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									2007, China's most respected companies in the selection list
2007, China's most respected companies in the selection list
Lenovo Group: to seed and cultural barriers across, is a vivid display of the
international giant soul of sailing, is the internationalization of Chinese enterprises
China Merchants Bank: China Merchants Bank to first in the world of courage, and
constantly open and innovation for China's banking sector reform and
development, made a deliberate exploration.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.: it is an important participant in the global
communications industry for social responsibility, Huawei has been taking the
forefront in the global communications industry.
China Vanke Co., Ltd.: China's largest residential development companies,
from the housing industry to the factory mode of production of residential, China
Vanke leading the trend of the real estate industry.
Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Limited: to narrow the distance for the purpose
of global Chinese brand and the integrity is Phoenix about social and economic
benefits, the perfect combination.
ZTE Corporation: ZTE in 2007, made considerable progress in all key areas of social
communication are very profitable.
SINA Corporation: started from a sports news site, the development of
China's Internet portal business leader in a number of benchmark
companies. Sina eight years to an outstanding network of media influence as many
Chinese people understand the world in the eye.
Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Group Co., Ltd.: a small victory with wisdom, victory
by Germany. Mengniu ran nine times the speed of the rocket.
IBM China Company Limited: Bing Chengcheng on customers, innovation, Yao,
integrity for the core values of innovation and business partners in China.
China Hewlett-Packard Co.: He was delivering high quality products and services, as
a model corporate citizen, HP is committed to solving global environmental problems,
the full balance of the interests of enterprises and the relationship between
environmental requirements.
Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd.: it is always thought of herself as a member of the
local community, committed to the promotion of social welfare to improve with the
Chinese people build a safer, cleaner, healthier home.
Microsoft China Co., Ltd.: he committed to cooperation with China's
information industry innovation to provide superior software products and solutions
for the information industry and the development of knowledge-based economy in
China to contribute effectively to achieve win-win situation.
Alibaba.com Limited: its original B2D with Chinese characteristics, business model,
it is for China to provide broader SME development.
Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd.: a sense of national mission of the beer industry leaders,
to precipitate a century passion for the world body a transfer of Qingdao.
Cisco Systems Network Technology Co., Ltd in China: it is the only solution to the
world innovations, bringing the network to create opportunities for the future, across
the bridge after the dream, of humanism everywhere, this is Cisco's
Samsung China Investment Co., Ltd.: Samsung to share business ideas the source of
the social contribution, it will share its results of operations people, and bring them
dreams and hope.
Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.: caring for nature, their love, return the
community is his business philosophy, Guangzhou Honda interpretation of a portrait
of the social return on corporate citizenship.
Bank of China Limited: Beijing Olympic Games, the sole banking partner, Bank of
China will provide high quality domestic and international financial services, it is
promote the Olympic spirit of the practitioner.
Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd.: It Yong carry the banner of national auto
industry, it is all on the road of independent innovation practice, deeply engraved in a
milestone on the development of China's auto industry.
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.: Erie successfully cut the Beijing
Olympic Games sponsor, a high degree of social responsibility and good corporate
reputation, achievement of its leading brands in the industry.
Siemens China Co., Ltd.: it is the corporate social responsibility as the
company's core values, as a good corporate citizen, Siemens is committed
to creating a better world.
Nokia China Investment Co., Ltd.: Nokia 20 years of China's
circumstances, not only in the adoption of advanced technology, products and services
to enhance interpersonal communication, improve people's quality of life,
it also actively involved in China's social welfare services.
General Electric China Co., Ltd.: as the most active and most influential foreign
companies, GE is to help the Olympic inspiration incandescent light, start the next
China Overseas Property Group Co., Ltd.: it is through the perseverance of the
boutique strategy and professional management to provide real estate development
throughout the value chain, total quality service.
China Ping An Insurance Group Co., Ltd.: it is the financial and insurance companies
the first to introduce foreign capital, has a good governance framework, international,
professional management team, responsible to society, contributing to society, nation
building is safe corporate mission.
- Attachment: Event Planning
"The Economic Observer"
Management Case Center of Peking University
Selection process and schedule
Process Description:
  ? Candidate stage
   ?1, to be heard. Organizers and the experts group, award-winning business,
renowned enterprises and relevant institutions to communicate fully briefed on the
organizational structure, and selection process of the different views.
   ?2, increase the reporting enterprises to enter the candidate list. And cooperation in
the newspaper media, eeo site, full information on Sina.com, declared enterprises
submit the application form, the Organizing Committee to include the list of candidate
   ?3, constitute the list of candidates maintained in 12 groups, 29 industries the same
basic size, both in previous years based on the candidate list will not list the various
sectors come in the top 5 added. In the early communication with the parties, experts
and media companies may also be included in the recommended list of candidates.
   Both the candidate list = list + + experts to declare the list of enterprises, the media
list of recommendations
  ? Finalists selected stage corporate
   ?One, planning the theme selected this year
   ?Consultation with the planning of this most respected editorial board selected the
theme of business. The theme of the year to reflect the characteristics, as the general
direction of the assessment. Late corporate publicity finalists, finalists enterprise Tune
to the show ceremony would have to start around this theme.
   ?2 questionnaires
   ?To large and medium, enterprises, the top management and the University of
MBA, EMBA conducted a questionnaire survey, summary statistics and the number
of votes for all candidates according to rank companies.
  1, the preparation: September 25 ~ October 28
  Determine the theme of this year's selection, selection criteria, scoring
system, and a variety of ways such as through national statistical offices to collect
business, industry and other relevant data, by the Management Case Center of Peking
University, Research Department of the preliminary selection of candidates to
determine this year's business.
  2, the first publicity: November 27
  Initially identified candidate enterprise network, mccp sites, and
"Economic Observer" on publicity, all feedback received. The
same time, initially for election candidates to issue invitations to business to collect in
the enterprise to confirm receipt; in As the initial list of candidate companies, the
acceptance of the declared independence in line with standard business run a
voluntary reporting; confirmed participation in the consolidated selected enterprises
and voluntary reporting of qualified companies in the end determine the
"2006 China's Most Respected Company" Award of
the candidate companies.
  3 Publication Year candidate enterprises: 15 December
  In the survey for the period ended 50 companies short-listed and before the
"2006 China's most respected companies," the
candidate has been publicized companies mccp site, during the "Economic
Observer reported," includes a special layout and publicity.
  4 Survey: November 16 ~ December 15
  Candidates for the annual list of enterprises, on the major business schools in the
EMBA and MBA, in the high-level business executives, senior business management
consultants, financial observers and senior editors and reporters conducted a
questionnaire survey.
  5, the annual production of 50 short-listed companies: January 15
  Valid questionnaires collected back after the summary statistics and analysis,
resulting      in      "2006        China's           most    respected
companies," the 50 short-listed companies.
  6, year 50 shortlisted companies publicity and materials collected: January 15 ~
February 15
  In the network, mccp 50 finalists online publicity company, by "the
Economic Observer" special feature page for the provision of publicity, the
production of the short-listed companies are explained and commented.
  7, the expert on-site assessment will be: March 15
  Experts consider the material shortlisted companies, and a collective appraisal site at
Peking University and eventually have a "2006 Most Admired
Companies," 25.
  8, awards ceremony: April 27
  Centenary Lecture at Peking University held a grand awards ceremony.
  9, follow-up reports: April 28 ~ October 28
  "Most Admired" standard
The election of the enterprise must meet the following "5 +1"
standard, the following criteria:
1. Enterprises registered in China, or more than 60% of its main business in China;
2. Enterprises are not the main business of non-health industries;
3. Companies operating in China for at least 5 years;
4. A main business of enterprises to enter the industry at least the top 10;
5. Enterprise's annual turnover last 3 consecutive years of 5 billion yuan,
and not in the most recent three consecutive years of profit losses.
6. No significant CSR issues.
  "2006 China's most respected companies," the
theme is to manage the selection of innovative, integrated the following six categories
of indicators of the Committee of Experts of the scoring system building:
1, Management Innovation: To investigate the management of innovation and the
number of results, and management innovation;
2, financial performance: study the stability of corporate financial indicators over the
years, growth;
3, development potential: To study the ability of the company's sustainable
development and long-term return on investment value, including the industry
position, size and power, brand growth, etc.;
4, talent competitiveness: including human capital, high magnitude, stability,
efficiency per unit of output;
5, sense of social responsibility: the development, including the contribution to
environmental sustainability, community and shareholder relations, staff training, pay
and benefits, product or service in the business ethics;
6, Internationalization: the degree and effectiveness of the international study.
   About Organizers
  ?"The Economic Observer"
  ?"Economic Observer," founded in April 16, 2001, because of
their authority in the business financial area and in-depth coverage, has become the
most professional business financial newspaper. "The Economic
Observer" to the target readers make the right decisions in favor of their
information products, including central and local government policy information,
financial and capital market news, industry and business news and comment, and
lifestyle information. Monthly newspaper, "Research Institute",
"Business Review", "blue chip real estate"
and "lifestyle" supplement.
  ?"The Economic Observer" has a wealth of Chinese society,
has the power, with ideas, with the crowd for the audience the future, affecting
millions of the mainstream crowd. Readers are mainly distributed in Beijing,
Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities.
  ?"Economic         Observer     reported,"       "rational,
constructive" newspaper idea, readers and customers have been recognized,
the newspaper focused on customer access to China's world top 500
enterprises and China's local leaders in business.
  ?Currently has 130 newspaper editors, 30-bit signed columnist, dozens of domestic
and foreign partner institutions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jinan,
Shenyang, Chengdu and other places set up an office; newspaper created five years,
has become the most profitable and fastest growing, most standard commercial
management of financial newspapers.
  ?Management Case Center of Peking University
  ?China's largest and most authoritative management case study agencies,
specializing in management of case studies, case teaching, case database construction
professional non-profit research organization, originated in the State Ministry of
Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, "September 5"
major research project, "Chinese enterprises management of case base
form works. " Since its inception in 2000, a total collection of more than
1,300 cases of domestic and foreign enterprises; more than 100 video cases;
publication covering all major areas of business management discipline case series,
the holding of annual national and international case studies and teaching exchanges
carried out a series of domestic and international cooperative projects.

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