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					Pinyin Hanyu Pinyin how relaxed and happy children learn Pinyin

 relaxed and happy children Pinyin Pinyin

  six years old when the children happily into the school carrying a bag, they The first
task facing is how to have it to shine the "Golden Key" - Hanyu Pinyin. Pinyin is the
primary important part of language teaching, both to help literacy, effective tool to
learn Mandarin. Once you have it, kids who can teach and do not need to read the
pronunciation, a simple reading independently. Mystical literature door to open a
crack, through which human wisdom can enjoy the great.
  is often said, the more valuable things even more hard to come by. Nine editions of
the Chinese phonetic alphabet meaning the content is arranged concentrated learning,
just school children, in a very short period of time to master Pinyin is a certain
difficulty, coupled with Chinese phonetic alphabet font is simple, neither attractive
colors , there is no taste cheerful fairy tale magic, it's spelling demanding, meticulous,
not a little imagination and exaggeration. Teachers in the classroom how to give
Pinyin attractive colors to attract children's attention, stimulate children's interest in
learning and creating pleasant learning atmosphere, it becomes the children can learn
the alphabet key.
  1, compiled chanting songs, let the children and easy to remember, enjoy learning
  Chinese phonetic alphabet has many needs rote knowledge, these seem rigid,
isolated knowledge, catchy songs into being, can reduce the difficulty of knowledge,
easy to remember.
, Phonetic alphabet song shape.
  picture compilation songs recorded contact shape. Such as: vowels ü teaching, can
lead children to Figure the fish, and asked: "What with ü the same place? You can
compile a children's song to remember ü?" Kids active thinking, and some said: fish
dance ü, ü, ü, fish jump ü, ü, ü, fish jump ü, ü, ü, fish drift ü, ü, ü, etc..
  Again: semicircle pricked small tail, open mouth ɑ, ɑ, ɑ.
  two-door m, single-gate n, umbrellas to t, 9 under the hook ɡ, ɡ, ɡ so.
, Phonetic elements of writing children's songs.
  writing, the children often can not distinguish the share of the letters in the alphabet
grid position. To help memory, programmable songs help them remember. Such as:
"Pinyin floor, there are three; fat live second." "Fat Man", refers to the semicircular
part of the phonetic alphabet, written when the percentage of semi-circular grid. Such
as: ɑ, b, p, d, q, ɡ.
, ü rules on the two provinces to write songs.
  compiled the following songs can help children remember:
  "small small ü ü polite, met with the j, q, x, y on the hat;
j, q, x, y little naughty , and u never together, met with the fish eye on digging. "
, standard tuning songs.
  standard to facilitate the children learn to adjust, you can write standard tuning songs.
Such as:
  "had to find ɑ ɑ, ɑ not find o, e; i, u juxtaposition of the latter; small i remove the
standard tone a little."
  2, play games, so that the children activities in high school knowledge.
  class, some kids attention and dispersion, in order to active classroom atmosphere,
you can organize some spelling games, such as "find friends", "phone", "picking the
fruit," "red wins" and other games, so that the children In the pleasant atmosphere of
active participation in classroom teaching activities. For example: What is Pinyin
initials and finals in juxtaposition, if the children to memorize, it is difficult to achieve
the intended teaching. Teachers can organize their children carry out the "dog" game.
Ready before class consonants, vowels card, the cards sent to children's hands, to take
the children in singing card initials to find your initials friends, and invited the
children to the referee, to see who found the right friends. Game, piquing the interest
of the children, it is easy to remember the initial and final juxtaposition rules.
  three story, become boring is interesting.
  popular children like the story, if the story is difficult to clarify the dry melt into the
phonetic knowledge, the children will benefit greatly. Such as small i with the zh, ch,
sh, r, z, c, s back to form as a whole to recognize and read the knowledge of syllables,
you can talk into a nice story:
  kingdom in the alphabet, there is one of the most enthusiastic friend small i. One day,
little i came to zh, ch, sh, r and z, c, s play, found themselves sitting with facial
expression. Little i hurriedly asked: "What do you need to help you?" Sh stood up and
said: "Lion King for his phonetic us, but we can not head a hat with a tone, how to do
this can be?" Small i said: "Never mind, I stood next to the hat to help you with a tone,
but I can not speak (voice) ah!" So, small i go out into the zh, ch, sh, r and z, c, s next
stop, the difference becomes "zhi, chi, shi, ri, zi, ci, si". Later, Big y has also helped i,
ü, üe, ie, etc. into a whole in recognizing syllable.
  four classroom forms, and more ways to stimulate students interest in learning to
develop their spelling ability.
, For students to contact real life learning phonetic alphabet, syllable.
  teaching phonetic alphabet font, I allow students to link the text in addition to the
scene graph to find similarities with the phonetic alphabet, but also for students with
practice and talk about the similar things with the phonetic alphabet. Some said "y as
the gun." Some say "k mark like Kodak film," and so, in the relatively easy case to
remember the alphabet looks like.
  in the alphabet exercises, the children often times do not spell boring syllables,
syllables and spelling to try to link real life to inspire a child under the syllable words
uttered sentences, syllables in order to give the child can feel the specific significance.
Such as teaching "chɑ" can lead the children to talk to practice: chɑ-renchɑ, father
working in the lamp, and I brought a cup of hot tea for my father. In this way, the
training of the spelling of syllables, but also to honor their parents by the children's
, Of child psychology, to attract their attention.
  purely phonetic alphabet is abstract, boring. As first year students do not intend to
pay attention to the dominant image memory is better than the abstract memory.
Therefore, teachers in teaching can take advantage of pictures, stick figure, kind of a
role in maintaining student attention.
, In the classroom to create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere for teaching,
encouraging students to succeed.
  beginning of education, a school that they would expect a bit too high expectations
of quality, you can make good children as primary school teachers teach no, you can
review it again every morning pronunciation, so a good kids led reading to stimulate
interest, particularly in recognition of the children of some progress rapidly, so that
they can experience to jump to the fruit of joy Abstract; also can use a number of
incentives, such as: a smile, a look, Momo Tou, shake hands, Awards a small star
stickers in the book and so on. Teachers an appreciation of the look, a gesture of
affection, an appreciation for words, a satisfied nod, a knowing smile will enable
students to generate infinite power.
  teacher teaching in line as long as the alphabet starting from the student, patient and
meticulous, hard-working hard, to do "moisten things silently," give students a good
learning atmosphere, relaxed and happy children will learn the alphabet!
  Guanghan City, a small Chinese town school Liu Furong article from [the website of
Education] collection and sorting, to thank the original author. /