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									Motivational Posters Inspirational Wall Art Challenge The Staus Quo and
Create Peak Performers

In the current economic recession people can learn valuable lessons about
"what's really important" at home, at work and in life. People often
think that they will be happy when something occurs. That perspective
has it all backwards. A new line of motivational posters focuses on this
simple theme.

Clearwater, FL, August 12, 2010 -- The Internet Art Group, a leading
online gallery of motivational posters is proud to announce its newest
release of peak performance motivational art posters.

Inspirational prints are not a new idea. Hundreds of years ago women
would needlepoint messages with pictures, sometimes religious, sometimes
a family crest with a motto, sometimes a simple message filled with
purpose. These messages are part of the success of our culture.

"We have learned that behind every great success is a great reason,"
stated Harald Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer for ( ), a leading online gallery of motivational
posters. "Peak Performers have a reason why they accomplish their goals.
We have done our best to capture the essence of this peak performance
energy in our newest motivational poster releases. We are very proud of
our newest artwork and consider it to be the most inspirational in our

"What are you most thankful for?" asks Anderson. "We have asked this
question to top performers in business throughout the year and their
answers have totally surprised us."

"Usually people give thanks for their material possessions and successes.
However, the peak performers whom we interviewed give thanks for the
challenges, setbacks, mistakes and losses that they have experienced in
the past year because it is those situations that offer the largest
learning opportunities," said Anderson.

"Our surveys all show that winners focus on what they can learn from an
experience. It is the lessons that they learn when they don't win that
allow them to soar to unbelievable heights," stated Anderson. "Within
this insight is all of the wisdom that an individual or organization
needs to accomplish whatever it wants. Winners focus upon learning and
this is a powerful blessing."

The complete selection of Art Inspires motivational posters can be seen

"This is a great time to reflect on those who have made a difference in
our lives, and to thank them for what they have done on our behalf," said
Anderson. "Since we're in the business of making sure people are
recognized, we are thrilled to bring this new product line to the
marketplace. Our newest posters are perfect gifts to team members for a
job well done."
How about you? What legacy will you leave behind for others to emulate?

About ( ) is a leading online
retailer of motivational posters and offers free shipping on all orders.
The company sells framed or unframed motivational posters, as well as art
prints in a variety of categories, such as abstract, contemporary,
fantasy, and landscapes, to name only a few.

"When Art Inspires, Dreams Become Realities." To learn more or to order,

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