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					Rational teaching to embark on innovative teaching rational track

  rational innovative teaching took
  creative teaching is an important part of quality education, its real charm lies in its
Ping with the exploratory, open, divergent, selective, strategic, practical, development,
initiative, and aggressiveness, etc., in order to meet the requirements of the times
cultivate awareness of pioneering and innovative spirit of creative talents, providing
the most basic and most important way of thinking, understanding of methods and
spiritual qualities. It is the basic way of quality education and effective way.
, however, the author section from dozens of different grades and different levels of
language survey of innovative teaching lesson: Many teachers on innovative teaching
knowledge remains at the emotional level, classroom innovation behaviors or "whim"
or " With the feeling of "lack of necessary support innovative ideas, resulting in the
classroom or to strengthen the leading, changed hands because the main body; or
Blind worship, only use one type; or rigid, no change; or pay attention to form," show
away games ", creative teaching are not consciously go astray.
  I will be following the teaching of innovation reveals the potential of these errors
and attempt to outline the light of the new spirit and related educational theory,
rational, and on, and try to contact their own teaching practice Suit.
  [Misunderstandings 1]: the classroom, teachers less lofty promise, "stand out", but
still eloquent, arrogant, as if the lecturers are good at endless, like relish lobbyists,
students sitting alone in the seat also question and answer, also participated.
  [of]: (1) Suhomlinski said: "The people who come only by the achievements of ... ...
the object of our work is the formation of personality is the most delicate areas of the
spiritual life, that is wisdom, feelings, will, faith, self-awareness, these areas can only
be the same thing, namely, wisdom, feelings, will, faith, self-consciousness to exert
influence. teachers who rely on coercion, indoctrination to teaching and educating
students is bound to only depressed state of life and growth. (2) International
Education Foundation, said:''The heart of the topic of human heart. to fundamentally
change the world, it is necessary to change the human mind from the start, we should
make people full of true love, heart is the body of this. "only to their students to the
heart of a friend, with a sincere heart, the students could only thrive if they are not
sidelined the main position. (3) psychological research reveals the individual to create
the psychological conditions. Rogers believes that a person's creativity, he felt only
"psychological security" and "mental freedom" to get the maximum under the
conditions of the performance and development. Some studies have shown that people
in a relaxed, free of mental state can have rich and free imagination. Teachers blindly
reflect "dominant", only "innovative" design and interpretation is bound to suppress
the free expression of students, limiting their healthy development. On the contrary,
only to create a performance with human creativity and development of the
environment meet the requirements, the students dared to imagine even willing to
criticize and reform, innovative teaching the subject will be gradually realized.
  [Strategy] (1) to create a "friends", "services" the feeling of
  teacher with students in a democratic, equal and harmonious relationship between
teachers and students, both teachers and students feel teachers is the most close
friends. In classroom teaching, student learning activities presented in the imperfect,
incomplete, even wrong, ridiculous question or idea can not be blamed for, much less
blame, make fun of, but should try to find its glittering out. Childhood Edison had
used his own body temperature incubation, when he became the accomplished
scientists, people do not laugh at him no longer young and foolish, but rather as
Mingrenyishi. Perhaps it is these ridiculous anecdotes, created his greatness. "Flew
from the faltering start, mature, came from the immature." Students at the different
views on the proposed new ideas, etc., teachers will have to in order to appreciate the
role, with great enthusiasm, praised the tone of voice, using different forms to be
encouraged. Over time, the students found the teacher "has increasingly become a
consultant, an exchange of views of the participants, to help find a contradiction
between people," the students will recover repressed personality and growing.
  (2) the creation of "outspoken", "music made by" feelings.
  to encourage the best teachers, teaching evaluation to change the past, fixed, unique,
precise evaluation of the so-called standard answer to the students, evaluation
standard should be beneficial to encourage students to make diversity and uniqueness
of different answers encourage students to volunteer, the relentless express their views,
encouraging students to actively participate in the formation of the atmosphere.
Teaching "Lotus," a lesson, when I asked so many lotus who is given, some students
said the park, some say is the administrator, there is nature. There are so many rich
and surprisingly original ideas, I first praised them, "You love our brains, particularly
rich imagination, be more specific please?" By encouraging students to not hesitate to
say "because I think the administrator uncle tirelessly bit by bit to take care of the
lotus, he is the biggest contributor, so he entrusted. "" so sweet! "I'm sure in time,"
what then? "The students have raised his hand ... ... this a teaching session, the teacher,
a rich imagination of students, caused them to experience pleasant emotions, full of
confidence to enable them to free expression. Equal, democratic and harmonious
learning environment, diverse, active, flexible evaluation system so that students
activate thinking, experience real, inner joy.
  (3) the formation of "financial intelligence", "stimulated interest" in the
  new primary school pregnant, find interesting psychological characteristics, teachers
should integrate the content of the text create fun atmosphere and inspire students to
actively participate. Teaching "Water Village Nursery Rhymes and more," this text,
students ask questions, "... ... another song filled up a basket basket" how to
understand, teachers quietly, then to provide students with a wealth of learning
materials - Multimedia display life of joy rivers and lakes scenarios. In the context of
infection, the students in different ways, changing the language of expression and
understanding. The development of classroom-based teaching, through the creation of
opportunities for language practice scenes, inspiring students to learn the intrinsic
motivation, cultivate the innovative spirit of students.
  [Misunderstandings 2] I heard a teacher on "pots and cans," a lesson, teachers ask
students: through the preview, you still do not know the place? Students raised their
hands the question: How were pots and cans of dialogue? Their result? ... ... Teachers
listen and board secretary, and then the whole class on these issues, "Research Study"
The atmosphere was overwhelming.
  [of]: (1) "primary schools in" states: "Teachers should train students to question,
analyze issues, solve problems, gradually increase the level of awareness." But not
every lesson should be applied mechanically " questions - solve "mode. "- A
resolving" model advanced to some extent can really highlight the dominant position
of students, foster awareness of innovation, but if we do not reform, they may not
have universal applicability. Students not only to highlight the main issues as the
standard, the key to see students involved in language study and practice that is heard,
read and write the full extent of the activities. The saying goes "teaching method, but
not fixed", said Mr. Chi Pai-shih: "The law is not as to the law." Narrow in some kind
of teaching of teaching itself is the innovative teaching of detention. Innovative
teaching called for the creation, there is only individual lives, in different styles in
teaching contents, teaching and learning vary the subject, should not have stood out,
only use one type. Teaching model system used must be appropriate for the text,
obtained by class type. (2) read from the language learning process, in the language of
the text to understand the perception stage, this model has greater applicability; use in
the accumulation stage, the applicability to be limited. Qian Meng famous language
teacher educators is student, teacher-advocate, then to "challenge - solve" the altar on
the unique teaching model, but different text, different courses, different class , on the
use of different models, the reason why.
  [strategy] for the text's conditions, "individualized": Here's "individualized", refers
to those who teach different curricula should implement different teaching methods.
To "pots and cans," for example, question the resolving teaching text does not meet
the user-friendly content itself, if taken to the students learning experience, mainly
based on the text set in the student role play and shift experience, teaching
effectiveness will be very different. Teaching process, I grasp pots and tin cans around
A Comparative drills and "If you are ... ..." organization teaching students to learn and
easy to learn happiness.
  need for classroom teaching mode, but not just need a pattern. We do not allow the
existence of the tendency model, because models of a "transformation" is likely to
occur mechanically innovative teaching, formal and superficial phenomenon, so that
innovative teaching to silence. In my opinion, the real innovation of teaching should
be "appropriate for the text system, according to ability" of teaching is the flexible use
of situational teaching, reading teaching, teaching experience, teaching methods such
as resolving questions of teaching.
  [Misunderstanding 3] classes begin, teachers will allow students to freely read the
text, and then make their own do not understand the question, 11 teachers, blackboard
writing on the blackboard, and organized student group learning, and then,
enthusiastic teachers and students to discuss, one by one to solve .
  [of] (1) Primary Language Teaching syllabus states: "Teachers give students create a
variety of speaking opportunities to listen to stimulate their desire to hear", "read the
instruction to carry out a comprehensive written and oral training to enable students to
access a wide range of knowledge, the development of thinking,
awareness-raising ... ... "The two words may be understood as: teachers should adopt
a variety of teaching methods in teaching students the integrated capability of
speaking and writing, not just individual ability to adopt a teaching method training.
(2) educators supal said: "Teaching is based on the actual situation, which is the
highest principle of teaching." Challenge after the teaching materials according to
different ways to determine practicable remove doubts, help or form their intellectual
or cognitive growth.
  [Strategy] (1) Language resolving process should be the process of situational
  pair of students, the innovative spirit of the acquisition, through preaching,
indoctrination approach is absolutely impossible, but must be attached to a certain
carrier, in certain specific situations can be a sense of infiltration. Here is the
innovative carrier material, teachers need to capture situations where the
characteristics of material to meet the innovative needs teachers to create.
  (2) Language resolving process should be the process of reading comprehension.
  "explanation is dead, as the autopsy, reading is a living, as to the work to life,"
"explain only makes people aware of the reading experience" (Zhu Zuoren English)
language should be read sentiment suspected process process, the so-called "reading a
hundred times, since its meaning is" is written in rhyming sound, text in the beauty of
the careful thought, vivid description, thoughts and feelings can often be full, Hearty
  (3) Language resolving process should be to imagine the creative process.
  "rich imagination is the source of artistic passion, science to create the prototype."
Imagination is a prelude to innovation, not daring to imagine that there would be a
great discovery. Of students to think boldly, to solve problems and develop students
creative thinking and innovation all have far-reaching significance.
  (4) Language resolving process should be re-questioned the process.
  "school you have doubts, little doubt is a small forward, a big doubt the great
progress" in resolving the issue when the discovery of new more important than
solving the 10 problems, since the issues raised itself contains creative thinking sparks,
and explore new questions about the same time, students will further enhance the
cognitive and emotional. As a teacher should always encourage students to ask when
in resolving some why, daring to ask questions, or books, not just on the desire to
stimulate students to explore, develop students awareness of innovation.
  [Mistakes 4] class, the teacher gave an order, the students in groups one after another
(step by step, used to seat four people before and after) to communicate, which, in our
language classes has become commonplace, and so on.
  [of] (1) "primary language new outline," pointed out: "To teach the students with
some learning, encourage them to use their own methods for the initiative to learn."
Taught in the class system of conditions, constraints learning behaviors and intentions
to the long-standing teachers and students on and off stage, students "seedling type"
set of teaching methods to organize the teaching potential, obviously detrimental to
the student active development. (2) "Learning Revolution," a book probably made the
teaching methods have inspired us. They argued that: change the current teaching
methods and classroom activities on the one hand is to let up. First of all, "Your room
will be full of quiet little to share and exchange is a key part of a relaxed atmosphere."
No fly imagination and activities of teaching, there would be a positive development
of space-time students. The current teaching methods, with little real communication.
The current reading instruction to students strictly controlled in a narrow barriers
(four groups) within, and often a mere formality, to give people a sense of show,
students can not really have the choice of thinking, break and re-construction of the
free . (3), the famous Russian psychologist Mahias King said: "The essential
characteristics of the teaching process should be as follows: in the problem situation,
the teachers and students to conduct active cooperation in the exploration and
discovery activities of the unknown." In other words, true meaning of teaching is to
stimulate students to understand the unknown desire for students to complete learning
process dynamic. This sense, the teaching process not only help students acquire
knowledge and skills techniques and, more importantly, it embodies the process of
understanding the development of the students, the teaching process through the
positive and beneficial activities to directly affect the student's intelligence, creativity
and individuality development.
  [Strategy] (1) focus on difficult points, cooperative inquiry.
  in the past too many restrictions on students, this not work, that no, the student's
hands and feet were tied up, students learn how to take the initiative? Innovation
come from? We should allow students to take the initiative to answer in, ask questions,
board performances, allowing students out of the seat to help, or ask other students to
form independent cooperative learning atmosphere. Teaching poetry "Dongting Lake",
I create the problem situation, seize the poem difficult to understand and actively
guide students down the position, ask the students to examine the results, the teacher
lectures students even took the initiative to ask for advice. This teaching, showing
sympathy for the heart, vision and thinking of the resonance Clear. In this way,
learning from the teacher on the quest for knowledge into their knowledge, not by a
continuous process into a consistent continuous ongoing process, teaching will also
have a multiplier effect.
  (2) seize the requesting different point, the debate clear.
  in class, through a variety of forms, so that the students themselves think, myself,
wrote it myself, myself, the teacher is no longer a one-man, his speaking, his
demonstration, myself, and the problem should be neatly laid and scientific research
questions to guide students in-depth, targeted to help students solve problems, the
classroom into a stage for the students themselves around to create a student who can
give full play to air their views, not for the only, arguing against each other but also
each other's research learning atmosphere. Teaching "" terrific "and" awful "," I
closely, "If this happened in your body, you will accept who (father or mother) is in"
the problem, guide the students bring in the occasional group debate. This
combination of teaching content, teaching tap to play a factor in the thinking,
well-designed open questions, and strengthen the training of thinking, effective
thinking, good quality students to develop creative thinking, nurturing the students the
spirit of innovation.
 (3) grasp the divergence point, to express the feeling.
 man can not passively accept the stimulus from outside his own. A result of learning
must have personal meaning, so that individuals and the environment in time, under
proper conditions, according to his knowledge and understanding to action. The
Education of Jiangsu 10th volume of "masters of the Yellow River" article, when
students are masters of the Yellow River - Shao Gong spiritual deeply moved, I asked
the students: "Do you think how to express his inner feelings?" Student Introduction
Road wide open, talking about. Some say that the way to express with reading, some
said the exchange with the conversation, by writing experience, with the painting ... ...
Then, the students mix freely, with imagination free of any emotion flying. This
fundamentally is to maximize the students learning, thinking and practice to the
students themselves, so that students really learn, really thinking, really practice, and
in the process, to set capacity to improve student learning, thinking skills development,
practice capacity enhancement. Class "action", and students "live" the.
 well-known teacher of a special two-Sun Kim said: innovative teaching is to enable
every student the full potential inherent in the development of teaching and vivid. To
this end, we only have to seriously comprehend the spirit of the new framework has
devoted himself to studying educational theory to management guide-line, to make
our classroom full of vitality, can the dynamic of our students in order to make our
education full of hope.
 Name: Shi Chaohua Sex: Male
 Date of birth: October 1975 teaching experience: 9 years,
 Education: College courses taught: Language
 position: Jiao Keshi Director
 Title: Primary School Teachers
 level, the highest honor: Outstanding Young Pioneers, Jiangsu Province, Changzhou
City, young teachers, Liyang City, teaching experts, Liyang City Primary School,
Crispin good lesson rating the first prize winner.
 Address: Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, Xi-Ping Primary
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 phone number :0519-7222163-804 (office)
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