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					Peach scenery "aesthetic" and "Peach"

 scene aesthetic Peach Fisherman

  "aesthetic" and "Peach"
  Key words: language United States beautiful in Artistic Conception of the United
States at the beautiful structure of human US
  Reading of the Tao's "Peach Blossom" feel beautiful, beautiful and Yaotouhuangnao,
admire the five-body cast to; was teaching "Peach Blossom Spring," are modern
discovery, or whether it is proper for us throughout the overview , everywhere feel its
beauty beautiful. Is it where the United States? I repeatedly taste, summed up the
  a language United States, Cantabile
, Narrative simplicity, leaving the reader room for more memorable. For example:
Fisherman to enter paradise, the paradise "and see the fisherman, is shocked, and
asked the never." Fisherman's answer should have been a lot of content, but only one
sentence of three words, "with the answer. "As a response, extremely simple. Similar
are: "This man is a word heard 11", "Yi Prefecture, said so."
, Long Short Sentence and white. Text in long sentences, short sentences alternating,
patchwork, to form a rhythm United States. For example: "Land Ping Kuang, neatly
ordered houses, there is fertile pool of bamboo and mulberry U.S.
  is. Crossroad traffic, cocks."
, "Peach Blossom Spring" catchy to read, full of sound beauty.
  2, breathtaking, picturesque
  in his writing, as the poet's peculiar imagination, picturesque landscape of paradise,
Look at the text in the description of two features: "suddenly every peach blossom
forest, Gaan several hundred steps, in no Zashu, herbs fresh, fallen flowers. "gurgling
streams that flow, the two sides hills are covered with bright peach is how the
picturesque scenery. If a pair of romantic couple walking which will be how
comfortable? Look ask for another piece of paper in the picture, no, we may look at
them slowly started painting a volume of "land Ping Kuang, cottages already knows
hair and Chuitiao happy and content." Images by the landscape gradually becomes
  3 and artistic beauty, poetic
  peach blossom forest scenery, or whether it is scenery are beautiful Utopia Unlimited,
picturesque with one of the charming natural scenery. Picturesque scenery more rely
on the reader's imagination, artistic re-creation of the reader. After the reader's artistic
re-creation, in the slowly unfolding before the reader a picture of pieces of beautiful
natural scenery, has a poetic mood. Moreover, the article itself is the "Peach Blossom
Spring Poetry" order it?
  4, U.S.
  humanistic paradise as an ideal world full of human beauty. In this ideal world,
without exploitation and no oppression, people live free, happy, harmonious, peaceful
life. "Yellow fat Chuitiao happy and content" is a Chinese utopia. Here are very
hospitable, honest; paradise people sympathetic to the fishermen said the unfortunate
people in the world to give a great deal of sympathy, "11 as a word heard, all Tan
 5, structural America

> 1, layer upon layer located the suspect, fascinating. (See Teaching
Reference) Peach Blossom Spring, dream-like, wander if not, if like magic really,
complicated and confusing, full of mystery;
, Structure, nature and context clear. Fisherman's Paradise in accordance with the
discovery - into paradise - visit paradise - from Paradise - Revisiting the clue of the
whereabouts of paradise.
  In addition to the public, "U.S.", the intention to go if we carefully analyze the taste
definitely will have more benefits, it is no exaggeration to say that, "Peach" entirely as
a masterpiece of Aestheticism . This article comes from [the website of Education] collection and sorting, to thank the original author. / Center>