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					Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the spring of 2009 municipal institutions open
recruitment of staff bulletin municipal public

  municipal institutions open recruitment
  to meet the needs of staff and institutions, broaden the university Employment
channel, optimizing the personnel structure and institutions, to improve the quality of
personnel and institutions to further promote the reform of personnel system.
According to the 2006 Ministry of Personnel, "Interim Provisions of open recruitment
and institutions" (6 orders), the Provincial Personnel Department on the issuance of
"Interim Measures for open recruitment, Zhejiang Province, and institutions"
(Zhejiang Talent [2007] 184), municipal offices, city government offices "on the
issuance of <Quzhou City municipal institutions open recruitment personnel
rules> Notice" (Qu commissioned [2007] No. 90), Quzhou City Personnel
Labor and Social Security Bureau on the issuance of "professional shortage Quzhou
municipal institutions special status identified and recruited talented people outside
the way (for Trial Implementation) "(Qu City People's Labour public [2008] 148)
spirit, now in 2009," Spring "talent exchange and institutions in our city municipal
open recruitment of staff The conference is as follows:

 a recruitment plan
 reporting requirements of the various units, audited, in 2009, "Spring" talent
exchange will open the city-run institutions for the recruitment of social personnel 24.
Of which: 13 management positions; professional and technical posts 10; special
position 1 (the specific plan is attached).

 2, recruitment of scope, objects and conditions
 (a) the scope of recruitment, the object
 1, fresh recruitment of college graduates:
 for 2009 Colleges and Universities in Zhejiang Quzhou City, above and Graduate
Students; graduate school, and staff have master's degrees (including September 30,
2009 fresh graduate students) may not be for the national household registration
 2, the community recruitment:
 domicile for social workers Quzhou;
 through self-examination, adult education, TV and other non-full-time university
degree exams, a Certificate of Graduation the basis of social workers applied for;
institutions serving officers in preparing the subject for this company for candidates.
 (b) the sitting of the conditions
 1, to comply with the constitution, laws and regulations;
 2, and institutions are willing to fulfill the obligations of the staff, discipline and
good character;
 3 the age of 45 years of age;
 4, good health;
 5, meet other qualifications required for recruitment of post conditions.
  6, part of the recruitment posts, demand "more than a few years work experience or
professional work experience" means: February 7, 2009 in various types of
enterprises, other economic organizations, social organizations and the production line
and work in rural areas , has the following units of the regiment serving,
self-employment, self-experience accumulated over many years.
  full-time during school to participate in social practice, practice, and can not be a
part-time work experience.
  3, the recruitment procedures and methods for
  openness, equality, competition, merit, ability and political integrity of the personnel
adhere to standards adopted by units of the way by post, in accordance with the
application, written test, interview, physical examination, assessment, recruitment and
other recruitment procedures.
  (1) release candidates. January 24, 2009 Municipal Personnel Labor and Social
Security Bureau personnel work through the social security network of Quzhou
(Address:, Quzhou Talent Network (Website:
release jobs to the community.
  (b) of the Organization application.
  1, registration time and place: February 7, 2009 8:30 am - 4:00 pm in Quzhou City
Convention Center (old train station); February 9, 2009 8:30 am - 4 pm : 00
sixth-floor personnel and labor in the city of the west side of talent in the market;
  2, applicants need to bring documents: ID card, education certificate (2009 graduate
college graduates with employment recommendation issued by the school forms and
employment agreements books), technical certificates, title certificates, booklets, etc.
and a copy of the original and other documents required to post, candidates must have
units of public institutions who agreed to apply for proof, one inch hat photograph 3;
  3, Qualification: City Personnel Labor and Social Security Bureau in conjunction
with employers to provide information under the applicants were eligible for review,
satisfied the eligibility requirements of the grant admission ticket, admission ticket to
receive the time and place: February 24, 2009 Municipal Personnel Labor and Social
Security Bureau five Floor West corridor.
  registration fee reference price fee Zhejiang [2004] 14 spirit of the document, per
person per Section 40.
  information provided by applicants must be true and reliable, if any fraud, material
false, shall be eligible for cancellation of employment.
  recruitment program and enrollment, the ratio of 1:3 post examination for the
recruitment program will subtract the appropriate number of applicants who are not
less than three open test, the special status according to the actual number of
applicants to open exam.
  (c) written examination. Written examination is divided into subjects and
professional courses in public two parts, two subjects out of 100 points each.
  special position in this recruitment, recruitment of units under the requirements of
written consent waiver public courses.
  written test of time for the February 28, 2009. Written proposition, examining work
of the Municipal Personnel Labor and Social Security Bureau Unity.
  (d) of the interview. Written after the end of the Municipal Labor and Social Security
Bureau personnel designated passing examination score of unity, on the written test
on-line program staff positions under recruitment number from high score to low
score of 1:3 ratio of interviews to determine the object, the number of Job finalist for
less than 1: 3 ratio of the actual number of interviews. Proposition interview and
interview personnel and labor organization of the municipal Bureau of unified social
security organization and implementation. Interview results out of 100 points, passing
the interview is divided into 60 points. Interview with standards, not in the medical,
study candidates.
  (5) physical examination. Written tests, interviews after the written test results by
50%, 50% interview success ratio of synthetic score, high score to low score and then
determine the physical object by 1:1 ratio. Criterion-referenced examination,
"Personnel Department, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province Health Department
forwarded the Ministry of Personnel Ministry of Health issued <civil service
recruitment examination standard (Trial)> Notice" 〔2005〕 Zhejiang were 68
public) and the Personnel Office, Health General Office, "on the issuance of
<Civil Servant examination manual (Trial)> Notice" (Chinese Office
[2007] 25) implementation, post special requirements, medical standards for
implementation by industry. Staff do not follow the candidates the time and place to
participate in physical examination, to take up the examination. Applied for medical
staff to give up, and take up the hiring qualifications. Candidates to abandon their
medical or physical examination followed by replacement failure, physical work in
the discipline inspection departments under the supervision of personnel and labor
department together with the relevant units to implement.
  (6) evaluation. Assessment commissioned by Qu (2007) 90 files and reference
assessment methods, recruitment of civil servants, public institutions and the
recruitment of the basic conditions required by employers recruit job specific
conditions and standards implementation. The following situations as the assessment
  1, there have been serious violations of the Party's line, principles, policies and state
laws and acts, recognized by the departments concerned;
  2, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China party punishment,
expulsion of the Chinese Communist Youth membership balls punishment;
  3, has received the past two years reeducation through labor, or administrative
detention, judicial detention;
  4, 曾以 for commercial purposes, as the gambling to provide conditions and greater
participation in gambling gambling money was relevant punishment, or has been
organized, using superstition and disrupted public order, impair the health of others,
are relevant punishment;
  5, was found guilty of participating departments cult, drugs, pornography, theft,
embezzlement, bribery, fraud and other criminal activities;
  6, subject to administrative warning less than one year, subject to administrative
sanctions under the age of two years or more demerits, or by the party, group within
the warning less than one year or more by a serious warning and punishment under
the age of two years;
 7, the last two years, the annual assessment work in the institutions in more than one
occasion and has been identified as unqualified, or because of serious breach of
discipline, rules and regulations were lifted unit labor law (employment) contract
under the age of one year;
 8, does not meet the entry requirements, conditions, or in the course of a disciplinary
Zhaolu fraud, fraudulent acts;
 9, there are other situations not suitable for job recruitment.
 failed examination can turn off the bench.
 (7) recruitment. After examination, physical examination, assessment to determine
the recruitment preferred object of publicity after 7 days without objection, the
Municipal Personnel Labor and Social Security Bureau issued recruitment notices,
and the deadline to the City Personnel, Labor and Social Security Bureau Civil
Service Management Department to process the transfer procedures, graduating
students with recruitment notice to the City Centre on the dispatch of personnel
exchange and related procedures.
 4, serious
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