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					                    Commercial Proposal
XXIV Congress of the Latin American Medical Rehabilitation Association
                              AMLAR 2010
     XXV National Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
        XII Meeting of the Latin-American Society of Paraplegia
 IV Andean Regional Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

         “Rehabilitation and Integration towards full participation”
                      August 25, 26, 27 and 28, 2010
                                Hotel Hilton
                           Cartagena de Indias

            SLAP                                   SAMRR
   Sociedad Latinoamericana               Sociedad Andina de Medicina
         de Paraplejía                        Física y Rehabilitación
     Cranioencephalic trauma
     Cerebrovascular disease
     Spinal cord injury
     Neuromuscular diseases
     Rehabilitation in musculoskeletal diseases
     Chronic pain
     Electrodiagnosis
     Osteoporosis
     Rehabilitation of hand injuries
     Pediatric Rehabilitation
     Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation
     Cancer Rehabilitation
     Orthotics and Prosthesis
     Technology and rehabilitation
     Bioinformatics and rehabilitation
     Industrial Rehabilitation
     Integration of Persons with Disabilities
     Sport and disability
     Arts and disability
     Quality of life in rehabilitation
     Rehabilitation in burn
     Geriatric Rehabilitation
     Accessibility
     Treatment of spasticity
     Research: Clinical trials in rehabilitation
     Outcomes in rehabilitation
     Assistance in spinal disorders
     Rehabilitation in Haemophilia
     Ethics and rehabilitation

     Keynote Conferences
     Academic symposia
     Workshops
     Commercial Symposia
     Trade Shows
     Social Activities
     Cinema and disability
International speakers

     Angela Mailis (Canada)
     Gloria Galindo (Costa Rica)
     Gerold Stucki (Germany)
     Gustavo Bocca Peralta (Ecuador)
     Heather Rogers (USA)
     Hugo Nuñez Bernadet (Uruguay)
     Joel A. Delisa (USA)
     Jun Kimura (Japan)
     Juan Manuel Guzmán (México)
     Juan Carlos Arango (USA)
     Juan Carlos Medrano (Bolivia)
     Joyce Bolaños (Venezuela)
     Jülia Maria D´Andréa Greve (Brazil)
     Martha Imamura (Brazil)
     Montserrat Bernabeu (Spain)
     Maricarmen Cruz-Jimenez (Puerto Rico)
     Martin Grabois (USA)
     Verónica Rodríguez (Puerto Rico)
     Walter Frontera (Puerto Rico)
     William Micheo (USA)
     Wagih El Masry (U.K.)
     Erick Stalberg (Sweden)
     Joan Vidal (Spain)
Commercial Profile

Scope: International (Latin America)

Target audience:
         Physicians specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
         Physicians in general (orthopedists, neurologists, rheumatologists, cardiologists, sports
         physicians, neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, geriatricians, internists, algesiologists)
         Other health professionals: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and
         Psychology, Social Work, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Nursing, Physical Education.

Expected attendance: 1200 attendees

Promotion: Latin American PhM&R Associations, Hospitals, Clinics, Private Practices and Health
Services in the country and throughout Latin America, teachers and graduate students at Medical
Faculties and their specializations.

Commercial Advantages:
- The most important event of this type for the sector, with guaranteed attendance by professionals in
   this area from around the country and from Latin America as a whole.
- Attendance of the target population who, at this Congress, will learn about the most current topics
   and issues in their field.
- Many different options for commercial involvement by sponsoring corporations.

             Items to be sponsored
3X2 meter Stand                              $18.000.000
6X2 meter Stand                              $30.000.000
VIP Lounge                                   $ 32.000.000

Pennant in the conference hall
(must be according to the
event’s standard dimensions:
vertical, 2x3 meters)*                        $ 2.000.000
Special dinner                               $ 30.000.000
Refreshments ea.                             $ 15.000.000
Handout inserts *                            $ 2.000.000
Handbags, booklets and pens                  $ 22.000.000
Inauguration Cocktail                        $ 60.000.000
Cultural Activity                            $ 12.000.000
Closing party                                $ 80.000.000
Advertisement in the
proceedings (1 inner page)**                 $ 2.000.000

* Only gold and silver sponsors or sponsors with a stand
* Only gold and silver sponsors or sponsors with a stand
                             FORMS OF PARTICIPATION

Investment: $ 45.000.000


      1 6x2 meter Stand
       Right to hold a Satellite Symposium
      Pennant or banner in the conference hall
      Advertisement in the event proceedings (memoirs)
      20 registrations to the event


Investment: $ 25.000.000

      1 3x2 meter Stand
      Pennant or banner in the conference hall
      12 registrations for the event
                                    COMMERCIAL AGREEMENT

                                          THE COMPANY

                                  NIT(Tax Identification number):

Confirms its commercial involvement with the XXIV Congreso de la Asociación Médica
Latinoamericana de Rehabilitación AMLAR 2010 and XXV Congreso Nacional de Medicina Física
y Rehabilitación that will be held on August 26, 27 and 28, 2010 at the Hotel Hilton in Cartagena de
Indias (Colombia)

FORM OF PARTICIPATION: _________________________

INVESTMENT: ___________________________________________




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