How the Sauna Suit Weight Loss Works

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How the Sauna Suit Weight Loss Works


This article explains the benefits of using <a
href="">Sauna Suit</a>in exercise to lose weight in a
fast and effective manner. We outline scientific evidence to support the weight loss
results of Sauna Suits.

Our Sauna Suits are designed to ensure minimal air flow is allowed in or out of the
suit creating a rise in temperature within the Sauna Suit known as the "sauna effect"
the suits are also referred to as <a href="">Sweat
Suits</a>. Wearing the Sauna Suit in any form of physical activity will cause an
increase in your body temperature causing your body to sweat.

The Science behind Sauna Suits

The misconception amongst people is the Sauna Suit will only help lose water weight.
It is true the Sauna Suit will help lose water weight and this can be a great benefit to
those that hold excess water weight but the Sauna Suit does so much more to battle
weight loss.

The Sauna Suit accelerates weight loss during exercise by increasing your metabolic
rate. This means not only does exercising in the Sauna Suit require more energy but
the Sauna Suit stimulates your body to burn fat. This means that instead of using
carbs or muscle tissue, fat is the fuel of choice, meaning you lose weight in an
effective manner. It is fact that exercising in the heat really can "burn off" the pounds.

More Sauna Suit Use = More Sweat

The fitter and better acclimatised you become to exercising in warm conditions, the
more readily you sweat due to better thermoregulation. This is great for athletes using
the Sauna Suit to acclimatise to hotter climates and also means the more often you use
the Sauna Suit the more you will sweat.

Increases Health and Well Being

Sweating has proven its effectiveness in flushing out toxins and disease and
maintaining optimal physical as well as mental health. Sweating helps the body
cleanse itself and replace older dead cells and also sweat clears bacteria out of surface
layers of the skin. The process of sweating helps improve circulation from the blood
vessels, and gives the skin a fresh look and feel. It also helps to remove toxins from
our body and other minerals and chemicals our body might have absorbed from the
environment or from food or drink we've ingested.

Losing Fat while you Rest
During the hour or two after exercise in the Sauna Suit, you continue burning calories
faster than normal as your body pays of the oxygen debt, replenishes its energy
reserves and repairs muscle tissue. The longer and more intense the work out in the
Sauna Suit, the greater this "after burn" will be. This post exercise increase in Resting
Metabolic Rate (RMR) is called the excess post exercise oxygen consumption or
"after burn" and comes chiefly from the body fat stores.

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