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									Process card student card process

 student card process
 school student, I would like to apply for residence is the process, students should be
very useful for

 text is in English, I have to translate over, inaccuracies, please correct me

, to OficinadeExteanjeros for an appointment. (Wait time is said to be 1 month 3
months) [em10]

, Submit the following materials to OficinadeExteanjeros

 ---- application form (I think this is the time to apply for an appointment to receive
the form)
 ---- Original passport and copy
 ---- 2 photos, (estimated to be passport photos, a small two-inch, with a few more
Total right)
 ---- schools confirmation letter (confirmationletter)
 ---- 4000 euro bank statement (from the bank it should be asked)

, in any bank to pay € 6 (should be paid to OficinadeExteanjeros, make an
appointment they should be provided when the account)

, Registerinacityhallwiththefamily. that I did not see the big know, what could be
produced to prove the landlord.

, In OficinadeExteanjeros fingerprints (yes, that is, fingerprints, students should have
a fingerprint card behind the photo), and then submitted the following documents
  ------------- ------ originaldocumentofresidentregistration original residence
  ------------------- return to pay 6 euros single, was the bank to you a document

, to the police station to receive TarjetadeEstudiante / center>

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