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					"Pond" boss boss Grandma

 retired owner of the pond Grandma

 "pond" boss

 "pond" boss
 Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province Shaoxing Children's Art School 5 (1) Ban Jin
 trickle of the pond one clear spread in front, like a big emerald green, Sui Yu waves
scatter phantom childhood, such as the Star generally brilliant, like snow, like pure.
Pond is beautiful, the pond who is more beautiful.

 "Pool boss" is my grandmother, she were not high, a white-gray hair in the clip, a
pair of discerning eyes, pink cheeks in a large inlaid nose, constitute a kind-hearted,
amiable "pond" the boss, the reason is the "Pool boss", it is unspecified.

  hearing my father said: Grandma is a retired teacher, then support the development
of the Mainland, Hangzhou Normal After graduation, apply to Jiangxi, there may be
poor, so only 400 yuan wages after retirement. But she live frugally, saved more than
3,000 yuan to money "thrown into" the pond. Whenever people see my grandmother
in front of the pond, could not help but will issue a "Gee" astounding voice. I saw
little fish swimming freely in the water, the wind gently brushed on both sides of the
bamboo with one poetic. Especially Handonglayue that pond surface will rise
steaming mist, pond of water plants are still looked lush, this is because the
grandmother with tens of meters of cement pipe from a distance the mountain spring
water drawn sake. The pond will be jam-packed with washing people.

 Grandma is a loving home, loving the people, even those who love us. So we won
the respect and affection, "Pool boss" in the name of the resulting.

 70 year-old grandmother, often to their own kind of food sent to us early adopters,
father and mother also always send more money to go to her grandmother, her life
better. In such a caring family, I feel very happy.

 I love my family more loving grandmother in the family.
 Instructor: Xu Min

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