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									2011 new model Laptop costs $100 with touch screen
According to the report abroad, OLPC organization shows recently, the upcoming release of new $100 laptop screen will add more contacts, and
modify the software technology to make full use of the new hardware performance.

The code of this new model laptop is XO-1.75, use the 8.9 inch touch screen, expected to launchin 2011, and operation is ARM processor. Before
using the XO - 1.5 version is VIA X86 framework processor. In 2012, OLPC will launch XO - 3 version, will also adopts touch screen.

The engineer of OLPC organization said, the users will be interested in XO-1.75, because of its low power compared to the previous generation, and
joined the touch screen. However, the OLPC also plans to launch no touch-screen version of the XO-1.75 laptop, the price will be more lower.

OLPC wish to use OX-1.75 as a platform for testing the next generation XO-3 laptop and research the suitable touch screen. The touch screen can
reduce using a mouse. XO- 1.75 laptop would take physics keyboard, but XO - 3 version will not take physical touch screen keyboard, only the virtual

This $100 XO-1.75 laptop use the Linux system, the new model will modify the Linux for making full use of the advantages of touch screen. OLPC
organization has been modified the sugar packages. Although processor has turned from X86 to ARM framework,ARM didn't provide Linux system
support, but Fedora Linux is still the basic release of XO- 1.75 laptop . Which will be modified by Labs to run in the ARM Fedora, XO - 3 edition
laptops may also use.

In May this year, OLPC has decided not to use the Windows system on this $100 laptop. OLPC's full name is One Laptop Per Children, it means that
provide notebooks for global poverty areas'children, hope narrow the digital divide with undeveloped areas, the original plan was launched to $100
Laptop, so the OLPC also called $100 Laptop program.

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