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									"Pistachio" sick sick teacher

 pistachio disease of the classroom teacher

 "pistachio" ill

 "pistachio" disease a
 Zhejiang Shaoxing Shao Xing County End Pingshui fourth grade under the stove
Fan Ping,
 we have a man named Liang-class. He is not only a known athletes, and good jokes,
a happy day, so we strained to learn and share a sense of "Happy." Therefore, the
students took him an interesting nickname - "Pistachio."

, but today, "pistachio" sick. Early self-study, the "pistachio" as usual for sports
training. He returned to the classroom, suddenly, "wow" bang, vomiting, a lot of food.
Suddenly, the classroom like a blown up pot, the students talking about the incident.
Listening to them, much of today's sports training intensity, no wonder so. His "good
brothers" immediately report to Xu, it brought a dustpan to clean away dirt.

 Xu came into the classroom, asked them about: "how do you physically
uncomfortable? Have not eaten breakfast?" "Pistachios" stick your embarrassment,
shook his head. Xu, or take him to hospital for checks ... ...

  "pistachio" is gone, we seem to feel that what is missing in the classroom? Class, the
teacher raised the question: "Who can tell the source of basketball?" Silence in the
classroom, I think this moment as long as "pistachio" in that time he began to display
their talent. But no ... ... Oh! He was ill.

 did not "pistachios" days, really too bad ah!

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 Instructor: Xu Defang

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