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					"With the typos in the letter from home"

The letter from home with typos
Feng Xi
Aetna recently in Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Management as Chief
Strategy class lectures to hear the story of an emotionally moving. A nickname called
"Little Carpenter" in private owner from Ningbo mountains, his
father left home when a child went to Shanghai to work in a flash 10 years. Childhood
memories, he remembers the emotional communication between parents, mainly by
correspondence, Xinpi address on behalf of his mother by his neat writing, decent sent.
14 years old, he dropped out of school to help his father went to Shanghai to work in
later years to see the parents of a letter from home, one by one to read. The results
found that the letter written between the lines my mother has many typos, year after
year, mistake, gradually developed a unique, simple, subtle means of expressing
affection. The boss was their own business, as busy and rarely home, letters from
home, becomes his only way to communicate with the mother. He said that in order to
narrow the distance and emotional remembering his mother, his mother used the most
acceptable way of communication, written letters from home, the mother has been in
use the most familiar spelling, writing for many years with the typos in the letter from
As a son, "Little Carpenter" and look for the sake of the mother,
then with the now popular called "empathy" or
"Empathy." I asked the class number of students on the
"Little Carpenter" image, we say he is likable, charismatic,
popular with good, willing to work with his friends, work, dealing with. It is this
charm made him young and promising career, almost a full house,.
What is the glamor? Charm of life how important? Charm all the time change? Is
there a charm "toolbox" to help people become more people
like this? In this way, people can work more your heart, cause even more into the
health of our family happier, more prosperous popular mood is more comfortable,
wider circle of friends, more self-confidence? "Charm wins the
world," a book with easy to understand, easy to understand, informative,
sincere and delicate expression, by telling the story in our midst, to answer these
What is the glamor? Charm is a balance, which is IQ, EQ, volume business, and
spiritual balance of the consolidated business. You have for supper a
shark's fin, abalone, ginseng, nourishing the body, feeling Henshuang. But
if the wife or husband at home with a fight, did not sleep all night, you that Patton be
such thing as an expensive nutritional dinner, because you lose balance, EQ out of
control led to the body business disorders. You are wealthy, earn 10,000 yuan a day,
can earn between the 9900 luck today, you feel good depressed, because the balance is
lost. You are migrant workers, earn 20 dollars a day, but today luck has turned, and
has made 22, were happy to jump on next spring, because you have a balance. You are
the leader, the powerful and always love to subordinate and grimace, vent anger
management, time goes by, subordinates surface instill obedience, passive resistance
inside the results double defeat, but also because the balance is lost.
"Charm to win the world" is so defined on the charm: Charm is
a positive attitude to others the ability to pass it through (their) good emotional and
physical performance to be achieved. In other words, maintaining the charm of the
balance and give you a fascinating degree of affinity.
Charm of life how important? Many people regard the ability, wisdom, wealth, very
seriously. "Charm wins the world," cautions charm is more
important than these. Such as wealth can not be exchanged charm, but charm can
create wealth. This is why some of the rich and powerful people are always out of the
scope of their influence is annoying then? Because they lack the charm of balance, or
the rich without charm, or the right to a large charm small. The importance of charm
to the big to the small and large to cause love, small word or two with her, you will
Shing Chuen others, to win recognition, challenge and enjoyment of health, adding
popular, liking lots of little worry.
Charm all the time change? The answer is yes. The charm of each individual are
changing all the time, as the stock market, as suddenly rose suddenly fell. One
beautiful young nurse the first day of medical school graduates go to work, excited to
enthusiasm. One patient met the full expectations of charming lovely nurse said:
"I was born fear injections, you must be careful." Comfort nurse
with a smile said: "Do not worry! I just graduated from the first day of
work today, touched Your first patient will be careful, do not worry.
"listening to the patient once heart rate, cold sweat. It turns out that nurses
may be the charm in the heart patient index is 8 points, now it plummeted to 4
minutes. In life, our words, a praise, an affirmation, a behavior, a face, a lie, an anger,
a break his promise and so are likely to raise or lower your charisma index. China has
1.3 billion people, packed in the risk of many and big bumps, if we are all aware of
the people have a heart charm index, the charm of index changing all the time,
enhance the charm of it is equal to increase, reduce it mean disgusting , then the
relationship between people in society will be more harmonious.
Is there a charm "toolbox" to help people become more
appealing it? Yes! "Charm to win the world" presented to the
reader such a toolbox, which have a set of tools to enhance the charm, the hand to
teach you effective and practical tips. Including the diary to teach you how to write
charming, from 8 to upgrade their personal charm. While others teach you how to
bring functional benefits, emotional benefits, social benefits to select people, products,
services. Also teach you as He Zengshan have surgery, dense tactics, translocation
well and there is sincerity repair bills. As long as the often open the toolbox, frequent
use of tools, you will at schools, companies, families, community, friends, among
different circles to enhance the charm of your charm.
Human values have a simple formula for the image: net = gross - costs. Value means a
person can give someone else the benefits, cost refers to a person's flaws,
net of a person's life still has a chance to process the personal value. In
layman's terms, that is, benefits minus the bad, left is your charm!
Everyone has the charm, how much difference is it. "Charm to win the
world" The aim is to help readers become attractive every day, because we
have to face every day learning and re-learning, leadership and the led, managed and
managed, making friends with the loss of friends, communication and
misunderstanding, happiness and pain, hope and despair, respect and forgotten. If
everyone is upgrading a personal charm, a little every day to enhance personal charm,
everywhere to enhance a personal charisma, the charm of our world will become more
broad and peaceful sky!
May 31, 2005 in Beijing early writing

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