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									                            Brisbane Carpet Cleaning

                        High Quality – Exceptional Service

Aqua Pro – offers superior Brisbane carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, concrete
cleaning, tile restoration, upholstery cleaning, and pest control.

Seven Great Reasons to Call Us

   1.   We turn up on time
   2.   Qualified technicians
   3.   We respect your privacy
   4.   We treat your property with kid gloves
   5.   100% satisfaction guarantee
   6.   Latest equipment & systems
   7.   Exceptional service & results

Carpet Cleaning Services Brisbane- Your carpets are one of the largest investments
you make in your home and they receive the hardest wear. Pets, dust, spills, and
general day-to-day traffic can spoil the look of even the most hardwearing carpets.
To protect your investment, regular quality carpet cleaning is essential.
Most reputable carpet companies recommend annual carpet cleaning for best
results, but it all depends on you and your lifestyle. A new puppy or baby, parties
or putting your house on the market may mean you need to clean your carpet more

Brisbane carpet cleaning
Regular home carpet cleaning:

      Extends the life of your carpet
      Protects your investment
      Gives a fresh feel to your room
      Makes your carpets look like new
      Smells better
      Eliminates dust mites
      Reduces bacteria

Aqua Pro (Brisbane carpet cleaners) are professional carpet cleaners who take
the time to ensure the right cleaning products and state of the art cleaning methods
are used to clean your carpets. Using hot water extraction (also known as carpet
steam cleaning), we remove the vast majority of soil and stains, leaving your
carpets clean, hygienic and fresh.

If you are looking for a great carpet-cleaning job, call Aqua-Pro Services. I
would recommend them to anyone. I have a baby, a toddler and two cats and
believe me I have many stains on my carpets. Aqua-Pro were able to get all of the
stains out and exceeded my expectations with the results they achieved. They
were very professional and there is nothing better than having clean and fresh
smelling carpet again. Thanks Aqua-Pro!

-Toni and Chris Nightingale, Stafford Heights

       Call Aqua Pro Now for your free quote – 07 3355 AQUA (2782)

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Brisbane carpet cleaning

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