Veils versus bikinis at Algeria' by pengxiang


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THURsDAY, MAY 13, 2010

Veils versus bikinis at Algeria’s beaches
                 ALGIERS: The “beaches of the Broth-
            erhood,” or Salafist camps as some like call
            them, are spreading along the Algerian coast,
            as many believe these provide a refuge in a
            society where the mingling of the sexes on
            beaches and the wearing swimsuits is gener-
            ally forbidden.
                 Those who join them choose isolated
            beaches, where swimming is often not official-
            ly allowed, in order to enjoy their summer and
            get a decent tan like the rest of the nation.
                 In the 1990s, Islamists or the Brother-
            hood’s summer camps were looked upon
            with doubt and suspicion. Some people even
            likened them to militant gatherings and de-
            scribed a visit to them as an adventure which
            might have undesirable consequences.
                 These doubts emerged because of the
            wave of violence the country experienced
            which left tens of thousands dead and injured,
            it was feared that the camps might have been
            taken over by Islamist groups who adhere to
            strict religious teachings.
                 After several years, the government man-
            aged to establish security. People started to
            forget the hardships they suffered as the po-
            litical discourse and they focused more on
                 At the same time, those who were not
            convicted of serious crimes such as murder,
            rape or the bombing of public places, were
                 Most Algerians returned to their normal
            lives, including the salafis or brotherhood
            members, who wanted to spend the summer
            vacation like the rest of Algerians, albeit in         Women sometimes join their children to swim but usually wear a long black dress, or gal-                The topography of the region around Tipaza makes it a claim refuge away from the other
            their own way, of course.                              abiya, which covers the whole body. (dpa)                                                               beaches which are usually picked with vacationers.
                 However, members of the brotherhood are
            not the only ones seeking a quiet place by the         forests and mountains.                                deployed at every crossroad and almost every      families go and have their own spots there,”        black dress, or galabiya, that covers the whole
            sea. The west coast of the capital is a region for         On a closer look, these beaches, where            car is searched. Army patrols also search the     he added.                                           body.
            those seeking privacy, especially the beaches          swimming is not allowed, are popular with             area.                                                 The man added that he personally pre-                Not very far, at the same beach, other
            on the road leading to the town of Tipaza,             couples.                                                  “I don’t think Salafists will come to these   ferred to go to the beaches straight after dawn,    women are swimming in swimsuits. Some
            which lies 90 kilometers west of Algiers.                  “If you walk along this road, you can             isolated beaches anymore, because of the se-      when most people are still asleep, in order to      people have become used to see such variance
                 The natural geography of this region makes        reach the beaches they (the Islamists) prefer,”       curity in the region, said a man at a grocery     enjoy their privacy.                                on the beach, while others seemed to discover
            it a ideal, calm refuge away from the many va-         said Hakim. These beaches are very hard to            store near one of the beaches in Tipaza, which        At the Shenwa Plage beach, there are many       it for the first time.
            cationers who throng the more famous and               find since from the main road all that can be         is known for its sandy beach.                     cars and their registration numbers show that            Sometimes a group of girls arrives at the
            safer beaches.                                         seen are huge rocks, mountains and the trunks             Tipaza lies some 90 kilometers west of        they come from cities all over Algeria.             beach, and while some jump into the water
                 Hakim, a 17-year-old who works during             of trees.                                             Algiers.                                              Though Salafists do not like to swim or         with their swimsuits on, others preferred to
            the summer vacation in a parking lot, says that            Near the small coastal town of Tipaza tight           “The brotherhood members have adapted         play at the beach, they do enjoy lying on the       lie under the sun. Others cannot resist the sea
            couples also prefer the hidden beaches that            security has reduced the number of Salafists          rapidly to their surroundings.                    sand under the sun, while their children swim       and preferred to swim wearing their clothes to
            are near the forests. These beaches are hard           frequenting these beaches. Since a police pa-             They know that their presence somewhere       in the water.Women sometimes join their chil-       avoid harassment from groups of young men
            to find, especially since they are often tucked        trol was attacked in Aldamos town, which is           will bring them trouble with the security, they   dren or their brothers to swim, while wear-         who also came to enjoy a sunny day at the
            away between precipitous rocks, or behind              right next to Tipaza, more checkpoints were           will give up and head somewhere else where        ing all of their clothes, which is usually a long   beach. -dpa

A call to mom
calms stressed kids, study shows
                 SINGAPORE: A mother’s voice is enough to calm
            her children, new research shows, which is likely to
            alleviate some of the guilt many women feel at being
            only able to reach out to their offspring through a
                 US researchers, seeking to find out how much vo-
            cal interaction with a loved one affects people, tested
            the levels of the calming hormone – oxytocin – on
            pre-adolescent daughters who had been subjected to
            a stressful situation.
                 The 61 girls, aged between 7 and 12 years, were
            all asked to conduct a presentation in front of strang-
            ers, and then divided into three groups.
                 One group was physically comforted by their
            mothers after the event; a second group spoke to their
            mothers by telephone, but did not see them while the
            third group did not have any sort of interaction with
            their mothers at all.
                 The children’s stress hormones were monitored
            throughout the process, and the researchers found
            that those who were comforted by their mothers –
            whether physically or just verbally – produced simi-
            lar levels of oxytocin.
                 “Humans lacking social support from family and          FILE - A mother’s voice is enough to calm her chil-
            friends have poorer health outcomes than their bet-          dren, new research shows.
            ter-connected peers. Vocal cues may be able to pro-
            vide some of the same relief from these outcomes as          important as touch to the neuroendocrine regulation
            direct interpersonal interaction including touch,” the       of social bonding in our species.”
            researchers said.                                                The research was published in the journal Pro-
                 “Our results suggest that vocalizations may be as       ceedings of The Royal Society B. -Reuters

                Falling mortar renews worry
                over Rome’s Colosseum
                     ROME: Falling chunks of mortar from Rome’s              “We have already organized work on all areas
                Colosseum has rekindled the debate about the             around the three rings of the Colosseum, the first,
                state of the Italian capital’s archaeological trea-      second and third floors, which will be completely
                sures – some of which are literally falling apart.       restored under this project involving conserva-
                     Three pieces of mortar – measuring half a           tion work for 23 million euros” said the under-
                square meter (yard) – collapsed at the weekend in        secretary for Italy’s heritage ministry, Francesco
                the ancient amphitheatre, one of the most popu-          Giro.
                lar sites in Rome, plunging through a protective             In March, part of the ceiling collapsed at the
                netting.                                                 nearby Palace of Nero, or Domus Aurea – which
                     It was the latest in a string of collapses in the   has been plagued by structural problems since it
                forum, where ancient Romans came to watch                was opened to the public in 1999.
                gladiators fight and see massive spectacles staged,          “Conservation, preservation and restoration
                raising fears about visitor safety and whether the       is needed in the Colosseum and many other plac-
                buildings can remain standing for much longer as         es,” said Darius Arya of the American Institute
                water leaks from rain undermine their founda-            for Roman Culture.
                tions.                                                       “It is very difficult because these are not piec-
                     A restoration and cleaning project is set to        es and artifacts that are inside a museum, they are
                start within the next month at the Colosseum,            outside in the open with the rain and the noise
                which was completed in 80 AD, but the city coun-         and all these tourists walking around. So these
                cil is still struggling to raise all the funds needed    are places that need even more money than most
                from the private sector and from donors abroad.          people can imagine,” he added. -Reuters

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