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  Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province Funiu Road Primary School in
four (4) Lu Jingwen
  I remember one time my father took me to the park in Yinchuan, the fun and exciting
is the "crazy mouse."

  read "crazy mouse" of the structure, do not feel terrible, just like beetles under the
tracks as the cars and each car down from people who have dizziness brain accounts, I
still have some fear.

 turn to us, my father looked at me and got on with me. Fasten your seat belts, car
slowly into orbit. At first, the car also focus on things like push, hard crawl, but to the
height, suddenly a fierce dive, I grasp his father's clothes, cars look bolted up. I closed
my eyes for fear of accidents, can still be steady, my father sitting there. Car seems to
get beat in the track kept rolling. My heart would jump on a, for a jump. In this way
Britain came down in the past, my heart more and more nausea and want to vomit out.
Can still be steady, my father sitting position. Car seems to keep track of the beat and
then rolling moment my heart jumped, while jumping. Again and again agonizing, my
lungs more nausea, vomiting want to come out. But Dad still stable sitting position.

 soon as blew, the car finally stopped. But I'm still straining upward jump, as if out of
came from the same mouth. The train, I can not stand uncertainty, so I squatted down,
but my heart has a bit of nausea, vomiting out eventually. Dad's clothes wet, he said
with a smile; "This time, have fun?" I said: "happy." Then you play do not play the
"Tiger of Wu"? I watched "Tiger of Wu's" putting funky track, said: "not playing."

, but this time playing "crazy mouse" or so I am very happy.

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