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! Southeast the Peacock Flies Southeast the Peacock Flies 2 Complete Collection *
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Frost & Sullivan Lin energetically
There is still cold under the "golden egg"
In 2009, the economic crisis of the cold into the original investment over the world
are flying in the wind has lost its former vitality, have Wujin wallet, waiting for a new
round of economic recovery. Even in some of the original excitement of high-tech
fields as well as thunder and no rain. But at the end of 2009 to the moment, the
background from telecom giant Qualcomm has quietly made investment an important
investment. And access to investment in Suzhou Bei Duoke Technology Co., Ltd. is
established only in 2005, a local Internet company. It is noteworthy that, in the
qualifications section of the company, was surprised with "Red
herring" (Red Herring) 100 2008 Asia such signs.
How to lead Phoenix over shell habitat
Further analysis of Bedouin and found a clear positioning itself to provide
location-based social networking platform and services. The careful analysis of its
mobile client products, found that has the following features:
(1) low threshold positioning. Even if the phone is also available to non-GPS location
services free of charge, currently 30 large and medium cities in China are entitled,
including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Chengdu,
Xi'an, Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Suzhou.
(2) the user personality show. Provided on behalf of the geographic tags mobile blog
service, new users can browse the blog when approached.
(3) a good user interaction. Location update with friends, friends to remind (if friends
in the vicinity), and activities initiated, voice intercom, instant messaging, content
sharing (such as photo sharing) and other interactive tools.
Further analysis can be found Beiduo Ke technology products have the following
product advantages.
(1) First, from the macro environment, Bedouin products meet China's
consumption environment and consumption of culture. In China, a large number of
young users hold cover high, medium and bottom prices of the colors of different
mobile phones, many young users want better leisure time through mobile
communication and entertainment applications. Especially in the growing assimilation
of the contents of today, the exchange between friends will get more attention.
In real life, in addition to age, education, personality and other factors, the location is
the impact of the activities of an important factor in making friends. Because the true
location information can not only enhance the user a sense of trust between the pay of
households, but also the user to further exchange of consideration. Bedouin in the
form of a free service to help young users more quickly find nearby friends, to
promote interaction between the two sides. On this basis, Beiduo Ti geographic labels
for mobile blog, instant messaging, activities, publishing, friends reminded services
enable users to have a better user experience and to promote user interaction activities
extend to the ground.
Shows that the matching of consumer culture is the Bedouin's products
have recognized the fundamental basis of the user.
(2) Second, the shell and more consistent with mobile Internet industry trends. As a
mobile client application, shell and more products to adapt to the current burgeoning
mobile Internet trends. Unlike mobile 1s0 service, the product-centric to user
interaction, with the typical features of MOBILE 2s0, in particular, have a good
development. In particular, the product includes a mobile location, mobile dating,
instant messaging, content sharing (including the blog, pictures, etc.) and other
applications, is a clear orientation with extensive experience in the integration of
This is a beta product by the industry over the fundamental basis for recognition.
(3) In addition, the development of China's 3G market also contributed to
the public beta for multiple products to accelerate vision. As we all know, 2009 is
officially into the 3G market in China the first year. With large-scale operators 3G
network construction and related applications launch 3G, 3G-related services, the
market value will be further recognized and followed.
Especially in the position of making friends in the field, not the current fierce market
competition. Therefore, the Bedouin in Beijing under the more 3G users recognized
the value of upgrading and the industry to gain attention.
Qualcomm: from devices to applications
Qualcomm investment Bedouin this event, in addition we also see Qualcomm as a
traditional telecom giant's transformation. In fact, in recent years, high-pass
in the original equipment provider roles, has been working to strengthen itself as an
application and service provider role. This is because, with the increase in mobile
penetration and the rapid development of mobile data, voice services, the value will
gradually give way to data applications. This makes the telecom industry's
center is no longer confined to the base operating companies, including Internet
companies, terminal manufacturers, including the role of the industrial chain, Du
Tongguozhijie to users with mobile Hulian Wang Ying Yong services to enhance their
own value.
In the United States, popular KINDLE electronic readers have high-pass behind the
figure; and high-pass to join the mobile health care, but also by the industry eyebrows.
The investment arm of Qualcomm, in which role it is playing a bridgehead. In China,
the rise of 3G applications just naturally attracted the attention of Qualcomm.
Can be expected, in addition to Bedouin, Qualcomm Internet investment in China
Mobile will continue!
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