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Put torpedo torpedo torpedo


									Put "torpedo" torpedo torpedo

 father Torpedo Lake water

 release "torpedo"

 release "torpedo"
 Guangxi Nanning Shi Zhuling Primary 5 (3) classes Lu Jia Yu
 Chinese New Year last year to a small lake, we felt enough, on the small Lake
obsession. So today (2006-02-29 New Year's) we decided to return visit.
 small lake scenery, or as the U.S., while we appreciate the beautiful scenery, I
suddenly heard the "bang" bang, and splash. Turned around, he saw that my father
was put "torpedo" (a firecracker).
 I ran quickly to see the point of the father of "torpedo" into the water, but also a burst
of spray. I find it very strange, how can water burn firecrackers? To carefully observe
the "torpedo": the original "torpedo" shape is cylindrical green plastic, diameter 8mm,
height of about 50mm, fuse length of 30mm. Coated with a layer of the fuse on wax,
wax is not only waterproof, but also has the effect of combustion, no wonder that lit
the "torpedo" explosion in the water.
 I caught a "torpedo", enthusiastically learned his father's action, the lighted "torpedo"
the dropped into deep water, risking to see some white bubbles deep inside, in a
moment, with the soon as muffled, lake Dangqi microwave; I lit again, "torpedo" the
high toss, throw to the shallow water, a loud noise, super-powerful, high spray
splashes, extremely happy.
 small lake full of today's explosion of firecrackers and our laughter, filled with New
Year's festivity.

 Instructor: Miss Teacher
 Comment: On the observation was put through "torpedo", the process is relatively
complete and well written article.

 Received Time :2006-2-822: 43:52
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