   4, Gui-Fang Law (Beijing law firm Nixon Peabody). Scholar criminal lawyer,
academic lawyers have extensive experience in guidance, is recognized by many
teachers-counsel lawyers.
   5, Gao Cheng Counsel (Beijing Kangda Law Firm). Because the former Shanghai
Party Secretary Chen Liangyu, the defense and reputation greatly increased, is an
experienced criminal defense attorney.
   6, Xu Lanting Counsel (Beijing Wei Heng Law Firm). University of Political
Science Ph.D., professor, there is a wealth of practical experience, is one of the young
lawyer representative.
   7, the money listed lawyers Yang (Beijing Dacheng Law Firm). In difficult criminal
cases and has extensive experience in actual combat, has handled the case of
Liu's recent focus on the practice of law guidance.
   8, Zhai Jian Law (Shanghai Zhai Jian law firm). ENTRY is the only non-Beijing
lawyer, best criminal lawyer in Shanghai, has a wealth of practical experience, the
case became famous because of Patrick.
   9, Liu Counsel (Beijing Pacific Century law firm). Been considered is the best job
of criminal defense lawyers, has a very rich experience, by the laws of Hong
Kong's influence, more dedicated.
   10, Qing-Song Counsel (Beijing is still the right law firm). Zeng Yin created the
first specialized agency of domestic criminal cases was the industry's
well-known law firm, is one of the young lawyer representative. Has represented
clients in Liu's case.

One of China's Top Ten ---- Zhang criminal defense lawyers of

   Zhang of the (November 1927 -), Wu Luan Zhao Yan, Beijing law firm lawyers,
law firm in Beijing faction honorary chairman of All China Lawyers Association
Professional Committee of the Constitution and Human Rights Adviser, Central
University Law School part-time Professor.
   Zhang was born in Zhengzhou of 1947, was admitted to the Faculty of Law,
Chaoyang University. February 1949, to participate in the District Court to take over
Beijing. July 1950, at Renmin University of China in order to complete a full
distinctions, "the main course at the University in Moscow."
1956, was the third legal office set up in Beijing. Year plan for the Beijing lawyers
after the first of the right, began a 15-year career in labor camps. The end of 1972,
labor camps, into the teaching of Beijing Chuiyangliu II.
   July 1979, Zhang and reintegration into the legal profession, then as
"Gang of Four, Jiang Qing, the two cases," the defense team
leader (Jiang Qing was requested self-defense and refused a lawyer on behalf of the
defense). In 1980, as vice president of the Beijing Municipal Lawyers Association,
director of operations at the same time act as legal adviser of Beijing Office. In 1988,
the founder of the "China Law" magazine.
   Since then, Zhang agent from the political and criminal cases over the
defendant's defense, he claimed, "I met a stronger political case,
I was not won," but called him the conscience of Chinese lawyers, his
major works the "My argument with the dream."
China's top ten criminal defense lawyers of two ---- Tian Wenchang

Tian Wenchang, 1947, 1983, graduated from Northwestern Law School, received
Master of Laws, the same year to teach in China University of Political Science, 1986,
he was Deputy Director of the Faculty of Law, 1988, was promoted to associate
professor unconventional. Create a law firm in 1995, Kyoto, he was the director of
full-time lawyers.

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