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									Reading "Shade and Candle," the story felt the story

 lamp candle story, 盏

 Reading of "Shade and Candle" Thoughts

  reading of "shade and candles, "Thoughts
  Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, Hua county Jinduicheng Molybdenum Company
flowers benefit sixth grade classes Sunrise
  Malaysian story in a way,
  has a street-lamp very beautiful street lamp, lamp shade on the beautiful patterns
printed in the shade, the candle power of the exhaustion of the body, give off light.
They are two of the co-operation, to bring the light through the night to bring the
convenience of admiration by many people. But they have been silent.
  at last, one day opening a lamp can be the first thing it says is: "You ugly white color,
you think you are? Also with and noble, beautiful I - pattern lamp shade together?
"shocked to hear these words the candle, candles always thought that they two are the
world's most perfect pair, they are two of the tie is the most beautiful, and brought
light to this world, but now Shade should be unwilling, and it together. The thought of
the candle very sad, it did not say anything then quietly left the ...
  candle lamp lost, also lost their value of existence, it is extremely regret, regret
should not hurt the hearts of the candle.
  is a story I thought for a long time: shade just want to show off yourself in front of
the candle, instead letting their partners heartbroken, leave it away, so it has lost its
luster, lost his value of existence, so it worth it?
  Yes, the shade does the United States did have the people's praise, and inevitably
some flattered, some pride in the candles before the inevitable. This society, some
people are not the same? Some people rely on other people's help to get some fame,
may have more fame, etc. After the turn, "bite" the other one, this person is known in
the community there are also the scum of society!

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