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					                                                                                                A magazine for Canadian chiropractors from the CANADIAN MEMORIAL CHIROPRACTIC COLLEGE

Pictured on the cover
CMCC Students' Council 2004-2005
                                                                                                        A College, On the Move
                                                                                                        A Message from the President ................... 2

                                                                                                        Introducing New Board of Governors
                                                                                                        A Report from the Board Chair .................. 3

                                                                                                        In Brief .......................................................... 4

                                                                                                        Classifieds.................................................... 4

                                                                                                        Class Notes .................................................. 5
(Left to right) Craig Coghlin, Stephanie Anisko, Bronwen Stevens-Samuel,
Richard Archer, Nicole Ciraolo, Alana Welch, Mike Caterer, Dave Torrance,
Joel Kerr, Courtney Wilson, Scott Dunham, Melanie Lopes                                                 New Campus Photo Spread........................ 6
                  Spring 2004 • Volume 40 • Issue 1
                                                                                                        Corporate Campaign Update ...................... 8
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                        A College, On the Move
Spring! Another new season is upon us and this one blossoms with more hope
than any I’ve experienced in my career. On the cover of this magazine you
will see the radiant faces of CMCC’s 2004-2005 Students’ Council.
                         These bright         four ACC Research Scholarships                            institution—and the profession it
                         young men            offered for undergraduate                                 represents. I am therefore pleased
                         and women            students enrolled in a chiropractic                       to announce the publication
                         were elected to      programme (her supervisors are                            of CMCC’s Research Report
                         office at the old     Drs. Kim Humphreys and Peter                              2002-2003—of which pages are
                         campus at 1900       Diakow.) Congratulations, all.                            excerpted and reproduced here in
                         Bayview, but-        As sitting ACC President, I                               this edition of Primary Contact.
Dr. Jean Moss, President
                         will serve out       feel we can be very proud of                              Anyone committed to furthering
their term at CMCC’s new home at              CMCC’s contribution to the                                chiropractic’s role in health care
6100 Leslie Street. If there is ever          success of the Association of                             will find this material stimulating
an image which serves to capture              Chiropractic Colleges Research                            reading indeed.
the eternal hope and confidence of             Agenda Conference (ACC /
our profession—this photograph                                                                          CMCC participates in
                                              RAC), in Las Vegas on March 11
is it. Regeneration, I believe, is                                                                      WFC Identity Task Force
                                              through March 14, 2004. It was
the word that best sums up what I             the best ACC / RAC meeting I                              I was also pleased to be a part
wish to convey.                               have attended. CMCC was very                              of the World Federation of
                                              well represented by faculty and                           Chiropractic’s (WFC) Task Force
Research Awards                                                                                         on Identity. Last February, Dr.
                                              staff. On the research side of our
I am similarly delighted to report                                                                      Mior and I—representing CMCC
                                              contingency, there were nine
that CMCC’s faculty and students                                                                        and ACC respectively—joined
                                              platform presentations and seven
have garnered three Association                                                                         chiropractors and public members
                                              poster presentations. In addition,
of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC)                                                                          from around the world. We worked
                                              thirteen CMCC faculty members
scholarships. As you know, the                                                                          together to combine talents and
                                              acted as peer reviewers for the
Association of Chiropractic                                                                             experiences in a consultation to
                                              abstract submissions prior to the
Colleges Research Scholarships                                                                          provide the basis for a survey
                                              conference and we had several
are designed to recognize and                                                                           of the profession. Results of the
                                              staff members assisting with the
reward academic excellence and                                                                          survey will form the basis of a
                                              administration of the conference.
innovation in research to advance                                                                       future conference to determine a
knowledge and understanding of                In so very many ways, research                            more focused, appropriate and
the science and practice of chiro-            is the heart and soul of this                               effective identity for the chiro-
practic. Dr. Cameron Borody has                                                                           practic profession in the interest
won the Lance Blackshaw award                                                                             of both the profession and the
to assist in graduate studies; Dr.                                                                        public we serve.
Maja Stupar, a 1st year clinical
science resident, won one of the                                                                         Corporate Campaign
two ACC Research Scholarships                                                                            Support
offered for graduates in a                                                                               As I write, the glass is going in,
residency or graduate program                                                                            the steel structures are in place
(her supervisor is Dr. Cindy                                                                             and our wonderful new building
Peterson); and Angela Pucci, a              ACC Award presentation, (Left to right) Dr. Peter Diakow,    is taking shape. In a few short
second year student, won one of             Dr. Kim Humphreys, CMCC student Angela Pucci,                months, CMCC will move to
                                            Dr. Jean Moss

PrimaryContact 2
                                   A New Milestone
our new home. It’s a very
exciting time for the institu-
                                                               It is my pleasure and
                                                               honour to assume the
                                                                                          2004 Board
tion, but much remains to be
done. Our capital campaign
                                                               position of Chair of the
                                                               Board of Governors of
                                                                                          of Directors
team has been hard at work,                                    CMCC. CMCC is an
talking to chiropractors and                                   outstanding institution    Dr. Dave Olson,
corporations coast to coast.       Dr. Dave Olson, Board Chair
                                                               with a long and proud      Chair
Look on page 6 for a truly         history and it is exciting to shepherd the             Dr. Ward MacDonald,
exciting series of photo-          College into a new chapter with the opening            Vice-Chair & NS Rep.
graphs which I think will          of the new campus at 6100 Leslie Street.
                                                                                          Dr. Lori Darroch,
demonstrate more clearly           I graduated from CMCC in 1980 and have
than words how close we are                                                               Secretary Treasurer
                                   practiced in Vancouver since 1983. While
to what we’ve been working         I am over 3000 kilometres away from the                Dr. Ron Brady,
toward. To learn about our         institution, I have always felt a special con-         Past Chair
latest corporate gifts and acts    nection to it. It’s this bond that has compelled       Mr. Len Goodman,
of support, please read            me to serve on the Board of Governors as a
Mr. Len Goodman’s accom-                                                                  Executive Member
                                   way of giving back to the profession that has
panying piece on page 8.           given me so much.                                      Dr. Luc Lavigueur,
                                                                                          Executive Member
CMCC’s Move:                                                      I would like to
Months Away                                                       thank the immedi-       Dr. Simon Clark,
CMCC’s Open House and                                             ate past-chair, Dr.     NB Rep
inaugural ceremonies will                                         Ron Brady, for          Dr. Ken Goldie,
be on September 18, 2004.                                         leading CMCC            SK Rep
I hope you will mark the                                          towards the new
                                                                  campus over the         Dr. Chris Holden
date on your calendars, take
                                                                  last three years.       NF Rep
a tour of the new campus,
join in the festivities, and see                                  He has set a high       Dr. Tom Isaacs,
our new home. There are so                                        standard of leader-     ON Rep
many who have worked so                                           ship which I will
                                   Construction underway          endeavour to meet.      Dr. Greg Kos,
hard for this new beginning.       at 6100 Leslie St.                                     MB Rep
                                                               I am privileged
Finally, I would like to thank     to work with an outstanding group of fellow            Dr. Gord McMorland,
my colleagues on the CCWG          Board members who have already shown me                AB Rep
for their tireless efforts in      great support over the past few months. There          Dr. Chris Scrase,
promoting and defending            are also exceptional support people, Ms.
                                                                                          QC Rep
the profession at every turn.      Margaret McCallen and Mr. Allan Freedman
There is no doubt in my            and the staff of the President’s office who             Dr. Kelli Blunt
mind we are stronger for the       help keep the Board running efficiently.                Mr. Noble Chummar
experience.                        I am excited to take part in the opening of            Dr. Rob Cormack
                                   the new campus on September 18, 2004 as
Jean A. Moss, D.C., M.B.A.,        chiropractic in Canada moves forward into a            Dr. Ian Eix
President                          new era. All chiropractors can participate in          Dr. Laurent Isabelle
                                   this historic event by supporting the Capital
                                                                                          Ms. Erin O'Brien
                                   Campaign. Please be a part of this milestone
                                   by donating generously.                                Dr. Don Langford

                                                                                                          PrimaryContact 3
                                             In Brief
Students on the Stump                                    task will be accomplished with the proper plan of
Spring marks the arrival of student elections at         management and excellent preparation by all coun-
CMCC. Steve Burnie is the new president of the           cil members.” A second focus is the coordination
Student Canadian Chiropractic Association (SCCA).        of a successful orientation for all incoming CMCC
                                                         students. “This is an exciting time for Students’
“One of my priorities this year,” says Burnie, “will
                                                         Council to plan our first orientation at the new
be to determine where students would like to see
                                                         campus. The coordination and planning of orienta-
the SCCA focus its energies and what our ultimate
                                                         tion week should be accomplished with much
purpose is within the chiropractic community. To do
                                                         more ease with the outstanding facilities Students’
this, we plan to conduct several
                                                         Council will have at our disposal.”
focus groups that will reach out
to all students, especially those
who have traditionally avoided                           Practice Opportunities 2004:
or not known about our organiza-
                                                         A fond farewell to 1900 Bayview
tion.” Ambitions goals, but all
who know Burnie, see him as a                            The gymnasium at 1900 Bayview underwent its
natural leader.                                          annual transformation into Practice Opportunities
                                                         for the very last time on January 29, 2004. With
“The SCCA will also develop         Steve Burnie         over 50 exhibitors, chiropractors and their display
stronger relations with each pro-                        materials on hand, this event continues to build
vincial association,” continues Burnie. “All students    strong relationships for the students and the
at CMCC need to receive regular updates vie email        chiropractic community and its suppliers. Over 300
and our website ( about chiropractic in      students interacted with exhibitors—meeting with
their province. As an organization which represents      chiropractors, inquiring about practices, and view-
all Canadian chiropractic students, we are enhanc-       ing practice information sent in for display. As well,
ing communication with our colleagues at UQTR            many 1st years participated, proactively looking
and the American colleges. In an effort to increase      for the latest products and information to help
                     inter-professional relations, we    them prepare for their upcoming years. Next year,
                     are currently working to engage     Practice Opportunities will have a new home of
                     in an official relationship with     modern design and ample room at our new campus
                     the Canadian Federation of          at 6100 Leslie Street. We are looking forward to
                     Medical Students (CFMS) and         showcasing our facility to many more exhibitors and
                     are exploring the possibility of    chiropractors. Many thanks go to all our volunteers
                     making presentations to Ontario     for making this event a success.
                     medical school student councils.
                     We have already made exciting      D.C. Wanted, Victoria, BC
Mike Caterer         progress.”                         Looking for easygoing and enthusiastic
                                                        D.C. to share with three other D.C.’s.
                                                        Clinic warm and inviting. Recently       Practice Opportunity,
                   The body that represents             renovated. High visibility. Free         Toronto, ON
students at CMCC is the Students’ Council. Its new      parking. Low overhead.                   Doctor relocating. Chiropractic
                                                        Call 250-382-3836                        Clinic - Fully Equip. Incl. x-ray
president is Mike Caterer. Winning the election                                                  and developing. Up to 3 D.C.’s.
by acclamation, Caterer is in the class of 2006. A      Opportunity in Newmarket, ON             3yr. Lease remaining, Beautifully
                                                        Great opportunity for a chiropractor     decorated; Incredible location,
real presence on campus and tirelessly involved         to be a part of a treatment centre and   convenient to TTC.
                                                                                                 2700 Sq. Feet; Open & Closed
in committee work, Caterer is looking forward to        wellness team. Available to the doctor
                                                                                                 Concept. Call 416-865-5054.
                                                        - 2 Treatment Rooms, Brand New HF
CMCC’s move.                                            Digital X-Ray System with Developer,
                                                        OCA PMP Chiropractic program             Practice Opportunity,
The Students’ Council’s main priority, he says, will    already in use within the clinic, Full   Brantford, ON
be to ensure the move to 6100 Leslie is as smooth       reception coverage. Newmarket,           Associate position available
                                                        Ontario. For more information contact    in Brantford. Contact
as possible for all students. “The Council feels this   Joan Scott 905-953-9919 c\o The          Dr. Osborn 519-753-9596
                                                        Wellness Group Treatment Centre

PrimaryContact 4
New CAM Research Network Established
The Canadian Interdisciplinary Network for CAM Research (IN-CAM) has been established by a five-member
Steering Committee—including CMCC’s Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Silvano Mior. IN-CAM’s
mission is to create a sustainable, well-connected, highly trained Complementary and Alternative Medicine
(CAM) research community in Canada that is internationally recognized and known for both its excellence in
research and its contributions to understanding CAM and its use.
The Network will host annual funding competitions for project seed funding and graduate studentships. Its ulti-
mate goal is to develop a programme that becomes a recognized career path for graduate students interested in
social policy and health care. An annual CAM Research Symposium will provide an opportunity for members
in the CAM research community to network, to share results of recent research and to participate in educational
workshops. Membership in IN-CAM is free of charge and may be established by completing a brief question-
naire on the Member’s portion of their website. Please visit for more information.

                                      Class Notes
Dr. Dean Wright, Class of ’89,                             Dr. Daniel Yaron, Class of ’94, Appointed
Addresses CMCC Students                                    Obus Forme Health and Education Expert
The OCA President’s Roadshow made a stop at                CMCC Graduate Dr. Daniel Yaron has been named
CMCC recently. Dr. Dean Wright, President of the           Health and Education Expert for
OCA, spent an evening with CMCC students and               Obus Forme Ltd., adding chiro-
several chiropractors from the community. Over pizza       practic insight into the design and
and pop, Dr. Wright and the attendees discussed            development of all the company’s
various chiropractic topics including auto insurance,      products. A member of CMCC’s
OHIP negotiations, upcoming advertising campaigns,         Class of 1994, Dr. Yaron will
and the state of chiropractic in Canada. A large part      also act as public spokesperson,
of the discussion revolved around the Lewis Inquest,       providing in-depth information      D r. D a n i e l Ya ro n
with particular emphasis put on how the profession         on the range of Obus Forme body
is reacting to the finding, where we should go from         care products and therapies.
here, and how we can expect practices to be affected       “I’m delighted to join Obus Forme’s team of innovators
by the ruling. Dr. Wright provided detailed informa-       and look forward to supporting the company’s exciting
tion on exactly what happened in the courtroom             growth and development,” says Dr. Yaron. “It’s a
and discussed implications and challenges that the         pleasure applying the knowledge I learned at CMCC
profession now faces. The talk was seen by attendees       in helping people maintain healthy lifestyles between
as motivational and offered much reassurance to            chiropractic visits.”
                                                           Obus Forme Ltd., which recently increased its pledge
                                                           to CMCC’s Capital Campaign to $250,000, manufac-
Dr. Kopansky-Giles, Class of ’82,                          tures consumer products now available in more than 40
Appointed to WFC                                           countries worldwide engineered to deliver comfort and
Faculty member and CMCC Alumna Dr. Deborah                 support to the human body. In addition to practicing
Kopansky-Giles has been appointed by The Canadian          chiropractic, Dr. Yaron is a public speaker and educator
Chiropractic Association as the Canadian representa-       who lectures on topics relating to wellness, ergonomics
tive for the World Federation of Chiropractic.             and lifestyle counseling. He maintains a practice in
The appointment, effective June 1, 2004, is for a period   a multidisciplinary health care clinic in downtown
of 3 years.                                                Toronto.

                                                                                                                PrimaryContact 5 5
                                                                                         Front Comparison

                    Entrance Area
                                                      With this springtime issue of Primary Contact, we
                                                      could not resist the urge to celebrate the season with
       Entrance Area                                  a photo-spread of our blossoming new campus. As
                                                      CMCC’s new and vital presence begins to visibly
                                                      emerge, we are reminded of the strength of its roots.
                                                      Our transplanted campus will surely flourish in its
                                                      bright new location. Yet a garden needs water.
                                                      A garden needs care and commitment. The success
                                                      of any harvest depends on the investment in these
                                                      early stages of its growth. Now is the time to nourish
                                                      the future. Now is the time to give. Please contact the
                                                      Capital Campaign at 416-482-2340 ext. 270.

                                    Floating Stairs
PrimaryContact 66
                                                        Northeast Perspective
                              ON-LINE DONATING
                              Making a donation to CMCC is now as easy
                                     as turning on your computer.
                               Simply go to the campaign section on the
                                   CMCC website at
                                 and click on the “Donate Now” button.
                                This is a fast and secure way to make general
                              and in memoriam donations, or contribute to the
                                HANDS ON THE FUTURE® capital campaign.
                                                           Try it today!
Side Profile of Construction

                               Rooftop View

           Stair Comparison                                        PrimaryContact 7 7
                   Corporate Campaign Update
                      We are pleased to report that a     $6,500 - $9,999
                      growing number of corporations       Financial Wealth Builders
                      have confirmed their support to       Student Canadian Chiropractic Association
                      the HANDS ON THE FUTURE®
                      capital campaign. We welcome
                                                          Friends of CMCC
                                                            Accentuate Service Inc.
                      our new partners and thank them
                                                            J.P. Bickell Foundation
                      for their generous support. The
Mr. Len Goodman,                                            The Calgary Foundation
Chair, Private Sector corporate committee will continue
                                                            Canadian Council on Roentgenology
                      to identify and contact corpora-
                                                            College of Chiropractic Sciences
tions who share our vision for the future of CMCC
                                                            Corvin Building Maintenance
and the chiropractic profession in Canada.
                                                            High Country Chiropractic Knights
We would like to recognize the following:                   Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
$1 million +                                                Kingston Chiropractic Society
   Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association             The KPMG Foundation
   Kolter Property Management Limited                       London Chiropractic Society
                                                            North American Glucosamine Products
$250,000 - $499,999                                         Nutra Therapeutics
   CMCC Governors’ Club                                     OPG Employees’ & Pensioners’ Charity
   College of Chiropractors of Alberta                      Phases
   The Global Group                                         Splendour Printing Company Limited
   Obus Forme Ltd.                                          Waterloo Regional Chiropractic Society
$100,000 - $249,999                                         Zehava Beauty Centre Ltd.
   First Financial Corporation                            Matching Gifts –
$50,000 - $99,999                                         Double Your Donation!
   Chiropractors’ Association of Saskatchewan             There are a large number of corporate employers
   CMCC Students’ Council                                 who subscribed to what is commonly referred to as
   Scotiabank                                             a matching programme.
$25,000 - $49,999                                         This means that if an employee elects to make a
   Anonymous                                              personal contribution to a non-profit organization
   Edmonton Chiropractic Society                          upon request, the employer will match that contri-
   Mediflow Inc.                                           bution subject to an established maximum.
   Niagara Chiropractic Society                           The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College has
   North Vancouver Island Chiropractic Society            a proprietary licensing agreement with Metasoft
   Nova Scotia Chiropractic Association                   Systems in Vancouver. Metasoft’s online directory
   The Rita & Victor Bertrand Foundation                  provides information on Canadian corporate giving
   Seroyal International Inc.                             policy including those with matching gift programs.
$10,000 - $24,999                                         If you or your spouse is employed with a top 1000
   BC CMCC Alumni Association                             company in Canada, your/their employer may have
   The Caldwell Partners International                    a policy of matching your contributions to CMCC.
   Christie Group Ltd.                                    Contact Jill Hamilton at or
   College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada)       at 416-482-2340 ext. 217 to confirm whether or
   Danson, Recht, Voudouris                               nor your company has such a policy.
   Foot Levelers, Inc.

PrimaryContact 8
IN MEMORIAM                                            Donations
                                                              We Are Grateful For Your Support
                                        We extend our sincere appreciation to those who have recently made
                                        gifts to CMCC. If there are any corrections to this listing or if you
                                        would like more information about making a gift to CMCC, please call
                                        the Development Office at (416) 482-2340, extension 293. The follow-
                                        ing donations have been received and processed as of March 31, 2004.
                                        General                      Dr. Norman F.               Dr. Lloyd W. Taylor
                                                                      Grittani                   Dr. Scott Taylor
Langford, Dr. James A. (Class of '49)   Donations                    Mrs. Eileen Hugli           Dr. Steve P.
Passed away April 26, 2004              Ms. H. Wray                  Ms. Mary Johnson            Viljakainen
                                         Barraclough                 Ms. Sylvia Johnston         Mr. Rick Walkey
                                        The Estate of Olive          Johnston Chiropractic       Ms. Patricia Walters
                                         Louise Boynton               Associates                 Mrs. Leora Wilson
                                        Dr. Colin A.                 Dr. Joseph R. Kelly
                                        Mr. Duncan
                                                                     Ruth & Gerry Kendall    Awards &
                                                                     Bill Lamberton
                                         Greenshields                Ms. Kathleen Leifson
                                        Dr. Adrian S. Grice                                      Mr. Mark Abraham
                                                                     Dr. Rich Luck
                                        Dr. E. Kitchener                                         Ms. Elvira Foronda
Morris, Dr. William W. (Class of '50)                                Ms. Wendy MacIntyre
                                         Hayman                                                  Mr. Duncan
                                                                     Dr. Sandra Malpass
Passed away December, 2003              Ms. Lynn Mills               Eileen and Chris
                                        Mr. Harvey                                               Dr. Kim B.
                                         Nightingale                                              Humphreys
                                                                     Dr. R. Murray
                                        Mr. Allen Stern                                          John M. Wallace
                                        Sutherland Chan                                           Scholarship Trust
                                                                     Ms. Joan Milina
                                         Schools Inc.                                            Dr. James P. Laws
                                                                     Mr. G. Barry Morgan
                                        The Chiropractic                                         Ms. Margaret A.
                                                                     Dr. Wilfred O.
                                         Report                                                   McCallen
                                                                                                 Mr. Lance McDayter
                                                                     Dr. T. Allan Morris
Myhrvold, Dr. Kyrre (Class of '70)      In Memoriam                  Kasper & Marilyn
                                                                                                 Mrs. Anne Mior
                                        British Columbia                                         Dr. Jean A. Moss
Passed away November 2003                                             Muckle
                                         College of                                              Dr. John P. Mrozek
                                                                     Ontario Chiropractic
                                         Chiropractors                                           National Board
                                        Ms. Lilian Chee                                           of Chiropractic
                                                                     Peter & Marilyn
                                        Des & Norma Coles                                         Examiners
                                        Dr. Brian B. Croft                                       Mrs. Barbara
                                                                     Ms. Donna Price
                                        Mr. Arthur F. Davis                                       Newbigging
                                                                     Ms. Trudy Purdy
                                        Bonar Davis                                              OPTP Conservative
                                                                     Dr. Frederick H.
                                        Dr. Edward L.                                             Care Specialists
                                         Demchuk                                                 Mrs. Brenda Smith
                                                                     Mr. William
                                        Ms. Jeanne Ellis                                         Mrs. Doreen
Strong, Dr. Albert G. (Class of '55)                                  Richardson
                                        Mr. Darren Enywistle         Ms. Linda Roedl
Passed away August 17, 2002             Dr. John Ewart                                           Mr. Allen Stern
                                                                     Ms. Drinda Scott
                                        Gambier Island                                           Waterloo Wellington
                                                                     Dr. George M. Seim
                                         Community                                                Chiropractic
                                                                     Mr. Kenneth Smith
                                         Association                                              Auxilliary
                                                                     Dr. William M. Smith
                                        Ms. Diana Gass               Mrs. Doreen
                                        Ms. Geraldine                 Soloduka               Gifts In Kind
                                         Gildemeester                Dr. David A.                Dr. Colin A.
                                        Dr. Paul C. Gilmore           Stevenson                  Greenshields
                                        Ms. Twyla Graeme             Dr. Daniel D. Stover        Dr. Adrian S. Grice
                                        Mr. Gary Grais               Olga & Bill Sudeyko         Ms. Lynn Mills
Zuliani, Dr. Angela M. (Class of '98)
                                        Mrs. Ruth Grice
Passed away March 11, 2004
                                                     Interested in making a donation?
Litt, Mrs. Rita, wife of Dr. James O.      Please contact Anne Wiltshire at or
Litt (Class of '69) of Timmins, ON.                    call at: 416-482-2340 ext. 194.
Passed away, March 12, 2004                                                                            PrimaryContact 9
                         A Preview of the
                    Research Report 2002-2003
Primary Contact is pleased to give our readers a sneak preview of the
Research Report 2002-2003 which will be available shortly. The Research
Report is a two-year summary of research activities undertaken at CMCC.
It provides a close-up look at the work of four researchers—in this case
Dr. Sil Mior’s work into researching collaborative health care models—as well
as a comprehensive list of research projects taking place at our institution.
The Research Report is sent to members every other year and is an excellent
way chiropractors can remain informed and familiar with the latest, cutting-
edge research work being done by the profession.
                               According to Dr. Silvano      group of likeminded health care providers—aims to help
                               Mior, identifying the         change that reality.
                               mechanism for improving
                                                             In 1995, he and a coalition of health care professionals
                               health care should be rea-
                                                             began assembling a pilot project designed to bridge the
                               sonably straightforward.
                                                             gap between physicians and chiropractors. Introducing
                               “First, find out who’s
                                                             a Collaborative Practice Model between Physicians
                               interested,” he says, “then
                                                             and Chiropractors in a Primary Care Reform Setting
                               make them part of the
                                                             is a comprehensive review of the role of chiropractic in
                                                             primary health care reform. “Our group is truly interdis-
Dr. Silvano Mior                As he has learned from       ciplinary,” says Mior. “We have among us a chiroprac-
practical experience, however, moving from that point        tor with a background in epidemiology, a health policy
onward to implementation is always much more com-            developer, a pharmacist, a D.C. who is also a Ph.D.,
plicated. As CMCC’s Dean of Graduate Studies and             a physician with connections in areas of policy, and
Research and recipient of the Ontario Chiropractic           another chiropractor with a political background. So I
Association’s (OCA) 2002 Professional Service Award          guess you could say we really are a diverse and experi-
for Research, Mior has devoted three years of an already     enced group.”
busy career to building a pilot project aimed at fostering
                                                             After a rigorous process of stakeholder interviews, Mior
collaboration between chiropractors and physicians.
                                                             and the team arrived at what they now believe is the
Ontario’s Ministry of Health, he knows, is on side in        model’s central premise.
principle. “Primary health care reform has been on the
                                                             “What it really all boils down to is trust,” says Mior.
government’s agenda for a very long time, and much
                                                             “Naturally, there must be a level of comfort between
of that focus has been on improving co-ordination of
                                                             patients and their providers.” However in the complex re-
                                                             ality of contemporary health care, that first bond must be
Yet despite strong indications of high-level support,        overlapped with an equally important—yet far more elu-
there remain disappointingly few models of effective         sive—layer of trust. “The providers themselves,” he says,
collaboration within Ontario’s health care system. With      “have to trust one another. Essentially, it’s a triangle; to
the aid of a $1,953,000 grant from the province’s Pri-       be a complete and sturdy structure, each corner depends
mary Health Care Transition Fund, Mior—along with a          on the other. Without all three points of trust working

PrimaryContact 10
                                                              Chiropractic Auxiliary
together, it doesn’t matter how wonderful this model is      supports the Campaign
going to be, it’s not going to work.”
As ever, much of the problem comes from lack                 Times are changing. The Chiropractic
of understanding. “One group often doesn’t know what         Auxiliary, a once active and busy organiza-
the other group is doing. We’ve built in communication       tion is winding down. This dedicated group,
strategies,” he says, “and developed referral forms to try   primarily made up of wives of chiropractors,
to standardize the various pieces of information.” The
project also employed published guidelines in Canada,
                                                             has been a strong voice for chiropractic and
choosing as its template the Glenerin Guidelines estab-      a devoted supporter of CMCC for years. Did
lished by The Canadian Chiropractic Association (The         you know that the Auxiliary gave their first
CCA) in 1993.                                                donation of a Hi Lo table, furnishings for a
“Then we looked at issues related to access,” he says.       kitchen, and stage curtains for the campus at
“We knew that one of the critical pieces—both from the       252 Bloor Street? Now, women make up half
patient’s perspective and the physician’s—was afford-        of the profession, and wives and partners have
ability of care.” The group therefore proposes to elimi-
nate patient payment and has advanced a new blended
                                                             other demands—along with their own careers.
reimbursement model based on templates used elsewhere        It has been a challenge to keep the Auxiliary
in Canada and Great Britain. Reimbursement, explains         going. To honour their years of service,
Mior, “includes a base amount, some fee-for-service, as      Primary Contact will feature the tireless work
well as money for health-promotion related activities.” A    of this group in our fall 2004 issue. It promises
portion of the funding would come from OHIP billings,
the rest would come from the research grant.
                                                             to be a tribute to remember!
“It’s a question of vision,” he says.                        In the meantime, the Auxiliary has one last
Such reform also requires the support of chiropractors.
                                                             project—the new CMCC campus on Leslie
“There are those in our community who see themselves         Street. The Auxiliary has a goal of raising
as part of the mainstream, as part of the health care de-    $25,000 from past and current members to
livery system.” Mior believes the chiropractic profession    have a room at CMCC named in their honour.
can have a tremendous impact as part of a mainstream         This room will be a symbol of the Auxiliary’s
health care delivery team. “But you can’t be part of that
team and behave independently, you have to co-operate
                                                             love, support and appreciation of chiropractic
and collaborate. This doesn’t mean that you sacrifice         and the wonderful camaraderie that the mem-
who and what you are, but you learn how to play as part      bers have shared. Members are asked to give
of a team.”                                                  generously when they receive the letter re-
“In other words,” he says, “it means becoming part of        questing a donation.
the process.”
                                                             Finally, the Auxiliary has an ongoing project
                                                             with the “Renewal” paper sculpture art piece
                                                             in the form of a collector print and notepads.
                                                             Proceeds assure continued support for chiro-
                                                             practic. Please contact Carole Kleinknecht
                                                             at 519-669-5717 or at for
                                                             these items. Keep an eye out in the fall for the
                   Research Report: available soon           Auxiliary Primary Contact feature!
                                                                                                   PrimaryContact 11
                                                                                                    PrimaryContact 11
      Dr. Robert H. Brisco, 1938-2004                       Dr. Fritz Staal Petersen, 1939-2003

                    Dr. Robert H. Brisco                              Dr. Fritz Staal Petersen

Dr. Robert H. Brisco, former caucus member in the        Born in 1939 as the eldest son of five children in
government of Brian Mulroney and CMCC graduate           Jutland, Dr. Petersen’s family operated a meat-
of 1953, passed away January 4, 2004.                    processing farm in the town of Randers, Denmark.
Remembered by his colleagues in the House of             He was certified as a Master Butcher in his youth,
Commons as a conscientious parliamentarian who           before leaving for the United States to study chiro-
worked tirelessly for his constituents in the riding     practic at Lincoln College.
of Kootenay West, B.C., Dr. Brisco was a Member          In 1965 Dr. Petersen moved to Britain to continue
of Parliament for a total of ten years between 1974      his education with the inaugural class of the Anglo-
and 1988. More recently, he sat as a judge on the        European College of Chiropractic at Bournemouth,
Refugee Board of Canada.                                 England. Two years later he transferred to CMCC,
A dedicated supporter of chiropractic, Dr. Brisco        relocating to Canada in time for its Centennial Year
was a Lifetime Member of the Canadian Memorial           celebrations in 1967.
Chiropractic College. He was V.P. and President of       During his three-year stay in Toronto, Dr. Petersen
the B.C. Chiropractic Association, and V.P. of The       subsidized his studies by working as a hospital
Canadian Chiropractic Association.                       orderly where he developed complementary skills
Dr. Brisco merged his love of chiropractic with his      in the care and handling of patients.
devotion to politics early in life. He was elected       Following his graduation with CMCC’s class of
SAC President at CMCC in 1953. “Sincerity is the         1970, Dr. Petersen returned to Denmark and started
cornerstone of success,” he wrote to his classmates      a practice in the centre of Copenhagen, and a
in a forward to that year’s edition of CMCC’s            second one in Frederikssund.
yearbook The Cornerstone. “Therefore let us follow       He suffered a stroke at his home in Asserbo and
naturally this true bent of humanity and live our        passed away November 14, 2003.
professional lives with sincerity towards ourselves,
our patients and our profession. The cornerstone is
ours by nature but it is our duty to build upon it, to
add to it with observation, study, perseverance, and
service to our community.”

PrimaryContact 12
Dr. Charles Duncan McNeil, 1926-2002
                                                         In 1989 in a private letter to Dr. Brown, Dr.
                                                         McNeil wrote of his ongoing historical research
                                                         into the profession in B.C.: “A lot of young people
                                                         in our profession figure nothing was done until
                                                         they arrived on the scene. Some of the old timers
                                                         accomplished tremendous things against almost
                                                         insurmountable odds. Where did they find the time
                                                         and the energy? I’m pleased, and I’m sure everyone
                                                         in our profession is pleased, that they somehow
                                                         were able to accomplish so much.”
               Dr. Charles Duncan McNeil
                                                         We may now say the very same about Dr. McNeil.
                                                         He is missed by all who knew him in the profession.

In the words of Dr. Doug Brown, “Dunc” McNeil            Ed’s note: Primary Contact would like to sincerely
was the “cement that held together the Class of ’55      apologise to friends, family and classmates of
over the years. He communicated regularly with           Dr. McNeil for the delay in the publication of his
classmates near and far. He was a strong proponent       “Passages” and thank those involved for bringing
of the Governors’ Club and did a fine job recording       this obvious omission to our attention.
the biographies of pioneer chiropractors in B.C.”
Indeed, Dr. McNeil’s dedication to researching               Memories of CMCC at 1900
and preserving the early history of chiropractic
in British Columbia is a permanent and valuable
legacy. “For years he laboured at the task of seeking
out often obscure information on the history of chi-
ropractic in our province,” writes Dr. Neil Fletcher,
a B.C. classmate of Dr. McNeil’s. “Dunc had a very
busy practice despite a life-long battle with Diabetes
Mellitus. Yet he soldiered on and always served
the profession. His dedication to documenting the
profession in B.C. was a task demanding extreme            Those Were The Days!
patience and diligence.”                                   Artist: Mrs. Hughine E. Brady
“Dunc led an exemplary life filled with devotion to         (mother of chiropractor Dr. Ron Brady)
his family, service to his community, rapport with
                                                           The Chiropractors' Association of Saskatchewan has
his associates and generosity to his profession;           generously offered to donate proceeds from print sales to
particularly to CMCC,” adds Dr. Brown. “His name           CMCC’s capital campaign.
will remain in perpetuity on the Governors’ Club           The prints are 12” x 24” and are available at a cost of $75.00
plaque in the foyer of the College as an everlasting       per print. To order a copy please send name, cheque and
tribute to the philanthropy of this kind, gentle, and      shipping address to:
compassionate man.”
                                                                               CMCC Print Offer
While at CMCC, Dr. McNeil was an active sports-                          c/o Chiropractors’ Association
man and was awarded the Dr. Walter Sturdy Award.                               of Saskatchewan
                                                                              3420A Hill Avenue,
He is survived by his wife Jessie, his son Glen and                          Regina, SK S4S 0W9
his daughter Nan.
                                                                                                                PrimaryContact 13
                    Homecoming                                        Class of 1949
                                                                       Dr. Herbert Vear

                                                                      Class of 1954
                                                                       Dr. Rich Luck

                                                 June 4-5
                                                                      Class of 1969
                                                                       Dr. Douglas Trull

                    Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
                                                                      Class of 1979
                                                                       Dr. Joseph Kelly

       AT 1900 BAYVIEW
       EATON CENTRE HOTEL                                             Class of 1989
                                                                       Dr. Dean Wright


       Social Events                      Continuing Education        Class of 1994
        • Anniversary Class Luncheon              “Evaluation and
                                                                       Dr. Katie

        • Welcome Home Barbecue               Management of Foot,
                                                 Ankle, and Lower
        • Governors’ Club Breakfast               Limb disorders”
        • Grand Reception                         (10-hour seminar)

                                                                      Class of 2003
                                                                       Dr. Megan Harris
PrimaryContact 14
Friday, June 4, 2004    Saturday, June 5, 2004
Anniversary Class Luncheon                                         All Saturday Homecoming functions will take place at the Toronto
11:00 am - 1:00 p.m. Rosedale Golf Club                            Marriott Eaton Centre at 525 Bay Street, Toronto.

1901 Mount Pleasant Road                                           The Governors’ Club (Buffet) Breakfast
(Rosedale Golf Club is located at the most northern point          7:30 am - 9:30 am Trinity Ballroom, Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre
of Mount Pleasant Road, north of Lawrence Avenue, past             Our Saturday activities will begin with a wonderful all-you-can-eat
Teddington Park Avenue and Glen Echo Road.)                        buffet breakfast followed by the Governors’ Club Annual General
The Homecoming festivities will begin with a special               Meeting. This is a great opportunity to be updated on our new
luncheon in honour of the classes of 1949,1954,1959,               campus at 6100 Leslie Street and to learn more about ongoing
1964, and 1969. Reminisce with former classmates                   initiatives at CMCC during this milestone year.
as you celebrate the 35th, 40th, 45th, 50th or 55th                Please join CMCC President, Jean Moss and Governors’ Club
anniversary of your graduation from CMCC.                          President, Doug Brown for this informative get-together.
Continuing Education                                               Continuing Education
CMCC, 1900 Bayview Avenue                                          Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre, Grand Ballroom A & B
1:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. Registration, in front of Room 312           8:30 am - 9:00 am Registration
1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Room 312 and Technique Room                  9:00 am - 12:30 pm Continuing Education Programme
CMCC Campus Tours                                                  1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Continuing Education Programme
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. CMCC                                         (12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. Lunch for Continuing Education participants only
                                                                   in the Trinity Ballroom)
Conducted by current students
President’s Welcome Home BBQ                                       Grand Reception
4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. CMCC, 1900 Bayview Avenue                    6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Trinity Ballroom, Toronto Marriott Eaton
Picnic together for the last time on the patio in front of
1900 Bayview. Feast on delicious food and be entertained           Reunite over a glass of wine and hors d’oeuvres and share the
by live musical talent along with your CMCC classmates.            memories of your years at CMCC with fellow classmates. The
Join other alumni, students, faculty and staff for this family     Marriott will provide an elegant venue as moments, memories
affair of the past, present and future.                            and milestones are captured during this historic Homecoming
                                                                   weekend. We encourage you to continue the evening by going
                                                                   out for dinner with your class.

                  An Invitation from the President
Homecoming represents that rare occasion to bring together         From the Class of 1949 to the Class of 2003, CMCC will be recognizing
friends whose lives and careers have woven different paths         anniversary classes in seven different decades. Such is the growth of
and yet whose bond and commonality will always be their            CMCC. As has now become an annual tradition at Homecoming, we will
Alma Mater and the special experiences they shared.                pay special tribute to the 50th anniversary class. This year the Class of
From our alumni across Canada, to those of you whose lives         1954 will be so honoured.
are firmly established in far away places, I invite you to join     Homecoming 2004 will recognize anniversary classes from 1949, 1954,
your classmates at Homecoming 2004. As we look forward to          1959, 1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999 and 2003,
our new state-of-the-art home at 6100 Leslie Street later this     however all alumni are encouraged to attend.
year, I think we can be excused for feeling mixed emotions,
                                                                   Please join us as we bid farewell to 1900 Bayview Avenue and embark
as we must bid farewell to 1900 Bayview Avenue, our home
                                                                   upon the next, exciting chapter in the history of CMCC.
since 1968.
                                                                   Yours sincerely,
Many moments, memories and milestones have been shared
during the 36 years at our current home. Homecoming 2004
represents the final opportunity for you to reconvene with
your classmates at 1900 Bayview and to share in this truly
historic weekend. It is also fitting that our departure will mark   Jean A. Moss, D.C., M.B.A.
the first time we are honouring a 55th anniversary class            President
– the class of 1949.
                                                                                                                                      PrimaryContact 15
                                           Homecoming 2004
                               FEATURED SPEAKERS
 Kim Ross, BSc, MSc, DC, PhD                                                    Janice Drover, BSc, DC, FCCSS(C), ART
 Dr. Ross graduated from CMCC in 1987. Since 1988 he has been                   Dr. Drover holds a BSc in Human Kinetics from the University of
 teaching chiropractic skills and body biomechanics at CMCC. In                 Ottawa. She graduated from CMCC and subsequently com-
 1999 he obtained the position of Chair for the Department of                   pleted a two-year post graduate residency in Chiropractic Sports
 Applied Chiropractic. He has been invited to the National Board of             Sciences, which culminated in fellowship status with the College
 Chiropractic Examiners in Colorado annually since 1995, to help                of Chiropractic Sports Sciences. She is also a certified Acupunc-
 develop Part IV of the National Board Exams. He completed his                  turist and certified Active Release Technique provider. Profes-
 PhD in Biomechanics at the University of Waterloo in 2003. He has              sionally, she was the medical director for the Calgary Storm
 published papers on the biomechanics of spinal manipulation in                 A-League Soccer Club and has been part of the
 the journals Spine and Clinical Biomechanics and has been                      medical team for the Basketball Canada/Nike All Canada
 lecturing on gait biomechanics and orthotic therapy to field                    Camps, Athletics Canada Commonwealth Games Qualifiers, the
 practitioners since 1995.                                                      Toronto Lynx Soccer Club and the Ontario Soccer Association
                                                                                provincial programme. Janice is an assistant professor at CMCC,
 Alan Lustig, DPM                                                               in private practice at Core Insight Chiropractic in Toronto, and
                                                                                is the official Sport Chiropractor for the York University varsity
 Dr. Lustig graduated from the New York College of Podiatric                    athletic programme.
 Medicine in 1973. He co-founded one of Canada’s premier hospital
 foot clinics at Sunnybrook Hospital, University of Toronto in 1974.
                                                                                Scott Howitt, BA (Hons), CK, CSCS, DC, ART
 He has been in private practice as a podiatrist since 1974. He is
 the director of the Orthopaedic and Foot Care Centre’s Orthotic                Dr. Howitt holds a BA (Hons) in Physical Education from the
 Clinic in Toronto. It is recognized as one of the premier surgical             University of Western Ontario. He graduated from CMCC and
 and biomechanical lower extremity orthopaedic centres in Canada.               subsequently completed a two-year post graduate
 Dr. Lustig has one of the largest foot orthotic practices in North             residency in Chiropractic Sports Sciences. Currently he is in
 America. He has published numerous papers on lower extremity                   pursuit of a second fellowship in Orthopedic Rehabilitative
 medicine. Dr. Lustig has worked extensively in the foot orthotics              Sciences. Dr. Howitt is also a Certified Strength and Condition-
 manufacturing industry for the past 15 years.                                  ing Specialist, a Certified Kinesiologist, an Acupuncturist, and
                                                                                a certified Active Release Technique provider. His professional
                                                                                experiences include working as part of the core-medical team
                                                                                for several professional soccer clubs, and national and
                                                                                provincial teams with which he has travelled throughout Canada
                                                                                and around the world. Dr. Howitt works at CMCC as a clinical
                                                                                instructor and in the Clinical Sciences department as well as
                                                                                lecturing in CE programmes.

   Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre
   Offical Homecoming 2004 Hotel
Situated in the heart of Toronto and connected to the Eaton Centre shopping complex, The Toronto
Marriott Eaton Centre is the ideal location for this year’s Homecoming 2004. Just outside the doors
is a city that’s filled with great diversity - from towering glass and steel structures to centuries-old
stone cathedrals, open air markets, statues, gardens, theatres, restaurants, and shopping. The
guest rooms have been designed with comfort in mind and you can relax at the rooftop pool,
whirlpool, and sauna or keep up with your fitness regimen in the health club’s workout room. We
have a special rate of $169.00 plus applicable taxes for single or double occupancy. As space is
limited at this rate don’t delay in making your booking. Call 416-597-9200 to reserve today and
indicate that you are attending CMCC’s Homecoming 2004.

Find out more about the Hotel’s amenities and services online at

PrimaryContact 16
                            Continuing Education at Homecoming 2004

   Evaluation and Management of Foot,
     Ankle and Lower Limb Disorders
This is a 10-hour seminar over two days designed to provide chiropractors with the knowledge and hands-on skills in
treating some of the more common and difficult to manage lower limb conditions seen in practice.

Day 1 Diagnosing Conditions of the Foot and Ankle

Friday, June 4, 2004 at CMCC
 1:00 p.m    — 1:30 p.m.         Registration
 1:30 p.m.   — 2:30 p.m.         Signs, symptoms and evidence-based evaluation of lower limb problems
 2:30 p.m.   — 4:30 p.m.         “Hands-on” evaluation and treatment techniques

The Friday afternoon 3-hour workshop will cover the practical components of managing foot and ankle problems.
Drs. Janice Drover and Scott Howitt will ensure a pure psychomotor skill approach so that participants will leave this
weekend with the required tools ready for application on Monday morning.

Seminar Objectives:
This 3-hour presentation by Drs. Janice Drover and Scott Howitt is an exciting two part series.
  1)    It is designed as a “tune up” for chiropractors wishing to refresh their knowledge of conditions and evaluation
        of the lower leg, foot and ankle.
  2)    The session will begin with a lecture presenting current information regarding signs, symptoms,
        evidence-based evaluation and current treatment trends of the lower leg, foot and ankle.
  3)    The presentation will then move to the technique area where participants will work “hands on” reviewing the
        evaluation techniques presented in the lecture.
  4)    The practical portion of this presentation will focus more on evaluation techniques of the foot and ankle rather
        than specific treatment methods.

Day 2 Biomechanics and Orthotic Therapy for the Foot, Ankle and Lower Limb

Saturday, June 5, 2004 at the Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre
 8:30 a.m.   — 9:00 a.m.     Registration
 9:00 a.m.   — 10:15 a.m.    Types of orthotics and orthotic options (A. Lustig)
10:15 a.m.   — 10:30 a.m.    BREAK
10:30 a.m.   — 12:30 p.m.    Running shoes (K. Ross)
12:30 p.m.   — 1:30 p.m.     LUNCH
 1:30 p.m.   — 3:15 p.m.     Biomechanics of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, patellofemoral
                             syndrome, iliotibial band syndrome, foot generated low back pain (A. Lustig and K. Ross)
3:15 p.m. — 3:30 p.m.        BREAK
3:30 p.m. — 5:00 p.m.        Pressure analysis and orthotic prescription (A. Lustig)

The 7-hour seminar will provide the fundamentals of orthotic therapy addressing lower limb anatomy, biomechanics
and muscle activity during gait, assessment techniques and casting in sub-talar neutral. You will gain the clinical
perspectives of two foot experts - a chiropractor and a podiatrist.
Seminar Objectives:
  1)    Understanding the use of orthotics in foot therapy
  2)    Distinguishing between good and bad footwear (leisure, sports, etc.)
  3)    Assessing biomechanical causes of lower limb dysfunction
  4)    Learning the role of gait technology in the analysis of the foot
  5)    Managing common but difficult lower limb cases
  6)    Applying pressure analysis and orthotic prescription

                                                                                                                PrimaryContact 17
Anniversary Class Representatives
Class of 1949                           Class of 1974                    Class of 1994
55th Anniversary                        30th Anniversary                 10th Anniversary
Dr. Herbert Vear                        Dr. Calvin G. Neely              Dr. Katie Hammerschmidt
631 Stonebridge Lane                    354 Boler Road                   P.O. Box 724
Pickering, Ontario L1W 3A6              London, Ontario N6K 2K5          Haliburton, Ontario K0M 1S0
Tel: (905) 831-9221                     Tel: (519) 472-8700              Tel: (705) 457-3500
Email:                Fax: (519) 472-6649              Fax: (705) 457-2280
                                        Email:       Email:
Class of 1954                           Dr. J. Donald Langford           Dr. Ward MacDonald
50th Anniversary                        423 Colborne Street              P.O. Box 608 (Front Street)
Dr. D. Verne Thomson                    London, Ontario N6B 2T2          Wolfville, Nova Scotia B0P 1X0
1074 Lovingston Crescent                Tel: (519) 434-4493              Tel: (902) 542-5380
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 3M6            Fax: (519) 434-3094              Fax: (902) 542-5010
Tel: (905) 896-1773                     Email:    Email:
Fax: (905) 848-6155                                                      Dr. Charlton Locke
Email:   Class of 1979                    Birchmount Chiropractic Clinic
Dr. Rich Luck                           25th Anniversary                 201-462 Birchmount Road
RR2 P.O. Box J-1                        Dr. Joseph R. Kelly              Scarborough, Ontario M1K 1N8
Clarksburg, Ontario N0H 1J0             5012 16th Avenue NW              Tel: (416) 694-9688
Tel: (519) 599-2421                     Calgary, Alberta T3B 0N3         Fax: (416) 694-9693
                                        Tel: (403) 247-3231              Email:
                                        Fax: (403) 247-3990
Class of 1959                           Email:
45th Anniversary                                                         Class of 1999
Dr. Adrian S. Grice                     Dr. James P. Laws                5th Anniversary
2297 Weston Road                        Athletic Therapy                 Dr. Ian Eix
Weston, Ontario M9N 1Z7                 and Chiropractic Clinic          8 Paula Blvd.
Tel: (416) 247-0653                     314-120 Carlton Street           Etobicoke, Ontario M8W 4B6
Fax: (416) 247-7303                     Toronto, Ontario M5A 4K2         Tel: (416) 745-2162
Email:              Tel: (416) 961-5400              Email:
                                        Fax: (416) 968-0373
Dr. Morgan J. Hubbel
197 Third Street                                                         Class of 2003
Cobourg, Ontario K9A 3L5                Class of 1984                    1st Anniversary
Tel: (905) 372-1885                     20th Anniversary                 Dr. Dionne Watson
Fax: (905) 372-1886                     Dr. Dirk Keenan                  27 Belmont Street
Email:                Keenan Chiropractic Clinic       Toronto, Ontario M5R 1P9
                                        303 Harmer Ave. South            Tel: (416) 302-5733
                                        Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 3B3          Fax: (416) 923-3164
Class of 1964                           Tel: (613) 728-9414              Email:
40th Anniversary                        Fax: (613) 728-3916
Dr. Brian B. Croft                      Email:   Dr. Megan Harris
2828 Highway 118W, RR#1                                                  Sherwood Chiropractic Centre
Port Carling, Ontario P0B 1J0           Dr. Robert Palaschuk             34-171 Broadway Blvd.
Tel: (705) 764-0099                     135 McGregor Street              Sherwood Park, Alberta T8H 2A8
Fax: (705) 764-0099                     Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 4V7       Cell: (780) 984-7499
Email:                Tel: (204) 582-2303
                                        Fax: (204) 582-2305
Dr. Eric Shrubb                         Email:
816 Kennedy Road
Scarborough, Ontario M1K 2C8
Tel: (416) 751-6998                     Class of 1989
                                        15th Anniversary
                                        Dr. Dean J. Wright
Class of 1969
35th Anniversary
Dr. Douglas L. Trull
                                        1065 Davis Drive, Unit 10
                                        Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 2R9       information:
                                        Tel: (905) 853-4900
1688 Central Street
Claremont, Ontario L1Y 1B2
                                        Fax: (905) 853-4900
Tel: (905) 649-1943
Email:               Dr. Brian Gleberzon
Dr. Brian Schut
1900 Bayview Avenue
                                        1900 Bayview Avenue
                                        Toronto, Ontario M4G 3E6         ext. 200, or
                                        Tel: (416) 482-2340 ext. 593
Toronto, Ontario M4G 3E6
Tel: (416) 482-2340 ext. 108
                                        Fax: (416) 488-0470
Fax: (416) 488-0470

PrimaryContact 18
 PrimaryContact 18
               C M C C H O M E C O M I N G 2 0 0 4, JUNE 4 & 5

Please complete this form and mail or fax it to Special Events • Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
1900 Bayview Avenue • Toronto, Ontario M4G 3E6 • Fax: 416-482-3629 • Telephone: 416-482-2340 ext. 200

Last Name: _______________________________________                     First Name: __________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________Prov. / State: ________Postal/Zip Code: __________________

Business Phone: _____________________________________ Home Phone: _________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________ Fax: _________________________________________

Spouse/Guest Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Registration Fees:
Take the complete weekend package or build your own package selecting from the continuing education programme and the various
social events. Please include the appropriate fee. Deadline for registration is May 28, 2004.

Complete weekend (Social events and CE)                                Continuing Education Programme only
❐   CMCC Member                                      $355.00           ❐   CMCC Member                                 $310.00
❐   Non CMCC Member                                  $415.00           ❐   Non CMCC Member                             $370.00
❐   Governors' Club Member/CMCC Member               $330.00           ❐   Governors' Club Member/CMCC Member          $285.00
❐   Governors' Club Member/Non CMCC Member           $385.00           ❐   Governors' Club Member/Non CMCC Member      $340.00
❐   Spouse/CMCC Student/COA                          $255.00           ❐   Spouse/CMCC Student/COA                     $210.00

                        SOCIAL EVENTS                                                         PAYMENT
 Please indicate which of the events you will attend, and the number of ❐ A cheque payable to CMCC Homecoming is enclosed
 tickets you will require.                                              for $ ________________
 ❐ Anniversary Class Luncheon at The Rosedale Golf Club on or
 Friday, June 4 (for the Anniversary Classes of 1949, 1954, 1959, 1964, ❐ I authorize $_______________ to be charged to my
 and 1969)                            ____ # Complimentary Ticket(s)
                                                                       ❐ VISA ❐ MC ❐ AMEX
 ❐ Welcome Home BBQ at CMCC on Friday, June 4
                        _____ # Ticket(s) @ $15.00 = ____________ Card # __________________________ Expiry Date: ______

 ❐ Governors' Club Breakfast at the Toronto Marriott on Sat., June 5
                        _____ # Ticket(s) @ $15.00 = ____________ Name on credit card: ___________________________
                   _____ # Complimentary Ticket(s) for GC members
                                                                       Signature: ___________________________________
 ❐ Grand Reception at the Toronto Marriott on Sat., June 5
                      _____ # Ticket(s) @ $35.00 = ____________

                                                                                                                    PrimaryContact 19
  The 2004/2005 CMCC Membership Campaign
    Membership Benefits:
    •        The new Members’ Section on the CMCC website (
             The in-house redesign of our website offers members increased functionality such as user
             log-in, personalized passwords, courseware capabilities, online registration and
             increased security.
             Members will continue to have access to the seven major databases from EBSCO publishing,
             featuring more than 1100 full text journals, online tips and tutorials and online searching
             assistance from CMCC’s reference librarian. Over 60% of our members now access this
             valuable resource (see opposite page for some comments from our members.)

    Other Online Services
    •        Online Case Study – Knee Pain With A Twist
             (free until May 31, 2004)
    •        2nd online study – Neck-Tongue Syndrome,
             available to members at discounted rate
    •        The CMCC Practice Resource Guide
    •        The Practice Opportunities Database
    •        Online searches of all Library holdings
    •        The Index to Chiropractic Literature

    Other Member Benefits
    •        Discounts of up to 25% on CE Programmes
    •        Save 5% on Supply Centre and Bookstore
             purchases. (Governors’ Club members save an
             additional 2%)
    •        Receive copies of the CMCC Research Report and Annual Report
    •        Complimentary use of the Helping Hands programme—a listing service
             to locate students for office assistance

     The following is a selection of full-text journals available online to members through the new Members' Section on the CMCC website:

     • Acta Orthopaedica                • American Family Physician         • Evaluation & the                     • Lancet
       Scandinavica                     • American Journal                    Health Professions                   • Medical Education
     • Advances in                        of Public Health                  • JCCA                                 • Nutrition Reviews
       Mind-Body Medicine               • American Journal                  • JMPT                                 • Pediatrics
     • Alternative and                    of Roentgenology                  • Journal of Alternative               • Psychology Today
       Complementary Therapies          • Annual Review                       & Complementary Medicine             • Sports Medicine
     • Alternative Therapies              of Neuroscience                   • Journal of Family Practice           • Today’s Chiropractic
       in Health and Medicine           • Cephalalgia                       • Journal of Nutritional
     • American Chiropractor            • Clinical Infectious Diseases        & Environmental Medicine

        For more information about the databases from EBSCO publishing, please contact the Reference Librarian at CMCC.
        E-mail: Tel: 416-482-2340 ext. 205
PrimaryContact 20
               ...your profession ...your future

Mark G. Verratti, D.C.                                        Sean T. Kilgannon, D.C.
Vaughan, Ontario                                              Chilliwack, British Columbia
                                                              • 2002 Graduate of CMCC
• 2002 Graduate of CMCC
                                                              • 04/05 Renewing Member
• 04/05 Renewing Member
                                                              • Frequent user of CMCC’s online
• Enrolled in CMCC’s Rehabilitation                             databases from EBSCO publishing
  Sciences Fellowship Programme
• Regularly accesses CMCC’s online                            After almost two years of practice
  databases from EBSCO publishing                             I realize what a continuing role
                                                              CMCC plays in improving my
                                                              practice and patient care.
Just because school is over, it doesn’t mean your             For me, an important feature of my CMCC membership
education stops. CMCC offers a host of online services        is the EBSCO research databases, which gives me
and post-graduate continuing education courses to             instant access to over 1,100 full text journals. This is a
improve your knowledge base and make you a better             valuable extension of my education from CMCC. I find that
chiropractor.                                                 the ability to quickly and easily access online research
                                                              information on the CMCC Members' Section is important to
There is a great demand from the public for appropriate
                                                              my growing practice. Clinically, I use research information
health care services and it’s important that we as
                                                              for diagnostic and plan of management purposes and I
chiropractors stay current and meet that demand.
                                                              have had positive results utilizing information found on the
I am currently in the second year of the Rehabilitation       EBSCO databases.
Sciences Fellowship Programme at CMCC and it has
                                                              By supporting CMCC through membership, regardless
provided me with valuable insight into how to better
                                                              of our Alma Mater, we can assure a high standard of
diagnose, treat and manage my patients’ conditions.
                                                              education for future chiropractors and a strong future for
To complement this, the EBSCO databases have given me         chiropractic. Our membership also entitles us to discounts
another important tool outside of my practice to assist me    on Continuing Education courses, some of which can be
in my clinical objectives.                                    accessed directly online, a significant benefit for those of
CMCC continues to play a very important role in my            us located in British Columbia.
growth as a chiropractor. I have renewed my 2004/2005         I find CMCC’s databases and continuing education to be
membership not just for my benefit but for the future of our   a vital part of my growth as a chiropractor. I renewed my
profession.                                                   2004/2005 membership because it is important for my
                                                              practice and for the future of our profession.

   “the EBSCO databases have given me         “the ability to quickly and easily access online
another important tool outside of my practice research information on the CMCC Members'
    to assist me in my clinical objectives”    Section is important to my growing practice”

For more information, contact: David Coleman, Director of Alumni Affairs
Tel: 1-800-669-2959 / 416-482-2340 ext. 146,, or visit the alumni affairs
section on the CMCC website at

                                      CMCC Membership
                                        ...your profession
                                            ...your future                                                      PrimaryContact 21
                           Continuing Education
                           ONLINE CASE STUDIES

Knee Pain with a Twist                     CMCC Homecoming
                                                                                  New at Homecoming!
This new online programme consists         June 4–5, 2004
of a case study report which reviews       Evaluation and Management of           Ever wish someone other than
the clinical presentation, diagnostic      Foot, Ankle and Lower                  you could promote your practice?
imaging, pathogenesis, and treatment                                              Consider your Chiropractic
                                           Limb Disorders
options of an interesting cause of knee                                           Office Assistant!
pain. Review this study and find out        This is a 10-hour seminar over two     Marketing for your Chiroprac-
“the twist” in this case. Considerations   days designed to provide chiroprac-    tic Office Assistant (COA).
for therapeutic intervention are based     tors with the knowledge and hands-on   In this three-hour workshop your
on the best available evidence.            skills in treating some of the more
                                                                                  COA will learn to:
                                           common and difficult to manage lower
Following your assessment of the case      limb conditions seen in practice.      •   Identify opportunities for
report, 3 continuing education hours                                                  your practice
can be earned by completion of the 10      See Homecoming Feature beginning       •   Develop and implement
question quiz. A passing mark on the       on page 14 for complete CE pro-            monthly themes
test will allow you to print your own      gramme information                     •   Organize a successful
certificate online.                                                                    health talk
                                           For additional information on any of   •   Create dynamic flyers
Neck Tongue Syndrome                       the CE programmes please contact       •   Write newsletters and
                                           the Continuing Education depart-           press releases
This online case study report reviews      ment at CMCC: 416-482-2340 x 191,      •   Book you into companies for
the clinical presentation, radiographs                                 a health talk
and pathogenesis of a classic case of                                             •   Organize and conduct
Neck-Tongue Syndrome. In-depth                                                        special events in the clinic
discussion of current hypotheses                                                  Each Session is limited to 20
with anatomical details will focus the
clinician’s interpretation of similar
craniocervical symptom patterns.
Considerations for therapeutic inter-              Earn 10                        Choice of 2 Sessions:
                                                                                  Saturday, June 5
vention are based on the best available
evidence.                                          CE hours!                      1. Morning Session:
                                                                                     9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Following your review of this study,                                                        or
continuing education hours will be                                                2. Afternoon Session:
awarded upon completion of the 10                                                    1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
question quiz. A passing mark on the
test will allow you to print your own
                                                                                  Toronto Marriott Eaton
certificate online.
                                                                                  Centre Carlton Room
                                                                                  Fee: $100
              Prices for Online Case Studies:
                                                                                  For additional information
              CMCC Members:                      $50.00                           on the COA programme at
              Non Members:                       $75.00                           Homecoming please contact
                                                                                  Jackie Joachim at
    Approvals pending in US States. Please contact CMCC Continuing Educa-         416-266-7737 x 25.
    tion at 416-482-2340 ext. 191 for information concerning your state.

PrimaryContact 22
                           Continuing Education
                     C     M       C     C


Virtual Viewboxes
                                   "The Easiest Way to Earn C E credits"
                                                                Nutrition and Natural Medicine
Increase your proficiency in diagnostic       Updated Versions   In the Prevention and Management of Degenerative
radiology with these unique                   Easier to Use     Diseases - Dr. James Meschino
CD-ROM programmes:                                              CMCC’s Division of Continuing Education and the Renaisanté
                                                                Institute are pleased to present this 3-part video series. Earn
  Virtual ViewboxesTM                        Version     1.1    credit hours from the comfort of home. Each video is eligible
                                                                for 6 credit hours.
 Normal Variants & Other Anomalies
  •   6 Credit Hours                                              Nutrition and Natural Medicine
  •   Lesson 1: Pediatric Variants                              In the Prevention and Management of Degenerative
  •   Lesson 2: Spinal Biomechanics & Scolioses                 Diseases
  •   Lesson 3: Spondylolisthesis & Cervical Spine Variants     • Theories of Aging, Biomarkers of Disease and the
  •   Lesson 4: Anomalies of the Spinal Canal, Variants of          Impact of Nutritional Influences on these Processes
                the Thorax & Lumbar Spine                       • Nutrition and Neurodegenerative Conditions
  •   Lesson 5: Variants of the Pelvis, Extremities & Soft      • Nutrition, Arthritis and Inflammatory States
                Tissues                                         • Syndrome X, Obesity-Nutrition and Lifestyle
  •   Lesson 6: Visual Workshop                                     Management
  •   Quizzes
                                                                  Nutrition and Natural Medicine
  Virtual ViewboxesTM                     Version        2.1    In the Prevention and Management of Degenerative
  Lytic Neoplasms of the Spine & Extremities                    Diseases
                                                                • Nutritional Aspects of Cardiovascular Disease
  •   6 Credit Hours                                            • Nutrition and Male Reproductive Health
  •   Lesson 1: Describing the Lesion                           • Nutrition and Female Reproductive Health
  •   Lesson 2: Lytic Lesions of the Spine
  •   Lesson 3: Lytic Lesions of the Extremities                   Nutrition and Natural Medicine
  •   Quizzes                                                   In the Prevention and Management of Degenerative
  Virtual ViewboxesTM                   Version          3.1    Diseases
                                                                • Nutritional Aspects of Gastro-Intestinal Health
   Aggressive Neoplasms & Other Conditions of the               • Nutritional Support for Liver and Gallbladder Health
   Spine & Extremities                                          • Recent Developments in the Prevention and
  •   6 Credit Hours                                                Management of Osteoporosis, Macular Degeneration
  •   Lesson 1: Aggressive Lesions                                  and Cataracts
  •   Lesson 2: Osteoporosis & Osteonecrosis                    • Clinical Approach to Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine
  •   Lesson 3: Osteosclerosis & Osteodystrophy                      Assessment and Patient Management
  •   Quizzes                                                   What participants are saying about Dr. James Meschino:
                                                                “Dr. Meschino is extremely knowledgeable, up to date, practical
  Virtual ViewboxesTM                        Version     4.1    and reasonable. His thoughts encourage me in the management
  Arthritides                                                   of my own lifestyle and in helping my patients!”
  •   6 Credit Hours                                                                                                 Now available
  •   Lesson 1: Degenerative Joint Disease                                                                           in CD format!
  •   Lesson 2: Seronegative Spondyloarthropathies
  •   Lesson 3: Miscellaneous Conditions                        Fee Category
  •   Quizzes
                                               Now              1 CD                         $125                 $155
                                             Available          2 CDs                        $240                 $295
                     CMCC Member              Non-CMCC
                                                                3 CDs                        $350                 $425
 Fee Category                                  Member
                                                                                             CMCC               Non-CMCC
1 CD-ROM                 $145                  $175             Fee Category                 Member              Member

2 CD-ROMS                $260                  $315             1 Video                      $145                 $175
3 CD-ROMS                $370                  $445             2 Videos                     $260                 $315
4 CD-ROMS                $493                  $595             3 Videos                     $370                 $445
                                                                                                                     PrimaryContact 23
CMCC is proud to announce the launch
  of our newly designed website

After months of hard work and college-wide consultations, our new website is live. CMCC stakeholders now
have better online tools, easier navigation, and greater functionality.
The new website is divided into two main areas. As before, there is a “public section.” Here, anyone on the
Internet may learn about the many aspects of CMCC. Content is consistent with CMCC’s course calendar and
each area of the institution has an area to showcase what they do.
The other space on the website is entirely new. “MY CMCC” is a password-protected space that, once you are
logged in, customizes information to you as an individual user. This area is dynamic and has exciting possibili-
ties for expansion in the future to house such things as online learning and courseware. In fact, the ways we
might use “MY CMCC” in the months and years ahead are already stimulating conversations and imaginations.

                                                 "MY CMCC"
                                                   Click in the "MY CMCC" link for detailed initial
                                                   log-in instructions for members.

                                                   The databases from EBSCO Publishing

                                                   The Practice Opportunities Database

                                                   The CMCC Practice Resource Guide

                                                   Online searches of all Library holdings

                                                   And much more

              For membership information, contact: David Coleman, Director of Alumni Affairs
                    Tel: 1-800-669-2959 ext. 146 • •

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