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									A Justice and Compassion Mission: The Isaiah 58 mandate
   The undiluted gospel of Jesus                                                                  World Missions

                                                                                    Serving with Philippine Frontline Ministries
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          Dear family and friends,

          I am deeply grateful for all that has been accomplished
          through the Spirit of God and for His glory and honor.
          Although it has been an adverse and destructive year with
          the weather; the visible tears of healing and restoration of
          people’s lives in Jesus, is well worth the price and sacrifice. Picture 1 the asst. warden made a sincere
                                                                                decision for Jesus, it was a part of our vision to
           I am also grateful for His expansion of our sphere of                establish a weekly life-group with the guards
          influence. I believe our Great King delights in our hearts cry
          to be an instrument of the LORD. This is not limited to a
          worship service. But to our everyday life, our cry to be a
          vessel of honor in Jesus will affect a multitude of lost people.

          The Prisoners of Hope J ail Ministry
          Our commitment: is to serve the Lord with excellence and lift up
          the Lord Jesus before all men and through the manifold grace of
          God be faithful stewards in the proclamation and teaching the Picture 2 we are at the point now of
          whole council of the word of God.                               training the men and women for ministry

          Our approach: through the guidance, empowerment and wisdom
          of the Holy Spirit. We are dedicated to developing disciples
          through the vehicle of small groups within the prison population.

          A testimony of authentic transformation: A story of two
          former prisoners now imprisoned to Jesus! These two men
          along with their families are attending our Church weekly and
          also serving. One man named Odie, had a notorious Picture 3 Our Lord lead us right to this
          reputation and was involved in a serious crime. When he family near midnight
          was released, he came to our church and immediately began
          to serve in the prisoner of hope ministry!

          Let me tell you when Odie speaks, you can almost see the
          ears of the prisoners bend forward; you wont hear a sound!
          Odie lived among them and now shares the goodness of
          God to them! He speaks with genuine empathy, conviction,
          and gratitude. I personally have the honor to know him. He is
          a good man and hungry for God. We held an outside service Picture 4 the next day the father is still
          and some of the inmates came forward to (Picture 2) confess sitting in the same position.
          Jesus Christ publicly and to express God’s goodness and
          faithfulness to them.
          It has a silencing effect on you and also a fatherly concern to
          provide all that they need to grow deep in Jesus. This is in
          regard to excellent discipleship material and Bible
          distribution. The earnestness of their faith demands it!

                                                                                Picture 5 what a precious soul he is, we
                                                                                shared something special. It was like the
                                                                                sun blazing in glory, when he smiled!
We are breaking them into groups of 3 and 4 to deepen
communication and personal involvement. The subject we
are now discussing is maturing in Christ. It is specifically
“The power of the word of God.”

The asst. Warden of the jail told me after being there for 6 Picture 6 upon this rock I will build my
months or so as a ministry, “The Inmates both male and female Church. The gates of hell will not prevail.
have never been so at peace...”

 My response: “When Jesus is lifted in the honor he deserves,
he will draw all men to Himself and peace follows those who put
Jesus and God’s word first in heart and priority.”

Through out the year the asst. Warden Capt. Deloso and I
became good friends. He is a sharp guy and intelligent. He
always had a snappy comment, to keep emotionally (safe)
distant. It was last week that he talked about religion with
                                                                    Picture 7 many of the children just want
disgust and subtle contempt. I agreed religion is empty; But to be loved, understood, and accepted
Jesus is alive and soon coming… We talked for nearly 40
minutes and at one certain point, I saw his countenance
change. It is the power of God’s word and Spirit! He made a
sincere offering (Picture 1) of his life to Jesus! Each week I will
meet with him and soon prayerfully others also. The vision is
to establish a small group among the officers.

Outreach & Street children’s ministry
I am joyful, grateful, and brokenhearted regarding our work
with the children and young girls’ at-risk living on the streets.
We went out every night for 2 weeks and brought all the                Picture 8 they sleep and stay together on
children living on the streets into our Church to eat, drink           the streets just because they are afraid.
and receive the unconditional love and acceptance of Jesus!
We found them sleeping in (Picture 6, 7,8) the bushes, sidewalks
and begging for money. Before entering our Church, we
would (Picture 9) search them. We found knives, inhalant-glue,
and an assortment of weapons. It has been an incredible
long journey of sacrifice and commitment. They come with
deep needs, from worms, lice, traumatic experiences, and
various others. We presently have (Picture 11) 16 children in
our refuge center with 13 (Picture 12) attending school full-time.
This is an incredible thing! Because these children came               Picture 9 an 8 inch jagged knife was
                                                                       found, along with inhalant glue.
from living on the streets with no hope, structure, or love.
We have come so far and they have grown so much in faith,
personal dignity, and academics. This process is a result of
an extensive work in faith and the experience of being in a
safe Christ centered environment!

                                                                       Picture 10 demonstrating JESUS was
                                                                       beyond words. Each night was tearful but
                                                                       a time of healing for them.
 It's no exaggeration to say that many evils are lurking on
the streets! There are two girls (will remain nameless) ages
12 and 16 yrs old     (Picture 10), we brought them from living
on the streets and into our FTC refuge center and yet, they
wanted to go back to the streets. I plead with them, to
please stay here, you are safe and you can attend Picture 11 then began the morning
school!! They left smiling and indifferent but weeks later devotions with an atmosphere of faith
they were brought to a brothel and deeply abused.

Yet one girl cried while holding the other and then they
both cried. The way she looked at me, the look in her eyes;
it was a look of disbelieve and fear! It was a silent look with
tears and loss; It was like a "how did that happen to me
look!!" She was robbed of something so priceless---her
innocence and dignity! It even breaks me up to write it and
                                                                Picture 12 Jefferson lived on the streets and
think about her expression and tears. I asked her later, now a top student. He wants to be Pastor.
what was her thought as she looked at me with tears??”
She said “Because I know this wouldn’t have happen to
me if I had stayed in the FTC refuge center!”

We are now working with the Philippine police--specifically
a good friend named Rodel. He is highly regarded as a
police officer within his department. We became friends
around 1 year ago through casual conversation while in
town. I thank God for him! Our relationship has taken on
even a deeper sense of purpose. Although Rodel is not yet Picture 13 A women explaining the plight of
a Christian, He is very close (Picture 14) and I believe God will young girls forced into a life of prostitution
use Him to impact many for Christ in the near future!

We went to an organized war-game together with realistic
guns that shoot pellets. I hid in the bushes for 20 minutes
waiting for the enemy. Then he was 30 feet ahead of me,
looking around. I crawled out of the bush QUIETLY! He
looked over at me and then it felt like slow motion. By a
lucky shot, I shot him in the head 3x and then a rival yelled
from behind me “Jeff your dead!” He politely killed me
without shooting. I can’t say, I would have done the same
thing! We had a great time! When we were finished, I had Picture 14 Credibility through friendship
an opportunity to connect (Picture 15) with them in Jesus
Christ through the battle we just fought! It is a privilege to
share the gospel with the unsaved! I love them very much!

Rodel’s Partner in the police dept is a born-again Christian.
We sat in front of the station until midnight sharing the
gospel and talking about a call of God and what is a call…”
he has introduced me to other associates within the law
enforcement community and it has been priceless in the
CONTINUED                                                             Picture 15 the witness through credibility

area of involvement and justice for victims of forced
prostitution and abuse. The Lord is opening doors of
opportunity to the rescue of very young girls, who were
being brought to brothels.

This dark society of forced prostitution and child
exploitation thrives through secrecy and silence. There is a
brothel disguised as a lodge. I walked in with a good
brother in the Lord. The first person that greeted us wore a
shirt with a pentagram and “Witchcraft” printed on the front. Picture 16 Our expectation of excellence
It was ironic and the atmosphere was oppressive and dark. and importance begets the same in Christ
I spoke with Rodel and his partner and we have outlined a Jesus
plan of response: 1. Interview the victims 2. Film the
ingoing and outgoing traffic and activities 3. Police raid

It is impacting and stirring some rough waters, yet at the
same time there is a strong confidence in the midst of the
timely purposes of God! It is flowing like a gentle river in
regard to making a lasting difference in the lives of young
innocent woman. They are an (Picture 13) un-reached people
with a priceless soul, held by deception, abuse, and fear. Picture 17 an outing to the park. I see a
                                                                 great leader in the Lord being cultivated.
God’s Watchful Eye and Faithful love: If He sees the
sparrow; surely He saw and heard the silent cry of a
desolate family. They were homeless, passed-by, and

We went out that evening to feed and talk with the children
living on the streets. That is when a boy said “come and
see a family living in the park!” They were a family of seven
and the father (Picture 3, 4, 5) had lung cancer and was given
a few months to live. While homeless, they slept in the
park across from the governmental offices including city Picture 18 leaders awarded a study Bible
hall. The family was hungry and the father was very weak.
Earlier he tried to stab His chest to stop the pain, the baby
was malnourished and the children indifferent. The mother
was hurt, yet didn’t give-up hope. “If it had not been for the
Lord, surely we would have perished…” We shared the
clear message of God’s word, “Jesus alone can save and
change a life!” The entire family made a sincere
commitment to Jesus Christ! The innocence of the father’s
prayer for Jesus to save him was unforgettable.
We went and found food, drinks and milk for the baby.
We brought clothes, sheets, along with the promise to
return the next day. The next day we brought (Picture 4) Picture 19 Our Church “Frontline Worship
more food and were told by on-lookers that they went for Center” during the anniversary service.
help a few times to city hall.

               They turned them away, until people went to complain “It is a shame,
               how can you forget your own people and let foreigners alone help
               them!” It was then that they brought help for this family. They drove
               them to relatives; they live a couple hundred miles away. It was a
               good testimony in the Lord to the people and to the government! I
               cannot forget His expression as the family sat in the truck. The father
               smiled and said “Thank you” I am assured we will see him at (Rev 19:9)
               the marriage supper of the lamb.

               Discipleship and Leadership Training
               Our commitment is to prayerfully invest, our lives and resources
               into leaders; I was told by my pastor”the cream always rises
               to the top.” We currently have 12 members in our weekly
               Life-Group; where as 4 are in leadership training, they are
               the cream of the crop. As a spiritual father, I am proud of them. Yet they
               belong to the Lord! “They are (Eph 2:10) His workmanship created in Christ
               Jesus.” One young man, his name (Picture 17) is Jason he is growing deep and
               resolute in a Christ-minded-identity. He was indifferent 4 months ago and now
               exemplifies Christian character, and discipline! It is to the honor of the Lord! Rose
               a young woman has (Picture 18) infected everyone around her with her spirit and
               commitment to the word of God! Roses’ husband is simply amazed by her.

               There is a strong principle at work here, regarding the ability to influence through
               core-values. What is important to a leader will (Picture 16) be important to those
               following. We lift-up Jesus alone and our source of daily strength is prayer and
               the word of God through the enlightenment and empowerment of the Spirit of

                               I am so grateful for the trustworthiness of God. I thank you for
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