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07 Quotations


									07 Quotations
1, "We are seriously harmful to health of smoking, but did not smoke but
also affect the stability of 。"--- March 7, 2007, Tobacco Monopoly Bureau,
deputy director Zhang Baozhen response during the two sessions, said the proposed
smoking ban.
2, "name of the current academic research in a number of scholars under
the banner of distortion of history, ... countries to special legislation, those powers
since the Opium War in 1840 to reverse the verdict of aggression against China,
especially for the Japanese invasion of China to reverse the verdict of the critics, and
even Media executives to legal means to punish 。"--- "Wen
Wei Po" reported: in March 2007, the CPPCC National Committee
members, members of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Academic Yu said he
would recommend people's congresses "speech laws punish
3, "No criticism of literary and artistic works made in the film"
- March 6, 2007, SARFT senior leaders criticized the weekly meeting of a local
Taiwanese Spring Festival Evening spoof "Curse of the Golden
Flower" and "The Banquet "he said.
4, "Rapid income growth in 。 "---- expert analysis rare
commodity prices is due to urban and rural incomes rarely appeared in the rapid
5, "If the monopoly reflects the national interests, represents the interests
of the people, it is not in the usual sense of 'monopoly'。... in
oil ... (is) a service and create wealth for the country's state-owned
enterprises, how negative examples can be used as a monopoly? "March 11,
2007, National People's Congress, Wen-Rui Hu, vice president of
PetroChina on the" First Financial Daily "said.
6, "Although the information and media industry in Guangzhou for the
economic and social development played a significant role, but also caused some law
and order was quickly enlarged 。"---- January 16, 2007, Guangzhou
Municipal Committee, secretary of Politics and Law Committee Land Management
Act of Political Science and Law conference in Guangzhou, said.
7, "Who said that? Who says there are many objections? You nonsense !......
Which media are you ?...... Oh, is Hong Kong! Away! Away! We do not accept the
interview! "- March 8, 2007, when Hong Kong" Hong Kong
Daily News, "female journalists during the two sessions on"
property law "during an interview with Wu Jinglian, sitting beside the
CPPCC National Committee member, Vice President of Industry and Commerce of
Henan Province, Henan Lu Group boss Wang Chaobin, pulling the
woman's chest after the interview evidence, denounced Road.
8, "China now what a lot of people have signed up to build the anti-rightist
Museum, I tell you, I have been right for 21 years, I do not agree, you look at the
United States has no museum 3K party, there is no museum of McCarthyism?
"- March 2007, the CPPCC members to accept Yu," Southern
People Weekly "interview. Congratulations old Yu head into the second
9, "funeral industry should not mend them, or economic development is
difficult ... simply do not meet the human funeral" - 2006.4.5, funeral
service center of Guangzhou funeral expenses up to answer a reporter's
question, head of Li Guoqing says. He also said, "If money made the dead,
that is countries in the hair!", This, too, a great truth.
10, "which is to train qualified personnel to the country" - the
former Computer Institute of Beijing University Experimental Center of female
teachers in the school construction projects Xu Jing process of embezzlement of
public funds for more than 90 million, of which 30 million for his daughter to study
abroad. First instance court, the interpretation of 300 thousand yuan Xu Jing daughter
abroad for the time, says.
11, "not later than May 29 "----- upper requires all insurance
fund, housing fund type funds on May 23, 2007 out of the stock market, no later than
no later than May 29. Before midnight on the 29th then adjust the duty announced the
next day the stock market crash.
12, "Our PX (paraxylene) is not toxic, we organized a large number of
professionals to access the information at home and abroad, also did not find PX will
be teratogenic, carcinogenic report 。"---- June 2007 7, the Xiamen
Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, told reporters Xie Haisheng
13, "as it has been identified as suicide, so do not need to identify 。
"----- May 14, 2007, the father of high-ying Hu framing the case of high
day trial of second instance, high-parent lawyer questioned why the prosecution
without making identification of the deceased vagina When the prosecution case to
answer. This identification should be the key to determine whether the deceased
committed suicide evidence, the prosecution has to negate the conclusions of
pre-extraction of evidence.
14, "In fact, these days we have been drinking tap water in the waterworks
in the boiling water burned the 。"--- June 5, 2007, Wuxi Municipal Party
Committee Secretary Yang Weize, Mayor Mao Xiaoping, and some experts from
Tsinghua University in the city lake Hotel meetings of algae problems, say these
words and face in front of reporters drank "water." During a
special leadership oversight to another boil, use transparent glass to show
"real." User survey out of the hotel after the German SBOK
(World Baokang) model home kitchen water purification system works, the original
leaders, experts in this drink "tap water" non-citizens at home
he drinks "water."
15, "the majority of households can afford the impact of rising food
prices 。"---- August 20, 2007, the NDRC said prices of Secretary Cao
16 "to consider the health development of market economy, but also taking
into account national interest" --- in July 2007, NPC Standing Committee
members, Professor Zheng Gongcheng NPC Southern Weekend reporter in the
evaluation of anti-trust law of second instance on the draft, so will the notorious
administrative monopoly and interest groups as a "national
interest" of the gold standard, and publicly, "the healthy
development of the market economy" and the "national
interest" as the two objects.
17, "millions of the country, among the tens of millions of students, such a
thing (referring to difficulties of college students unable to attend school) may have
several, dozens or even hundreds of not think it strange" - July 2, 2007, the
Financial Ministry of Higher Education describes the situation difficult for student
financial assistance, the Ministry of Education spokesman Wang Xuming says. King
also asked the media "should publicize the mainstream of national policy
advocacy mission."
18, "the Guangzhou public security is not ideal, is a natural reflection of
urban development in Guangzhou, which precisely reflects the social dynamic 。....
Guangzhou Guangzhou's" chaos ", showing the
city's lovely." - 2007 July 14 Japan, Journal of Politics and
Public Affairs, Dean, Ph.D. Professor Ren Jiantao in the "city of memory
and urban identity" of the speech says.
19, "I'm hungry, know what is human rights, you starve
before?" - 8 July, 2007, "the Beijing News" reported
that the day be employed as Peking University professor Li Zhaoxing, who told
students that when He and the people to debate human rights issues abroad, foreigners
have such and such question.
20, if I am caught, then no honest and upright official of the China .-- Phoenix
reported that the Secretary SFDA Zheng Xiaoyu was arrested, said in such a sentence.
However, this may be the most true sentence. Ever, the most real and most shameless
last combo, and a miracle.
21, "as the lead service" - street Yangluo Xinzhou District,
Wuhan City offices will sentence printed on disposable paper cup on the Office.
22, "Now think about it, I am really confused, what qualifications they
have arrogant, what a good grown arrogant in the ... ... is false arrogance and
ignorance of the law itself into the abyss of crime." - 2007 July 11 Day,
Anhui departmental level positions in the trial of corrupt officials Shao, the tears to
read "repentance", three say "sorry" word,
begged the court to give him an opportunity to turn. After caring people found this
"repentance" and the corrupt officials in Chengdu Zhu Fuzhong
of "repentance" is almost exactly the same. \ 23,
"warm service, public servants" - August 16, 2007 afternoon,
the Phoenix three days after the bridge collapse, families of the victims will be one
side of a banner bearing the words sent to the leadership of the hands of Fenghuang
County, " Thank Fenghuang County in dealing with the work of the
victims good service. " The next day, these public servants to cover up the
truth with great enthusiasm, gang fights reporters.
24, "If this opportunity shook hands with the Central Executive, can not be
washed off so it would get back with their hands, as if to shake hands with their
heads." - October 17, 2007, Fujian Sanming Special Education School,
said Margaret Wong, in her to come to congress before the disabled children in
schools that had entrusted to her.
25, "If the photo is true that there are two different things with the tigers,
that is gangster logic" - November 16, 2007, in the week Tiger prototype
found out the truth after the world, Shaanxi Provincial Forestry Department director
of customs information campaign gram remains so blame.
26 "to measure a country's tax burden, from a range of
government functions, the Government values, conditions and stage of development
in terms of these three." Forbes "list of different tax rates to
calculate a simple sum of tax This comparison is very scientific, objective indicators
are not internationally recognized. from the tax-GDP ratio of view, China's
macro tax burden is not high. " ---- December 1, 2007 Deputy Minister of
Finance Wang Jun, a seminar in Guangxi says. (Prior to the U.S.
"Forbes" magazine's 2007 "Global Tax
Misery Index" shows that China's tax burden ranked third in the
world. 2 annoying recommended)
27, "doubt the authenticity of the photo is an insult to our country, is a
17,000 negative results of the work of staff." - December 7, 2007,
"Chang'e One" chief scientist Ouyang Ziyuan
interview , so users of the photo question to answer.
28, "Some leaders, live in the house have been more than 200 square
meters, and still says can not afford a room, this is lie." This year in March
the country "two sessions", took place before the leadership of
Guangzhou and current officials pinch frame things. First Vice Mayor of Guangzhou
City, Tianhe District, Jian-Hua Ding said he can not afford a house, now renting. Then
the former Chairman of the CPPCC Guangzhou Chen Kaizhi said, "With
my salary could not afford housing." Governor of Guizhou Province, the
former secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Lin Shusen openly argue that
"some leaders live in the house have been more than 200 square meters,
and still says can not afford a room, this is lie," "is not to say
What kind of leadership in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou area of leadership can not
afford any room? you would have bought a cheaper house, where, why we still have
to buy a house? "

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